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  1. The Macaroon might not be feeling so illuminated at the moment - 100K! thats a decent number


    A little trip down modern French History Lane and a date with the National Razor

    VIDÉO - "La tâche qui nous attend est immense, mes amis ...

    Execution of Robespierre - Revolution Perspective


    History certainly seems to be rhyming with the The Jacobin dictatorship:


    • Took power under a 'revolutionary' new government.
    • A "committee of public safety" taking hold of the power structures to 'protect' [the revolution]
    • Violent and sacrilegious de-Christianisation
    • Purges.
    • Reign of Terror


    The Jacobin dictatorship had been an unstable blend of exalted patriotism, resolute political leadership, ideological fanaticism, and populist initiatives. The rhetoric and symbolism of democracy constituted a new civic pedagogy, matched by bold egalitarian policies


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  2. 8 minutes ago, whatthefoxhat said:

    goddess Christina Applegate (i'd crawl naked over broken bottles to be allowed the privilege of paddling in her pish)

    Did you know she's recently been diagnosed with MS😢


    She's was hot! I love that trashy 80s look!

    I sometimes wish I "grew up" in the 80s although I'm glad I was a child then rather than now! (or anytime after the early/mid 90s)



  3. 42 minutes ago, whatthefoxhat said:

    I prefer Klaus, its not restricted to trannies it's anyone who has a belief (very often not an original belief but an implanted one) who because of their 'singularity' requires i treat them differently,i will treat all men (and women) as equals up to the point that they appeal to my nature to regard them as 'special' at that point my normal easygoing self reverts to something from my past and as i don't see a reasoned argument anywhere in the future i resort to that most base of instincts ,violence, It solves nothing but it is funny to see people crying and bleeding from the nose at the same time

    I knew what you meant lol - and I agree - even though I could apply for a rainbow card myself my application would be automatically rejected because I would be too vocal and my opinions and attitude has never been kosher with the gay mafia;

    I really don't like how "T" was included in the original 4 letter alphabet,  I hate fkn rainbows and glitter and have always carried an animosity/weariness towards men who are built like brick shit-houses who wear wigs and dresses and overall I find it the whole ideology dangerous and distasteful; a very small percentage of the population of two consenting adults shouldn't be the main focus of societal policies. I realise its the agenda and gay people are pawns and being weaponized but they rarely speak out to counter the narrative! (I'm black listed and deplatformed haha) as I especially hold a deep seething about "gayness" being propagandized everywhere and especially pushed on children .... makes my blood boil without me even getting started on tranz and Drag Queen story time🤬


    Sorry offtopic

    /end rant



    💅Werk it, own it🙅‍♀️🙆‍♀️💁‍♀️❤️



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  4. 8 minutes ago, SimonTV said:

    they live in a fucking bubble. 

    Auckland is literally hermetically sealed off from the rest of the country... moving into week 8 and theyve recently expanded it.....


    and dont think about crossing it.. the police will have the helicopters after you with a livestream and when they catch you - if you happened to have KFC on you they will confiscate it and line all the items up on the bonnet of their police cars and take a picture and write an international news article.... I'm NOT joking...



    KFC chicken and fries found by New Zealand police when they arrested two men trying to cross into Auckland despite city's strict lockdown.


  5. 4 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


    It's bloody everywhere, and it's so dehumanizing. I think the image you posted was from when 4chan was trying to hijack the style, funny times.


    Fuck it really is...I'm having flash backs of subconscious memories (cant think of actual examples) but it really is everywhere - the sides of buses etc


     *that feeling you get when something goes ahhhaa*  


    Once you see, you can't unsee... I'm going to happen to "see" it even more now! 

    17 Absolutely Fabulous ideas | absolutely fabulous, fabulous, ab fab


  6. 9 minutes ago, whatthefoxhat said:


    Be a tranny as much as you like ,HOWEVER the minute you start bleating that you are somehow different from me and deserve special considerations i will punch you so hard in the face that you require the services of facial surgeons



    🌈Meow🌈 - Kitty can scratch😆 



  7. 4 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

    They should have just went the whole hog and used that goofy Alegria illustration style.


    At least they didn't use the NPC figure 😆



    I had to google that...  thanks Ive seen this 'style' but didnt know name


    First image to pop up adequately reflects the NZ Heralds "Picnic Protocol"

  8. Most of the people who take heed of this childish mockery probably still believe in the tooth fairy



    May be a cartoon of standing and text that says "T X Maintain social distancing Wear amask What's the deal with Auckland's new picnicrules? picnic Hunting/fishingallowed Exercise responsibly Gatherings limited 10 people between two household bubbles. Social distancing must be observed"


    @EnigmaticWorldEven from a very young age I've always been able to see through propaganda, I've always seen the hidden symbology, but I admit I never used to see the cultural subversiveness. Perhaps it's because I was younger and hadn't come that far in my understanding, perhaps it just wasn't there in such a manner or perhaps a combination of the two, but now I can't help but be even more overly cynical when looking at these posters, perhaps I read too much into them.... but I see: 


    3 x straight mixed race couples - happy ✅

    2 x gay couples, 1 mixed race - happy ✅

    2 x straight white couples  - BIG X's literally across and separating them ❌


    1 couple not even visually representing any relationship with the white woman sitting closer to the mixed race woman instead of the white man so theyre more "friends"- top right.

    So only 5 couples that are obviously representing a romantic relationship:

    3 mixed race, 1 gay and the straight white one with a big ❌ between them.


    21 people:

    11 European - so 52.4%

    10 non-European (inc top/middle ambiguous blue mask man & 1 potentially mixed race kid)


    While the latest 2018 census data shows Euro has declined 4% since 2013 (replaced by Asians), last time I did basic math, 70% is much greater than 52%! Talk about "inclusivity" and being a "reflection of society"😒




    I read waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much into this hahahahahaah - but it's indicative of the notable 'visualization' propaganda starting to be inserted into mass media here in NZ now; the likes that I've seen coming out of other Euro countries.... and re my reply just before in the euro thread about not seeing any OTT "diversity" in newsagencies 🥴 Its just missing a tranny (yes I know thats a slur, but I dont use cis)🤡


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  9. 9 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:



    I'm reminded this: when Anthony bourdain was in Berlin and his (((homicidal)))? 'guest' - who, as you can see, literally looks and acts like he just got out of an asylum.🤪


    "*maniacal crackle* It's a kind of utopia" "...no white people anymore only cappuccino coloured." 🧬


    "It's the only way, the only solution"💉




    Rules for thee, not for me.






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  10. 12 minutes ago, Mr H said:

    people getting wound up by influencers

    pray tell, who are these "influencers" - can I find them on tiktok?


    13 minutes ago, Mr H said:

    until more evidence is presented

    But you refuse to look at the evidence when its presented. 


    I think I was right the other day when I said you just come here to antagonize.



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  11. 18 minutes ago, Mr H said:


    Saying a genocide is going on is a pretty serious statement. And if you genuinely believe this as a fact, I respectfully ask what are you doing about it? Are you out there with guns and stuff? Because that would be a normal response if someone genuinely saw a genocide going on.

    we've been through this before - you DIDNT read my links etc in my other post, did you?


    Should we call it democide then? 



    Does that fit better in your limited world view?


    What am I personally doing about it?

    I'm keeping my loved ones; family and others that mean the most to me as safe as possible - the only practical thing I can do at the moment.

    By constantly sharing the information about the huge amounts of death and injuries currently occurring worldwide and in my own country and backing the "science" of these deadly jabs up with papers and talks by the large amounts of eminent Doctors and Scientists who have been censored - outlining the potentiality for global human catastrophe. I believe it was the honourable Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi and Dr Mike Yeddon who both said things along the lines of "contributing to the extinction of the human race".


    There was a whistle blowing NHS nurse on UK Column calling what she witnessnesing a  *quote* "genocide"



    Srebrenica is considered a genocide and it was only 8K people murdered. 



    I don't operate on a plane where I feel the to get a gun and shoot the Prime Minister... I use my powers in more constructive ways, however, I will be willing to die for my sister and her babies, should it come to that.

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    Professor from Soviet Union warns anti-racism agenda in U.S. is ‘rehashing of Marxism’

    A professor of pharmaceutical sciences at the University of Pittsburgh who came to America 30 years ago as a refugee from the Soviet Union is sounding the alarm on the growing anti-racism movement in the U.S., saying it’s basically a rehashing of Marxism and socialism.


    Professor Michael Vanyukov, a professor of pharmaceutical sciences, psychiatry and human genetics at the University of Pittsburgh, warns that essentially race has taken the place of class warfare in the narrative.


    “Like the Soviet communists, who used class-based hate and rhetoric to control the ‘masses’ and build the society of ideological slaves, the ‘Diversity’ departments use race. In a way, that is worse, because one can change one’s class, but race is forever,” Vanyukov told The College Fix in an email.


    Vanyukov recently took a stand against the University of Pittsburgh’s Office for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion’s push for anti-racism on campus and its reliance on Ibram X. Kendi’s work.


    “[Kendi’s] demagoguery is no different than what the Soviet propaganda taught about the West and capitalism,” Vanyukov wrote in a letter to the editor in UPitt’s University Times.


    He called out the diversity office’s effort “for an open-ended ‘ongoing, corrective action […] to foster fair and desirable societal outcomes,’ rather than for fostering equal opportunities and meritocracy,” as a “rehashing of Marxism and socialism.”


    read more:



    and more



  13. 12 minutes ago, Mr H said:

    I think I even saw Billy Goat Gates saying that vaccines were the best ROI% he has ever had  - so why would they want that easy money to stop? Which it what would happen if everyone died. They want more people hooked up on this stuff easy money. Especially as the easy money in pharma suddenly became not so easy - the drug industry which has far more stringent safety checks than vaccines do and less ROI% return. And more potential for liability claims

    yeah he did - back in 2010 when launching his "Decade of Vaccines".


    I think it's been noted before but it's not about $ now.

    These "people" (I used that term loosely) already own nearly ALL the tangible wealth on the planet [Blackrock/Vanguard/Bloodline families], and are currently squeezing out the last drops with the housing and business foreclosures about to set off dominos on an unprecedented scale. These "people" can literally make money out of thin air by punching a few numbers into a computer.

    It's moved waaaay beyond the third dimensional, lower charka energies of "financial wealth". 


    We're not dealing with greedy humans, Kill Hates et al are just puppets for much darker, sinister vampiric forces that have the entire planet and all it's God-frequencies in their demonic grasp.

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  14. Just now, Mr H said:

    I was aware that it was being rolled out during rona, I was not aware that the full roll out has been completed. No one speaking about it now.

    ahh soz.


    I guess the rapidly increasing levels of global tyranny and fascistic mandates of the injections; the genocide, and the target locking on to our children's backs has taken precedence.... as that is something that needs the most attention atm.. imo.

  15. 8 minutes ago, bamboozooka said:

    if pharma want more customers why havent they opened the gp surgeries back up.

    their bellies are taking a moment to digest all the pre-paid quad-squillions from the jabbos.


    And if you're not in the camps or dead from your 10th booster you will live in the pod and eat the bugs and AI will be your cyber-virtual-doctor (although it has proven to be inherently 'racist' which is unacceptable so there are tweaks needed first.)

  16. 35 minutes ago, Mr H said:

    Wouldn't surprise me if the whole thing has been rolled out while everyone is fighting about antivaxer stuff.....

    you really don't keep up with the play much, do you. 

    9 reports of death lol - obviously didn't all the links I provided earlier.


    anywho, if you had been keeping up with the play you would know the powers that shouldn't be made a global effort accelerating the rollout of the Earth-based 5G infrastructure during the lockdowns in early [and throughout] 2020. Also too Starlink (and others) launched their first satellites in May 2019 but have continued, at pace, throughout 2020 to today; there are now so many up there beaming the invisible frequencies at the planet Astronomers are complaining they can't see the stars.


    I don't believe the global ON "switch" has been flicked yet however.

  17. Capital letters are now ‘officially racist’


    It comes as a university academic in Canada is pushing to desist the use of capital letters except to “acknowledge the Indigenous struggle for recognition”.

    “They get rid of capital letters except for the capital ‘I’ in Indigenous because it’s some whole thing about capital letters representing hierarchies of white people and racism and stuff like that,”



    lower case as Indigenous 'eventing' support resistance

    dr. linda manyguns, phd | posted aug. 30, 2021


    this is a beginning effort at describing the use of lower case on the website of the office of indigenization and decolonization.

    Indigenous people have been actively engaged in a multidimensional struggle for equality, since time immemorial. we strive for historical-cultural recognition and acknowledgment of colonial oppression that persistently devalues the diversity of our unique cultural heritages.


    "the explicit demonstration and practice of aboriginal culture in everyday life or at places of resistance is called by academics 'eventing.'"



    Canadian university department drops capitalization to resist 'acknowledging' oppressive power structures


    An academic at a Canadian university joined the "lowercase movement" to fight against the oppression of indigenous people, she announced Monday.


    Dr. Linda Many Guns, associate vice president of indigenization and decolonization at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta, will only use capital letters when referring to the struggle for recognition indigenous people face.

    "We resist acknowledging the power structures that oppress and join the movement that does not capitalize," Many Guns wrote in an article posted on the school's website.


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  18. 2 minutes ago, DarianF said:


    speaking off cuntery - I give you...


    Anti-Vaxxers Staged A Bizarre ‘Save Australia’ Protest In New York City


    A crowd gathered outside the Australian consulate in Manhattan waving right-wing conspiracy posters alongside the Australian flag.


    The protestors were trying to show solidarity to Australia’s own anti-vax movement, most recently manifested in Melbourne’s construction shutdown after hundreds violently protested compulsory vaccines in the industry. 


    American conservatives have once again used us to pedal their anti-vax, anti-lockdown movement.



  19. 21 minutes ago, Bullion said:

    There’s a number of legal challenges taking place around Australia atm, teachers, police, paramedics etc. Dan calls them ‘frivolous lawsuits’ in his smug little bastard way. It’d be nice if the script actually allowed some of these to be successful and kick him in the guts. He’s already tried to bluff current authorised workers into having mandated vaxxes but apparently not all such workers were actually contained in the CHO orders. Anyhow, today he’s bemoaning the fact that 27 postcodes have abysmal vax rates and I’m proud to say I live in one of them 😀





    St Kilda 3182 and 3182 Balaclava (both where I used to live) and 3184 Elwood surprises me; I would have through the gays and well-to-do families (Elwood) would have been rushing to roll up their sleeves 'for the greater good' and to get a rainbow badge.



  20. The Associated Press "fact-checks" Natural flu immunity. lolz


    AP’s ‘Fact Check’ on Natural Immunity is a Modern Day Masterpiece of Journalistic Dishonesty


    The Associated Press recently issued a “fact check” on natural immunity to attempt to dispel the well-founded and widespread belief that prior infection with Covid confers long-lasting protection against the virus.

    “Posts continue to circulate online falsely claiming that COVID-19 survivors don’t need vaccines because of natural immunity. In fact, that protection is variable and not long-lasting, so vaccines are still recommended. Here’s our recent look at this claim.”


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