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  1. Stop promoting false shite plz, it talks about humans being weak and giving in to temptation ,sure women have great power when many strong men give in to lusts for women etc.etc.etc.whats good for the goose . . . .
  2. There is spirit there is karma, love brings peace, healing, right thinking. There is evil selfishness,me me me and wrong thinking that lead to sickness and death, anyone saying otherwise is a dead troll already.Hate doesnt fix hate as when you get what you want through hate just because you feel opressed then your wants never end. Evil puts out its ideas we Dont have to accept them but many cant see through it.
  3. So theres not much hope for the lay people any more
  4. Yep the more desperate they sound the more bullshit it is. The truth is so obvious in their lies, that no one cares about anyone so much especially the upper class cultist elites wanting to save us peasants when they wudnt piss on you on the street if you were on fire and would only look at you like dirt on their shoe if they passed you. I once heard one of these toffs on T.V.one day mention the words "human nature" when they were telling us mere mortals off from the ivory tower for trying to cheat the vaccine passport system. There and then any normal minded right thinking person should have alarm bells ringing whenever lying manipulating soulless and absolute selfish individuals who have never done a real days work in their life or associated with real people are lecturing the rest of us about human nature. Any one with half a brain and an ounce of wisdom can see through this nonsence but on and on and on it goes and where it ends nobody knows.
  5. So true where did the real geniouses go like Rory Bremner for being so good at taking the piss out of the cult leaders like blair and co. Says it all. Wake up world.
  6. Did anyone see the government bitch on the bias one sided no truth allowed on t.v. bbc this morning announcing that vaccinations are being made compulsory for care workers, how or why any one can look at these people and believe a word they say is totally beyond me,i dont think im particularly gifted to spot bullshit+evil but that was a perfect example of what the world is up against now, satan unleashed, she or any of them wouldnt care if every care home in england burnt to the ground with every one in them and sitting there telling anyone stupid enough to listen that they want to protect people that (with all respect) would be better off dead anyhow . Laughable and time for talk is over ,they are in desperation as cold and flu are gone at the minute and are playing for time till it returns, anyone normal will have a knot in their stomach at all this and devine itervention is needed as the sheeple have rolled over.
  7. The times coming to bring the whole place to a standstill ,there will soon be nothing left to lose and they cant take us all . Theyre playing for time. No one is coming to save us like the jews and look how many died there before their saviours came. The time is now and we must act or die. Gdnite,small doses. Sik of it all.
  8. Apparently theyre testing the same ones over and over again in certain nursing homes and hospitals to concoct whatever figures they need to keep this going,anyone with an ounce of sense isnt getting tested now as most have caught on its bulllshit, but they have this covered and planned out by false figures no one can check.
  9. Listen to the seers but most wont tell cause they think all can feel wot they know so if you know one follow close, if you dont find one and if you arent one then your ignorance will have you in hell and its where youre meant to be ,pride will blind the way. We are the truth spotters.
  10. Two wrongs dont make a right or however many wrongs there is from one corrupt dictator to another evil woke idiot hiding under the guise of democracy . Money,power,deceit,greed,hatred,envy etc etc is their god. They were long condemned to hell before the scamdemic, theyre just trying to take as many as possible with them now under instruction from their boss.
  11. Im way to bed ,small doses ,i just check in now and again to see if ive landed back on earth yet, its a long time coming.
  12. Was phoned up today and asked if i wanted vaccine,said no im worried about what ive heard about it ,maybe later. Not really what i wanted to say but then id probably have been left with no doctor if i had said what i feel, but theyre all lining up like sheep to get it. Was talking to a friend and he'd been to get it and mentioned several others i knew that were there lining up to get it toopeople i work with are all getting it, i work with about 180 people on diffrent shifts and theres one i know of thinks like me, scary shit. Ive been warning my sister and mum for months but they both marched off and got it . Them psycho bastards must be lying laughing their tits and balls off at all the dopy noncehead braindead little sheepy people that dont seem to know what fucking planet theyre on ,like zombies without the aggression just point the stupid fucks in the direction of the cliff and watch them all walk off with their arms flapping out in front of them, thats seriously how i see this and i cant believe what im looking at
  13. What silly people they are jumping up and down shouting about being under house arrest till they take an experimental vaccine that the rich establishment who own all the politicians demand the peasants take . The media so true fair and poetic that always tells the truth and even if theres a hint of disagreement with our one sided narrative ,we let all voices be heard and its all open for debate .The vaccine really turns all the little people in to super heroes and they will all become rich like us, why oh why would they ever argue. The hospitals are all jam packed ,the corpses line the streets ,its not really all for money even though we made 30 billion extra last year, no we love the people and we worship the one and only god ,we do it for him,we want to double the poulation of earth so theres more people to hug, and we especially love the suckers who are on our side and would sell their granny for a tenner.
  14. The bottom line is do unto others as you would have done to you,its straitforward enuf for a smartass im sure,and nature looks after itself without corrupt power cray cray zee assholes interfering with alterior motives making idiots think theres always more to it . The best things in life are free .
  15. They know what theyre getting in to and its for money and a meal ticket. Some might think they want to do good but they end up controlled and theyl do what their puppet masters tell them or else. The hand cart to hell started around the time blair got in to power and its all been getting worse ever since . Society and people have changed ,its becoming them or us its me me me now,and dog eat dog . Signs of the times and the oldest one in the book that is "nature of the BEAST". There is little common decency left in the world the last year has proved that. Look up and tighten your seat belt.
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