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  1. Received this email from my employers: Wondering which response they want first; the PCR being used fraudulently or coercion is fucking illegal.
  2. Although ultimately I know we are fucked, it’s always nice to see the odd reminder that there is some sanity out there.
  3. Got this rag through the door today, fucking state of it.
  4. “I don’t think June will happen... but fancy spunking 80 quid on something that isn’t going to happen in August” Alreet pal.
  5. Stood watching this LED advertising board, and 3 out of the 4 ads that popped up were all Convid related. /
  6. “But they are being tested regularly” is the exact reaction every time I say it. Ah alright then that clears it up pal.
  7. Great cover, and very poignant timing. Free the people now Do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it now
  8. Had a lovely 45 minute chinwag in the park today with an Irish woman in her early 70s and one of her neighbours about all this bollocks. If she’s on the forum, make yourself known because you were the first sane conversation I have had outside of my wife, a few mates and with you lot. Sorry if that sounded like a lonely hearts ad
  9. https://uk.linkedin.com/in/marianna-spring-279439b6 - Evil bint has been on the Gates payroll for years. Hardly surprising mind.
  10. BBC running a panorama on disinformation tonight. Desperate freaks.
  11. Resists the urge to make a Hulk Hogan reference... brother.
  12. Had a delightful little encounter in the Co-Op earlier today with a scruffy little woman in a yellow tinged (potentially supernoodle stained) “disposable” mask. Whilst paying up on the self scanners, I overheard her muttering to the staff (who never give me any aggro) about me not wearing a mask. As I’m about to leave she decides to approach me, before she could even open her mouth I called her a busy cunt and went on my way. Honestly this woman looks like she wipes her arse with the sleeve of her fleece and she has the cheek to lecture people about health and safety gu
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