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  1. Looks like the cunt from the old Orange adverts.
  2. Food for thought, and one to use on the fluoride zombies.
  3. I work as a very manual, hands on stock keeper - no forklift or any help basically. I average approximately 23,000 steps daily, even after they’ve dramatically cut my hours. They already don’t allow me to wear shorts for comfort, and now obviously they’re on board with this mask wearing pony - Alongside pushing the jab at every opportunity. My job is hard enough without a fucking muzzle - so this pair of fannyhole security guards are going to get whats coming to them, I fucking assure you all that.
  4. Spoke to one firm this morning who to paraphrase said “covid law usurps actual fucking law”.
  5. Had some grief from the stasi security at work yesterday regarding my lack of mask / exemption lanyard, already put in a grievance with HR and have contacted some no win no fee solicitors. Is there anyone here that has won a case against similar-minded cunts and if so could they pass the details of a firm that can help me out. Cheers x
  6. Spotted this last night on my walk: Also just been sent this by my pal who works in retail, a new tab has appeared on his HR system. IMG_9529.mp4
  7. I lasted 8 seconds, now I want to thrust kick myself in the windpipe. Thanks a bunch
  8. The only cunt over the last year to die of old age.
  9. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-features/mick-jagger-new-song-dave-grohl-vaccines-1154825/amp/ Cock.
  10. Got bored of emailing the monkeys and went straight for the organ grinder. Sent this to Michael Ward this afternoon. The ‘misguided attempt’ line is a little pop at “his apology” for this last year - https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8134309/Harrods-chief-executive-appears-mock-coronavirus-sufferers.html Will keep you posted x
  11. I mean I know the cunt was never a looker, but what the fuck has happened in a year?
  12. Had a wander up Bond Street the other day to show the Mrs all the brilliant stickers that were plastered up and down during the protest, surprise surprise all but 4 or 5 remained. The desperation these vile cunts are going to control the narrative is almost laughable.
  13. Those insidious cunts should really be more consistent, just 2 days ago they were reporting they had ordered 400 million doses. Unless this is just foreshadowing of a ‘supply issue’.
  14. Sorry, should’ve posted the link. https://uk.news.yahoo.com/jonathan-van-tam-coronavirus-vaccine-113710386.html The picture concerned is apparently from October 2019.
  15. Thought I was going mad as well!
  16. Don’t get me wrong, I did and will continue to watch their videos as they are still the most informative and often reassuring parts of the day. It just seems to be a recurring tangent recently without any discussion of “Is this potentially bullshit?” - and with captions like “MUST SHOW PARENTS AND GRANDPARENTS” etc; it just seems like the old days of Ytube where you would find a multitude of 9/11 “conspiracy videos” with similar captioning: “MUST SEE, RARE FOOTAGE” and it was always the CIA designed conspiracy narrative. Fuck it I may be wrong, just my two pennies.
  17. It will be interesting to see David cover this subject on tomorrow’s Dot Connector, as it has been such a fucking travesty seeing the likes of Dr Vernon and the UKColumn go down this path.
  18. https://www.minareport.com/2020/12/10/group-called-guardians-for-inclusive-capitalism-overseeing-10-trillion-signs-deal-with-the-vatican/ “Guardians for Inclusive Capitalism” Nice to see the two cunts who sit atop of the pyramid of the firm I work for amongst the names.
  19. Eerily prophetic, minus the fact we aren’t having to wait 8000 odd years.
  20. Gap in the market there... wiping fuck all off the surface’s of cunts with too much money.
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