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  1. New Coronavirus Variant Symptom: Sweating at Night During Summer


    New York Post:

    Luke O’Neill, a professor of biochemistry at Trinity College in Ireland, warned the new BA.5 variant – now the dominant Omicron subvariant worldwide — could make sleeping difficult in the form of night sweats, The Sun reported.

    He called the symptom “another curveball” that is a result of the new subvariant colliding with immune systems resulting in a “different disease.”






  2. Highest Vaccinated Counties in Hungary Have Worst Birth Rate Drops in 2022



    This is a within-country comparison, comparing Hungarians to Hungarians, for the same time period.

    Vaccination Rate in Hungary by county as of July 13, 2021



    Change in Birth Rate in Hungary by County for Q1 2022



    Igor took the time time to prepare this map of Hungary with COVID-19 vaccination data as of July 13, 2021, with birth rate changes overlaid and listed as BLUE (for declines) or RED (for increases).



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  3. Any *conspiracy theorists* out there have any idea what's going on?






    Victoria’s ambulance service reported a code red in Melbourne overnight, with ambulance ramping at a major hospital and a shortage of specialised paramedics


    Sunday morning’s code red was the seventh emergency escalation called by the service this year.


    “There hasn’t been any trends really identified ... it just seemed to be an increase in that surge in calls that really put pressure on us at that moment in time,”


    Ambulance Victoria said there had been about 170 Paramedics furloughed every day this week due to COVID-19, contributing to Sunday morning’s code red.



  4. On 7/7/2022 at 7:15 PM, skitzorat said:





    Three fine ladies tear apart a NYC restaurant and twerk on the counter when asked to pay $1.75 for extra condiments.

    Two employees suffered head lacerations after they were hit by a metal stool, metal sauce pumps, trash and ketchup bottles and other flying unknown objects 
    Microcosm of the macrocosm; they did that over extra ketchup - it's what they're doing to the country after decades of jewish grievance baiting.




  5. Banner in Germany:

    Dear Russians!
    You are not our enemies. Our enemies are in Washington, Geneva, Brussels, Berlin, Magdeburg and Jessen.

    They call themselves "friends", "WHO", "EU", "federal government", "state government" and "mayor".

    We apologize for the behaviour of our "government"!
    The war-obsessed media (ARD, ZDF, MDR, Mitteldeutsche Zeitung...) want to drag us into World War III! We can't let that happen!



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  6. US households report twice as many vaccine deaths as COVID fatalities: poll


    More than twice as many Americans have lost a household member to a Covid vaccine injury as have lost one to Covid.

    That’s the shocking finding of a new poll of 1,500 Americans carried out by the polling company Pollfish.


    While 3.6% of respondents said someone in their household had died from COVID-19, 7.9% said one had died as a result of Covid vaccination.

    The poll also found that 8.5% said they had been injured by their vaccination, 5% that they had sought medical help and 3.3% that they had been hospitalised, the same proportion who said that as a result of vaccination they were no longer able to work a full day or at all. These are percentages of all respondents. If we look only at the 74.3% vaccinated with at least one dose then the figures, as a proportion of vaccinated persons, are 11.5% injured, 6.8% needing medical help, 4.5% hospitalised and 4.5% unable to work.


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  7. Alberta Reports 'Unprecedented Increase in Ill-Defined and Unknown Causes of Death in 2021'

    Deaths with "unknown" and "ill-defined" causes are now the Canadian province of Alberta's top killer, CTV News reports.


    Even though the causes of death are "ill-defined and unknown," CTV News elected to blame covid.

    "I think it's probably multifactorial, so there's probably many things playing into that," said Dr. Daniel Gregson, an associate professor in the Cumming School of Medicine at the University of Calgary, specializing in infectious diseases and microbiology.

    Gregson believes those factors include lack of resources to determine the cause of death in certain cases, delayed access to healthcare services and post-COVID complications.

    "We have this impression of surviving COVID and that's the end of it, and that's not necessarily true," he told CTV News.

    Gregson points to a large study out of the U.S. that found people who had COVID-19 are at a higher risk of heart disease, stroke, pulmonary embolisms and death compared to those who haven't been infected. The risk is even higher for those who end up in hospital or the ICU with COVID.

    "We do expect that there will be deaths that aren't directly related to COVID, but indirectly related to COVID to occur after the diagnosis in patients after the first month of infection," he said.

    "One would expect that some of those patients are going to survive the COVID and then die at home from other complications."




  8. Secretary Mayorkas has failed to defend our homeland and must be impeached


    In April of this year, we wrote to Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, warning that if he doesn’t immediately reverse course, House Republicans will be forced to hold him accountable for creating and perpetuating the worst humanitarian crisis in modern American history. 

    Since we sent that letter, the crisis at our border has only become worse. Monthly southern border encounters reached an all-time high in May, with 239,416 apprehensions, surpassing the previous record for the third consecutive month. 


    Secretary Mayorkas’s continued refusal to enforce federal immigration law has led to the deteriorating situation at our southern border.  Leaked video recordings revealed that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has decided to drop charges against all illegal immigrant defendants who do not pose a "national security or a public safety threat." 


    Unsurprisingly, the Biden administration’s definition of a "public safety threat" is extremely narrow. According to previous guidance, an illegal immigrant convicted of driving drunk is not considered a "public safety threat" and is therefore not eligible for deportation. ICE is instituting a backdoor amnesty for nearly all the 2 million illegal immigrants with pending court hearings. 



  9. 1 hour ago, oddsnsods said:

    School children are told prostitution is a 'rewarding job' by sex education providers who promote 'kinks' to pupils including flogging, beating and locking people up in a cage





    Just like the covid-NWO-authoritarianism and jewish supremacism, they're not even bothering to hide it or or use not-so-subtle-euphemisms anymore




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  10. On 7/7/2022 at 7:15 PM, skitzorat said:

    I know it's 'mean' to laugh at the old guy who, like that entire generation, were lied to about WWII and ended up putting the final nail in the coffin of the West, but the contrasting PJW shots between him sobbing and the twerker on the beach - I just couldn't help by laugh out loud - watching it several times over - still laughing... to myself.


    YT must have age-restricted it, but it's only a minute or so long.












    Thread with responses lol




  11. I know it's 'mean' to laugh at the old guy who, like that entire generation, were lied to about WWII and ended up putting the final nail in the coffin of the West, but the contrasting PJW shots between him sobbing and the twerker on the beach - I just couldn't help by laugh out loud - watching it several times over - still laughing... to myself.


    YT must have age-restricted it, but it's only a minute or so long.






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  12. Friends co-creator Marta Kauffman apologizes for "lack of diversity" and feels embarrassed for casting so many White characters.





    ...."fellow" White that is....






    ...meanwhile, over at the jewish Chronicle...they "laugh so hard" [at you stupid goyim] as they "pick up on the inside jewish jokes and characters"







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  13. 38 minutes ago, alexa said:


    I remember being at school in assembly where we would all recite the Lords prayer and sing beautiful hymns. These days in schools it's lucky if they get one mention of Lord.


    That's because hymns are racist.

    Note the date - told ya they've been at this stuff for decades!

    It's only gone 'mask off' since they made us wear masks.

    And since Trump/Brexit gave them the sh!ts.





  14. Bloomberg wants you buy a new shiny smart fridge that monitors you 24/7 because... Putin.


    A cash-for-clunkers program for air conditioning and other household appliances will not only reduce energy demand, but also support the retail industry and some European manufacturers. It won’t be cheap. But neither are blackouts. And it achieves many policy objectives at a time many families are tightening their belts and the economy is slowing down.


    Paying companies not to consume electricity is easier than doing so with families. First, industrial plants have sophisticated metering systems that allow time-based tariffs. Second, companies can more easily switch off consumption completely. Households can benefit from demand response policies via smart digital meters, which allow for the introduction of time-based tariffs. 


    Indeed; no jab, no food: thanks Putin.


  15. This kind of horror happening in Europe doesn't even make the 'big' news anymore.


    We all know why, it's because Norway is too White.

    ‘Too White’: Norway’s New Government Grilled for ‘Lack of Diversity’



    Something must be done! Oh, Norway is in luck!


    2017: Ervin Kohn is Jewish and the Deputy Director of the Norwegian Centre Against Racism, an anti-racism NGO based in Norway. Kohn describes Norwegian society as ethnically homogeneous meaning it’s mainly white. He says that Norway has not yet been ethnically diversified on a large scale saying “There is a job to be done,” referring to what he regards as the necessary ethnic dilution and replacement of the indigenous white Norwegian people. He describes his organization is “well funded” and “funded nicely”. He expresses dissatisfaction that the Norwegians are not yet educated on the ways of Islam and Judaism. Kohn’s organization receives millions of euro in funding to fulfill white genocide in Norway and intimidate any Norwegian who speaks out against it. His organization was embroiled in the dispute regarding Norway’s ban on male circumcision



  16. On 7/3/2022 at 8:09 PM, Tinfoil Hat said:

    Do you remember the good old days when we just tried to instill a sense of decency and kindness


    The harm done by long-term exposure to injustice—to the kind of imagery found in racist books, microaggressions and discrimination—calls for more than a simple understanding of kindness.







  17. The Wall Street Journal admits there are serious problems with the vaccine, but they buried it in the 9th paragraph.

    "More troubling, vaccinated toddlers in Pfizer’s trial were more likely to get severely ill with Covid than those who received a placebo. Pfizer claimed most severe cases weren’t “clinically significant,” whatever that means, but this was all the more reason that the FDA should have required a longer follow-up before authorizing the vaccine."

    Scientists are also discovering that triple-vaccinated adults who were previously infected with the Wuhan variant have a weaker immune response to Omicron, leaving them more susceptible to reinfection. This phenomenon, called “immunological imprinting,” could explain why children who received three Pfizer shots were more likely to get reinfected."


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  18. Let the blame game commence:


    In Austria, the finger-pointing has begun!
    > July 4 / Steve Kirsch
    In Austria, the Minister of Health acknowledges the problems with the vaccines, so he throws the Austrian docs under the bus. Why? Because denial is no longer working and you have to blame someone!
    A tale of three countries:
    1. In Austria, they’ve figured out the vaccines are dangerous, so the Health Minister is now blaming the doctors.
    2. In New Zealand, the data clearly shows the vaccinated have higher all-cause mortality, so their solution is more vaccines and they bury the papers showing the vaccines are the problem.
    3. In Australia, the mandates are gone and a few people are coming to realize they goofed big time.
    [rest at link]


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