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  1. So this is going to be a bit of a rant so I apologise in advance. I have been very glad and encouraged to see more people waking up and protesting for their God given freedom. Honestly Saturday’s have become the highlights of my week because this forced lockdowns is really horrible for our mental health, I have been struggling even more with depression and anxiety but when I am around like minded people who can see through all the lies, coming together to fight for our freedoms it just gives me strength to go on no matter how dark and heavy I am feeling in my soul. That all being said I am also a bit disappointed and wondering where all the people I spend Saturday’s marching with are on normal week days, its like they’ve disappeared. I am the only person on the bus or in shops without a mask...okay I do come across a very few people with no masks in shops and when I do I feel this very strong feeling of comradery even though they are practically strangers (crazy how we are looked at as the weird ones, the world has turned upside down in just a few months) anyway with how many peI would expect to see more people on public transport and shops without a mask but I am not really seeing it and it really makes me wonder where the resistance is during the week. I am I the only one wondering this?
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