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  1. For those who are searching for the real truth, this post will Set You on the right path. Spot on.
  2. We have all been dupped by the Rothschild banking system, money is just made up by the controllers and the masses fight over a false system. Lets not forget more was printed for the bankers in 2008 than what has been used for grants an furlough. It makes me cringe to hear normies saying " it will have to be paid back"
  3. Yes those that follow the false path to enlightenment have a huge price to pay for their perks, their own spirituality, easily seen by the lack of empathy, "do to others as you would to yourself" These are the ones that do the bidding, so that they get a "favourable" position next time around.
  4. You may think your mind is freed but it's not.
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