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  1. 2 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


    I know mate, it's cool.


    Just a shame we don't get more shows or films about others groups mobs.


    I am reminded of this clip re; what perhaps Jill must feel like/going through and also why she cannot be thought of as "innocent" (for want of a better term) not only when it comes to Biden, but given Hunter was only 7 when they married she has been the primary 'mother' figure for his 50 years... and look at the history and current state of them both.. funnily enough, it too plays in to all the stereotypes lol



  2. 2 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


    Not looked into Jill much, but interesting maiden name.


    Seems weird to compare them to the Sopranos, I thought it was Rome/Europe that they (not all) have a grudge against because of history, hence why we see all these mafia films and shows that only talk about the Italians.



    Oh I loved that episode!


    I didn't make the Italian connection to Jill's name or mean to make the reference any deeper than just Carmela was a woman who lived a privileged life off the back of her husbands ill gotten gains, specifically organised crime.... which isn't too far from the Biden Family reality. 

  3. 12 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


    Makes me wonder how fvcked up his family (not just Hunter) must be if they're okay with him being used as a tool in such an undignified manner. If that was any normal person's father or grandfather they would be getting him to step down.

    I'm sure they're not okay with it! You can tell by Dr. Jills face it's hard on her.. she's been grimacing since the start of the campaign trail. And I'm sure they are trying - however they hardly have a choice in the matter...or any power to change the situation now, you can't quit the Mafia.  TPTB must have so much dirty laundry on them all. On some level the Devil wants His dues and it seems it's time the Biden Family coughed up.


    We could hardly class Dr Jill as an innocent bystander in all this however - she's been living a life of luxury for decades paid for with her husband's ill gotten gains; a regular Carmela Soprano. She's sat by drinking her champagne and flying first class as he's tirelessly campaigned to turn every black person caught with a joint up into a modern day slave, not to mention voted to invade and strike multiple sovereign nations even before the US went full Samson and bombed the Middle East back to the stone age. She could have been the voice of womanly reason in his ear at nights... (I obviously don't know) but if she did, she didn't try very hard.... over the span of 40 years.


    My sympathy doesn't stretch that far.. I don't even have empathy for their particular brand of heartless hypocritical criminal. And yet the audacity of the family continues to this day with Hunter's obvious money laundering "art deals"... the brazenness is quite outstanding! 







    This is the face of a man who needs immediate, long-term medical care, not one who is mentally alert and aware enough to lead the largest and most powerful government in the history of the world.

    You can’t even blame Joe Biden at this point — it’s clear he has absolutely no clue what the hell is going on.

    The people who control Joe Biden must be held accountable for their crimes against this country.



    Will he last the year? 


  5. 24 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


    Feels like straight up demoralization, that's why I find it hard to watch or laugh at Joey's lunacy.


    If he wasn't such a creepy kiddie sniffer with a monstrous track record I'd feel sorry for him... but I don't.


    I find it hysterical  because everything is clownworld these days only it's deathly serious...but Joe really isn't so at least laughing at his expensive is relatively free from real-world harm.


    But yes, it's total demoralisation: I think that was the point of pushing him through to be the face of the new Regime. If we start from the premise that the TPTB were not going to give Trump another term there were no real other candidates to pretend to be an option: Bolshevik-Bernie? Pete Booty-plug? Pocahontas, the Camel-toe and the dense token Black guy.


    TPTB knew Joe would be a grand demoralisation agent to really strike the soul of the Patriot risings - Globo-homo had to shut that enormous tide of Nationalism down.


    Why not flat out steal the election in broad daylight, not even try to hide it and gas light the American people to really show them not only who's in charge but that there's nothing they can do about it! Then as a DP give them Joe. 

    Extra kink given by the highest law enforcement agencies in the land classifying half the nation as domestic extremists. Take that 1776.


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  6. On 7/28/2021 at 3:29 AM, EnigmaticWorld said:


    Who is whispering in Joey's ear?

    Obomba - from the basement whilst he's in his pyjamas. As he casually reminds Joe to "salute the marines" as he enters the building but Joe says it out loud instead whilst forgetting to salute the marines lol


    (Note too sure about this but I wouldn't dismiss it, especially because the factcheckers were all over it)



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  7. 42 minutes ago, Outsider said:

    Our greatest weapon might well be our intelligence. 



    My 95yo granny was testament to this: spent her day doing crosswords - there were more flies on my mum than on her! lol


    Words and language are powerful tools - they provide base structure to a society and therefore civilisation - the very reason why the Marxists' have made it their number 1 goal to undermine, denigrate and usurp our language and it's syntax: white is black, down is up, girl is man, transgendered family is normal, racial "justice" climate "justice" "critical" this "critical" that... because. bigot...the same kind of approach was taken when the title "Black Lives Matter" was chosen; it's irrefutable because obviously people of African descent lives matter.. saying anything to the contrary leaves you open to be snookered.


    Trotsky's goal - permanent revolution until the birthing of the Socialist Utopia from the ashes - can be achieved if you successfully chip away at all the linguistic pillars and norms. Eventually, whether through sheer exhaustion/confusion/coercion (most normal people) or through indoctrination (the new woke mob/leftists) society can be more easily overthrown because as it's been so hollowed out from within the exhausted are apathetic to preserve what once was and the indoctrinated don't know any different.






    Permanent Revolution in 1917 Russia and Today

    The theory of the permanent revolution can serve as a guide for action for working-class politics, internationalism and strategy for socialism.



    Add a generous helping of Frankfurt School and a blending of decades of "American/British University Elitist" and we have today: even without covid - Western civilisation brought to its knees.


    If we somehow survive the covid-cull, I don't actually know how this can be reversed.. this is going to sound harsh, but as no doubt these types were the first to roll up their sleeves, perhaps it might not be that much of an issue in the new world we will build.

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  8. Covid Mania Down Under: Tape Doors Shut, Stay Off Balconies


    National Rugby League (NRL) players and their families have been banned from their balconies and ordered to tape them shut to stop Covid in parts of Queensland, Australia.


    Australian health officials imposed the draconian measures on NRL families in quarantine hubs in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast after photographers took pictures of residents passing items such as ice lollies and marshmallows to each other from their balconies.


    “You would have seen that imagery of the family hotel where they were sharing goods between verandahs… This is too risky,” railed the Chief Health Officer for Queensland, Dr Jeannette Young, in comments quoted by Daily Mail Australia — which boasts of having “alerted Queensland Health” about the “breaches” in the first place.


    New reports show the lengths to which the authorities are willing to go to enforce what critics have described as a ban on “fresh air”, with Emma Lawrence of 9News Sydney saying that residents have been instructed to tape their balcony doors shut and provide photographic evidence of having done so.


    “While the Chief Health Officer supports the NRL’s temporary move to Queensland, she has made it clear her priority is protecting the health of Queenslanders,” a Queensland Health spokesman said of the measures in comments to news.com.au.


    “She is currently in discussions with the NRL on ways to prevent hotel quarantine breaches, including reducing access to balconies,” the spokesman confirmed, adding:  “The recent breaches by players are inexcusable and place the entire state at risk.”


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  9. British Medical Journal: “Why have so many African leaders died of COVID-19?”


    LONDON — The British Medical Journal (BMJ Global Health) published a study in April entitled “Why have so many African leaders died of COVID-19?” University of Edinburgh (Scotland) researchers found that 24 national government ministers and heads of state died of COVID-19 between February 6, 2020 and February 6, 2021. This demographic died of COVID-19 at a rate “seven times above estimates of the world’s average for a demographic profile of similar sex and age average for the same period,” according to the study.



    Seventeen (17) of the 24 deaths were African ministers and heads of state. Researchers blamed several factors on this unusual trend, including low-quality healthcare, comorbidities, and higher overall mortality rates across the continent. They drew one more interesting conclusion about this strange phenomenon:

    “…the COVID-19-related deaths have been associated with substantial changes in public health policy in cases where the response to the pandemic had initially been contested or minimal. Ministerial deaths may also result in a reconfiguration of political leadership, but we do not expect a wave of younger and more gender representative replacements.”




    Bet someone got a rap on the knuckles for publishing this!

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  10. 16 minutes ago, Freedom Lane55 said:

    I have  seen that video several times already . its true that in the end they can do what they want ,Im just pointing out that you legally dont have to tell them

    I know🙂


    ... they've always been bad, but these bastards really have no shame now. 

    State Authorities have always known this about the aussie cops, and yet they knowingly let them off the leash.


    Their badges are reflective of who they serve.image.jpeg.133580991c55a87bc9de26439fdb60d8.jpeg


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  11. 3 minutes ago, Freedom Lane55 said:

    Under the Privacy Act you dont have to have details of the medical condition on the exemption no matter what they say .Also you can sign a statutory declaration yourself (as it says in the picture" by the person" ) saying you have a medical condition .My sons GP refused him an exemption even though he has asthma so my son has sign a statutory declaration himself stating he doesn't want to wear mask due to a medical coditon . The information about your medical details in confidential between you and your Doctor and here in Australia under the Privacy Act you do not have to tell anyone else what it is .


    The Cheka simply don't care about the so-called rule of law under the New World Order.  Watch how they grab a girls bag and force her to chase them off a train when she stoically said she was under no legal obligation to provide the "medical reason" for her not wearing the shame muzzle.




  12. University of Auckland professor relinquishes role after claiming mātauranga Māori is 'not science'


    A University of Auckland professor has resigned from one of his roles following a backlash to a letter he signed publicly dismissing mātauranga Māori.


    In response to a working group's proposed changes to the Māori school curriculum, which would ensure equality for mātauranga Māori with other bodies of knowledge.



    Prof. disagreed with the detailing of a new course, which was described as promoting “discussion and analysis of the ways in which science has been used to support the dominance of eurocentric views (including its use as a rationale for colonisation of Māori and the suppression of Māori knowledge); and the notion that science is a Western European invention and itself evidence of European dominance over Māori and other indigenous peoples”.


    The letter, published by The Listener, said that although indigenous knowledge may play some role in the preservation of local practices and in management and policy, it “falls far short of what can be defined as science itself”.

    Further on, the authors claimed that shedding light on mātauranga Māori would spread “disturbing understandings of science” and lead to mistrust in science.


    The news comes after the University of Auckland announced a change to its Māori name, in the name of “building respect” for Māori knowledge.


    Critical Race Theory via the backdoor in New Zealand.








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