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  1. 14 minutes ago, Weedo said:

    Where is apartheid promoted? Just read the first post on here, with you being a star supporter of the pro apartheid side.. 

    I have not promoted apartheid. The closet thing I've said to that is saying the Peoples of South Africa haven't faired well since 1994, only the Elites. Stop making shit up you little s-weasle!


    17 minutes ago, Weedo said:

    Your tactic of saying we may not call to account the millions killer by white people, because there were thousands killed by brown people won't work. 

    I haven't said that either... I just staunchly say White People have apologised enough for the wrongs of the past 500 years and the fact you dismiss the entirety of recorded history is another s-weasly way you continue to make it White Man Bad. Furthermore, you arrogantly say no land, or apologies have been made, when they actually have of which you ignore, of course...


    21 minutes ago, Weedo said:

    e girl in Austria is very sad. But on a bigger scale, it is meaningless

    you're a nasty little s-weasle aren't you.. go read your book of Peace.


    22 minutes ago, Weedo said:

    who stole the new Zealand island

    clearly haven't read above, it wasn't stolen.. looking even more silly..


    23 minutes ago, Weedo said:

    Even when the white crusaders took over jeruslam, they were more bloody than anybody else who took it ever since maybe the babylonians

    Not as bloody as the Muslim conquest of the Middle East and North Africa. Convert by the sword or die.. no turning the other cheek for anyone.


    24 minutes ago, Weedo said:

    The white blood lines of the semites and the white blood lines of the reptilian sons of Satan. And the satanic 'aryan' races,

    More hatred of White People, satanic now! Hey-Zeus Christ.


    No, Europeans are not Semites.


    plural noun: Semites
    1. a member of any of the peoples who speak or spoke a Semitic language, including in particular the Jews and Arabs.
      Derived from Shem, one of the three sons of Noah in the Book of Genesis: ie; not native European beliefs.
      27 minutes ago, Weedo said:

      those evil people like Bill gates and Co... Who represent those reptilian lines - who are mostly white.

      I think you'll find they're only "white" when it suits a narrative.. They have other Tribal allegiances...Most of the bloodlines are interdimensional,  If you were researching the info on this forum you would know this...


      Why are you even here...

  2. 10 minutes ago, Weedo said:

    The only reason why the Maori were treated with more respect than other colonial victims, is because they kicked their white occupiers asses! 


    I said they were warriors, from centuries of waring with each other as before the British turned up they were killing, enslaving and eating each other enmass.... but European technology kicked their skirt covered bums, albeit after much bloodshed and the peace was mutual because the Maori saw what advantages the European culture would provide, like trade, guns etc



    13 minutes ago, Weedo said:

    You can read more

    don't come here telling ME to read more about MY own country and provide links! you have some freaking nerve.



    13 minutes ago, Weedo said:

    Once head of state of NZ is Maori...then that is a step

    Firstly, there are no more full blooded Maori left. However, there are currently 29 out of 121 MPs in Parliament who identify as Maori.  People who identify as Maori on the census make up roughly 17% of the population so if anything they're currently over represented. Secondly, there's nothing stopping a person who identifies as Maori getting themselves successfully nominated as Leader of Party and then going on to win an election in their own right. Nothing. They're not victims or oppressed or "systematically" 2nd class or whatever media/cultural marxist talking point you want to add.


    23 minutes ago, Weedo said:

    As a white guy living in NZ, I wouldn't really feel like it was my native land. Maybe I'd feel a spiritual connection to the earth to some extent, but I'd still feel European if I'm ethnically from europe.

    That's you... however it is the country of my birth of which I'm eternally grateful for my luck, however, if you haven't noticed, I'm also hugely passionate about my European heritage, specifically Britain (I have dual citizenship and have lived there for almost 10 years in my 20s) so I feel connected to both and I'm not going to stand by on this subforum and not say anything when you come in here talking shit, demonising and denigrating my people and my culture and heritage and demand me (and my children) atone for the past and I'm most certainly not going to let you get away with shit-talk nonsense as above and crow holier than thou in this particular subforum saying I'm condoning rape and murder by not demonising my ancestors! 


    PS. I notice you NEVER reply to my significant points... you ALWAYS just try and twist the conversation back to White Man Bad...Every.Single.Time.  You're disingenuous and/or brainwashed and obviously have an anti-European agenda and this subforum is not the place for you... unless you bring some constructive points to the table. which, in my opinion, you don't.

  3. 1 hour ago, Weedo said:

    Well running away isn't the solution, and won't compensate for the millions killed or raped or kicked from their homes. It's such a horrible feeling. I once had someone try and kick me out of my home. It's really an indescribable sensation of horror. And the sheer numbers and scale. I'm a religious guy. I don't believe our actions can ever make up for our mistakes. But our attitude can. A humble apology and full hearted attempt can come a long way. 


    If I was a white man living on stolen land like Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, America, etc etc, I'd do the following FOR GOD'S SAKE. 


    1. I'd get to know tribal elders if possible of the area I live in and be friends with them, while apologising for what my ancestors did. And basically get a spiritual visa from them. 


    2. I'd push political parties, movements and organisations that work towards indigenous people's rights and receiving of stolen lands and compensation. Step by step, even if it starts with symbolic gestures and kind words. 


    3. I'd study the native communities language, culture and religion, and try to assimilate as much as I can to them, and learn from them.


    4. I'd root for natives to become leaders of the lands. 


    5. I'd make a communication campaign to keep the memory alive of all the victims and extinguished tribes, as well as root for having national days and holidays based on local customs and special dates and events. 


    Just some examples. 


    Having the mentality of "yeah so what! My parents stole your land and fucked your daughters and killed your parents, but that's OK, because the Chinese and the ottomans did the same to people" just won't fly. 

    I'm from New Zealand and your LIST just proves you know NOTHING!


    1. Not apologising, Maori people would find it insulting to their Mana not to mention fucking weird and the Govt has already done so on my behalf years ago... and I don't need no "spiritual visa" from anyone...


    2. Already done.. started in the 90s.


    3. Te Reo (Maori language) has been the second official language since the 90s and as I said I grew up learning it at primary school, it's now compulsory. They openly assimilated with Us - they don't run around in grass skirts eating each other anymore.


    4. They are already.


    5. Already exists. Waitangi Day and Matariki. 


    6. No settler in NZ stole land. Almost all of the deep south/Otago where the first settlers colonised was not unpopulated (too cold) and much of the land in the North Island was legitimately SOLD, for example the whole of the Wellington city area and the Treaty of Waitangi was signed by the major chiefs and the Crown in 1840 agreeing to British control of the country in its entirety.. Yes there was a cultural misunderstanding (both ways) because the Maori didn't have an understanding of individual private ownership and the British didn't know the Maori didn't understand this, however, VAST amounts of land, both private and Crown (public) has been returned to the Tribes including significant locations like Mountains for example and the Lakes and Rivers (Lakes and Rivers even have human-like rights) 


    My ancestors never killed anyone... And you will find it was British troops under orders of the Crown who did the killing, and selling of guns to other Maori so they could kill each other instead of using clubs before eating them.


    If you're going to be so arrogant and condescending, at least get your facts straight before mouthing off over things you don't know about.. only makes you look silly.




    I don't know where you live, but if you're a Muslim from a Mid-Eastern country, I hope you've got your spiritual visa from the Iranian embassy - the modern day Sassanids whom the early Muslims conquered and I hope you ask Zoroaster as well as Mohammod for permission to exist first.





    The Treaty of Waitangi is New Zealand’s founding document. It takes its name from the place in the Bay of Islands where it was first signed, on 6 February 1840. This day is now a public holiday in New Zealand. The Treaty is an agreement, in Māori and English, that was made between the British Crown and about 540 Māori rangatira (chiefs).

    Growing numbers of British migrants arrived in New Zealand in the late 1830s, and there were plans for extensive settlement. Around this time there were large-scale land transactions with Māori, unruly behaviour by some settlers and signs that the French were interested in annexing New Zealand. The British government was initially unwilling to act, but it eventually realised that annexing the country could protect Māori, regulate British subjects and secure commercial interests.


    The Treaty is a broad statement of principles on which the British and Māori made a political compact to found a nation state and build a government in New Zealand. The document has three articles. In the English version, Māori cede the sovereignty of New Zealand to Britain; Māori give the Crown an exclusive right to buy lands they wish to sell, and, in return, are guaranteed full rights of ownership of their lands, forests, fisheries and other possessions; and Māori are given the rights and privileges of British subjects.


    The Treaty in Māori was deemed to convey the meaning of the English version, but there are important differences. Most significantly, the word ‘sovereignty’ was translated as ‘kawanatanga’ (governance). Some Māori believed they were giving up government over their lands but retaining the right to manage their own affairs. The English version guaranteed ‘undisturbed possession’ of all their ‘properties’, but the Māori version guaranteed ‘tino rangatiratanga’ (full authority) over ‘taonga’ (treasures, which may be intangible). Māori understanding was at odds with the understanding of those negotiating the Treaty for the Crown, and as Māori society valued the spoken word, explanations given at the time were probably as important as the wording of the document.


    Early Crown policy

    Many Māori prospered economically during the 1840s and 1850s. They supplied vital produce and labour to the fledgling European settlements. Māori agricultural goods found Australian markets, making a significant contribution to New Zealand's revenue. Māori communities obtained loans for flour mills, agricultural implements and ships, and there was investment in Māori health and education.

    Despite mutual mistrust at first, by the early 1850s the Treaty relationship seemed generally positive. Amalgamation was a key part of the relationship. Māori would share the rights and privileges of British subjects under a common system as indicated in the terms of the Treaty and early colonial laws.


  4. 53 minutes ago, Weedo said:

    that I see people openly advocating apartheid racial legal double standards and racial segregation


    1 hour ago, Weedo said:

    I see that those people have not gotten any form of revenge, nor compensation. They did not get their lands back. They didnt get any blood money.. No eye for an eye. Not even an eye for a thousand eyes. 

    Stop commenting on things you clearly know nothing about...Yes... Native peoples of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and even the United States have been on the receiving end of BILLIONS of $ in reparations in leu of spiritual/cultural damage, MILLIONS of hectares of land has been given back and formal apologies by the Heads of State given on multiple occasions and the trauma and nastiness of the past was never whitewashed from our (colonial countries) history books (NZ)...



    I'm totally going to play into your game of entrapment here, but in some ways, western culture is better than some others... we had completely abandoned the backwards an eye for an eye barbaric mentality by the time of the Enlightenment and the great Age of Discovery...


    ..in saying that, there was also a second instalment of a famous Book that highly emphasised turn the other cheek, love thy neighbour and idea has had a profound impact on the West for 2000 years....as opposed to stoning woman to death and cutting heads off.

    1 hour ago, Weedo said:

    So from my perspective, I see the only peaceful solution to the average non white youth, that white people acknowledge it, and push really hard to show to the world that they are not like the past people.

    yeah European youth aren't like their forbearers and haven't been for many, many generations.. my 95 YO Granny died a couple of years ago after holding her great-grand daughter...she wasn't a racist or held any one in contempt for the colour of their skin.. she was 3 and came from a poor fishing village in the far north of Scotland on a boat to NZ so she wasn't privileged either... none of my ancestral lines going back many generations recorded were Elitist.. but they were settlers who bought a ticket to the New World and made a better life for their family than Victorian Britain offered at the time worked hard and made a go of it... so thus, I have no reason to apologise to the Maori people of New Zealand let alone Native Americans or Africans.


    Furthermore because, from your perspective, you're obviously brainwashed by the Cultural Marxist Critical theories and spout word-for-word what the media is fermenting, there's no helping you get a deeper understand what's going on here... makes me wonder why you're even on this type of "conspiracy" forum if your perspective on this matter is straight out of the Frankfurt School repackaged for the 21stC #alllivesmatter



    This is Leonies Eltern, she was just 13-years-old when she was kidnapped, raped, tortured and murdered by a gang of Afghan asylum seekers in Austria last month. Then there protests because the media released details of the perpetrators ethnicity because it was "racist". Her name will not appear all over the world in newspaper headlines, her name will not be heard on news reports and politicians around the globe will not make statements about her death. There will be no demands to *SAY HER NAME* or *WHITE CHILDRENS LIVES MATTER* on social media. Her death will be swept under the carpet along side the tens of thousands of others, another sacrifice on alter of "tolerance" and forced multiculturalism of Europa...


    May be an image of 1 person, standing and outdoors


    Have her eyes been enough? Has her European blood quenched your projection of colonialised peoples so-called, thirst?

    Has her life and the 10s of thousands of other European children deaths been enough "revenge" for colonial sins (even though Austria never held colonial possessions)?

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  5. 2 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

    Why is it shocking on a forum based in Europe, that probably has many Europeans, to have have content about European heritage?

    and then come to a very specific subthread and start demanding European peoples bow down and felt guilt or "silence" means you accept rapists and murders "a criminal today in waiting".. because of course,  "white supremacy" then it's SHOCKING why some people (myself) gets a little feisty and tells him where to go.... oh yes... it's because I think white people are better and I should hate myself because Native Americans were killed... and now this whole forum has a neo-nazi vibe! the nerve of some people....un-fkn-believable



    1 hour ago, Weedo said:

    Good you openly don't want to condemn rapists, murderers, thieves and liars

    The fact you need to circle back to this just shows me you're either being disingenuous or have a low IQ.. or both.


    1 hour ago, Weedo said:

    who are a big reason for people's anger and justification of negative emotions towards white man.


    if you really had a clue you'd realise this recent animosity has been deliberately socially engineered .....











    How the media shifted the blame from the Bankers to White People after Occupy Wall Street. 





    1 hour ago, Weedo said:

    No need to address causes of effects?



    Again, I did, human nature technological development.. White man has given enough back... when are the Turks going to pay reparations to the Greeks or Armenians? Or Western Civilisation as a whole for the destruction of our antiquities that Constantinople was built on?.. can we ask the Umayyads/Muslims to pay reparations for the destruction of the Visigothic Kingdom and after 700 years of blood spilt getting it back reparations for that - Al-Andalus didn't suffice.... Maybe Spain and Portugal should hit up the Gulf Kingdoms since they're loaded and the Iberian countries are pretty much bankrupt -  ....see, this never ends...  and you'll find, if you did a little digging, ex-Colonial countries have paid "reparations" and formally apologised and given land back many many many times... and it's almost always never reaches the average Joe of the tribe... that's not MY fault.. and again, this is not the thread to brow beat the White man, hence why your not going to find it here....


    And you know why White man isn't crying over the Romans or the above? Because we don't play the victim card, we take our lot in life, (and for a vast number of European peoples that's sweet fanny adams) and we make the most of it...just as the South Koreans have done after the brutal occupation and crimes committed by the Japanese before 1945.


    FYI.. The US has given the Native Peoples BILLIONS of $ over the years and millions of hectares of land back and they make a huge amount from the Casinos...but guess where it goes.... to the Tribal Elites 


  7. 3 minutes ago, Weedo said:

    Or you only care about 'whites'? 

    no, I care about Humans in general.... and love the complexity of cultures.. however, this isn't a thread to bleed hearts about other races... the clue is in the title.... you're hijacking the thread trying to demand those contributing here bow down and condemn our ancestors which I, personally, am not going to do.. not just out of principle, but because there's no need for me to do so... and just because I won't doesn't mean I hate other races, am a White Supremist (which means just a white person breathing these days) or agree with what happened over the past 500 years out of 6000 of recorded history...PO

  8. Just now, Weedo said:

    One must clearly condemn douche bags, and stop making excuses for them. Saying apartheid is justified, or that white people who did atrocities in countless countries aren't responsible, because some satanics were controlling them, is no excuse. 


    Whoever defends and does not condemn criminals of the past, are to me the criminals of today in-waiting. 



    NO ONE on here is DEFENDING the Colonial past or justifying the actions of The Crowned heads of Europe or the Powers that governed the different settlements of the Americas...however, there are explanations for it; technology/human nature - we, as Europeans, are DEFENDING our very right to exist given our continent has been and continues to be at increasing pace invaded by hostile peoples ALL of whom don't like Western culture....then they complain when here, demand poor peoples taxes as benefits, demand we change our laws, cut the heads of our teachers in the streets for TALKING about a cartoon and rape our children in vast numbers... and now our children can't even go to school or leave the house without our own society telling them they're evil... 



    BTW Apartheid just meant apart... if you look at SA over the past 20odd years.. mixing together hasn't faired well.....for anyone, except, of course, the Elites.


    Whoever defends and does not condemn criminals of the past, are to me the criminals of today in-waiting. 

    Again, no utter condemnation of your culture/religiosity - where barbaric practices are STILL occurring... no, just a little "some Muslims are douches" in passing... go look in a mirror... or get off the internet.. you know, the thing that Western culture and that big evil AMERICA developed! And if we're being honest - most of the violent criminals in European countries right now - today in waiting - are who...... yeah... not the native peoples

  9. 18 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


    The thing is, I grew up as a lefty, in a diverse council estate where nobody really thought about colour until all this recent identity politics, and I worked in the hip hop industry. As a young man I basically embraced black culture more than my own and was and still am sympathetic to their suffering.


    It was only when I got sick of the anti-white hate among my peers because they were being radicalized against me that I became a problem, which made me realize that what is going on is not about equality.


    If people didn't start all the anti-white shit then I would probably still be in my old friend group, but they made it clear that they're not friends so what was I supposed to do?

    I'm pretty much the same, only I grew up in a very nice neighbourhood because my Dad had a really good job and after he was made redundant my parents ran hotels and motels so were self employed... however, it was the same in NZ.. race NEVER mattered! NEVER... we have very close Maori family friends and European family friends.. I went to a nice school (not a private school because my parents aren't snobs) and at age 5 in the late 80s I was singing the colours and counting to 10 in Maori as well as English...it didn't mean shit... NZ even started the Waitangi Tribunal to atone for Colonial crimes... albeit they were committed by The Crown.. and BILLIONS upon BILLIONS of $ have been paid in reparations, millions of hectares of land has been repatriated to different tribes (many of whom legitimately SOLD land to the Crown at the time for guns etc so they could continue killing each other)... and guess what happened to it? The Maori Elites took it all, swindled it, pissed it up against the wall and their people are still in poverty.....


    Funnily enough, after the Maori arrived in NZ in the 13C within 200 years they'd already felled a lot of the virgin forest, made the Moa extinct and driven the Mori-ori, who were here first, almost to extinction and left them surviving isolated on the Chattem Islands...then they turned on each other because they're warriors and humans and that's just what we have always done..the stronger the fitter the more technologically advanced has always meant greater survival potential for your peoples offspring.. for wally-weird to cry foul on the "sins" of European Colonialism while believing civilizational history only began 500 years ago just shows he's only here to stir shit.

  10. 4 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

    You have to understand that the ball is in your court with this debate. There are things we can't share here as white people as this forum might get taken down or hacked again.

    I notice he never talks about the atrocious historical behaviour of the Ottomans or the Berbers which I've mentioned several times (side note, maybe if the Ottomans hadn't conquered the Christian City of Constantinople in 1453 the European age of discovery may never happened the way it did as Columbus set off in 1492 to find another route to India as the Muslims had taken over the trade routes to the East)... but what's truly galling.. and the thing that gets on my tits (apart from his circular attempt at arguments) is that out of the forums and subsections he comes to the "Is there an Agenda to reduce the Europeans" where there are 33 pages worth of evidences and yet he has the fucking cheek to saying, over and over "White people deserve" it and tries to justify what's currently happening.. I wish he'd fuck off to another section because as he has made quite clear, numerous times,  he doesn't like European people...and given is hateful posts (which I identified earlier) this isn't the subforum for him to explore the conspiracy...


    And no, I'm not sorry for the sins of the past.. it was the elites of the past, same as today who organised and planned most of atrocities (same as forever, everywhere) everyday folk just had to do what they were told....and most European settlers in the New World were just poor folk risking it all to build a better life for their family and descendants... I refuse to compelled to submit to WHITE MAN BAD and have big 100M native American GENOCIDE posters plastered in this particular subforum.. especially coming from a self confessed Muslim who openly has distain for Europeans and our culture

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  11. 1 minute ago, Human10 said:

    Compassion was sarcastic. I wonder if it was a real event.

    lol I know... I was just adding my 2cents :)


    Who knows these days.. they're playing so many psy-ops all at once to utterly demoralise and exhaust people so there's no strength left in Humanity to fight when it comes time for that (probably when the jabbed start dying enmass)

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  12. If you can believe these numbers (funded by Kill Hates) Ourworldindata..  they've managed to jab a quarter of the global population with at least one jab! 2.08BILLION people..


    The long suffering Chinese have become accustomed to slavery under the vicious CCP's totalitarian State and they have mega cities already built, lying empty, for when the grid goes totally live and the rest are herded in.... makes me wonder what they've got planned to get ride of the millions of poor Africans... the convid jab seems to be a slow/soft kill... going from the recent planned destruction of South Africa, makes me wonder if they will just load the continent up with more firearms and let them take each other out..






  13. 19 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


    They care so much that they don't like us looking into what they believe. lol

    Hence the FACTCHECK! lolz (they've become SO BRAZEN in their hubris of late, but the media still has to rush to stamp NO-EVIDENCE all over it.. just like Jeffrey Epstein - NO EVIDENCE elites rape children etc... I wonder if they still believe we don't know...at least in the past they were more discreet about it about...because the pitchforks would come out..


    Fact check: Videos show G-7 climate demonstrators, not satanic ritual

    Police monitor the 'Red Brigade' group from the Extinction Rebellion environmental activists as they protest in the streets of Falmouth, Cornwall during the G7 summit on June 12, 2021.

    Our rating: False

    The claim that videos and images show satanic rituals taking place in Cornwall isFALSE, based on our research. The footage shows the Blackbirds and the Red Rebel Brigade, climate activist groups that are affiliated with the Extinction Rebellion. The groups put on theatrical performances to draw attention to climate change and are not linked to Satanism.



  14. 14 minutes ago, sarbloh said:

    I always wondered what the effect of giving this juice to the 'apparently' already recovered would do. The studies from what I saw were based on folks (who wouldnt get poorly from it anyway) give then the shot then expose them to some pathogen... 


    It always seemed iffy to me how they didn't give the folks who tested 'positive' a magic pass to say they were immune... Implies that they didn't believe the tests themselves all along 

    Just like how the FDA reversed and said so-called anti-body tests weren't good enough!


    Today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a safety communication informing the public that results from SARS-CoV-2 antibody tests should not be used to evaluate immunity or protection from COVID-19 at any time, and especially after the person received a COVID-19 vaccination.”




    They know its all complete BS and since most people (outside NZ) have now had a bout of so-called SARS-cov-2n (in which the "covid19" dis-ease only manifested itself by killing the old and infirm and hospitalising the obese) they can't use natural antibodies as an normal, SCIENTIFIC, reason for the majority of fit, healthy humans not taking part in this grotesque, dangerous global medical experiment... they know it's BS and they just want to get this potion into every living human being on the planet ASAP for  <insert reason here>  but it's pretty obvious the end game is a majority of us genocided and the living children transformed into Human 2.0 (which also makes the whole push for transgendered children make more sense - on top of the Cultural Marxist destruction of the West) 

  15. 3 hours ago, The Illuminator said:

    The fuckers in charge dont care about religion mate

    Not having a go at you, but the cvnts in charge very much care about religion, it's just not the surface religions us peasants have been told to follow for millennia, it's an ancient religion of Darkness going all the back Babylonians times. And I think they hate Christianity the most for some reason... probably as it represents Western Civilisation which they're hell bend on bringing to its knees ...and probably all that 'niceness' of the New Testament lol

  16. On 7/20/2021 at 8:28 AM, Nemuri Kyoshiro said:

    Some poor bastard just got slapped with an 8-month sentence for going into the US Capitol with a Trump flag. The judge asked his attorney what he thought an appropriate sentence would be. When he gave the answer 'no time', the judge asked if that sentence would really help to heal the country. So now the guy has a felony conviction, will do 8 months, and will have a target on his back. This is nothing compared to what is coming for those who went into the Capitol that day. The prosecution is out for blood.

    I feel for the other poor bastards still in custody... there's talk they're still in solidary confinement and being beaten and tortured each night and being taunted that their wives are going to be raped etc.. hideous stuff....

  17. 1 hour ago, Human10 said:

    Two police officers are 'slashed repeatedly' in front of terrified children in a 'major incident' at a shopping centre


    I find a lot of compassion for an officer who found strength to smile... No gloves but what does she hold in hands - mask? Lol. Professional squad.

    Police outside the New Square shopping centre following the shocking incident today

    Some invisible blood - no problem.

    Pictures from the scene showed a police uniform heaped on the ground outside a Sports Direct





    I never had much "compassion" for the Porkie if they got injured in the line of duty in our non-American western countries (being an Porkie in the US is a waaaaay different kettle of fish than UK/EU/NZ etc) but I respected their job as lawlessness doesn't appeal... however... seeing the way they have treated people from Germany, Spain, Australia, UK, Netherlands, Canada... that respect is well gone.. F them.. I even feel spiteful enough to say good job! (If its true and not just fake news to drum up division etc)

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  18. Trust the SJW womxn of NZ to ruin the first matches! (Having football and the like in the Olympics is another matter that annoys me greatly too) Fuking Marxists infiltrating everything!  (On a side note, the Kiwi womxn doing this probably don't even know what BLM stands for, most people in NZ think it's about "racial justice" (another arbitrary term with no actual meaning) and would have no idea of its far-left/commie/marxist agenda.


    Football Ferns take a knee before opening game of Tokyo Olympics

    Rob Waddell, Chef de Mission of the New Zealand Olympic Committee, said he fully backed the players as they became some of the first Olympic athletes to advocate for social justice under new IOC guidelines.


    I thought the officials said months ago this nonsense was banned, but it would seem they "relaxed it"



    An insider said the message was delivered from on high on Tuesday evening Tokyo time, with a specific reference to Team GB’s women’s first football match against Chile, just hours before it kicked off in Sapporo on Wednesday.


    The image of both teams taking the knee beforehand, in a protest against racism and online hate, was seen on live TV and the gesture was then followed by United States and Sweden players as well as those from New Zealand.

    However none of these powerful pictures were posted on the official Tokyo 2020 live blog, or its Facebook and Twitter pages, or its Instagram site, which has more than half a million followers. They were also not seen on any of the IOC’s social channels.


    The decision also comes despite the IOC recently relaxing Rule 50, which had previously forbidden athletes to make any kind of “demonstration or political, religious or racial propaganda in any Olympic sites, venues or other areas”




    The Olympic guidance in Rule 50 states that unless there are specific exceptions by the IOC’s executive board “no form of advertising or other publicity shall be allowed” in Olympic sites. Part two of the guidelines directly prohibits “demonstration or political, religious, or racial propaganda in Olympic venues. “

  19. 8 minutes ago, ink said:


    To me it just looks like someone put it in the image for 'likes' .... which is sad if correct.

    It looks very much like this last year video and an image from the video looks like this below .... no 'date'




    Video ....





    I remember that coming out waaay before the jab was announced in early December and I questioned how they could have got hold of a packaging so was dubious of its authenticity at the time... (I already knew many traditional jabs used aborted babies) but as it turned out I've since seen photos of the AZ and that packaging was correct..

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