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  1. I forgot to add that when you read the CDC page from the link/URL given above you will see that some words have small numbers to the right of them , e.g. 1,2 or 1,6,7. When you click on one or more of those numbers it will open another page with numerous numbered links for more information. Then click on the numbered link/s matching the number/s you clicked on.
  2. Does anyone know the current status of the CDC's Shielding Approach AKA Green Zone COVID camps in USA? Here is a link to the CDC site where they describe in horrifying (to me) length their detailed psychopathic strategy: Interim Operational Considerations for Implementing the Shielding Approach to Prevent COVID-19 Infections in Humanitarian Settings | CDC That part of the CDC site has not been updated since July 2020, but recently I've heard on YT that CDC is currently hiring people to staff the camps in the U.S.; and I've heard that some camps are already operational although no specific locations were mentioned. The sites are located in many countries. I have sent inquiries to a couple places such as America's Front Line Doctors and Doctors For COVID ethics, but in the meantime perhaps others may know about this. BTW, my eyesight sucks but I refuse to see a doctor because I do not trust the medical mafia and do not want anything to do with them or to have any of them near me for any reason ; so it takes me a ridiculous amount of time to type or post anything which is why I don't usually respond to comments, but I will read them when able and try to respond... I have the cheap Dollar Store eyeglasses which aren't much help.
  3. Instead of having to search through tons of subjects to see what's been posted, why can't we simply respond to or comment on specific videos and articles? That would be so much simpler and more sensible IMO. Some people, such as myself, (usually) do not want to chat or converse; we simply want to comment or respond, and to possibly add news and other links that relate to specific articles and topics. Seriously, who has time to wade through tons of topics on these forums??? I've had info I've wanted to share, e.g. articles and lawsuits filed by the ACLU about CBP and other U.S. federal agents illegally setting up "border" checkpoints in NH, far from borders between NH and Canada, and holding up regular citizens by machine guns. These Gestapo-like psychopaths use the illegal border checks to check people for possible crimes, not for border protection. Regular citizens going hiking or fishing in the mountains are being stopped by machine gun toting psychopaths and treated like criminals - and this was long before the COVID scamdemic. BTW, the NH state motto is "Live free or die" which is a total joke because the state is largely crawling with cowardly brainwashed sheeple.
  4. Last night Dec. 15, 2020, while watching YouTube on my TV about tiny houses and alternative homes & off-grid life I suddenly was signed out for no known reason. After several failed attempts to sign into my channel I turned on my PC to try there - still no luck. Then I checked my email and found a notice from YouTube that I am permanently banned from opening any channels due to "repeated violations of our Community Guidelines." - no clear explanation. What?! I never received any complaints or warnings or suspensions from YouTube. My playlists were on numerous topics and ALL were private, and none were violent or pornographic, or even political. Some of the playlists & subscriptions were on alternative journalism, Reiki, human consciousness, parapsychology, MK Ultra mind programming whistleblowers, David Icke videos, alternative homes & lifestyles. None of the videos were mine. I did comment negatively about COVID, vaccines, mind control, U.S. black ops, the Fourth Reich, the medical mafia, etc.. but I had voluntarily deleted all but 4 of my comments and was going to also delete those and then to stop commenting altogether for my own well-being because commenting on YouTube is futile and frustrating. I won't lower myself by appealing the ban. I'll just watch videos without being able to create playlists within YouTube and without being able to comment. The latter I don't mind so much as I was planning on ceasing my comments anyway. If YouTube wanted to they could just prevent people from commenting instead of banning their entire channel, but no - they want to punish people for having the audacity to disagree with them and the CIA who controls Google & YouTube.
  5. I've been watching Dr. Steven Greer's videos on YouTube for a while, and also watched his 3 documentaries (Sirius, Unacknowledged, and Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind). My gut feelings and intuitions override any desire of mine to believe in him and his purported cause. There are brief moments when he appears sincere, but mainly a lot of red flags go off in my head, and butterflies swarm sickeningly in my stomach - telling me not to thrust him. He also seems narcissistic and boastful: and during live events he seems rude and condescending to tech staff members, and I've never heard him thank the tech staff after they''ve helped him with his mike or lighting, etc.. To me it is a measure of his character, or lack thereof, similar to how a person treats wait staff in restaurants. I find it arrogant and ignorant of anyone to say that there are no malevolent aliens in the universe or multiverse, and to be disrespectful of any abductees who truly were abducted by malevolent aliens. I know that the black ops psychopaths also abduct people but that does not mean that no malevolent aliens do so too. Also, since the psychopathic black ops military goons can use technocracy and mind control to fool people into believing they are abductees of aliens then they can also fool the followers of Dr. Steven Greer into believing that their contacts with aliens via meditation are real alien contacts. And did those followers ever actually see the "aliens'" crafts up close to determine if they were alien crafts or black ops crafts? Dr. Greer gives me the creeps, and I can't help wondering if he is working for the very black ops groups that he says he is against. I feel he has a hidden agenda. To me, his personality and narcissistic attitude reek of black ops mentality. I'd like to be wrong, but I can't and won't brush off my intuition and gut feelings.
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