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  1. How do you know theres a virus, thats y im here u plonks but its bye bye frm me ,i heard enuf of this shit on bbc before i stopped watching it 6 months ago ,get your sleeve rolled up and while your at it bend over the cult needs you.
  2. The moles are here folks telling us to panic buy crap out of shops. The mass media on breakfast tv earlier on this year one minute telling you ibuprofen was bad for you and the chemist was coming down with it, then the next week telling you it was good for you and then you couldnt buy it . Wake up Sheeple! Eat and drink what nature has give you and you wont need to put crap in to you!
  3. On early hours of 19/12/20 about 1am in morning i woke up with worse sore head ive ever had in my life i thought i was dying,i was freezing and sweating buckets at the same time. I had to phone dalriada and they told me to go to A+E. A+E were so concernd at my weak conddition they did ct. scan of my head as they thought a vessel mite have ruptured. I am against covid and all this testing but when i was writhing about in agony someone came and stuck it up my nose and i was too weak to resist. This was about 1hour after i got in bout 2.30am . CT scan thankfully came bak clear at 6.30am and i got
  4. Great insights ,seek and we shall find ,also needeed, a large generator,bomb shelter,food+water stocks and the american gun law and we might survive a few weeks,why are all those films ive watched with the french resistance fighting the nazis suddenly coming to mind, i hope im not a visionary..
  5. Yes i feel the same we know in our hearts,and its sad so many cant see it ,but if they want to be unquestioning puppets then hell awaits and no pity for the stupid. Strength and honour!
  6. They need to go who's organising the army ,theres enough talk and evidence to start the revolution ! P.
  7. Sounds sensible enough ,only thing im bit worried about is not working but then that will be up to employer maybe, but hopfully enough sticks together to bring it all down..
  8. Hi call me green, new to here but what are we to do if they try and force us to take false covid vacs. Thanks P.
  9. God allows you to free your mind and breathe deeply also,true love has no thought.Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
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