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  1. The times coming to bring the whole place to a standstill ,there will soon be nothing left to lose and they cant take us all . Theyre playing for time. No one is coming to save us like the jews and look how many died there before their saviours came. The time is now and we must act or die. Gdnite,small doses. Sik of it all.
  2. Apparently theyre testing the same ones over and over again in certain nursing homes and hospitals to concoct whatever figures they need to keep this going,anyone with an ounce of sense isnt getting tested now as most have caught on its bulllshit, but they have this covered and planned out by false figures no one can check.
  3. Listen to the seers but most wont tell cause they think all can feel wot they know so if you know one follow close, if you dont find one and if you arent one then your ignorance will have you in hell and its where youre meant to be ,pride will blind the way. We are the truth spotters.
  4. Two wrongs dont make a right or however many wrongs there is from one corrupt dictator to another evil woke idiot hiding under the guise of democracy . Money,power,deceit,greed,hatred,envy etc etc is their god. They were long condemned to hell before the scamdemic, theyre just trying to take as many as possible with them now under instruction from their boss.
  5. Im way to bed ,small doses ,i just check in now and again to see if ive landed back on earth yet, its a long time coming.
  6. Was phoned up today and asked if i wanted vaccine,said no im worried about what ive heard about it ,maybe later. Not really what i wanted to say but then id probably have been left with no doctor if i had said what i feel, but theyre all lining up like sheep to get it. Was talking to a friend and he'd been to get it and mentioned several others i knew that were there lining up to get it toopeople i work with are all getting it, i work with about 180 people on diffrent shifts and theres one i know of thinks like me, scary shit. Ive been warning my sister and mum for months but they both marche
  7. What silly people they are jumping up and down shouting about being under house arrest till they take an experimental vaccine that the rich establishment who own all the politicians demand the peasants take . The media so true fair and poetic that always tells the truth and even if theres a hint of disagreement with our one sided narrative ,we let all voices be heard and its all open for debate .The vaccine really turns all the little people in to super heroes and they will all become rich like us, why oh why would they ever argue. The hospitals are all jam packed ,the corpses line the streets
  8. The bottom line is do unto others as you would have done to you,its straitforward enuf for a smartass im sure,and nature looks after itself without corrupt power cray cray zee assholes interfering with alterior motives making idiots think theres always more to it . The best things in life are free .
  9. They know what theyre getting in to and its for money and a meal ticket. Some might think they want to do good but they end up controlled and theyl do what their puppet masters tell them or else. The hand cart to hell started around the time blair got in to power and its all been getting worse ever since . Society and people have changed ,its becoming them or us its me me me now,and dog eat dog . Signs of the times and the oldest one in the book that is "nature of the BEAST". There is little common decency left in the world the last year has proved that. Look up and tighten your seat belt.
  10. So in other words any form of any type of leadership that this stupid pied piper sheep mentality world has let happen has brought us here . There is no democracy,power is abused and corrupt ,we're all being laughed at and taken for fools and it will never end till we end it. Monarchy,presidency,ivory tower rich entitled pricks. It all seemed ok till this covid nonsence happened,now theyve been exposed,nature looks after itself thats the bottom line,if youre gona die with the black plague or covid its fucking tough,no bastard can take our freedoms and they need destroyed and hung from the rafte
  11. Read the bible and relax,easier said than done but a prophetic book whether we like it or not, natural instinct is survival et al but its not in the script as no one wants to tear heads off as much as me but i think of barrabass and see him screaming himself into oblivion though he may be on the right side, the real victory will be theirs with faith that the enemy wont see coming,evil will be for a moment then no more. But i still want to rip their heads off ,im only human and the spirit understands this and has mercy ,sure it never ends but it is coming. Fear is nowhere only in the mind. They
  12. Glad you can laugh ,fuck i thought it was all serious for a minute there and that they were trying to inject us all with poison ,we're not really under house arrest in a lockdown ,you cant go to a pub or holiday and my kids education isnt being fucked up by a pack of tyrants ,any fuck wonder im just on here now and again ,big fucking joke eh !
  13. Wondering whether people that totally refuse to get vaccine and arent allowed to travel can protest/sue under common law or human rights and prove by fighting this tooth and nail that it is oppressive lying nonsence by providing evidence to the contrary as in the Bernicians lawsuit that i am donating to, that cannot fail only by corruption by these slugs in government. I have recently taken common law identity card ownership but not sure where i stand with it regarding my rights. If professors,doctors and mathematicians are proving this covid,lockdown is false how can they in the long run stop
  14. There is no virus go and knock all the doors round about you see how many has it or even knows people who hav it and dont come bak and say oh wee jimmy has it after i asked 100 people,if there was anything like these bastards justifying lockdowns you be stepping over dead bodies not looking for a needle in a haystack then add it all up,but if this is the people youre among you mite as well roll your sleeve up and take 10 shots its pre schoool stuff dohh
  15. Yes,your heart/gut is right,its surreal how many cant see this. I live across the water, and this brexit crap for us is nothing to this covid scam. All i can say is there are some starting to wake up over here and when they do this place is gona stop, my insides are busting to get at them but must be patient and not foolish ,cause i know once i start im not stopping till its them or me,and its unfortunate to say but this is all lies, theyre systematically ruining our life and its not going to stop. Im not on here that often but good luck and see you on the other side or raising the freedom fla
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