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  1. There is no way in hell I or any of my family will be taking the Covid vaccines. Seeing that is being pushed by the Psychopathic Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the rest of the Psycho Elite it's a good bet that this is to mutate your DNA to set up your body to kill itself. After reading about the animal trials where they injected hundreds of Cats and Ferrets with their 'vaccines' it is obvious. Some of the animals died due to the original injection but it wasn't until they did the 'challenge' test which was to expose the injected animals to the virus that they realised the full potential
  2. Or you could listen to Harry Vox! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJyBYuePcRs
  3. Been looking Kevin McCairn up and so far he hasn't debunked shit! He uses too many mainstream sources and Media! He says COVID-19 attacks the brain and neurological system. How does he know when the virus doesn't actually exist? His Linkedin page states that his current position is: "Principal Investigator at Korea Brain Research Institute - Systems Neuroscience and Movement Disorders Laboratory". Why does all the COVID Bullshit come from psychologists? Sorry but I see no evidence of a debunking!
  4. Ordered some masks for myself and my family but got them custom made with this picture on them.
  5. Posted this on my facebook page. This is what I think this BLM bollocks is all about! "What is this Black Lives Matter all about? First thing is that all lives matter and there have been more whites killed by Police in the US than blacks! Then I saw a headline in the Daily Fail! Police are allowing protesters in London to defy Boris Johnson's orders! That's when it occurred to me that this has been set as per the Rockefeller / Bill Gates plan called Lock-Step! What does it say? Here's a summary: "Eventually enact Phase 2 Quarantines on an even more extreme level and blame the prote
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