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  1. So the school system, especially in the US, is pretty much a form of child abuse (always has been) but as I'm sure we all know over the past few years the satanic, perverted stuff being openly taught to children of all ages has reached extremes... but this one is a new low... In the very conservative state of Georgia a high school came up with a new form of depravity as a "school project" - seems they're making a huge effort to target conservative/religious/moral zones now...I mean it's running wild in Commiefornia and even Texas has pedo books in libraries, but Georgia! EATING BABIES? Georgia School Has Teens ‘Solve’ Hunger With Cannibalism A government school in Georgia has been exposed forcing high-school students to develop a business plan for a company that would tackle world hunger by making babies into food, sparking outrage across the state and beyond. In this interview on Conversations That Matter with Alex Newman, Truth in Education leader Rhonda Thomas breaks down the sick “exercise” and even shows some of the graphics and photos. rumble clip in article for when yt deletes it. https://thenewamerican.com/eating-babies-georgia-school-has-teens-solve-hunger-with-cannibalism/ https://www.bitchute.com/video/p6mpifdSv2N5/
  2. Through some weird form of self flagellation I've made myself suffer through a lot of fukn cringe over the past 20 months coming from the Branch Covidian Cult, but I think this takes the cake for this month....apart from the accent (ugh) see if you can get through the 2mins Saturdays "vaxathon" in NZ
  3. offtopic soz ANTIFA - the militant arm of the Democratic Party of the US whose primary activity is attending bake sales. Personally I think a lot of mentally ill tranz people are attracted to such groups because they have huge chips on their scatterbrained shoulders and it's a convenient excuse to belt out the violence they perceive has been dealt out to them. Plus if/when "the Revolution" is complete after the violent overthrow of the capitalist system I think they believe they -the downtrodden - will be the ones that will fill positions of power in the New Order....but in truth as they'd served their purpose they'd be end up along the wall. The only hope is that I bet they rushed out to get their shots.
  4. Mandatory Vax for NZ education & health workers. Hundreds of thousands of education and health staff - including teachers, GPs, pharmacists, nurses - will need to be fully vaccinated in the coming months or face losing their jobs. The two-dose deadline for high-risk health and disability staff is December 1 this year, and for education - including all school and ECE staff who come into contact with students - it is January 1 next year. Secondary schools, from next year, will also be required to keep a register to show the vaccination status of students. Healthcare workers will have to be fully vaccinated by December 1 this year, and will need to have had their first dose by October 30. The public health order requiring this will include general practitioners, pharmacists, community health nurses, midwives, paramedics, and all healthcare workers in sites where vulnerable patients are treated (including Intensive Care Units). "These requirements also include certain non-regulated healthcare work, such as aged residential care, home and community support services, kaupapa Māori health providers and NGOs who provide health services," All staff at schools and ECEs who have contact with children and students will need to have a first dose by November 1, and to be fully vaccinated by January 1. "This includes home-based educators, and all those support people in our schools and early learning services such as teacher-aides, administration and maintenance staff and contractors,". "Secondary schools and kura will also be required to keep a Covid-19 vaccination register for students. Students that do not produce evidence of vaccination will be considered unvaccinated. The Government was still considering whether mandatory vaccinations will be required in the tertiary education sector. While there had been support for mandatory vaccinations for these workforces, there has also been some pushback. The NZ Council of Trade Unions has previously cautioned that a blanket vaccination order could do more harm than good because it might create a sense of coercion. The Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners has backed the call for mandatory vaccinations for those in the health and disability sector. "While most GPs are already fully vaccinated, now is the time to make one final push to be fully vaccinated before 1 December 2021. This means our GPs need to have their first dose by 30 October to be fully vaccinated by the deadline." The NZ Medical Association has also welcomed the announcement, "Today's announcement will save lives," "All doctors should be vaccinated, and we know the vast majority is. Principle 1 of the Code of Ethics for the New Zealand Medical Profession is that the health and well-being of the patient is a doctor's first priority." "We called a month ago for all doctors involved in patient care to be fully vaccinated – we're pleased the Government has come to the same view." ProCare, New Zealand's largest network of primary healthcare professionals, also welcomed mandatory vaccinations for healthcare workers. "This is about providing certainty for patients and ensuring that we protect some of the most vulnerable patients that our practices see. We also hope that it will mean that patients will feel safe to visit their doctor, rather than putting off a visit until it's absolutely necessary. "It will also provide certainty for the healthcare sector in terms of a legislated approach; so that everyone knows where they stand, what the rules are and that there will be no areas of confusion." Businesses 'would welcome' order Mandatory vaccination for education, health workers, and associated services is an important principle that should hold for all workplaces striving to keep their employees and customers safe and healthy, says Michael Barnett, CEO of the Auckland Business Chamber. "If no jab no job is to be the rule for selected people-facing services by government order, then it certainly is a principle that business owners would welcome also by government order. So they dropped some mega bombs today, they didn't trickle feed it out like most other countries - just BOOM - pretty much the entire NZ workforce is to be mandated by the end of the year. The boldness of this far reaching blackmail screams desperation to me and makes me think this little graph below isn't anywhere near the true jabbed up statistic numbers *cynically stocks up on popcorn*
  5. lol I mentioned recently NZ is always lagging in the script timeline lol Cindy & co. act and speak as if people don't know what's being said and going on around the world.... but then.. she did say she will be "single source of truth" How authoritarian and dystopian does this sound coming from your country's leader at the time (Mid 2020) ? - Well apart from sleepy joe saying "we're loosing patience" [with the unjabd] but he's just laughable...- Cindy however is exceedingly dangerous and has enormous power... it was tad nerve racking at the time but those nerves past soon enough, it was when they announced the change in policy in August 2020 (1min https://www.bitchute.com/video/mB4ihZLlT92i/) that they will be removing the 'infected' from their homes and putting them in "Isolation facilities" (not the international quarantine hotels) that brought real horrors home.... The Government will send all of the confirmed community cases of Covid-19 to a quarantine facility instead of allowing them to recover at home. He has the legal power to compel people into quarantine under Section 70 of the Health Act, which allows him to “require persons, places, buildings, ships, vehicles, aircraft, animals, or things to be isolated, quarantined, or disinfected as he thinks fit”. Quarantine facilities have more stringent security and more health staff than regular managed isolation hotels. “That could be the safest place for you, your family, and your community if you end up positive.” the legal power to compel people....allows him to.....or disinfected as he thinks fit”
  6. 8 weeks and counting with growing geographic zones "experts"
  7. He doesn't have total control over the whole country.... I remember a leaked meeting where he was raving mad about the tyranny and authoritarian takeover of some states/mayors... I'm not sure, maybe Brazil State leaders have authority in the same way Aussie/US state leaders do... overriding the Fed level... He went on an extended and detailed rant, saying tyranny was everywhere in Brazil just waiting to pounce and that to avoid that happening under the cover of the corona ruse, the Brazilian people needed to buy guns IMMEDIATELY clip https://stateofthenation.co/?p=77157
  8. all set to quietly retire on a Caribbean island with their golden handshake once the shit hits the fan more like. The beast system protects its own when it's in its best interests to do so. Not to worry, they've got plenty of fresh blood draw upon..
  9. For reference Kmart is like the Aussie/kiwi version of Asda or Walmart.... these people are desperate for some cheap chinese wares...
  10. What are the chances it's a cohencidence that the WEF had selected these "leaders" who parrot, support and implement the exact protocols the WEF needed to ensure the "Great Reset" agenda is rolled out? https://swprs.org/the-wef-and-the-pandemic/ Jeffrey Zients (US White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator) Stéphane Bancel (CEO of Moderna) Jeremy Howard (founder of influential lobby group “Masks for All”) Leana Wen (zero-covid CNN medical analyst) Eric Feigl-Ding (zero-covid Twitter personality) Gavin Newsom (Governor of California) Devi Sridhar (British zero-covid professor) Jacinda Ardern (Prime Minister of New Zealand) French President Emanuel Macron (selected one year prior to his election in 2017), Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz German Chancellor Angela Merkel (selected back in 1993) German Health Minister Jens Spahn.
  11. What? An experiment? Nooooooooo....computer says noooo
  12. and there it is, Ladies & Gentleman.... Quick call the FBI - those *dangerous* Air Traffic controllers need investigating. Im sure they haven't gone through extremely rigorous security screening. But as over half the US population labelled 'domestic terrorist' by the State and those pesky parents at school board meetings.. you can never be too sure about the people in charge of some of the worlds busiest airspace!
  13. yup - and the fake news is blaming it on the weather! lol see my original post that the tiktok was a reply to. Blaming it on the weather hahaah.. unbelievable
  14. They 'factchecked' his depopulation rant/s/stance hahahahaha - and this is what they came up with...... However, the claims are misleading. Contrary to the claims made in the Facebook post, after reading the entire novel AFP Fact check found no references to “the government releasing a deadly virus into the population as a cover for population control”. https://factcheck.afp.com/viral-meme-misrepresents-stanley-johnsons-recently-republished-book-marburg-virus
  15. UGH! I'm beginning to think all those reports of graphene in the rainwater and cereal and meats weren't just internet fakery! Graphene on a Melbourne beach, growing? on the magnet used to attract it up out of the sand
  16. So a large amount of flight controllers in Florida walked off the job the other day in protest against jab mandates disrupting thousands of flights... fake news blames the weather hahaha
  17. A Sniffer-in-Chief who can barely tie his shoes, soaring inflation, gas and staple prices, supply chains teetering on collapse, Brazilian levels of minority crime, and the US national sovereignty has completely disintegrated at the Southern border as millions of fighting aged men from the 3rd world walk in, sign up for free stuff and then get bused out into communities across the country. The VP & border tzar? Playing Miss America. Bakery photo ops. Tours. The View. Children's hours talking about fucking Space. Rita is right, she really is a deplorable creature; even manages to make Killary look authentic…
  18. haha. it is now the first thing I do when I read something about degeneracy or when an article is written with a maleficence towards Europeans/western civilization and pretty much every.single.time there's an association.
  19. overthrow the tables of the money changes - drive them out! for they have turned our planet into a den of thieves [and worse]
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