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  1. It's in the pipeline....Recent Aussie papers.. and be warned... according the the WHO your child being in attendance at school on the jab day is "implied consent" https://www.who.int/immunization/programmes_systems/policies_strategies/consent_note_en.pdf
  2. They don't know love... the rewilding or Agenda 2030 no-go zones are just preparation for us to be herded into controlled zones or smart cities...it's not so much because they want to admire its pristine beauty and glory from their ivory towers....everything the say is inverted, thus "climate change" "sustainability" Philip and his ilk set up the WWF, but by chum do they love sending out the hounds to terrorize and rip the beautiful innocent foxes to shreds as they have a jolly good banter...not to mention gunning down elephants and tigers. https://protectallwildlifeblog.com/did-you-know-that-the-wwf-endorses-the-killing-of-wild-animals/
  3. I wouldn't be surprised if the Pfizer shots the Israelis are being jabbed up to the eyeballs with is a "special" brew.. developed in a way for it not to overwhelming harm Ashkenazi bodies, but still change their DNA to become "more". They've been working on such things since before 1998. http://www.ihr.org/jhr/v17/v17n6p24_Weber.html
  4. they hate nature; it's beauty and majesty is pure God/Source/Prime Creators free expression (as is Humanity) ...thus an antithesis to evil, deep down darkness is jealous.
  5. two birds with one heavy stone; scare the beejeus out of people to force the jab uptake and put the death knell on retail (we've had it lightly, they've had to pull out the stops now). I knew NZ would sleep walk into this... only recently have they pushed the..... Tougher level 2 rules keep restaurants from reopening 10 September 2021 Fleur Sullivan from renowned Moeraki restaurant Fleur's Place has chosen not to reopen until the South Island moves to alert level 1. Tighter restrictions under Delta mean only 50 people can be seated inside and they must be socially distanced. And for a small boutique restaurant like Fleur's it means reopening now is not worth it. (theres never been a "case" in the Sth Island.)
  6. real person, very easy to find... and I'm in a bit of an aggravated mood hahaha so decided to share a personal message on her FB lol (I don't normally do childish, petty things like this btw.... just itching for a rumble lol)
  7. check the state of this cvnt checks profile.... yup. Even the state of the look on the face.
  8. https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/politics/2021/09/covid-19-war-on-misinformation-continues-raging-as-experts-blast-minority-spreading-rumours.html Panic stations.. they've been firing off rehashed news articles like this at an ever increasing rate over the past week... and the commentary (before they close them down) is overwhelmingly on to them lol
  9. You have to hand it to tptb - they've managed to brain-fry SO many people that even their own HIGHLY fudged numbers just do not pan out! lol - but reality means nothing to those people anymore -
  10. Our countries like the UK, Australia, NZ are pretty much bankrupt and having imploding economies too... and our people have been starving for years, now even MORE so. No they are not... they want us dead! Sorry, I don't mean to be argumentative for the sake of it and I understand where you're coming from, but we [in the West] are currently being blatantly murdered by starvation, lack of medical care, lockdowns/fear and via forced injection of poison right now by our own governments as the magnificent civilization that our ancestors built for us is being systemically destroyed and our history is being erased while being invaded by hostile cultures... and on top it's being made illegal to complain about it.... forgive me if my sympathies don't extend to the people of Afghanistan, or Africa, our sympathies should be taking care of our own... as you said...
  11. I know right. Strikingly similar to the Canadian one - Tam... only Tam's waaaaaaaay more sinister looking... Tam might have been a UK raised Hong Konger, but a freedom hating commie HongKonger nonetheless #flashback to her 2010 cameo
  12. and of course "fark! I'm busting to take a piss!" "shyt! I've pissed my pants" hahaha
  13. hmmm yeah "getting on the piss" is probably just Aussie/Kiwi slang, eh? "I got on the piss last night with the boys" /beers different again from, "I'm really pissed off!" [angry] "so pissed right now" and different again from, "taking the piss" / [out of someone/mocking] - a "piss-take" if you will lol
  14. Does this fkn wrench actually believe what she says? I realize its all about division etc, but at this point does she really believe the CNNers still take what she says seriously.. She'll have hers, eventually.
  15. typo Mr Literal. I specifically said neo-nazis in both my previous posts
  16. they've been banging that drum since I first moved there in 2011.... and it's only been "ethnic" immigrants who committed horrendous violent crimes; that chocolate shop siege in Sydney and that nutter who went nuts in Burke St mall in Melbs. they've recently start here too.... as if! Action Zealandia, NZ's largest neo-Nazi group, on the hunt for new recruits 9 Aug, 2021 05:30 PM A neo-Nazi group is attempting to recruit more members across Aotearoa. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/action-zealandia-nzs-largest-neo-nazi-group-on-the-hunt-for-new-recruits/BK56VEKDR5AJE2CMBVNAX2DKRA/ Fucking desperate to cause division and to get people to rat on each other (if they suspect their friend has been radicalized!) Strangely enough it was some weirdo from another country who did the false flag in Christchurch (they said he was a white supreme pizza but he had questionable ties to Israel) and it was a Muslim refugee who went on a stabbing rampage in an Auckland supermarket recently and an Indian witness said it appeared he was targeting white people! Nazis there may be, but I'd imagine they just hang out, drink piss and rant to each other about the glorious Reich. lol
  17. was reading that yesterday I think... nothing shocks me coming out of Deutschland now - not after that live arrest of some Dr (who disagreed with convid) live while he was doing a youtube stream and then when a judge overruled the mask in school mandate the Feds overruled him and then raided his home and took all his electronics. https://ukhumanrightsblog.com/2021/04/28/german-judge-under-police-surveillance-after-ruling-compulsory-mask-wearing-in-schools-unconstitutional/ I know Germany has a similar set up to the US re; States/Federal etc, but I don't think the individual states have as many rights set in stone like the US..
  18. hahaha... that's funny! I saw a pic of something that had hung a HANG DAN effigy off a freeway overpass earlier..life size hanging by a rope around it's neck.. Dan wants to outlaw "ridicule" too. We have similar new laws, not as hardcore as the Scottish ones (where you can't say mean things about protected groups in your own home) but more "minority protection" and the nobody minister mumbled things like mocking politicians... he couldn't explain it... it's one of those "open to interpterion" ones.. The government is considering creating a new, clearer hate speech offence in the Crimes Act, removing it from the Human Rights Act. That would mean anyone who "intentionally stirs up, maintains or normalises hatred against a protected group" by being "threatening, abusive or insulting, including by inciting violence" would break the law. The punishment for hate speech offences could also increase - from up to three months' imprisonment or a fine of up to $7000, to up to three years' imprisonment or a fine of up to $50,000. The groups protected from hate speech could also grow - the government is considering changing the language and widening the incitement provisions in the Human Rights Act. https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/political/445495/hate-speech-govt-plans-new-law-tougher-penalties You'd have to go looking pretty hard to find any real "Aryan Supremacists" who believe Europeans are better than others, and even harder to find real Neo-Nazis' - somewhere in the Southern USA/Alabama maybe! lol such a subversion of an powerful symbol - people probably have no idea of it's significance for many, many ancient cultures across the globe!
  19. Saw this today and knew I'd seen Temple Priests somewhere in here. I've seen all the European elite do it, but first time I've seen these two halfwits do it... oh pLUease... try harder bitches, you won't be welcomed in the club...you know too much.... useful idiots, you'll be lined up against the wall and shot.
  20. Pope warns of ‘threat of antisemitism in Europe’ during Hungary visit In whirlwind trip to Budapest, Pope Francis meets with anti-immigration premier Viktor Orban, meets leaders of local Jewish community Pope Francis warned on Sunday of “the threat of antisemitism” in Europe and beyond in an address to Christian and Jewish leaders during a brief visit to Hungary, where he also met anti-migration premier Viktor Orban. “I think of the threat of antisemitism still lurking in Europe and elsewhere. This is a fuse that must not be allowed to burn. And the best way to defuse it is to work together, positively, and to promote fraternity,” the pontiff said. During the ceremony, held in the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest, Francis met with leaders of the Hungarian Jewish community, the largest in Central Europe, estimated to number between 47,000 and 130,000 people. The pontiff met Zoltan Radnoti, the chairman of the rabbinical council of the Mazsihisz Jewish umbrella group in Hungary, and the group’s president Andras Heisler, as well as two representatives from the reform-progressive community. Radnoti presented the pope with a silver pointer used during public readings of the Torah. The pointer was specially made for the occasion by a goldsmith whose parents are Holocaust survivors. Francis’s meeting on Sunday with Orban — whose tough views on migration clash with those of the pontiff — has raised eyebrows among papal observers. Pro-Orban media and political figures have launched barbs at the pontiff, calling him “anti-Christian” for his pro-refugee sentiments, and the “Soros Pope,” a reference to the Hungarian-born liberal US billionaire George Soros, who is reviled by the right. https://www.timesofisrael.com/pope-warns-of-threat-of-antisemitism-in-europe-during-hungary-visit/ Israeli paper dropping many mentions of "immigration" and even Soros in an article about the Pope in Hungary.
  21. Jewish Ohio Senate candidate compares Biden’s vaccine mandate to the Gestapo Josh Mandel urges supporters not to ‘comply with the tyranny’; Jewish groups slam ‘disgraceful’ and ‘hateful’ comparisons Mandel instructed his social media viewers not to comply with the requirement. In doing so, he compared Biden to the Gestapo, the Nazi secret police force that played a major role in carrying out the Holocaust. “I call on my fellow Americans: Do not comply,” he said. “Do not comply with the tyranny, and when the Gestapo show up at your front door, you know what to do.” Mandel is among the latest in a lengthening list of public figures, including Republican lawmakers, who have compared vaccine mandates and other public health regulations to the Holocaust and Nazi Germany. Holocaust scholars are united in categorically opposing such statements, explaining that there’s no comparison between public health measures and the genocide of six million Jews. His video drew outrage from other Jewish activists and organizations. The American Jewish Committee tweeted that Mandel’s statement was “disgraceful” and “hateful.” https://www.timesofisrael.com/jewish-ohio-senate-candidate-compares-bidens-vaccine-mandate-to-the-gestapo/
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