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  1. If there are any experts on South African "common law" please contact me urgently. I need clarification on some subjects.


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    2. theo102


      If you're using the Nuremberg code then you should also prove that a) the people affected are human beings, and b) that the people for whom you allege liability are subject to that code. Human beings have human rights, so identifying someone as a human being affects their legal status and is a matter of law rather than a matter of fact.


      Article 29.

      (3) These rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations.




      Judges have leverage at common law because they are experts in their field. Of course a judge may not be able to hear a case without prejudice if he is employed by a entity which has an interest in the dispute (eg financial interest from taxation revenue).


    3. Steph


      The UDHR is an educational document which forms part of the UN charter. Legal proceedings tend to move along the lines of binding international treaties like the ICCPR, Geneva Convention and Nuremberg Code. The state parties to the treaties are the 'peers' in that level of jurisdiction but the treaties bind the voluntary treating parties to implement the provisions of the treaties into domestic law. The pro-eu governments of europe have swept away much of this law while selling a monster as a benefactor where only the priveleged have an expectation of their human rights not being systemically abused. Prior to lockdown, we are effectively operating outside the iccpr while demanding saddam et al operate within it. Since the state of emergency all over tv (which is not as it looks in the international arena) we remain operating outside of the iccpr by restricting rights the treaty bans the restrictions of even in times of emergency. As you know, the democracy has become a farce shored up by liars and a media telling the enslaved to conform to what their false version of 'everybody' wants. Internationally they present this as the will of a free people but its well known that no one in Europe is free ... as organ harvesting and mandatory medical procedures return to europe with cheering medical professionals saying nothing. Double pincer manouvre world war could be here tommorow and the obedient may become your killers. Be careful what you say in channels which are insecure. Google is spyware.

    4. Reptile hunter

      Reptile hunter

      True they are but I wont be intimidated, I want to show them that they can do whatever they 

      want to me. I will not back down. I will continue to peacefully fight back.

      Knowledge is power, Illusion is control and Knowledge exposes Illusion .                                                                                      

  2. The world is a beautiful place when you start looking at it from that perspective.

  3. William Shakespeare from Warwickshire is the first to receive the vaccine,
    turns out he is also related to William Shakespeare from Warwickshire 
    Thank you Piers Morgan

  4. Stand for nothing fall for everything, let love be your super



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