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  1. Steph: Wow you've misunderstood me. When I said Lights out I'm referring to having child abusers put to sleep permanently, put to death. I do apologise if I wasn't explaining this clearly maybe it was my wording that caused the confusion. I wasn't referring to 'Light workers'. Which I don't even know what that is. I wasn't asking people to think about child rape in the context you mentioned. Far from it. I stated that I wanted people to not think what I said about these predators been put to death was a bad thing. And if they did think badly of it then they should thin
  2. All over the world the justice system fails our babies. Obviously there are those in the legal system who try so hard to protect the children but they are outnumbered by the predators. and as mentioned above it 's because predators are in positions of power. "Money talks bullshit walks". We need to get tougher with these evil people and I have a solution. One injection, lights out, to stop them from harming another child. I'm glad people are talking about this but let's be honest, talking doesn't stop it. I think as a whole we need to make a big noise about this op
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