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  1. I hope everyone fared well over the holidays. Were now seeing with more intensity the exact reactions to these vaccines now. Anybody who is truly awake and capable should be warning others as much as possible and making available links to places like Bitchute and BrandNewtube, so that people can get on the right track. I go to places like some of my family's facebook pages and see crap about how great the vaccine is, its gotten pretty bad. Good luck to anyone who is dealing with this while being consciously aware of the sheer bullshit that is occurring, I wish you the best and that you stay sa
  2. Maybe I should shorten it, but it is there and can't edit it now, though I would say that a bulk of the necessary message is found towards the final paragraphs if one is not inclined to see the information that reinforces it. Though I should clarify I'm not trying to reinforce self study and meditation through scary stories only, though it may come across that way initially. A lot of how I got to where I am was from and is from a place of love, integrity, honesty, respect and good old fashioned self-reliance. The way one comes to trust themselves and their own intuition is through a process o
  3. I am sorry, but I have to disagree with you, my experiences range in length in time now far beyond the score of what I was engaged in even describing, if you feel that way that is completely fine and I thank you for your contribution. I am afraid that even those who speak the "jargon" can find ways to discredit others, though I am sure you may mean well. Take care.
  4. I dont know why but for reasons that are unclear everything seems to be getting a bit more intense. There are people where I am that are literally going out of their way to be doing weird shit near me, I know how it sounds but its true. Anyone who actively speaks out about these abuses of power and clear lack of scientific integrity or pretending to do it for the well being of others and the sheer b.s thats being imposed on others are suffering, losing freedoms or disappearing. I fear I am being targeted due to alot of factors that I can show and some are so constant that im almost forced to i
  5. I need to express this because I feel like it`s not properly understood, your movements are being poisoned from within. The main thing no one is telling you to do is work on your energy bodies, YOU MUST TRY. It is your natural protection against EMF disturbances. They have you CLEARLY looking at all the BLATANT missteps they keep making, while they continuously roll out a network regardless. Every conspiracy channel I have seen speak nothing of your natural energy body and how it is the MAIN GOAL of these entities to saboatge or harm. Most people understand the vaccine is fucked up and yes it
  6. Its fair to say what we are facing now is very much a spiritual battle, when I say that I must URGE that does not imply strict religious habit. When I worked on my energy centers the things I observed were only relating to the fact that the energy and the conection to the earth existed, not feeling fear that I needed to owe my progress to anything but my own volition. I am telling you these folks do not want you to work on your energy bodies and seek to eliminate our capacity to do so, PLEASE BE CAREFUL, they re within your freedom movements as well, this is not a new thing. Think for yourself
  7. Ah, I see the wordplay, to an extent there is alot of subtle psychological influencing when you engage with people in that field of work, more often than not I would find myself measured against the backdrop of social norms, rather than what is a balanced and unique approach, due to the fact that all of our lives evolved in their own way. Sortof a one size fits all sorta deal, that rarely fits the general popualtion as a matter of fact. Which is why I find the labelling and the seperation it causes to be super harmful to someone who already would feel sensitive. Thanks for the cont
  8. My sentiments exactly, especially when I consider the amount of good health that came from eating healthier keeping active and also working on my energy body, or paying more attention to my own body`s capacity to heal. To also be able to regulate and try to understand thought processes through self-analysis and common sense practice and understand that psychiatric labels are easier to assign than understanding an entire individual and their complex life experiences.
  9. Well I can say this, that within the usual of my life when I would not be on the run as it were , I`d dream ``normally``, meaning id recognize that I had dreamt some nights I think like most folks, remember small portions of them, as I wake not remembering most of it at all. When I was on the street and seeking to get by the way I was , I never got much sleep and when I did it was very disturbing. It was mostly nightmares, I didnt realise at that time the combo of whatever that smelly shit was and the energy manipulation always produced horrific dreams. They always seemed to be my worst fears,
  10. Ah well, Im sorry you feel that my techniques, understandings and experiences can be explained away by a clinical issue, you also misspelled that issue. Though I don`t agree with your ``expert`` assessment I salut your contribution and also wish you a very fine day. Thanks
  11. Dear given to fly, I can without any doubt confirm what you have stated. They can and will stalk you they can absolutely follow you in a way and pervasively attack and attach to your energy body. They can absolutely cause intrusive and reccuring thought, YOU ARE NOT THE CAUSE OF THOSE EVIL DISGUSTING THOUGHTS THAT FOLLOW YOU. Sorry for the caps, but it is utmost importance. Most people do not realize they are not responsible for the evil shit that pops up in their minds alot of the time. They can absolutely invade your privacy in the ways youve described. I had to go through bullsh
  12. I shouldve said at the beginning I have been for the months following the ``covid pandemic``+ ive been on the run essentially. Also sorry for grammatical errors.
  13. Ok what I am about to say has come at the cost of literally where I live, my family and my friends. I have been for the months following the ``covid pandemic`` Ive been on the run essentially. I started working on my chakras over a decade ago. On and off I have worked on it with various focus due to being forced to getv a job and make sure to participate in society and so and so forth, so never had the actual chane to work on myself full time. Though in 2017 I was able for the first time (and also decided to) not seek employment due to the horrendously awful feeling it was needing to go to wor
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