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  1. I know she slept her way into the initial position as the District Attorney of Commiefornia and that's she's not all that bright.. (although she's a devious witch so not all that stupid either) but one would assume her twitter staff would come up with something that's at least a plausible lie by deception.... they're not even trying now. "protecting the vaccinated" lol
  2. Aussie ABC News (media watch) being subversive and attempting to build trust and creditability by reporting on the crisis actors...the same ABC that let the "Hail Satan" slip into their regular broadcast least we forget...
  3. wow - read the comments on the link before theyre deleted HUNDREDS of people saying they've lost loved ones/know people who have /injured due to the jab! Its been up for a few days.. will be shut down soon no doubt. https://www.facebook.com/80221381134/posts/10158207967261135/?d=n
  4. I wonder what tptb write for Biden to mumble at this event. article was behind a paywall but accessible via archive https://archive.ph/DyYNn
  5. They sure did.... the start of the rollout of bio-security state apparatus' - add our technological (and medical egmRNA jabs) advancements over the past 20 years and the timing was now ripe to go live with the New World Order. Tim Truth NEW WORLD ORDER FREUDIAN SLIPS OF TONGUES COMPILATION: THE NEW SATANIC NORMAL https://www.bitchute.com/video/JP1tnKA1B5Pp/ James Corbett COVID-911: From Homeland Security to Biosecurity https://www.corbettreport.com/covid-911-from-homeland-security-to-biosecurity/
  6. coronavirus plushie is a kiwi (no idea who they are) with some interesting downunder related vids on bitchute channel.
  7. I saw that! The LA Times is disgraceful! (as they all are, but particularly the LA Times towards "the Black face of White Supremacy" Elder: who's a precious minority, but a republican) I've seen him pop up now and then over the years, but watched a few of his youtube vids lately. https://www.youtube.com/c/LarryElderwithEpochTimes/videos Pity he's a shrill for Israel... but they all are - they HAVE to be to get anywhere. LA Times quietly changed the picture.
  8. Nothing much really - just an envelope sent to the govt which contained white power when opened (curious timing re; 9/11) and will make for a good distraction as they've confirm Auckland remains in lockdown. No doubt it will be a "reason" to beef up the security apparatus. read; the Jackboot will start to come down on NZers (we have been let off very lightly, thus far) https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/politics/2021/09/responders-dispatched-to-parliament-as-suspicious-white-powder-opened-at-beehive.html
  9. HAHAHA The media on twit where the people weren't having it, mentioned above, has removed and deactivated the comments! Shut.it.down.
  10. Oh FFS..... White powder being sent to the Beehive! Quick!! dissolve parliament altogether it's not safe! Quick!! activate the Military Police.
  11. CDC https://www.cdc.gov/flu/weekly/index.htm It's disappeared all over the world from March 2020, strange eh. And they try to gas light us all with this "Masks and social distancing" BS Flu Has Disappeared for More Than a Year https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/flu-has-disappeared-worldwide-during-the-covid-pandemic1/
  12. Australia going full force to jab the kinders.
  13. Yeah we're in a whole new era: Fascism/Communism etc are 20thC. I'm not sure if any intellectual has coined a new term that our current world faces; where fascism/communism/communitarianism meet. If they have, I doubt very much they're allowed to make it public/ enter it into the lexicon.
  14. Jacinda Ardern says Auckland teenager's death not related to Pfizer vaccine Rumours that an Auckland student's death is linked to the Pfizer vaccine are being shut down by the Prime Minister. Jacinda Ardern said there have been no deaths to any teenagers in New Zealand related to getting vaccinated and encouraged New Zealanders to continue getting vaccinated. An unfounded rumour began circulating online on Saturday night that an Auckland Year 13 student had died after receiving the vaccine. It gained traction when lawyer and NZ Outdoors Party co-leader Sue Grey - a well-known anti-vaccine activist - posted about it to her followers. The post attracted over 1400 comments before it was taken down late this morning but has also been cited overseas. When asked about the report at the 1pm press conference on Sunday, Ardern quickly denied the rumour. "All I would say is, those who seek to make those links, I just can't imagine how distressing that would be for family members," Ardern said. "We've been advised in that particular case that there is no link. "If there is information there to be shared, it is reported to us and we proactively share that so I would advise caution on believing some of the information that is shared by those who are ultimately seeking to undermine people's decision around being vaccinated." The Prime Minister encouraged people to continue to get vaccinated as it was the best way to protect yourself and "it could literally save your life". So a kid DID die, thanks for the confirmation Cindy.......and of course she/they would say there's no link! The lawyer Sue with help from other people has been keeping a citizens register of deaths and injuries as they occur - self reported via social media/email etc so nothing absolute, but it's beyond "coincidence" now when people drop to the floor within days! - twitter people on the article were NOT buying it: Teens THIS WEEK: Sun - starship hospital 12 y/o myocarditis Tues - 15 y/o heart attack Thurs - 17 y/o died of clot in heart Fri - year 10 (age 15) heart attack It GAULS me she goes on to say "it could literally save your life"....different tune to March/April last year
  15. I know theres many but classic example of when ignorance meets woke.
  16. not todays news, pre christmas, but best get used to these stories (if we survive that is) Couple living in rented flat at Hampton Court in the Queen's Crown Estate are being EVICTED 'over £32 electricity bill' after using a communal powerpoint to charge their electric VW Golf https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8982461/Couple-living-rented-flat-Queens-Crown-Estate-EVICTED.html
  17. that's a recent phenomenon though.. early 1900s - C.I Scofield's Bible (no doubt influenced/subverted by the American Zios at the time)- Fundie Americans mostly (Southern Baptist then the evangelicals) making a song and dance about "dispensationalism/premillennialism" the belief that Israel as a nation will embrace JC as their messiah toward the end of the Great Tribulation, right before the Second Coming of JC. "The Chosen People" needed their homeland first though, before the Rapture. - Again as you said, shallow ego based shit; bringing about the Rapture so they're "saved" - but that's when that colloquial title became synonymous with Jewry like it is today. - and through media/Hollyweird/popular culture the title (little t) became normalized as if it always was. However Christianity up until the 20thC didn't hold the Jews in very high standing at all - being kicked out of 109 places - (and obviously due to the whole rejection of JC and the Pharisees or Sadducees influencing Pontius Pilates ruling... although I'm personally of the belief that the crucifixion was a 'story' pure fabrication /holographic insert into reality to give the jewish-sect more emotive appeal to the simple minded peoples at the time; once it morphed into what we think of as Christianity and it was enthusiastically taken up by Constantine The Great. So much mileage with that part of the story.) God's "chosen" were the Israelites, but they have nothing at all to with the modern day people known as the Jews, if anything, the continuation of the Israelites were probably the early Orthodox or Hellenised people of Levant and Anatolia and then Christian's as they never abandoned the Old Testament or Torah like Rabbinic/Talmudic Judaism did. Just as the "judeo-Christian" belief tag is now a thing synonymous to Western/European Civilization when it never was. I'm no Christian, but I take offence to "judeo" belief being tacked onto our civilisation, mindset and moral compass' but that's just me because I have since learnt what "judeo" beliefs really are! Gentiles deceived from birth to believe God's Chosen just belief in the Old Testament fairy tales when reality couldn't be further from the truth. Not sure when judeo got tacked on and became a "thing" though.
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