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  1. 1 hour ago, RobSS said:

    to ultimate soul survival

    Our soul is 100% God and eternal,  I don't believe it won't 'survive' - however I am fearful people will no longer be able to speak to God and their higher-self leading to perhaps enormous amounts of spirits trapped between dimensions when their physical vehicle expires (like battlefields/traumatic accidents).. either way people cut their beliefs around this, the future sounds spiritually problematic for humanity as a whole.



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  2. 12 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

    We might not be seeing Soviet style purges yet

    Duncan Garner: Farmers have had a gutsful of Jacinda Ardern playing to her favourites, here comes the revolt



    Another fiery 'interview' around beginning of August, then....



    Garner has been off-air since August 10, with no explanation. Magic Talk host Ryan Bridge has been filling in for Garner, alongside Amanda Gillies and Mark Richardson. The trio had, notably, not discussed Garner's absence during the weeks of Bridge filling in for the host, leading to numerous unanswered queries from viewers.

    Three today confirmed Bridge would continue hosting The AM Show this week, with an announcement regarding Garner’s replacement to be made “in due course”.



    They’re dropping like flies at Magic Talk.

    Leah Panapa opened what had been Peter William’s show this morning with the news that he’d retired – just like that. There Friday – gone Monday. The media are describing it as something about to happen. It’s happened. Without a whisper of warning.

    I’ve listened to Williams fairly regularly since he started out in early 2019. He was getting slicker and more energetic in my view. He didn’t sound jaded, tired or unenthusiastic. So I am naturally sceptical about the reason given for his sudden disappearance from the airwaves.

    And one could hardly be forgiven for being slightly suspicious when his departure has quickly followed Duncan Garner (August), Tony Amos (July), Sean Plunket (February) and part-timer John Banks (January).


    Williams steadfastedly rejected man-made climate change and interviewed qualified experts like Willie Soon. He gave airtime to lock down questioners like epidemiologist Simon Thornley. He talked with doctors who have questions about the covid vaccine. He gave airtime to The Taxpayer’s Union and Bob McCoskrie from Family First. He didn’t leave listeners in any doubt about his political preference and it wasn’t National. He appeared to me to be socially conservative and economically liberal. He was no friend of the government.

    I repeat, if anything, he was getting more focussed and outspoken. He certainly didn’t sound like a man who’d grown bored or disinterested in his work (or maybe he’d simply given himself licence to be more candid knowing he was going to shortly pull the plug?)

    Phil Gifford also recently departed NewstalkZB as afternoon co-host. I’m clueless as to whether so many departures are mere coincidence or otherwise.


    Update: I was reminded by a comment on Kiwiblog that Chris Lynch, NewstalkZB Christchurch host was another recent ‘casualty’ in May this year. So there is a workforce of at least half a dozen highly experienced broadcasters on the loose…

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  3. Just now, EnigmaticWorld said:

    To be fair, the corruption was very blatant for them


    It amazes me how 20 months later (and after 20+ years, pretty much since 9/11) people cant see the blatant corruption coming through their TV

    1 minute ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

    I wonder how long it will be until we see blatant shenanigans on our screens.


    We kind of do.. so many "oh we seem to have lost the line" or obvious mic cuts when someone drops a covid truth on the tele now; BBC etc


    HA.. case in point "Let's go Brandan!"




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  4. Seen in Ohio



    Reminds me of some kind of communist/soviet style fakery!

    I remember reading something where people who lived behind the Iron Curtain were so bemused by how Western people believe the Govt/TV/propaganda without question whereas although they nodded and agreed with it all, they knew everything was a lie.

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  5. 6 minutes ago, skitzorat said:

    Next up Chinese-style Social Credit Scores linked to the cloud as endless mRNA codes transform us molecularly into Human2.0; eventually merging with 'the internet of things' with an A.I Overlord facilitating all our thoughts, feelings & behaviours. I hope all the gene-jab enthusiasts want this for their children and grandchildren?

    May be an image of text that says "Anthony live in France, the only place can meet friends and family socially is either in my house or theirs. No restaurants, pubs, cafes, cinemas, theatres, concerts etc etc. Not to mention that have to get a PCR test to get my eyes tested. Don't accept the vax passports! lisa keeble People in Germany are being refused food. People in Italy are not allowed to work People in France are barred from any kind of social life. We warned you We were dismissed as conspiracy theorists and Covid deniers"

  6. 16 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

    trading their freedoms for convenience and "safety".

    it just f's me off they're contributing to our enslavement and imprisonment with them, either in the 'camps' or society at large.




    Next up Chinese-style Social Credit Scores linked to the cloud as endless mRNA codes transform us molecularly into Human2.0; eventually merging with 'the internet of things' with an A.I Overlord facilitating all our thoughts, feelings & behaviours. I hope all the gene-jab enthusiasts want this for their children and grandchildren? By accepting the juice, besides the potential destruction of their own biology, they're shamefully contributing to the downfall of all that our ancestors fought & died for; tell me, who are the selfish ones?

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  7. NSW pub closed down for allowing unvaccinated patrons

    9News Staff  1 day ago


    A pub in regional New South Wales has been closed down by the police for allegedly breaching COVID-19 health orders by allowing unvaccinated patrons in.

    NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller said the Caledonian Hotel in Singleton would be closed until Tuesday after allegations of repeated breaches of public health orders.

    Police have had multiple interactions with the 57-year-old licensee who allegedly refused to take steps to prevent unvaccinated people entering.


    Only fully vaccinated people are allowed to enjoy greater freedoms like attending restaurants or pubs when the state started opening up last week.

    "Police have attended the venue numerous times in the past week and issued the licensee three PINs and staff members three PINs for breaching the public health orders," Mr Fuller said.

    The pub has gained notoriety for its owner's stance on vaccination.

    Signs have been hung stating: "Jab or no jab - all welcome at the Cali. Free Australia."

  8. Honk 


    Ms. Eysenburg, a former middle school math teacher, plays each puzzle herself and looks for typos or anything that is factually incorrect or may be sensitive, and then notifies Mr. Shortz.


    But before they are published, the puzzles are sent to a group of reviewers whose job is to try them out and look for any shortcomings, such as inaccuracies, typos and even reactions about how words or clues might be perceived by different groups of people.


    There is also another layer of vetting for the puzzles. Everdeen Mason, the editorial director for games, which includes the crossword, recently created a panel of seven testers for what she calls “a vibe check.”

    “And by that I mean, is it fun to play?” Ms. Mason said.


    The panel of seven started in May and tests as many crossword puzzles as possible, with an eye for sensitivity and inclusivity. Recommended to Ms. Mason by editors on the crossword team, the seven represent diversity in race, background, gender and sexual orientation.


    Recently, Ms. Mason said, the word “deadname” in a clue “prompted a lot of discussion.” Deadnaming means to refer to a transgender person by their birth name rather than acknowledging their chosen name or identity. The panel discussed rewording the clue and eventually found a consensus where “we feel comfortable with the clue, and the constructor feels comfortable with the clue,” Ms. Mason said.


    “There is no such thing as a neutral word,” Ms. Hira said, explaining that they strive to make sure every clue and response is respectful and inclusive.



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  9. 3 hours ago, skitzorat said:

    Through some weird form of self flagellation I've made myself suffer through a lot of fukn cringe over the past 20 months coming from the Branch Covidian Cult, but I think this takes the cake for this month....apart from the accent (ugh) see if you can get through the 2mins 

    Saturdays "vaxathon" in NZ



    2 different pictures of Auckland over the weekend. Level 3 Freedom rally and police taking pictures of people not wearing masks and social distancing. Government sanctioned event of people not wearing masks and social distancing.



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