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  1. President of Croatia says they're done jabbing.. "we won't go more than 50% - let them fence us in with wire" boom! lol Cue rapid EU press calling him the second coming of Orban
  2. Paediatrician of 9 years refuses to treat children because mother and father are purebloods
  3. Fucking priorities people! Priorities!
  4. So behind with the times - now talking about masking kids in schools (masks have never been a thing until "DELTA".. now this! Seems as if they're anticipating on keeping Auckland lockdown for a looooooooong time
  5. Well I be! Just like the truckies having their rest stop meals reinstated and South A. reneging on the vax..(not sure where the other states are at)
  6. They've messed with the wrong industry! lol
  7. May 2021 https://www.nzherald.co.nz/kahu/tackling-racism-in-aotearoa-should-white-privilege-be-taught-in-schools/62GIJ4FAUY7CJ2JYAD6OPFXB6I/ A student at a Whangārei primary school had to stand up in front of their classroom and say what they had done to acknowledge their white privilege. Act Party leader David Seymour says this is just one example he's heard from concerned parents about what he calls "racialised education". But advocates of strategies to "de-colonise" Aotearoa's classrooms say rather than "racialise", such topics actually help dismantle the systemic racism that already exists, and holds back non-Pākehā students, particularly Māori.
  8. Listen to their chanting! SHits getting real
  9. “The options are like a set of golf clubs. You select the right one for the situation, and we have just added some more clubs.” Superintendent Tully https://www.europereloaded.com/australias-state-of-victoria-sold-out-to-the-soros-backed-strong-cities-network-scn-with-privatised-police/ https://strongcitiesnetwork.org/en/where-we-work/global-summit-2018/
  10. It never used to be that way and I only really got red pilled on in since reading this thread. I lived in Melbs for the past decade and worked at a bank so the anti-white agenda really wasn't a thing that I had time to notice, plus Aussie is pretty based - White Australia policy and all, no where near as PC as NZ is/was. HOWEVER, the NZ govt (been back 2 years) has gone big time woke this year, replacing portraits in parliament of Churchill with native people, renaming colonial street names and even now calling to have the country and every single place name renamed via law to the Maori name..and I've since learnt CRT is creeping into NZ primary schools... Maori people victims/White people colonisers/killers... I've always been proud of the European civilisations and the Western world and country my ancestors fought and died for and it saddens me so to see it being purposely destroyed.... and to see the hurt and pain suffered by Euro children. I'm made it a point to be even MORE bold and loud about my European heritage to counter the hate and I've told my sister who has a 2 year old and a 10 days old girls to investigate the schools!! I don't want them going to school to learn to hate themselves... its a few years off, so shits going to hit the fan before then though.. but I'd be willing to home school them instead! lol
  11. This creator does some pretty decent family tree stuff. I haven't watched this one before, funnily enough the comments section is switched off! haha The guy is Canadian but was brought up in the British Israelite cult so and is pretty jewy.. he had to add two cents at the end. "Are they super rich?" "yes they are" "Do they currently have 500 trillion dollars as the conspiracy theorist claim?" "No! they most certainly do not!" Farking cheek.. his inflections on the last bit is so know-it-all... how would he possibly know to make the statement in such a bold manner! "Were they influential in global politics during the 19th C?" "yes, the certainly were" "Do they currently pull all the strings when it comes to world politics, today?" "No! They most certainly do not!" "...the reason that the often find themselves at the centre of so many conspiracy theories really boils down to anti-Semitism, exaggeration, and a failure to understand how modern economics works" It annoys me when people speak with such aloof know-it-all attitudes and then say stuff so outrageous as above.
  12. like the monsters do when they're carrying out the white genocide and brutal farm murders in South Africa. I expect it to become more common place when the shit REALLY hits the fan in "free" European/Western countries.. surprised they havent done that in Melbourne - probably too much 5G (its smothered in it since the lockdowns of 2020) for it to be completely effective.
  13. I heard reports that in Slovenia police are no longer responding to emergency calls from the unjabbed. There was a huge protest there of around 30K people and the area was jammed so no one could live stream/communicate the footage at the timme.
  14. https://babylonbee.com/news/thousands-come-to-worship-at-miraculous-mask-stain-that-looks-just-like-fauci Thousands Come To Worship At Miraculous Mask Stain That Looks Just Like Fauci
  15. Pakistan -taking it up a notch, or three In an unprecedented move, the Sindh province’s government in Pakistan has issued orders to arrest citizens from across the province who have not been vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus. After the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) issued new orders to expedite the COVID-19 vaccination in the country, the Sindh Government has decided to arrest unvaccinated citizens in the province. According to a notification issued by the Sindh Home Department, motorway travellers will be required to be vaccinated by September 20, 2021. When the deadline expires, unvaccinated travellers will be arrested and imprisoned. According to NCOC order, unvaccinated passengers will no longer be able to travel by train from now on. The notification also stated that all employees of transportation companies must be vaccinated or their buses and other equipment will be confiscated by authorities. The same is true for hotels and restaurants, which will be closed to unvaccinated employees, including those involved in home delivery. According to NCOC data, over 72 million doses have been administered, with over 54 million people receiving their first shot and approximately 24 million are fully vaccinated. https://insiderpaper.com/pakistan-sindh-government-to-arrest-unvaccinated-citizens/
  16. This guy is subversive troll who's playing out the same loop he did not even a month ago - adding nothing constructive to the conversation but asking rhetoric off topical questions to which he replies with circular non-answers to stir up conflagration on here...don't feed him
  17. check this out https://www.bitchute.com/video/WzI7745IWShb/
  18. Dallas City Council Open Mic. Now I'm not sure if this is satire, but you know, crazy Americans and all - it could very well be real. 3min WE NEED TO MANDATE VACCINES FOR ALL - BECAUSE MY TRANS KIDS, MY HOUSEKEEPERS & GAY FOLKS AIN'T SAFE! https://www.bitchute.com/video/CqTvjH6K46JU/
  19. we've been through this before - this EXACT same talking point - you asking for 'ideas' on this topic.. then you went and created your own thread... I see that a bit of time elapsed and your back here again, rattling off the same thing.. here's a reminder which you failed to reply to, of course. (yes, it was about London knife crime, but the premise was the same)
  20. I suggest we use this and encourage others to do the same and make it a 'thing' instead of 'unvaxd' - we have to own the language war... it's getting right up the nose of the jab extremists and the msm. ESTABLISHMENT FREAKS AS UNJABBED REJECT SHAME & IDENTIFY AS PUREBLOOD 8min https://www.bitchute.com/video/86IRiLqSaIL4/
  21. deflection/projection is the Leftist canard that never gets old, ever. At least the "right" is always seem straight up. Hypocritical?definitely, but they never seem to go "oh it's all those pesky commies" - no... from my fresh look at history through current lenses, the "right" has always been dead-right about Leftism...'reds under the bed' etc. and when there are violence they take responsibility for it.
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