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  1. These muslim and islamist men who float around on the earth with there unconscious spirit bodies and somewhat conscious spirit bodies either being Sufi's but the carry the behavior characteristics of the Sunni's and Shiites either median or meccan because these spirit bodies are literally tapped into the collective consciousness of the islam community and biological traits.
  2. Then another thing to note is spirit hair grown by the cosmic souls of the universe have been tugged and pulled on by the spirit bodies of divine consciousness either thme being positive or negative blooded in my case it's positive blooded divine spirit bodies that have been pulling on my spirit hair just migrant gangs in Europe like to find unhijabed women and pull on there hair in countries all over Europe I seen many youtube video's of that particular behavior many times and that I have seen other youtube video's where muslim men beat women because the feminine in them is perceived as the s
  3. The indigo's where always managed by the trio of idiots and should I say that the temple of set does a really good job making it obvious that they control the indigo's and yet the founder of the temple of set calls seitianism ethical satanism. But that's a joke in my world because that's like ethical hacking there's no such thing as that even the virtue signal is supposed to white wash the shit underneath it all.
  4. Then the indigo's worshipped the god of the earth abraxas who is black or was black because he/she created them in his own image along with his pals satan (red), lucifer (white), diana the moon goddess (green), yahweh (blue), buddha (orange), rah (yellow), jaboulon (brown) and lilth (purple),
  5. This is the reason why jesus always wore red and white of you have ever seen paintings and pictures of him let's break this down some more red is satan and white is lucifer they where one of the original castaways or the exiled souls of Shamabhala aside from jesus being one of them too and basically serving there interests. Just like mohammed was one of the original castaways or the exiled souls of Shamabhala who served the interests of diana the moon goddess who is green and lucifer is white and this is why you see the flag of saudi arabia is green and white.
  6. Another thing to point out is that divine consciousnesses of the earth is very satanic and luciferian. But the cosmic consciousness of the celestial universe is none of the above it's not even indigo because even the indigo's themselves are hybrid of the satanic and luciferian divine consciousness they there basically the recon team for the divine consciousnesses of the earth because they where copied from the celestial consciousness of the universe or the cosmic souls of universe.
  7. To do something progressive on earth is seen by the celestial universe as regressive but then do anything that regressive on earth is by the celestial universe progressive. But anything progressive done by the celestial universe is progressive and anything that regressive that is done by the celestial universe is regressive.
  8. Then left wing fake news rag known as the huff post tries to say that the embodiment of jesus christ is transgendered however this would have to mean that he is divine soul and not a cosmic soul like me for example there is subtle difference between cosmic and divine by every stretch of imagination. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/jesus-the-first-transgend_b_10006134 Just to clarify one thing divine would be the anti christ and cosmic would be the christ consciousness but it's not and it's cosmic, celestial and universal literally. Because everything on this planet is as
  9. Then there's is business which quite baffling and let me say that the three hundred exiled souls or castaways of Shamabhala where all transgendered when they where dumped from space vessels like the letacus a ancient space ship and thousands of others that had crewman abroad those ships that disobeyed and dissented against the commanders of those vessels. But I should make it clear that Jesus was one of them too and that he along with the rest of them like moses, abraham, mohammed and joshua where transgendered too but because there souls where all disconnected from the universe by
  10. The Divine on this planet wanted to break the XGA blood factors in the Cosmic consciousness of the people who are connected to the celestial universe because my assumption is that they wanted to find a creative way of controlling the universe because they had no connection to the universe. Because the three hundred exiled souls of Shamabhala or the castaways where disconnected from the universe when they where disobient and insolent towards the leadership of there military. https://www.lunduniversity.lu.se/article/researchers-crack-code-final-blood-group-system
  11. At this point I’m going to have continuously make the same point over and over again because literally big pharma and the corporations in general are literally evil and nothing of the things they sell to the general public does any good for anyone ever if the idiot box makes it sound good, or the newspaper or some parts of the internet etc. I have in the past made commentary about the corporate world and evils behind it aside from me being against, literally against companies like pfizer, ran, bayer, merck and scores of others like it the companies rake in a profit (prophet) while sucking in t
  12. I’m noticing lately that my own spirit body, consciousness or soul body is being stretched out lately and that does in fact hurt my physical body like my muscles in my neck, back, and legs, The mobile spirit bodies, consciousness or soul bodies of the opposite biological demographics and the different sets of ideas or thoughts that connect to the physical bodies of those individuals with there mobile spirit bodies, consciousness or soul bodies of the complete opposite biological demographics are constantly tugging at us because there either trying to figure out if where possessed by other cons
  13. I Have Never Been Physically Approached By Anyone In the entire instance of me being open souled and kind of being partially opened minded I realize that I haven’t been approached by any sort of physical force to date. Where as basically not one person or group of persons has actually taken any physical actions against me where they haven’t asked me questions about whether or not I’m an ancient old soul or more specifically a grand shaman by the name Acki. Where they come face to face with me or call me on the phone, however I should note that I do get some awfully strange phone ca
  14. When it comes to this business of ritual abuse sure people will call it satanic however based on my analysis it’s just universal because on has to realize that there’s at least sixteen different biological hierarchies on earth. Divine (Earth Based Terrestrial and Illuminati) A, B, O and AB + Blood (Without The Blood Factors) European, Arab, Asian and African 45 (XO), XXX, 44 (XX), 46 (XY) A, B, O and AB – Negative (Without The Blood Factors) European, Arab, Asian and African 45 (XO), XXX, 44 (XX), 46 (X
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