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  1. The Scottish Rite Of Freemasonry and The Eastern Star Order Are NOT LEGAL/REGAL OR NOT REGAL/LEGAL THEY THEREFORE NOT TO EXIST AT ALL IN THIS WORLD PERIOD. BECAUSE THEY ARE THE ILLUMINATI AND WHERE FOUNDED BY THE FALLEN ANGELS AND FALLEN ARCH ANGELS. (Yati/Fati and Rati/Roti) The Founder Of Judaism, Zionism and Luciferianism. The York Rite Of Freemasonry and The Eastern Star Order Are NOT LEGAL/REGAL OR NOT REGAL/LEGAL THEY THEREFORE NOT TO EXIST AT ALL IN THIS WORLD PERIOD. BECAUSE THEY ARE THE ILLUMINATI AND WHERE FOUNDED BY THE FALLEN ANGELS AND FALLEN ARCH ANGELS. (Aati/Bati and Tiki/Toki) The Founder Of Sufis, Islam, Islamism, Satanism, and Diananism. God for a lot of the people was Yahweh who was a fallen monk/arch angel from heaven who was the founder Judaism and Zionism that was the blue and white Satan for a lot of the people was Allah SWT was a fallen monk/arch angel from heaven who was the founder Sufis, Islam, Islamism, Satanism, Luciferianism and Diananism. In the words of Michael Aquino God (Yahweh) complimented Satan (Allah) and Satan (Allah) compliment God (Yahweh). Yahweh was Lucifer Allah was Satan This research was compiled by Grand Shaman Achi/Acki and Jimi/Limi otherwise known as St. James The Lord's Brother (Male Aspect) and St. Letacus (Female Aspect) I go by the user name rather observant here on David Icke.
  2. These muslim and islamist men who float around on the earth with there unconscious spirit bodies and somewhat conscious spirit bodies either being Sufi's but the carry the behavior characteristics of the Sunni's and Shiites either median or meccan because these spirit bodies are literally tapped into the collective consciousness of the islam community and biological traits.
  3. Then another thing to note is spirit hair grown by the cosmic souls of the universe have been tugged and pulled on by the spirit bodies of divine consciousness either thme being positive or negative blooded in my case it's positive blooded divine spirit bodies that have been pulling on my spirit hair just migrant gangs in Europe like to find unhijabed women and pull on there hair in countries all over Europe I seen many youtube video's of that particular behavior many times and that I have seen other youtube video's where muslim men beat women because the feminine in them is perceived as the shaytan or the devil. So that being said because us cosmic souls are naturally transgendered we are frequent targets of muslim men and islamist men from the islamic world.
  4. The indigo's where always managed by the trio of idiots and should I say that the temple of set does a really good job making it obvious that they control the indigo's and yet the founder of the temple of set calls seitianism ethical satanism. But that's a joke in my world because that's like ethical hacking there's no such thing as that even the virtue signal is supposed to white wash the shit underneath it all.
  5. Then the indigo's worshipped the god of the earth abraxas who is black or was black because he/she created them in his own image along with his pals satan (red), lucifer (white), diana the moon goddess (green), yahweh (blue), buddha (orange), rah (yellow), jaboulon (brown) and lilth (purple),
  6. This is the reason why jesus always wore red and white of you have ever seen paintings and pictures of him let's break this down some more red is satan and white is lucifer they where one of the original castaways or the exiled souls of Shamabhala aside from jesus being one of them too and basically serving there interests. Just like mohammed was one of the original castaways or the exiled souls of Shamabhala who served the interests of diana the moon goddess who is green and lucifer is white and this is why you see the flag of saudi arabia is green and white.
  7. Another thing to point out is that divine consciousnesses of the earth is very satanic and luciferian. But the cosmic consciousness of the celestial universe is none of the above it's not even indigo because even the indigo's themselves are hybrid of the satanic and luciferian divine consciousness they there basically the recon team for the divine consciousnesses of the earth because they where copied from the celestial consciousness of the universe or the cosmic souls of universe.
  8. To do something progressive on earth is seen by the celestial universe as regressive but then do anything that regressive on earth is by the celestial universe progressive. But anything progressive done by the celestial universe is progressive and anything that regressive that is done by the celestial universe is regressive.
  9. Then left wing fake news rag known as the huff post tries to say that the embodiment of jesus christ is transgendered however this would have to mean that he is divine soul and not a cosmic soul like me for example there is subtle difference between cosmic and divine by every stretch of imagination. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/jesus-the-first-transgend_b_10006134 Just to clarify one thing divine would be the anti christ and cosmic would be the christ consciousness but it's not and it's cosmic, celestial and universal literally. Because everything on this planet is ass backwards to the celestial universe but not the divine earth based terrestial consciousness. But they see the celestial universe as completely ass backwards to them and yet the celestial universe came first and the earth was last not first.
  10. Then there's is business which quite baffling and let me say that the three hundred exiled souls or castaways of Shamabhala where all transgendered when they where dumped from space vessels like the letacus a ancient space ship and thousands of others that had crewman abroad those ships that disobeyed and dissented against the commanders of those vessels. But I should make it clear that Jesus was one of them too and that he along with the rest of them like moses, abraham, mohammed and joshua where transgendered too but because there souls where all disconnected from the universe by the fleet commander they went on to create religions to get back at the fleet commander and the civilizations of Shamabhala which is in different region of the space contiuum in a much higher dimensional vibration some where in the range of 777th. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2016/05/huffington-post-writer-claims-jesus-first-transgender-man/
  11. The Divine on this planet wanted to break the XGA blood factors in the Cosmic consciousness of the people who are connected to the celestial universe because my assumption is that they wanted to find a creative way of controlling the universe because they had no connection to the universe. Because the three hundred exiled souls of Shamabhala or the castaways where disconnected from the universe when they where disobient and insolent towards the leadership of there military. https://www.lunduniversity.lu.se/article/researchers-crack-code-final-blood-group-system
  12. At this point I’m going to have continuously make the same point over and over again because literally big pharma and the corporations in general are literally evil and nothing of the things they sell to the general public does any good for anyone ever if the idiot box makes it sound good, or the newspaper or some parts of the internet etc. I have in the past made commentary about the corporate world and evils behind it aside from me being against, literally against companies like pfizer, ran, bayer, merck and scores of others like it the companies rake in a profit (prophet) while sucking in the energies of the consumers like energy vampires that they are because they need to get there fix of the people’s energies to feed there power and influence over the same general public that buy there products willingly without questioning what there intentions are the people who the customers of these people who these big pharma corporations see there customers bodies, minds and souls like the drugs they sell to them. The medications no matter whether there non psychiatric or psychiatric eat the people that literally cannibalizes them as if these people are eating them like a well done steak or eating there raw flesh, drinking there blood and consuming there adrenochrome from there adrenal glands etc. Except they have to make it look like the public or some demographic of population particularly the cosmic souls on earth like there mentally ill to get them hooked on these things forever and it’s like them selling there souls to the former castaways of Shamabhala or the exiled souls that where casted from the ancient space fleets of the Shamabhala. Then another to consider is the illegal street drug market that compliment the existence of big pharma and I know from the previous research that I did on both markets that big pharma relies heavily on the presence of small time drug dealers, drug lords and the drug cartels to literally social engineer the very conditions to create the mental ill effects that the public hears the through the background noise effect and the consciousness of the people who project there vocal vibrations that can be hear via the internal soul of the person or from the external body of the person projecting there soul energies out there pineal glands or foresights and or what is otherwise known the third eye. Where it creates the effect similar to that of a radio broadcasting sound or music out the speakers that can pick up on the radio waves that carry those electronic vibrations that generate that effect. But at this point being a dissenter to both social constructs is key to defeating the new world order, the illuminati and the powers that be who wanted to use us starseeds as a power source for there new world order. Because they view us as walking double A batteries or 9 volt batteries with legs and connections to the celestial universe something they never had because the castaways had there souls disconnected from the celestial universe because of the disobedience they showed towards the crew and command structure of the ancient fleets of Shamabhala.
  13. I’m noticing lately that my own spirit body, consciousness or soul body is being stretched out lately and that does in fact hurt my physical body like my muscles in my neck, back, and legs, The mobile spirit bodies, consciousness or soul bodies of the opposite biological demographics and the different sets of ideas or thoughts that connect to the physical bodies of those individuals with there mobile spirit bodies, consciousness or soul bodies of the complete opposite biological demographics are constantly tugging at us because there either trying to figure out if where possessed by other consciousnesses that I network to based on some other biological predispositions relating to me being AB negative blooded, DNA/RNA that networks with Europeans, some Arabs, Africans and Asians on some level or another but then this means that there’s active DNA/RNA strains and the then the inactive junk DNA/RNA that can’t be activated but still have some networking capabilities with those racial demographics there connected too and I should be clear on something with regards to these electromagnetic weapons that have been used on us as soul group from time to time depending on the specific locations of each individual person I’m connected to on earth means if they have been targeted with electromagnetic weapons like I was then chances are they found that there DNA/RNA was activated via those electromagnetic weapons just like mine was whenever I found my residence was flooded with electromagnetic energy via those remotely operated electromagnetic weapons. The biological demographics of the people doing this are who are A + and AB + positive then also A – and AB – negative blooded without the blood factors, there DNA/RNA of racial demographics of these people are Arabs, Africans, Asians and Europeans then they also have the chromosomes of say 44 (XX) and 46 (XY) which means there straight male and female bodied people which means that there basically divine bodied people and not cosmic bodied people. Then the external communications I have with other and opposite biological demographics where as I channel there vocal vibration energies as in when they channel into me to speak to my physical body it looks as if I’m talking to myself if someone where to witness happening right in front of them. This ranges from A – to AB – to A + to AB + blooded without the blood factors in there blood stream. Plus there DNA/RNA is either Arab, African, Asian and European then also they are of chromosomes ranging from 44 (XX) to 46 (XY) aka straight male and straight female cis gendered and divine earth based terrestrial souls not connected to the cosmos and the celestial bodies of the universe.
  14. I Have Never Been Physically Approached By Anyone In the entire instance of me being open souled and kind of being partially opened minded I realize that I haven’t been approached by any sort of physical force to date. Where as basically not one person or group of persons has actually taken any physical actions against me where they haven’t asked me questions about whether or not I’m an ancient old soul or more specifically a grand shaman by the name Acki. Where they come face to face with me or call me on the phone, however I should note that I do get some awfully strange phone calls at home every now and again where I pick up the phone and basically there’s nothing but silence on the other end and heavy breathing but I really don’t seem to give a damn whether that person whoever they maybe does that sort of thing to me or not. Then the other thing is no member of general public has made any attempt to approach me in public even if there mystic mental bodies have channeled into my soul to network with me and communicate vocal energies in my body which comes out of my mouth in my own words. So this means that some part of there brain doesn’t really comprehend what there saying to me or they don’t remember the specific encounter with there mystic mental bodies in my house and me networking with them and channeling there energies while we exchange words between ourselves. Even if they know where I live and I really don’t give a damn whether they know where I live and that’s a fact I scared of them and even if they might be a threat to me so fucking what because there’s no point in getting paranoid about and letting something like that drive me nuts etc. Then another thing too is I haven’t physical approached by any members of law enforcement, intelligence and the military the entire time this has been happening for close to a year. Which means that they don’t really care that I’m like this or they do know and I pretty sure they have dispatched mystic mental bodies to shut me up and I keep ignoring them because well my thing is really simple “fuck the police” because they like the enemies on this planet who have the same psychological mentality as they do I tend not to listen to the authority of either law enforcement, intelligence and the military which also includes the enemies of this planet fuck the both of them royal they can suck my dick and kiss my white ass for all fucking care. Because yes even if I am a really old soul and a grand shaman who’s soul age is in the trillions nobody is going to roll out the red carpet for anybody that is like me in the least and that we get the short of the stick until we pass on in the bodies we temporarily occupy and then we eject from our bodies head to the rally points where we get picked up by our flotilla and head home to our home world’s and that’s basically all it boils down too. But as for this being the great teachers of humanity’s business where not that and quite frankly I’m not remotely interested in teaching any of the human hybrids on earth any of our secrets and knowledge because knowing them they will twist it against us just like they always have and even when we had the castaways on this planet with them and yeah okay they did reverse engineered them to be male and female so that the castaways would be useful to the extent of being tools of the trade in a revolution and coup against Shamabhala and Shangri-la. Where I always knew that the three hundred castaways took the knowledge and lessons we put in them to teach them a lesson for disobeying us and being absolute criminals aboard the flotilla’s and on our home world's. Ended being turned into the very religions that exist on this earth today ranging from monotheistic to polytheistic where they figure they could use that knowledge with the reverse engineered humanity they recreated to basically create an ambush, revolution and coup every time we showed up randomly on earth to check up on them and whatever they where up to. Even after I literally beat the living shit out of three of the castaways aboard the former flagship the letacus that being what humanity called satan, lucifer and abraxas where I took them to the port side airlocks and one of the female/male crew members who personally dealt with what humanity called diana the moon goddess and lilth where she/he beat the living shit out of the both of them and raped the both of them too because they where highly disobedient towards me and the rest of the crew along with all of the criminal activities they conducted on board meant that the both us had to kick them off the ship and we did we had to and what I should have done originally was I should have gone to the nearest black hole and let that thing sort them out because that would have much less painful and would have required less work and effort in trying to rehabilitate them. But we took all five of them and put them out into the vacuum of space over the earth where they probably floated and then fell to the earth. But they deserved that treatment seeing as they where the worst of the worst in our society. This all happening about 1.7 million years ago and in this present time period after all of the effort of trying to change there minds and turn them back to being good shamans instead of corrupted shamans where they ended becoming occultists etc. Meant that I had to do what I did and I don’t regret doing it because it had to be done I had to expel all three hundred castaways from existence the nine primary of them being what humanity called satan, lucifer, diana the moon goddess, lilth, rah, yahweh, buddha, abraxas and last but not least jabolulon. But I had to do that both in this present time frame and then the flotilla had go back in time when we exiled them off the assigned ship they where on. Where I had somebody order myself then to head for the nearest black hole to let the thing sort them out so that they couldn’t re manifest themselves in the near future making them into young souls again because they where way too corrupt to even consider taking them back and quite frankly it was a good thing I did this because now I can fix this broken society they created when I had my back turned from them when I should never have taken my eyes off them in the first place. Because quite literally they tried to create a paradise of there own on earth but I never actually liked that because there idea of a paradise was from my perspective an absolute utter hellhole because they couldn’t manage themselves for starters because they where so corrupted and broken themselves from all the years of them eating the crew members of the ships they where assigned to and drinking the blood of those crew members then making there adrenal gland into a drug that is widely used by certain members of modern society called adrenochrome something they passed down into the human hybrids they created to empower there ongoing revolution and coup against our very existence. This is part of the reason why we exiled them and that our very thing is not kill anything the wrong way because we hate the idea of spilling blood when something is killed. Instead we aim for something called dematerialization a procedure that breaks down the base molecules of the body which doesn’t make a mess and laws of the universe aren’t violated because spilling the blood of anything is literally a crime against the universe especially when it’s a sentient being that’s full conscious of itself. The very hybrid human race on earth today thinks that it’s okay to carry out blood ritual sacrifices against sentient beings including there own where murder is glorified war, jihad, abortions and a whole listen of other things with it and that I do not agree with at all it goes against the laws of the universe and that my biological opposites think that it’s okay that I do some kind of violent act against an individual as if they think that’s okay but in my world that isn’t right at all especially under my definitions of universe of law and let’s be honest universe laws under the freemasons is not quite the same as ours and it’s actually a loop hole created by the castaways to once revolt and coup against our entire existence. Another thing to note too is that the people of earth want to take over our entire galaxy and subsequently every other galaxy, universe and multiverse that has our people living on planets like earth that practically number in quadrillions in comparison to the tiny minority of earthlings that only number in the billions on one planet. So it’s pretty laughable when these guys threaten nuclear war against our flotilla’s and civilizations when in fact if that was to be the case and an ICBM was launch at one of our nearby home world first of all it wouldn’t make it there and the weapons would be dematerialized. Before it could actually do anything go off and obliterate whatever planet is nearby earth in the neighboring solar system. But even then that act of aggression wouldn’t force are hands into a conflict between earth and us because that’s what you want from us ultimately. But if you where do anything to me personally or master shaman acki including the shamans, monks or ancients because the solar system is in our space time continuum as in your not in the milky way galaxy anyone but better yet the shanghrai-la galaxy in the ultraverse and dimension that would be numbered as the 777th dimension forever and forever which is also called Shamabhala. We are never returning the sol system back to the third dimension under any and all circumstances because we refuse to listen to the voices of humanity or follow the authority of any one person on this earth because we are not you and you are not we. Because every dimension from the first to the three hundredth doesn’t exist anymore that region of the space time continuum was deleted and will never be re manifested into existence ever again this includes the ultraverses that existed there too. But part of the reason why the sol system including the entire galactical partition of the milky way was moved to our space time continuum aside from the fact that castaways screwed everything up for us. The other reason why was because the milky way galaxy and andromedan galaxy where on a collusion course with each other something that mainstream scientists considered to be a couple of billion years away from happening was closer to be about 40 to 50 years away from happening. So that was the primary motivator behind the move so it wasn’t just the planet and sol system that was moved it was the entire the galactical partition of the milky way went with it. Including the client races aside from the hybrid human race on earth are also here with us in the shanghrai-la galaxy like the grays, arcturians minus the reptilians because they where associates the three hundred castaways and considered to be like a gang and nothing but criminals under every circumstance because there was a time when I did infiltrate there societies and I got a first hand look at how criminal they where and that’s why I despised everyone one of them because they lived like criminals and literally it was a organized crime syndicate on every single planet they had and they where good conquest of civilizations and taking things that didn’t belong to them and every thing else beyond that they where space pirates practically just like the arcons and sirians. But nobody in there right mind on earth had an issue with them at all the organized crime syndicates, drug cartels, gangs, terrorist groups, radicals and activists including the religions of islam, judaism and certain branches of christianity plus the polytheistic religions of the sihks, hindus and buddhists minus the taoists. Loved there company quite a bit just like the freemasons, illuminati and the castaways always treated them royalty and I always thought that was rather arrogant. But anyways aside from that cleaning things up on this planet will take some time it will definitely come as a surprise when the freemasons get back to there lodge meetings when they realize that there castaways hero’s are no longer there with them and when they go to speak to them on there checker board floors they will find that none of them will be networking with there brains, bodies and souls like they used to so that will be laughing fest when they go to talk to themselves in the lodges because that’s how they communicated with them the whole time which quite literally meant that the freemasons where essentially schizophrenics and that means they could hear the background noise effect which projects the voices of humanity from above and from the side of any room that a person is in and even I can hear it too and so can the rest of teams on earth. But if we can hear that effect this means that basically where schizophrenics and I should note that we are diagnosed as schizophrenics all of us right across the planet in every country on earth practically because nobody wanted us to get in the way of everything on earth. Which meant that other schizophrenics or psychics and mystics had to find a creative way of censoring us with prescription medications which would have basically froze up our souls and brains rending our communication with each other completely inert across the earth. Then it would have completely censored us from communicating with the universe, our civilizations, the crews abroad our ships and flotilla it was an act of terrorism and crime against us which would have been unseen by the rest of the general public because they wouldn’t know the complexities of how this stuff really works against us. But another I should mention to as grand shaman acki I am a 6100 trillion year old soul I am naturally transgendered male/female my soul is also male/female which means it’s also a transgendered entity and is literally my personality at the same time too because it’s not the brain that’s controls everything I do it’s the soul. Because most of my consciousness is below my neck line in my torso and not in my brain like most people would think it is and that the behavior of a person is not dictated by the brain but the soul because that’s where all of the personality of a person really sits. The brain is basically just like a motherboard it only compliments the existence of the energy which is the soul and the consciousness and it networks and colludes with the brain which is the motherboard and central processing unit for the entire body. I know this because I am soul that created souls and that’s what I have been doing forever and will never ever give the role I play as that individual so there you go if that’s what you where digging for then you got it. But then there’s the other part of this and well the hybrid human race on earth calls me something that I just roll my eyes at and that is well I get called god a lot from mystics quite a bit and well I never like the label really just like master shaman acki never liked being called Jesus either because the religious labels really get under my skin here and that’s because I think a lot more like an atheist then I do an actual god but that’s my thing more or less. Plus I always knew that the delusion of grandeur thing would get us screwed over royally where we would be hauled into the psychiatrist office by our parents who most of us still live with because we would be homeless nonetheless if we didn’t live with them and that’s a fact. The DSM-5 standard manual is quite literally the worst thing that exists on earth because it screws us over badly so I basically had to stick to the old labels because I realized that calling myself a shaman was better idea then calling myself something that would have gotten my locked up in mental hospital and treated like a psychopath. So that was much better idea because well I have seen some homeless guys out there call themselves that and well I gave it some thought and realized that maybe identifying myself as god and master shaman acki identifying as Jesus wouldn’t be such a good idea because the postmodernists in the psychiatric professions would have slammed us to the ground and literally our physical bodies not mention our spiritual bodies would be censored forever and that would force my people to take action against the people of earth and launch a full out military campaign like a full ground assault which I suspect is something these guys wanted. But never even for a second I would never consider doing such a thing in the first place even under those circumstances because literally I would find a more peaceful solution to the problem instead resorting to physical violence. But I would much rather like to basically have the flotilla open up a channel to the government’s on this planet and talk to them rather than go to war with anyone on this earth so that’s basically it. If I do it then that would basically result in jail time and then it would also mean I would be put in the psych ward with psychopaths and sociopaths where I would be chained up with a straight jacket on and enough psychiatric medications to knock out an elephant or at least a whole herd of them knowing how vengeful the hybrid human race is on this planet especially given the fact that where essentially the lumpen proteriat in the bodies where in because where dirt poor all of us living off practically nothing and people think that where rich but where not and literally underprivileged to the point of being the type to pick bottles out of garbage cans and dumpsters. Because the job market where most of us are doesn’t like hire whites anymore especially when it comes to the men including me no human resources person wants to even consider hiring us because the diversity hiring quotas puts people of color first on the hiring list and white women second then white men last. So that part pretty much means that we have very little opportunity to work with in the job market here on earth, but then what it tells me in a nutshell is that this would increase the amount of homeless of not only ourselves but then other people too where white men are literally apart of growing number of people who literally populating the streets of the cities in Canada at an alarming rate because employers aren’t hiring white men like they used to and this means that if they can’t get welfare or anything to survive off then it’s either live on the streets or become a criminal just to stay out of the cold and off the streets or they commit suicide. Because aside from the fact that this diversity hiring quotas business is creating opportunities for one or more groups of non white people and white women mainly means white men are screwed out of opportunities that would have been easy for them to get before this diversity hiring quotas came out into the general public by the current government in Canada. But then for any good men that would have been clean cut and clean head to toe where say some of them never got into the drugs etc. To have these guys living on the streets of Canadian cities the cops would treat them like the rest of the homeless population where they stereotypically get labeled either mentally ill, a drug addicted or an alcoholic by the cops on beat patrols not ever really knowing why they ended up homeless on the street and for what reason the cops typically will never really analyze the fullest extent of the what made these people homeless and that they deal with so many different types of homeless people all day long that they don’t have any humanity to that regard where one might assume that basically they would care. Some do and the rest of them don’t plus then there’s the social services agencies that are basically politicized by left and far left wing politics they won’t help white men at all especially with the kind of government we have in Canada that literally wants white men replaced with non white men so I suspect that these social services agencies will lend a hand to non white men and white women on the streets but leave white men on the streets to fend for themselves. Because the leftists and far leftists literally because I have been listening to consciousness for so long now I swear to you they hate white men so much that I am under the assumption that these guys have been abusive towards them on number of occasions like I would have to say in the area of them probably saying go kill yourself to desperately needy people and then when they try to do something like that then the mental health community working with the police probably responses and then they explain there situation and I bet you anything that they mention something about the shelter staff being abusive towards them and some of them have probably mentioned that they where told to kill themselves by those people. But then the mental health community and the police don’t believe that individual in question and go to defend the shelter staff and regard what the individual who might have tried to go and kill themselves based on what that shelter staff member said to them in area of go kill yourself in that person’s face as they where gaslit or gangstalked by them then basically those professionals would never see that way because they would trust them more than person who tried to kill themselves because of that very abuse. Then aside from the fact that most people kill themselves because random people on the street tell them to who that might be which indicates to me very interesting behavior in there heads which screams sociopathy and or psychopathy means that even if you where to tell some the whole story like psychiatrist they wouldn’t even consider that a problem even if someone where to disclose that to a person like that the psychiatrist they would think the person telling them that is just hearing voices or it’s there imagination. But this insulates the problem right there it gives the sociopaths and psychopaths a layer of social insulation to protect themselves from the people they say that too, the cops if they heard them say that kind of thing from them in the first place because if I was a cop I would call that a death threat and it should be treated like that because then the person that says that kind of thing in the first place if a person actually goes and does such an awful thing then basically it’s like murder of the 1st or 2nd degree but the only thing that wouldn’t constitute as murder is the fact that individual. Who acts on the voice of somebody else from there own consciousness projected either physically or mentally from the allen frey effect or the background noise effect means that the courts here wouldn’t even consider that a crime when in my world it is and needs to be exposed because the consciousness of the gangs, terrorist groups, criminals, pedophiles, drug dealers, the left, the far left, the right, the far right, unionists and so on and so on forth say these things and so people get a good laugh out of thinking that it’s okay for these kinds of things to occur means that the people have become highly psychotic from excessive drug use and alcohol abuse means that nobody calls out the problem on a psychic and mystic level because they to scared to stand up to the bullies who use that tactic to make people feel small and oppressed literally. My thing I would definitely suggest to do under every and circumstances for anyone experiencing this problem either physically or mentally they should for all intensive purpose say “you fucking first” after the person that says “go kill yourself” that would really for starters wake them up to the fact that there arrogant assholes for saying that in the first place and secondly there absolutely supremacist like white supremacist the left and the far left they like to complain about white supremacy but most of the left and far left are white for the most part and they literally. For a fact are the type of people that will say that kind of thing to a persons face or they’ll psychically or mystically channel that kind of thing over allen frey effect or the background noise effect without even thinking about it and I’m not entirely sure if it’s there unconsciousness that says these things or if it’s there full consciousness. Because I will be honest the left and far left are really into the drug culture like the psychedelics including the adrenochrome where I swear that is practically the root cause of that problem. Aside from the fact that the those two types of drugs for the most part creates the mind virus known as bipolar disorder, depression and schizophrenia that literally manifests in other people, When I would like to think that maybe they have never touched drugs in there life or they have a little bit where these leftist and far leftist psychedelics and adrenochrome users who become full out psychics or mystics are the ones who literally create the very mental illness in themselves first and foremost from doing these drugs or they actually have the mental illness and then they go and take the drug where it doesn’t cure it and instead makes the mental illness worse and it then turns them into psychotically crazed zombie that eats the energies of people and quite literally attack there consciousness and they can even high jack a victims motor function when there energies are in the soul of the individual and they use the person’s soul energies against them which is networked to there brains and they can make that person hit themselves as they channel and network there energies from there physical some place else to the victims souls there in to effectively do there own mind control and on them and it’s happened to me few times already and well whatever information I channeled back to that person triggered there mind and they got angry in themselves and then decide to send some feedback to me where they took control of my motor functions and I would literally end up hitting myself because I threw some snarky feedback at the consciousness like some social commentator on the internet where they felt like I literally offended them and that probably was the case and that if it was between me and that person behind the keyboard then it would have been a little different and outcome where it would have red flagged by some social media giant or something like that. But another too is that the sol system like the earth was a special project of mine built 85 billion years ago where all of the planets in this solar system where basically one part natural and one part artificial including earth. Aside from the fact that I practically own every type of celestial body in the known universe and beyond that basically means. That even if I own the earth which I have for past 85 billion years now is that these recreated and reenginered hybrid human beings on earth think that they can own this planet and solar system and then tell me what to do on my own creation and serve there agenda whoever that demographic of the population that maybe and who it is exactly. They literally think that they can tell us what to do on our own creation and that to me is pretty arrogant and condescending a bunch of younger souled individuals doing stuff like this in concert with each other.
  15. When it comes to this business of ritual abuse sure people will call it satanic however based on my analysis it’s just universal because on has to realize that there’s at least sixteen different biological hierarchies on earth. Divine (Earth Based Terrestrial and Illuminati) A, B, O and AB + Blood (Without The Blood Factors) European, Arab, Asian and African 45 (XO), XXX, 44 (XX), 46 (XY) A, B, O and AB – Negative (Without The Blood Factors) European, Arab, Asian and African 45 (XO), XXX, 44 (XX), 46 (XY) Cosmic (Celestial Based Extraterrestrial and Non Illuminati) A, B, O and AB + Blood (With The Blood Factors) European, Arab, Asian and African 47 (XXY), 48 (XXXY) and 49 (XXXXY) A, B, O and AB – Blood (With The Blood Factors) European, Arab, Asian and African 47 (XXY), 48 (XXXY) and 49 (XXXXY) Then another thing to consider aside from the sixteen biological demographics of the people on earth there’s a number of political, social and religious demographics that associate with these particular political, social and religious demographics either individually and collectively that network internally between each biological demographics and then from there it double crosses externally to internally into the other biological demographics that are the exactly the biologically opposite of the other biological demographics. Because there is such a wider array of analysis, opinions and consensuses amongst each different biological hierarchy the competing hierarchies like the political, social and religious hierarchies are always going to be fighting with each other physically, mentally and spiritually, Hence the reason why ritual abuse is a truly universal system that doesn’t belong to anyone group of people or individuals anywhere. https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/16736-how-mk-ultra-and-monarch-mind-control-might-work https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/16740-the-real-reason-why-psychatric-medications-exist https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/15445-wifi-and-cellphone-bioconnectivity-is-used-in-monarch-mind-control
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