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    in other Icelandic news


    Iceland is dealing with its fourth wave of coronavirus infections and the picture continues to change rapidly. Here is a summary of the latest news:
    • Women more than 12 weeks pregnant started being vaccinated in Reykjavík this morning and will all have been invited before the end of the day. The decision to vaccinate pregnant women came in light of the latest wave of infection, and also following research indicating the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are safe for use. One woman was arrested this morning for a loud protest at the vaccination centre. The woman scuffled with health workers and resisted arrest, while shouting that the government is murdering unborn babies.


    Iceland. As of July 29, 2021, the Icelandic government has ordered the vaccination of pregnant women over 12 weeks pregnant. A protest was immediately organized. One of the women was arrested. She shouted, "They want to kill the baby!"



  2. 1 hour ago, Golden Retriever said:

    Extroverted, self-centred men less likely to comply with Covid restrictions, study suggests


    This is another attack on men.


    In general I'm disappointed with women. It's the mothers who are putting masks on small children in Spain.  Even now when it's not mandatory to wear them outside, most mothers and children are masked up in the heat😡


    It's mainly women who clapped for the NHS and made those stupid tik tok videos.


    It's mainly female nurses who are injecting everyone with this poison and sticking those tests up peoples' nostrils.


    There has been an obvious agenda in the media for at least a decade to discredit men on so many

    issues, whilst promoting women. And last week I read should it be made illegal to wolf whistle FFS



    Can't have strong men to protect the family/tribe/community.


    It's insufferable.



    2020 Has Been Miserable. Is Extreme Masculinity to Blame?

    Whether it’s the refusal to wear a mask during a pandemic or the win-at-all-costs approach to elections, 2020 has been a banner year for a particularly toxic masculinity, says Peter Glick.


    a de facto “masculinity contest,” Glick says, “it is supremely dysfunctional




    Google. "Glick Surname" 


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  3. Remember after the u-turn on masks and whole plethora of "studies" were published one after the other showing those who were against them were psychopaths?


    Well now "studies" are showing those damn anti-NWO protestors are selfish and stupid. lol How long can they rehash and spit out the same thing over and over.



    Extroverted, self-centred men less likely to comply with Covid restrictions, study suggests

    Non-compliers more likely to leave home to meet friends, for religious reasons, boredom, or because they want to exercise right to freedom



    People who do not comply with Covid-19 pandemic restrictions are mostly male, more extroverted and more likely to put their own self-interests above those of others, suggests a new study of behaviours internationally.


    University of Sydney researchers assessed behaviours and attitudes towards Covid regulations in 1,575 people in Australia, Canada, the UK, and the US between April and May last year, during the first wave of the pandemic.


    The researchers suggest that people who comply with regulations are better informed about Covid-19, as they “reported greater use of official government and health information sources than the non-compliant group”. Non-compliers “tend to check the actual legitimacy of a source less,” said Kleitman. “They [also] tend not to trust official sources and I think that’s a bit of a worry.”


    People who complied with restrictions were more likely to cope positively using strategies including self-distraction, while rule flouters tended to resort to “denial, substance use, and behavioural disengagement”, the researchers found.


    Rule-breakers also had lower measures of “openness/intellect”, a trait the researchers defined as the tendency to seek out novel experiences, and which is distinct from intelligence.


    The non-compliant group was also more likely to perceive restrictions as a threat to individual freedoms.


    Because non-compliers are more likely to disregard moral obligations to others, targeted messaging to that minority may be useful.


    “Maybe the message to them should be how it benefits them: you’re not going to infect yourself and your loved ones. It’s not only good for society, exercising your moral responsibility, it’s good for you.”


    Other measures such as education about how to identify misinformation, or by directing messaging through a variety of digital platforms, could also be beneficial.


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  4. 3 minutes ago, webtrekker said:

    So have they tested the population for antibodies provided by NATURAL IMMUNITY, which are far better than the so-called'immunity' provided by the cot-shots?


    Even if there was a virus that was a 'severe type of flu' it hasn't been allowed to circulate freely through NZ as we're hermetically sealed off from the world. There was even a group of Drs etc who at the time (early 2020) tried making the case for sars-vov-2 to be allowed to circulate naturally while shielding the most at risk... but it was rejected by the govt and denounced in the press.



    St. Jacinda banned anti-body tests right at the start of this shit show....


    Wary of Covid-19 antibody testing kits, Government considers importation ban

    APR 18, 2020  SOURCE:  1 NEWS

    Ministry of Health officials say they have no plans to use antibody testing kits for Covid-19 in New Zealand at the moment, and are even considering restricting their importation based on a lack of evidence.


  5. 5 minutes ago, Bullion said:

    I couldn’t think of anything worse than living in the same place as Bill Gates, Peter Thiel et al. I hope you Kiwis can rid these scumbags from your land when the time comes…..the Maori are some warriors

    They'll tighten the screws on the Maori soon enough, forcing them to take the jab...



  6. offtopic, but LOLZ


    New Zealand rated best place to survive global societal collapse

    New Zealand was found to have the greatest potential to survive relatively unscathed due to its geothermal and hydroelectric energy, abundant agricultural land and low human population density.



    The best place for the "new class"



    From 2018.


    The Sovereign Individual is, in the most literal of senses, an apocalyptic text. Davidson and Rees-Mogg present an explicitly millenarian vision of the near future: the collapse of old orders, the rising of a new world. Liberal democracies will die out, and be replaced by loose confederations of corporate city-states. Western civilisation in its current form, they insist, will end with the millennium. “The new Sovereign Individual,” they write, “will operate like the gods of myth in the same physical environment as the ordinary, subject citizen, but in a separate realm politically.

    Davidson and Rees-Mogg identified New Zealand as an ideal location for this new class of sovereign individuals, as a “domicile of choice for wealth creation in the Information Age”.



    And this is why I believe NZ has been deliberately been allowed to pretty much remain unscathed throughout this whole fiasco. The Elites want these isles to remain psychically unscarred. There's barely any mention of the death jab, compared to elsewhere the propaganda is practically non existent. By not startling the herd they will obediently and dutifully take their depopulation shot when they receive their notification from the doctor no questions asked as the Ministry of Truth has told them it's safe.

  7. Another snap lockdown downunder


    Queensland Covid lockdown: ‘enormous number’ of hotspots expected after six new cases


    South-east Queensland will enter its strictest lockdown of the pandemic for three days, starting at 4pm on Saturday, after the state recorded six new locally acquired cases of Covid-19.

    The stay-at-home orders will apply across 11 local government in the south-east, including Brisbane City, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.


    The deputy premier, Steven Miles, said the lockdown was necessary due to the transmissibility of the Delta strain, with authorities warning there would be an “enormous number” of exposure sites from the current outbreak.



  8. 3 minutes ago, elongated1 said:


    Life is cheap. You are only worth a lollipop. lol

    Americans think their life is worth lot more though..... they get cannibis.

    They don't need the free donuts.


    The Vodafone Events Centre, ready to receive its first wave of locals.

    The Vodafone Events Centre, ready to receive its first wave of locals.

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  9. Who would have thought that the Jewish elite (Pfizer CEO & ruling class) would throw their own people under the bus!


    Pfizer continued their program of using Israelis as lab rats this week as Israel became the first country in the world to authorize a third COVID-19 “vaccine” for those who have already received two Pfizer mRNA shots, beginning with people over the age of 60.


    "The booster shots will be given to those over 60 who received their second dose at least five months ago. Israel is the first country to announce that it will begin giving booster shots," the report says.



  10. image.png.f1cf6f6ac386ed3475416431ec226326.png

    This is Lloyd James Austin III, a retired United States Army four-star general and is currently the Secretary of Defense in charge of the largest military arsenal in history. Despite being jabbed, he's a little scared of the flu.

  11. 3 hours ago, Prometheus said:

    We should just divide the entire race and put those cowardly, rule addicts in underground cities where they can feel safe and be narcissistic in peace. They don't like freedom. They crave rules, laws and mandates. They are subjugated at heart and it's not what we want.


    Generations of indoctrination (toxic masculinity, feelings over logic, trust the media/govt) has had the desired socially engineered results we're seeing today. Western societies divided between the weak-willed eternal victims and the demoralised apathetic. Technology aside, the TPTB could never have pulled this off for so long even a decade ago. The time was ripe.


    Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary  Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." - Benjamin Franklin:  ConservativeKiwi

  12. 19 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


     “All the war propaganda, all the screaming and lies and hatred, comes invariably from people who are not fighting.”

    ― George Orwell

    Blackpilled videocasts always leave me feeling a little blackpilled lol

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  13. NZ opens it's first mass-execution centre.


    One every 90 seconds: 3500 jabbed at NZ's first Covid-19 mass vaccination event

    Twelve vaccinators have been working in 242 booths and more than 3000 lollipops have been given out.





    Struggle to find people who want vaccine will 'help us learn' - Ardern


    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says she's not ready to write off this weekend's COVID-19 mass vaccination event as a failure before it's even happened. 

    Health authorities struggled to fill the Manukau event's 15,000 slots, with fewer than a quarter of those initially invited signing up. It took another 140,000 invites to Aucklanders - some not in priority groups or even from the south Auckland area - to book it out. 


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  14. This clip is from only 2016 - why he wasn't locked far away in a 'safe place' similar to when the Thatcher woman lost the plot.... I can only think it's karmic...


    Or... he's been completely replaced, either some sort of clone (that's rapidly breakingdown) or is just a total hologram because this is NOT the same person......




    2007 - not the same person.




  15. 9 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


    Not sure what you're talking about bro. /s



    WASHINGTON, July 28 (Reuters) - U.S. President Joe Biden spoke out against anti-Semitism after officials said that a swastika had been found carved into the wall of a U.S. State Department elevator.

    "Let me be clear: Anti-Semitism has no place in the State Department, in my administration, or anywhere in the world. It's up to all of us to give hate no safe harbor and stand up to bigotry wherever we find it," Biden tweeted late on Tuesday.

    Earlier in the day, a State Department spokeswoman told reporters the swastika had been discovered on Monday and that Secretary of State Antony Blinken had addressed the incident with department staff.



    What's the bet it's yet another hHoax #alexandriaocasiosmollett. #whatchadoingthererabbi

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