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  1. The Illuminati is the dead consciousness which is the unconsciousness on the right lobe of the brain of humanity on earth like hetrosexual men and hetrosexual women who are divine positive and negative blooded people on earth who are 46 (XY) males and 44 (XX) females to be exact and what I'm referring to is the unconsciousness (RNA) in the right of the brain which is radical side of the brain.
  2. If you think that having legalized/regalized drugs that is listed under the laws of the land and common laws well lets put it like this after having legalized marijuana in Canada as a Canadian citizen for the past six years let me tell you something about that and the experiences I have had with cis/trans men and cis/trans women that have smoked a lot of that stuff since it's legalization is like so and that me being intersexual man/woman and intersexual woman/man the psychic lightbodies that shed from the bodies of these cis/trans men and cis/trans women that carry there vocal vibrations literally from there use marijuana is absolute nightmare because they channel there unconscious satanism and Illuminati behaviors onto people like me and that well marijuana being a drug created by satan on earth. Means that satan on earth wanted to be in the hands of the people it recreated in it's own image to be used to mess with everyone inside and out. Where psychic lightbodies are used as tools to mess with the spiritual liberty of the people and that well I recognize that having this stuff legalized creates unforeseen problems in western society but then also elsewhere across the world and that well having all drugs that are illegal under the laws of the land and common laws legalized for the means of taxation purposes and that decriminalization of all drugs illegal/illregal under the laws of the land and common laws is a bad idea both consciously and is a bad idea both unconsciously in my brain and body literally and that well look what happened when Europe decriminalized all illegal/illregal drugs it turned Europe into a third world country that has a huge influx of migrants that's overwhelming European countries and has created unforeseen social problems as a result of that and well if think it's a good idea it's not and you put the world back to the stone age and where that notion of progressivism is not progressivism but regressivism under all circumstances. Bad ideas are bad which need to criticized literally and that recriminalizing marijuana in Canada needs to be a thing or else the western world and Canada is doomed to collapse eventually and that it may not look that way but if your paying attention to detail like most people like me on internet do then maybe you'll start seeing the signs of that happening.
  3. Intersexual Men/Women = People Of God Intersexual Women/Men = People Of God ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Heterosexual/Transsexuals = People Of Satan Heterosexual/Transsexuals = People Of Satan
  4. When god of the sky and stars built the apartment building called earth and put tenants on it where god and Jesus came by occasionally to check up on the place to see how the tenants where doing they weren't met with hostility when the was first populated with it's own creations and that after while god's original creations became restless and decided to come up with a means to take ownership of the apartment building called earth by chasing away from the owner called God and it's son called Jesus including it's sons and daughters so they could take ownership of it instead and those people where called the people of satan and the anti Christ who where against it's creations. This all happened 4 and half million years ago during a time called the old world order which was a beautiful place to be then anyways
  5. Then another thing I find arrogant and cocky about freemasonry and eastern star orders is they want you to know yourselves outside of the freemasons or the eastern star orders they would rather you pay them a hundred dollars a month go through some kind initiation process to know yourself from within there system of esoteric and exoteric spirituality and that if you know yourself outside of the freemasons and eastern star orders literally it's a thought crime and politically incorrect to do something like that in the first place because the proles are supposed to be servants to the people of the deep state.
  6. I have read through this article a dozen times or more since it came out in 2015 and that well I find islam and should I say islamism to be a problem like say judaism and zionism because how they compliment each other and that well some branches of Christianity compliment the religions too in a lot of ways. Which ties into the problem of Homebrew hackers and script kiddies in the outer world that outnumber the hackers in the government and corporate security professions. https://observer.com/2015/12/canada-and-the-emerging-terror-threat-from-the-north/
  7. https://observer.com/2015/12/canada-and-the-emerging-terror-threat-from-the-north/
  8. When it comes to psychiatrists and psychologists telling there patients to be themselves literally and figuratively when that is bad advice on there part and well it sounds like they might be involved in political radicalism or some kind of radicalism of the sorts that gets people in jail or gets people killed on street or in the world around us all over the world.I find that most psychiatrists and psychologists that are involved in say leftism, far leftism, extreme leftism and ultra far leftism are in league with radical islam, political islam and then also deep state. Where I find that to be unprofessional carrying that idea onto people and that well in my world if your going to say shit like that and then I get arrested for being myself or hurt by somebody physically for example then yes I would say that maybe you to be heave hoed out of the psychology professions with your license to practice medicine should be ripped up by a medical association of the sorts, then your insurance canceled out and that last but not least there sociology degree ripped to shreds and then the any sort of record that they went to university erased from there post secondary records because people who say be yourselves especially as a medical professional but then obviously another thing too is that if you look at common laws especially if you look criminal code of Canada and that well if I was a psychiatrist for example I probably say take your medications regularly, get plenty of rest and come back and see me regularly just to see if your okay etc and that well telling them to be themselves is like saying I want you arrested by the police so that your treated like an animal in jail so that I can watch you suffer more because I'm a feminist who hates white privilege because for the most part the advice is given to white intersexual men/women and white cisgendered men but probably white intersexual women/men and white cisgendered women if there right leaning libertarian conservative and conservatives because your only allowed to be yourself or expressive of yourself etc if your onto leftism, far leftism, extreme leftism and ultra leftism. This is why the government health professions are such a mess because of the unions or least the public sector unions who are the most powerful lobby in Canada by far with say organizations PSAC, AUPE and CUPE there heavy into politics and so are there employees of the healthcare professions in the provinces and territories but then these private practices are another thing that have some corruption from within there practices too that have political radicalism and other forms of radicalism.
  9. There's a reincarnated version of somebody that knew himself as Allen Dulles in a previous life and that well he was surprised when reincarnated as a bum in Northern Alberta currently behind bars in the Edmonton Remand Centre and that well he doesn't know why he reincarnated like bum he thought he would come back as a prime minister or a president or somebody richer like he was when he was the founder of the CIA. But then I came to realize that he's a divine positive bloodline and that means in his previous life he was also a divine positive bloodline when you would think that he would have been a divine negative bloodline when he founded the CIA way back in the 1950's sometime after world war two and that well I was always of the impression that you need to be a divine negative bloodline to be a CIA officer and that should be a gold standard everywhere in the security professionals in the western world and that checking the blood types of the people who are hired by the security professions should be something when they get medical clearance to work in the security professionals in the western world which is part of there hiring requirements. Which makes me think did Allen Frey came back with the douchebag and maybe another one of these douchebags called by the name of Albert Hoffman too because they would have been with the deep state back in the 1950's the trio created MK Delta, MK Ultra, Monarch Mind and Majestic mind control programs to use as weapon against us intersexual men/women and intersexual women/men from deep space when we would come back to earth.
  10. If you think that deep space out in the skies is a nice place because it looks beautiful and what not well let's put it like this for the longest time since the fall of the old world order extraterrestrials alien gangs and terrorist groups that survived the fall of the old world order and the milky way galaxy four million years ago. Who inhabited places like asteroid belts, dead rocks and planets like earth literally would traffic drugs, weapons, people being mainly children and young adults from different places all over the galaxy to earth including other thing of value would end up on earth and that these prickfucks would land there space ships on earth and trade and barter goods to the gangs and terrorist groups on earth for things of value on this planet or cold hard cash but that this problem was ongoing for awhile and well certain air force bases on earth would be places for these illegal/illregal activities to occur and that well the deep state in say the U.S. air force for example would literally make a lot more per year than the average air force enlisted member that would only make a basic pay check based on there ranks and that well things would get passed around to the black market on earth that came from outer space that didn't belong on earth literally and that well these extraterrestrials alien gangs and terrorist groups would then play god with people when they weren't supposed to do that stuff and that well they reverse engineered the human race a lot and made a mess of the human race that tried to come back to there original selves from the collapse of the old world order four million years ago.
  11. Another thing too is founding these orders under the societies act under common laws and that you need to file the paper work with the courts and do it legally/regally please and thank you because seriously these guys like aati/bati didn't care about that system at all with regards the societies acts across the western world when he founded Scottish and York rites of Freemasonry and the Eastern Star Orders illegally/illregally.
  12. Scottish and York rites of Freemasonry and the Eastern Star Orders are the trade and public union lodges if you haven't caught onto to that yet
  13. Then the old freemasonic lodges in some regards and that the lodges that where always illegall/illregal like the Scottish and York rite because it was founded by aati/bati, tiki/toki, diki/siki, yati/fati, gati/goti and jati/jobi I figure that putting hidden cameras and all kinds of spy devices but tell them that there not under any surveillance by the state to give the deep state a place to play in the sand like children making sand castles means that these illegal lodges can be used as honeypots against the deep state that founded the Scottish and York rite lodges of freemasonry. Let them hang themselves with there own rope and put there foot in there own mouths.
  14. Then also I would consider having these stonemason lodges put out in rural areas to avoid the corruption of the cities because the vibrations and lightbodies from the cities make people think differently where as they become corrupted by the flows of energy passing through say the lodges of freemasonry and eastern star orders in large urban areas and that well rural areas especially places that hard to get to where you need a 4 x 4 truck to get there and that it's made so that the deep state can't get to these places like having them along dirt roads that sort of thing works great etc.
  15. When I say something about IP cameras that are non networked to the internet I mean that should be wired cameras and that somebody should sit there with a computer that has no WLAN or even LAN at all built into it and that well the person watching is somebody from Anonymous just sitting there watching meetings in the back room and yes it's boring as fuck but somebody has to watch what people are doing the lodges and that security team stands or sits there and can intervene if somebody plays a game of deep state, does magic tricks or tries to fuck with the mind of somebody either way it needs to be a fast response.
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