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  1. Instead of having to search through tons of subjects to see what's been posted, why can't we simply respond to or comment on specific videos and articles? That would be so much simpler and more sensible IMO. Some people, such as myself, (usually) do not want to chat or converse; we simply want to comment or respond, and to possibly add news and other links that relate to specific articles and topics. Seriously, who has time to wade through tons of topics on these forums??? I've had info I've wanted to share, e.g. articles and lawsuits filed by the ACLU about CBP and other U.S. federal a
  2. "Get it into the arms" of people. I'm so sick of reading this over and over by Pig Pharma's murderous fake vaccine supporters in "news" articles. In one short article alone, by NPR, the phrase "get it into the arms" was used at least 8 times; likewise this sickening psychopaths' phrase is frequently repeated in numerous articles as well as in videos. It is the psychopaths' mantra, brainwashing people into supporting and coercing this lethal jab into the arms of the innocents. I'm also sickened by photos and videos everywhere of people's arms being injected by this murderous fake vaccine.
  3. Last night Dec. 15, 2020, while watching YouTube on my TV about tiny houses and alternative homes & off-grid life I suddenly was signed out for no known reason. After several failed attempts to sign into my channel I turned on my PC to try there - still no luck. Then I checked my email and found a notice from YouTube that I am permanently banned from opening any channels due to "repeated violations of our Community Guidelines." - no clear explanation. What?! I never received any complaints or warnings or suspensions from YouTube. My playlists were on numerous topics and ALL were priv
  4. I've been watching Dr. Steven Greer's videos on YouTube for a while, and also watched his 3 documentaries (Sirius, Unacknowledged, and Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind). My gut feelings and intuitions override any desire of mine to believe in him and his purported cause. There are brief moments when he appears sincere, but mainly a lot of red flags go off in my head, and butterflies swarm sickeningly in my stomach - telling me not to thrust him. He also seems narcissistic and boastful: and during live events he seems rude and condescending to tech staff members, and I've never heard
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