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  1. I hope everyone fared well over the holidays. Were now seeing with more intensity the exact reactions to these vaccines now. Anybody who is truly awake and capable should be warning others as much as possible and making available links to places like Bitchute and BrandNewtube, so that people can get on the right track. I go to places like some of my family's facebook pages and see crap about how great the vaccine is, its gotten pretty bad. Good luck to anyone who is dealing with this while being consciously aware of the sheer bullshit that is occurring, I wish you the best and that you stay safe and think for yourself. Thanks
  2. Maybe I should shorten it, but it is there and can't edit it now, though I would say that a bulk of the necessary message is found towards the final paragraphs if one is not inclined to see the information that reinforces it. Though I should clarify I'm not trying to reinforce self study and meditation through scary stories only, though it may come across that way initially. A lot of how I got to where I am was from and is from a place of love, integrity, honesty, respect and good old fashioned self-reliance. The way one comes to trust themselves and their own intuition is through a process of getting things done their own way. I described what is to me one of the more awful aspects of what I had faced thus far, whether far fetched or not as it may seem to some, it is the truth. You always have the capacity and the freedom to make the choice what you maintain as viable information( who knows for how long in a censored reality). Im merely urging that my own feeling's about all this beckon that time is getting shorter and less tolerant for people to take their time and explore themselves as freely as they want. So yeah, try reading the end or something, I cant condense something as complex as that, I could but it would have no context. Thanks for the reply. Happy holidays.
  3. I am sorry, but I have to disagree with you, my experiences range in length in time now far beyond the score of what I was engaged in even describing, if you feel that way that is completely fine and I thank you for your contribution. I am afraid that even those who speak the "jargon" can find ways to discredit others, though I am sure you may mean well. Take care.
  4. I dont know why but for reasons that are unclear everything seems to be getting a bit more intense. There are people where I am that are literally going out of their way to be doing weird shit near me, I know how it sounds but its true. Anyone who actively speaks out about these abuses of power and clear lack of scientific integrity or pretending to do it for the well being of others and the sheer b.s thats being imposed on others are suffering, losing freedoms or disappearing. I fear I am being targeted due to alot of factors that I can show and some are so constant that im almost forced to isolate myself away from anyone else. I know it may sound paranoid but it is absolutely true. I`ve recorded events that aren`t normal. I hope you all are doing ok and making an attempt at working on your energy bodies. Its your natural EMF barrier, it is not stritcly religious, please try. Trust me all the nextworks that are going up , all this shit they can do to you, Its EMF BASED. Be careful.
  5. I need to express this because I feel like it`s not properly understood, your movements are being poisoned from within. The main thing no one is telling you to do is work on your energy bodies, YOU MUST TRY. It is your natural protection against EMF disturbances. They have you CLEARLY looking at all the BLATANT missteps they keep making, while they continuously roll out a network regardless. Every conspiracy channel I have seen speak nothing of your natural energy body and how it is the MAIN GOAL of these entities to saboatge or harm. Most people understand the vaccine is fucked up and yes it plays a large role in all this. But its easy to get upset about obvious corruption, thats the point. You think they`d make themselves this OBVIOUS in their foolishness if it wasn`t on purpose, after all these years? The same folks who seek to harm your freedoms are WITHIN your freedom movements, they are forum posters, conspiracy video makers, alt media outlets and activists. https://theintercept.com/2020/06/02/history-united-states-government-infiltration-protests/ Sure the information they convey can be and often is factual and it helps to spotlight corruption, but at the same time ``pumps`` everyone up, gets them geared in a direction that can also have a harmful effect. Whats not spoken about more frequently within the louder outlets, IS YOUR ENERGY BODY, YOUR SPIRIT, YOUR NATURAL AWESOMENESS. That is what they seek to harm, so if your not taking a vaccine, work on yourself, im not sure if we will be getting more chances to do so in the future. Literally I`ve been muted on platforms like Bitchute for saying things like, work on your energy body if you can, and think for yourself. So seriously this time, PLEASE even the alt can be fucked up too. You need to think for yourself, even my opinion can be questioned and that is fine, but after my experiences I have no doubts whatsoever that the fact that they are incapable of compassion would translate well into pretending to be a conspiracy theorist and to lead you in the wrong direction.For the love OF EVERYTHING BET ON YOURSELF. My personal experience (and only a small portion of it) can be found here : https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/15473-extremely-important-message-based-on-energy-manipulation-and-protection/ . I thank you for your time and consideration of this post, and I hope for you all the truth and real freedom from veiled opression and misdirection.
  6. Its fair to say what we are facing now is very much a spiritual battle, when I say that I must URGE that does not imply strict religious habit. When I worked on my energy centers the things I observed were only relating to the fact that the energy and the conection to the earth existed, not feeling fear that I needed to owe my progress to anything but my own volition. I am telling you these folks do not want you to work on your energy bodies and seek to eliminate our capacity to do so, PLEASE BE CAREFUL, they re within your freedom movements as well, this is not a new thing. Think for yourself.
  7. Ah, I see the wordplay, to an extent there is alot of subtle psychological influencing when you engage with people in that field of work, more often than not I would find myself measured against the backdrop of social norms, rather than what is a balanced and unique approach, due to the fact that all of our lives evolved in their own way. Sortof a one size fits all sorta deal, that rarely fits the general popualtion as a matter of fact. Which is why I find the labelling and the seperation it causes to be super harmful to someone who already would feel sensitive. Thanks for the contribution, Peace to you too.
  8. My sentiments exactly, especially when I consider the amount of good health that came from eating healthier keeping active and also working on my energy body, or paying more attention to my own body`s capacity to heal. To also be able to regulate and try to understand thought processes through self-analysis and common sense practice and understand that psychiatric labels are easier to assign than understanding an entire individual and their complex life experiences.
  9. Well I can say this, that within the usual of my life when I would not be on the run as it were , I`d dream ``normally``, meaning id recognize that I had dreamt some nights I think like most folks, remember small portions of them, as I wake not remembering most of it at all. When I was on the street and seeking to get by the way I was , I never got much sleep and when I did it was very disturbing. It was mostly nightmares, I didnt realise at that time the combo of whatever that smelly shit was and the energy manipulation always produced horrific dreams. They always seemed to be my worst fears, dreams that would practically wake you up with just the sheer disgusting visuals. I took notice that when I would work on my energy body and focus on allowing/getting the energy to reach my upper chakras that I would attain relief from those awful dreams and even for the most part never recognized to have dreamed that night at all. Which would be a massive relief. (Mind you though getting good sleep was very very difficult especially when youre on the street, and occasionally have people looming over you as you do sleep.)
  10. Ah well, Im sorry you feel that my techniques, understandings and experiences can be explained away by a clinical issue, you also misspelled that issue. Though I don`t agree with your ``expert`` assessment I salut your contribution and also wish you a very fine day. Thanks
  11. Dear given to fly, I can without any doubt confirm what you have stated. They can and will stalk you they can absolutely follow you in a way and pervasively attack and attach to your energy body. They can absolutely cause intrusive and reccuring thought, YOU ARE NOT THE CAUSE OF THOSE EVIL DISGUSTING THOUGHTS THAT FOLLOW YOU. Sorry for the caps, but it is utmost importance. Most people do not realize they are not responsible for the evil shit that pops up in their minds alot of the time. They can absolutely invade your privacy in the ways youve described. I had to go through bullshit just to get here, im sorry but will refer my other thread that explains my experience.https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/profile/2119-given-to-fly/ I am imploring anyone I can to work on your energy body now thats how you negate that shit,its not restricted to religious indivduals it is your birthright, you will see people try to distract you it will seem normal and it will re occur everytime you try and raise your vibration,but dont give up, which i detail in my thread at the end. Thank you
  12. I am telling you right now, this what is going on is indeed bullshit. I have experienced it first hand, I have worked on my chakras and my capacity to increase mny vibration and have accrued alot of very unwanted attention, your energy body is real, you can increase the vibration of any part of your body through visualisation and feeling, they can absolutely manipulate your energy body, ive gone through a myriad of feelings from constrictions in my blood flow to severe pain, to have my throat feel like out of nowhere i have the most intense need to cough there ever was, and it just disappears when i focus on it or interrupt the dude near me doin it, I wrote a post if you have the time PLEASE READ .Energy manipualtion is real they absolutely can make it seem like youre the bad guy to force you to do stuff, I do no doubt believe on this very site that both active and random users are very much trying to skew the convo so that you can never be sure. It is bullshit trust me Ive gone through a gambit just to get here.
  13. I shouldve said at the beginning I have been for the months following the ``covid pandemic``+ ive been on the run essentially. Also sorry for grammatical errors.
  14. Ok what I am about to say has come at the cost of literally where I live, my family and my friends. I have been for the months following the ``covid pandemic`` Ive been on the run essentially. I started working on my chakras over a decade ago. On and off I have worked on it with various focus due to being forced to getv a job and make sure to participate in society and so and so forth, so never had the actual chane to work on myself full time. Though in 2017 I was able for the first time (and also decided to) not seek employment due to the horrendously awful feeling it was needing to go to work and doing shit jobs for crap money. While wasting my capacity to actually work directly on my vibrations and my capacity to raise it directly( which you can absolutely raise your vibration with just a few visualisation tricks)- which is vastly important as of now. I have been chased through highways when I tried to leave my city, I have been followed and chased through my city. I have been bullied , while I was on the street I would wake up and have individuals in all black standing over me. All these individuals would have the common trait of what I call pseudo-voodooism. So let me clear that up, I started noticing as I worked on increasing my vibrations and working on my chakras directly simply by using a few techniques, that everyone ,from family to friends, would interject and interrupt every time.At first I thought none of it, just a simple test to get by distractions while im meditating.It got way worse, way way worse. The girl I was dating at the time would interject and interrupt, she also acted very strange. For backstory essentially when I met this woman she essentially threw herself at me and it was at a time when I was feeling down a time when I was lonely, so I ended up living with her. It became obvious that she didnt actually have love for me despite her saying so. But all she would do is try to please me no.matter.what to the point where I was actually trying to be thinking for her. That ties to the events of being interrupted everytime I tried to meditate. It would cause friction because after a certain amount of time I would actual ask ``are you like timing this or something`` because every time id get some progress in certain understandings I would e distracted. It became so rampant and obvious that I had to leave. She was way too concerned with pleasing every small concern and considering she herself had issues she was dealing with I was worried we had created a toxic relationship based on being mutually lonely. But while I was with her I had a shift in perspective, literally, I felt the change in myself and immediately started freaking out, I immediately ran to her and said call an ambulance right now somethings wrong, her first words being, maye your getting an upgrade? So that stuck with me, and for the months that followed I was very much in a tough spot, when your energy starts to function and activate it is very fucking intense. You feel either super messed up or super sensitive to everything. So I was just doing my absolute best to get through dsomething I had wanted and worked for for about a decade. Im going to shorten this story as there is a literal shit ton of info conincidences and absolutely wonderful and horrifying bullshit that has happened. Just to give a brief idea of the fact that I was in a weird time, with a girl I hadnt really known before living with and going through a massive amount of change. Had I known then what I know about whats going on now I dont even know how it would have been now. Now I am not with her, I am not at my family home anymore I am no longer speaking to ``friends`` and I am weqary of every individual, despite having immense love for humanity I keep distance to keep myself from being hurt or being framed or being poisoned by false folks. Now I absolutely know this comes off as paranoid but it is true I was able to work on my vibrational capacity and to a good degree of capacity because i segragated myself from others to work on my spiritual capacities, it felt like it was the only thing to do and that everything else was absolutely unnecessary. And I went therough absolute and complete crap to get to a point where I could gain some acuity in the subject from literally having thoughts it would seem thrust upon me of the worst kind, almsot alll my worst feqars were placed onto me suddenly and became reccuring and intrusive. To the point where I considered taking a long walk off na short cliff. It was extremely bad after I had split with my ex - though even then it was very very tough and complicated. Though I wasnt as sad it was done cause deep down I knew she hadnt felt a genuine love for me and maybe I had known the whole time. So as time went on I went to live with my mom and when I did i went full speed and self work. I did my best to not pay attention to anyone who did any sort of opinion making or had courses on the subject as i did not want to be influenced by their way of thinking, that if this energy was to be worked on intuitively that it was the most optimal course even if mistakes were made.IM SORRY IF IT IS TOO LONG. but these points are crucial. AS I worked on my chakras everything became more friction oriented, now this is more in end 2018 early 2019. I would be now getting into fights with my mom over the most childish issues, mind you we were just two in a house that neither could afford to pay for due to both of us being on welfare. So I chalked it up to that, just stress, and it continued like that for some time. But im telling you it was uncanny the timing of things, every,single,time I would get into a state of trying to work on myself NOW my mom was interrupting, coughing, exclaiming, running into the room, asking questions but only at those times.As time went on i developped with good confidence a capacity to visualize myself and the energy and how it can heal and my connection to the earth , it was not easy at all.My whole life I had been striken with anxiety and addiction, mostly alcohol, to cope with stress of never fitting in and deqaling with societal norms I never quite understood.So I get to the summer of this year, and its absolutely undeniable, im being interrupted almost like clockwork, as I work my way higher though my chakras and more intensely I can start to be with and see the energies more accurately.Now the interruptions are offensive and im calling it out like I did with my ex, actually asking ``do you time this``? Something else became very apparent, I was getting all sorts of cramps and pains and twinges and itches and weird crap was happening all over my body. Till I started asking the question, maybe someone was doing this, cause at first I made sure I wasnt just falling apart, but i had been working with the prana, and quite actually was doing better than I ever was(the earths energies are very awesome and very healing and very comforting). So as this went on I noticed a conflict, that as I worked on an energy that was helping me in immense ways I would get weird pains all over not too mention massively intrusive thoughts of all the worse kind of evil shit you can imagine, knowing full well it sprang up out of nowhere. I started to look back at my life and think about how all these specific cramp and pains had occured to me in my life almsot as if it was the exact same spots, and it was. Pains I had accrued ever since I started working on my chakras. Now everytime I worked on my chakras I would be able to soothe the pain that seemed almost abstract as if to appear out of nowhere. Now mind you i keep fit I skateboard all the time, like 8 hours a day was my average day of boarding around, and immediately switched to vegetarian when it all got more intense knowing more and more I never should have been eating other live creatures I just couldnt anymore I could feel them in a different way. Sorta like a do unto to others sorta way so I decided to stop that. Never felt better, quit smoking cigs after 15 years and hadnt dranks for 5 years. I had recently stopped smoking weed too. Thats when it got pretty awful. The arguments and the weirdness from others was so blatant that noting it to them became a hassle as if to be accusing them. But it was all obvious stuff all stuff trying to engender some sort of reaction or to try to make me feel bad for taking time for myself. And this came from everyone like friends and family.As I went along with my progress I noticed more and more the energies and I became and more reassured with my own capacity to judge a situation based on feeling and by having a humbled confidence in my own intelligence( a long life of being stubborn needing to do things my way and making a metric fuck ton of mistakes, oh and lots of research on my own, school wasnt too much help and I didnt go much). The friction became unbearable I was now not speaking to friends out of choice and mainly only speaking to my mom which was constant fighting. I began to see the energies more accurately, I was able to see the beauty that surrounds me, us, with more efficiency. getting to work on my chakras became a constant habit, an obsession. Working on the philosophical side as much as the fundemental work on my vibrations and my willingness to work on increasing it with visualisation and focus. But it got worse with the pains and the fights and the resentment and the artificial making me feel bad for anything i did or did not do. Which I did everything I could considering my welfare situation and torrent of emotions and new info and techniques and learning about the profound immensity of all the facets of existence and the frequencies and the absolute beauty that was the universe, along with its absolute horrors. Till I started noticing something on my mom or at least of her energybody. A red energy seemed to hover around her head, and a reddish mist came from her mouth when she had a mask on.. I know how it sounds believe me but while working on my energy I became accutely aware of alot of different spectrums of audio and visual so I wasnt as shocked but concerned, due to the combo of the fights the dreadful feeling it gave me I began asking my mom questions, because at this point she was becoming visibly fake in her reactions and everything seemed to be on purpose, genuinity seems was no longer a norm. I asked her despite the fights we were having, like she would walk into a room when i was meditating or thinking and I would leave, citing that I needed to be alone in those times, having gone past the ``distraction`` portion of my lessons. I would ask whats wrong, always noticing those energies, and now more and more noticing my mom not taking care of her health, accruing a palor that was worrisome, and somethihng in her eyes, just wasnt right. Till eventually, I saw it, I was working on myself again and this was in the summer round June. I look over at my mom lying down in her bed, and shes writhing, she was twisting and doing repetitious movements that were downright weird as fuck. When I interrupted her writhing and asked her if she was ok she stopped, as she stopped so did my pain. I figured at first ok thats definitely worth noting but could also be a coincidence, maybe a combo of asking someone whats wrong and worrying and adrenaline, making me not notice the pain. Some time passes and again more pains as I meditate, and once again I notice the writhing and the red energies. Once again I ask and once again it disappears. Now it became more of a thing that caused immediate concern, I immediately thought of some form of tribal voodooism. Using their energies to affect mine. But what in the actual fuck do you do in that situation, how in the shit do you say , ``Hey mom are you doing weird shit over there and manipulating my energies and fucking hurting me?`` Because Ive lived with my mom my life and so had those energies persisted but only in the discovery and working on of my chakras. It became really weird and really difficult it was absolutely fucking destroying and freaky, because the more i noticed it the more I spoke out about it the more I was accused of not being right in the head and got completely fucking shamed for my opinions. I turned to a friend at that point on of my oldest friends, and left in a hurry not saying where I was going because at this point it became very clear home was not safe. I went to this friend and started explaining everything no matter how absurd, my friend kept on working while talking, but something struck me there too. It didnt seem that surprising to him he took it with an air of caution, but something within that conversation didnt ring true, as if almost I shouldnt be talking about it or that something was intensely wrong. Within I thought `` fucking not you too`` at this point scarcely trusting anyone. At this point I EVEN BEGAN to question myself, if you research on your own and you work on your chakras your own way you must always try and identify your own self and see if any thing was overlooked or if something was wrong on your side. So I did always keeping close the horror of what I began to undeerstand. And as it became more apparent I was furthering from my friends who at this point after having explained myself seemed more intent and making it feel more awkward and difficult than it needed. Family became blatantly obvious, trying to distract me making me feel bad, having me do things to help them but them doing this deliberately to cojole some sort of reaction. This story is very difficult to describe without giving alot of this backstory so i am sorry nI will put a TLDR. I began putting the pieces of the puzzle that was my life together I began remembering all the events all the influences that had strayed me from working on myself all the massive distractions all the intrusive thoughts all the abnormal anxiety all the weird interactions all the weird necessities to be a people pleaser worrying that my friends would leave me. A side note that is massivelyt important, my uncle whom I love and it seems the family made me hate through saying that he was causing trouble with my grandma and that there were issues all the time with arguements( the same man who once explained to me he was healing himself by focusing on it). I now come to realize they didnt want me to have a relationship with him and in all probability based on experienced life he was most like being pushed in that way. Well he had a stroke, out of nowhere, and was somehow found just in the nick of time so he could get treatment.This was all prior to me and my mom living at the house, he was by himself at the time, but then again with the horror ive gone through who knows. The pains and the weirdness were so obvious at this point that I became worried for my life, noticing that my friends and family were acting almost in unison iun their judgement and their subtle psychological abuse, an abuse I now refer to as casual psych abuse, a way of messeing with someone by presenting them with seemingly random and seemingly innocent stressors based on knowing who they are and what they hate. It was constant now and the events of working with my energy allowed me a perspective of understanding that first I should follow my gut and secondly being capable of spotting a genuine emotion. It became super apparent that I wasnt only causing frustrations that there was a genuine hate, like I wasnt supposed to have been abole to work on chakras actively the way I was. Another side note, working with the prana and the chakras Ive come to understand the actual manipulation and the daily subtle karma destruction everyone participates in based on a society that was literally made for not to reach energetic goal or to maintain a harmonious balance with your surrounding, and understanding now that the anxiety you may be feeling is unfortunately very founded due to the legitimate possibility that there are folks around you right now, everyday folks, who are no good. You dont actually need the meds for all the ailments but I am not saying stop or anything for if its prescribed and such, just as you work on your prana energy (and it start simply by asking the earth for your prana) you get healthier you become more resilient more self sufficient both intellectually and physically and spiritually.< So i ran from home not saying anything and my mom following me to the door and repeatedly saying where are you going over and over. With a look on her that was a mix of resentment and straight up ill will. I tried to hitchhike with my skateboard to where my borther lives, it was pretty far away so i got to the highways, with barely any money and any food, making my towards where I needed to get where the bridge would cross over making my way down a now dark highway( im leaving stuff out cause this would be way way too long, but alot of freaky shit happened and there was alot of being genuinely followed, by the same cars, and the very odd looks from ``normal folks`` wearing masks and such.As I made my way down this highway( on my skateboard, which is why issues occured ) Suddenly a car waited till almost right next to me and started to screech its brakes and wildly( and with some fucking super intense pro driving skills) bring itself to an emergency stop failling repeatedly to just and actually zig zagging in almost unbelieveable co ordination and staying in its laneand braking foir a loooooooooooooooong time before meeting the end of its trajectory against another vehicle, it was almost like a trick show, the probability of that car not going for the ditch and the way it waited last minute and the way it almost aimed for the other car was a series of coincidences we stop calling coincidences. I was terrified itn was so fucking scary i bolted to the cars on my board, through the smoke, to check on everyone, thankfully they were all ok, it was a standard familywith the wife driving(dale earnhart himself wouldve been proud of how she did what she did). In the other car was an older couple which I immediately made sure through asking if everyone was ok. When I did the cops showed up, I had already turned around to go get a beer, I thought I cant handle this, on one side I had caused an accident, on another side with all the insane fucking shit that had been occuring I knew inside someone didnt want me going anywhere( that they had risked human lives) its not possible form me to explain to you how it felt, im a rational man and am very capable of putting the blame on myself for being on that strecth of highway and trying to hitch masybe wasnt as safe as could be. I went to the store which ahaha kept its doors open just for me with a man smiling outside the store saying to me ``isnt it great it was still open for you?`` I nodded it off with hardly a reply, his comment smelt of shit. I went alllllllll the way back to where the accident occured fully ready to take the consequences of what had occured, with beer in hand. I never drank it. The police immediateky jumped on me like it was fucking intense, they started immediately saying shit like what code did he just pull he just violated something right, by leaving when he did? keeping me pinned to the car, all the while they weresearching everything on me. the whole time my energies had never been more intensely fucked up, the feeling was immeasurably uncomfortable it was like I was being put to sleep it was really really uncomfortable. They got to a point where they concluded in all their long 1 hour wise assesment of what had occured that I was potentially suicidal, which fuck that, I was trying to see my brother and hope the next area over wasnt as fucked up as my city was. So they drove me to a hospital. At the hospital as I went to get up from the car, I was almost completely out of it, walking was very much going to seem stammered and unwell, but thanks to a decade of of drinking booze I managed a steady walk and calm demeanour as the cops intentfully watched me get out of the car and almost seemed ahead of time wanting to help me maintain balance but there was no suggestion that I was under the influence nor was I. I was proud to have beaten my addictions, despite almost drinking that beer I got, I didnt. At the hospital the cop who brought me said to me, look dont worry about what im gonna say in the ok, and blatantly told the nurse there that I was suicidal without doubt. Which bought me an immediate observation of a good hour or so with nurses, literally standing infront me while im in a hospital gown, literally doing to me, what my mom had been doing for wsho knows how long, they kept a line of sight and writhed and moved in much very much the same ways I had previously seen, and ofcourse the discomfort that followed was intense and undoubtable. I would ask the nurse if she was ok seeing that she looked nervous to be moving around like that. She assured me it was ok, and in those moments offering me relief from the energetic disconfort and dread that was being thrust onto me at all moments.Every single person there gave me that look and messed with me in that way, I know how it sounds but at this point I dont know how much more time I have seeing as its gotten worse and the intensity and the obvio0usness of the events have intensified drastically. They allowed me to leave citing that I had no actual issues, all the whil I had been pleading with them in my own my within and with a faint whisper to just let me go, it didnt feel like I was at a hospital it felt like the chopping block. I got out and never felt better I said fuck the hitchhiking Id never make it far, and itseemed being in well lit camera laden areas would suit better than a highway where bad shit was occuring every two seconds( i briefed it but had re occuring vehicles with noticable blemishes thatb made them unique following me and stopping near me anytime I would pause for rest). I checked my phone to see where I was and i was about two bridges away from getting home, its an island, so i started off, my phone was dying(it sounds like im making it dramatic i am not) it was actually dying but maps worked so i plotted my way and bolted happy as fuck to leave the hospital. When cars started on me again, im not kidding i was being tailed like it was a sport, and i was bolting on my skateboard , I.never.skated.so.fast.before. My board that i named dharmas chariot, well she came through for me, i was running through a town id never been to before in the night with a car on my ass. Then it started, the car passing by, it had a funny smell, a combo of body odor and chemicals, something so distinct it blanketed everything, as it did I felt like passing the fuck out, it was really messing me up, and the more i skateboard down a road the car would find it way down that road speeding by aned sending more of that shit onto me, essentially outrunning me to fuck me over, which made me start doing allsorts of turns and 180s running through a portion of a forest literally screaming mantras to get me through saying to forgive them they dont know what theyre doing but to nkeep me going through this shit. I swear to you the terror I felt was fucking unbearable the adrenaline was nuts, I tried to hide in some bush but it was no go anywhere I went they just showed up, I rqan through the highway the barren highways trying to get past the car gassing me i jumped over fences (losing all my cash by the way). racing to get back to the city and away from the seemingly barren ass area where i was being chased. literally jumping over the rail on a highway bridge just to get to the other side quicker so I wouldnt get more gas. SSeeing trucks pass by and literally getting down and pleading for them to stop shrieking really. I got lost in a town for a bit not quite making the correct turn which was hard cause i was fucking out of it by then. I finally found my turn but it was a massively long way to get back to where home was, whatever home was anymore, and it was a long night, see there was only really one route to take to get back, and guess what i was followed the whole time by those exact cars, driving right by me coating the fucking streets with thatb shit, mind you somehow on all this road, fucking nobody andyone that passed i pleaded once more to stop and help, i was sure i was gonna die there.it went on for a looong timetill eventually I started makiing peace, signalling to the car to knock me out truly so i would be spared the pain of being conscious for whatever it is they had planned for me , I was taking the hit of the gas instead of running. The combo of the prana the feeling of the health i had gained and the fact that my body was drenched in adrenaline, it never seemed to knock me out, though i cam close a few times, I figured I couldnt run in terror anymore it was fucking exhausting. But it never knocked me out, so I kept going and when they saw that got more aggressive in their tactics, but more and more I got to dense population areas, and it became less and less. till eventually I was near home stopping many times to rest, the stuff they were spraying, fucked me up immensely the things i was seeing and the physical incap it cereated was like nothing id ever seen or felt. IT DID NOT STOP THERE. i REALLY DONT KNOW IF THIS IS TOO LONG, i AM VERY SORRY BUT THE INFO IS MASSIVELY IMPORTANT. Suffise that didnt really stop, I got home said nothing fearing id be callled names or criticised and grabbed supplies and left, barely able to hold back my rage to the current shit I was facing. It continued for a whil in the city I was literally running around being followed by cars reccuring cars, everywhere i went on my board seemed someone was chasing me down, literally I would stop to rest and hope that i was being fucked with but with that rest came those same pains and that same smell and that same feeling, i couldnt stop. Frome there on I was homeless I had lost my money and was eating from the trash, the first time you EVER eat froim a trash every feeling inside says not to. But if its the choice between starving or eating, youre gonna eat, i didnt pay too much credit to any of the covid shit so i ate whatever I could find. Make sure to trust your nose and be sensible, if its bread make sure no blue mold, though you can just rip those parts off the rest is ok, no meat, dairy can be fine but smell it, restaurant food can last a fucking long while so those dumpsters are goldmines. But everyday no matter where i rested I was met with another person casually sitting near me within eyeline and writhing much in the same way, it became apparent that i was dealing with something I never was trained to deqal with. It really did seem like everyone was fucking with me, others would notice me before even knowing I would even be there, groups would gather or indivduals and all moving in a very specific way. I explain a writhing as movements that are repetitious and absolutely off looking, with contortions of their bodies and movements of the very limbs they seek to affect, anyone who would find themselves near me affecting my leg would be crosslegged pointing their toes up and down and really almost frantically doing so in a manic way. These feelings were worsened when it started to become constricting to my blood flow, yes, they were constricting my blood flow, I wasnt at that tijme capable of adapting my energy flow to meet the areas of my body with help, i am not Kidding you it is absolutely real, they can manipulate your energy body, which in turn hurts your physical,they can remotely cause symptoms in you they can harm you by focusing on you and engaging in a ritualistic practic that often involves them looking at their phone simultaneously. Any individual giving you unwanted attention and moving in constant ways and in manic ways, if you feel off or random cramps or pains, look around you look to see if anyone near seems suspect. I have come to realize I could not of even trusted my friends. Afriend intercepted me at my moms when I was getting clothes for the winter and he offered me a place to stay, saying that he was massively worried and tried to contact me and trace me and detectivesd and blah blah blah.( This is one of the friends that I had known for almost two decades was a brother, and also one of the people who started acting and saying weird shit). He said we will keep youn for a month at my house man till you find a place.And it started again i worked on chakras while there and it began, the frustration, the comments the distractions. then alll of a suddent he couldnt be near me anymore (we were sharing the basement during the day due to him working). All of a sudden as I worked on my vibrations he couldnt be around anymore, being dowright insulting and being distant, stressing me that i was not using the time in was given well enough, simply standing near him while taking a break from search and meditating got me insults and feelings of disgust. Till at one point he said I cant deal with you anymore, mind you I work towards the dharma so im not trying to stir up any shit. The whole time I was getting those very same manipulations, and receiving food that would drop me on my ass. Until i started buying my own food which cause even more of a stir, everytime I ate their food for the most part it felt laced, but how could I say anything I was homeless and i was sheltered(this was after 3 months of dealing with the outdoors and folks all participating in synchronised action). So I kept most of it to myself only hinting that they should do the right thing hoping theyd stop and understand that I wasnt their enemy. There I came to understand that more than likely theyre manipulated, either through financial threat or housing threat, that if they do anything to help someone who works with the prana that theyd faced massive consequence. eventually led to my one month stay being cut to two weeks, due to apparently, not looking for something fast enough in a timely fashion, so they decided to cut it short, makes sense right? Back where another friend met me helped me for a day or two, and literally acted the same way. Did the dsame things and faced the same energetic manipulations and shaming if i mentioned anything was off. At this point when people looked at me they didnt even look as they did. or didnt comport their facial expressions in a way i remembered them ever doing. Sure I was homeless but I maintained a good spirit and continued to make jokes despite the immense terror and desperate fear I felt on the daily. Theres sooooo much more I can say but ill summarize here. Im sorry im gonna say this but the people around you and me during this covid pandemic are no longer those people. They are and will work actively towards the overall agenda that is being proposed, often times they will say things akin to, yeah i hate those restrictions too, but they will one hundred percent follow every protocol and will snith you out. From my personal experience which has been very very long and horrendous, and i can meet with even more detail if needed, the folks around you now are not the same. The level of psychological game they are playing are completely baffling and very exact in their nature. And if you dont question will occur in the same way it always has, I have come to know to my absolute dismay that I could not even trust my mom, my friends or anyone else. I know this sounds paranoid at this point, I would love nothing more than someone to talk to who isnt blatantly running a psychological script. Ive been followed Ive been photographed intentfully whilst other individuals of less savory character made their way near me. When I work on chakras and my vibration literally people start moving and making noise, of which I do have evidence and have predicted on video, multiple multiple times. I have to now surveil myself on a constant rate due to fears of having something placed in my room(currently staying in a resource for those with the issue of homeslessness and so on) or being harassed in many of the ways i have noted and some that I didnt but can if needed. I have grown to understand that the attention I have gotten from my working on my chakras and the upping of my vibrational frequencies through techniques has garnered some very unwanted attention. and it blatant these days, our streets here are empty but everywhere I seem to go someone is times right next to me and on pace, also something ive noted and filmed. The only way to get through whats happening on this plabnet right now is to get more familiar with your energies, and the planets energies, religion or not its actual science. you are vibration you can control vibration of your cells, you need only visualize it as you want to be occuring remembering that the energies are subtle they run along with your physical self, it is within every cell, all you gotta do is feel it where its need, likt your getting a subtle tase in the desired area that looks like a ghostly sparkler that shines, like something being hit with a welders torch. For me focusing on the actual physical location of my chakras ( the glands associated with each major area) like the genitalia or the kidneys etc. You can work on those areas, you dont need to be super religious, I am far from that in every way due to being stubborn and needing to find my own way. You just have to feel/visualize simultaneously. Its a predictive desired feeling combines with a visual of scattering ghostly brilliant energy eminating from the very center of your cells. Your wanting it to occur so your feeling it for it to occur while visualizing it in the third person, as if observing yourself. Make sure as you do this that you pay very close attention to other around you and their reacctions to you, YOU WILL NOTICE A DIFFERENCE IN THE WAY PEOPLE TREAT YOU WHILE ACTUALLY TRYING TO WORK ON AND INCREASE THE VIBRATION OF YOUR BODY. It will be subltle and obvious. This is required as bother the electrical interference ive been experiencing and the energetic manipulation ive been facing has been soothed by the vibrational work, this is how we fight back spiritually. If you dont wanna work for specifically chakras that is fine, you can note them as energy centers only, it does not matter. You ejmancipate yourself from their control when you invite the prana of this earth into your being. All that is necessary is to want to help others as a passion within and genuinely wanting to be with the beautiful energies of this world and even being able to love your enemy it is IN FACT the only way. DO NOT REACT IN ANGER TO ANYONE THEY WANT YOU TO DO THIS. THEY WANT YOU TO FEAR AND GET ANGRY DONT, be calm you have unimaginable strength and possibility within you ALL OF YOU. Love is very much neded but having a passion and a need is a must. I fear that many of the folks I am worried about may have been injected with the incoming vaccine already or have become a host to a dimensional entity that is evil in the most insane way I cannot describe to you, there is no mercy or pity. YOU must have that , thats how the energies of this world will help you, by being a good dude or gal. and thinking for yourself. I implore you for those can work on yourself, work on your energy body, those who seek to keep you down WILL REVEAL THEMSELVES, it will seem normal but will repeat as you go on.You can increaase your vibration a la goku, it seems jokish to say that but honestly mirrors a good representation of the visualisation required, even I joke to myself about it. For a while I was scared to communicate worried theyd use my activity of speaking to anyone online against me to frame me for something. they are actively tring to fuck me over i have a slew more details and things that can corroberate this. YOU CAN RAISE YOUR VIBRATION AND IF YOU FOCUS ON THE PHYSICAL AREA THAT TROUBLES OR BOTHERS YOU AND FEEL A VIBRATION THERE AND SEE THE LIGHT COMING FROM THE EXACT AREA THAT IS AFFECTED, with enough time you will be able to have that area be with the prana energy, work on your base chakra your root, please I am not kidding its not evil its not bad its the kundalini IT WILL KEEP YOU ALIVE IN THESE COMING TIMES.
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