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  1. 7 minutes ago, Freedom Lane55 said:

    This tyranny and censorship is reaching desperation levels here


    facebook fine virus.PNG


    Imagine a cross between the current draconian police state of Australia, the vaccination schedule of Israel (I think these current trump China atm) add some fully operational satellites and we will have an idea of our collective global future..



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  2. Remember that guy who was boasting about taking three different branded shots?


    It think it's the same guy.....


    died Friday at age 65 on a boat in Turkey. His family reportedly attributed his passing to natural causes.




  3. NZ is killing the people of the Pacific Islands, by force...


    Found on twitter, so I decided to do a little digging before jumping to conclusions...

    The Tokelau atolls are a sovereign country, but come under NZ's dominion.


    Families members and Tribal Elders on the Atolls are threatening refuseniks with banishment from the islands.







    Of course we have this as a side note:


    St. Jacinda  Ross Adern 20 yrs NZ police - Criminal Investigation Branch then policing - police chief to - Offshore Tax Havens in Pacific

    2013 NZ High Commissioner to tax haven Niue

    2018 NZ Administrator of Tokelau






    And then I found this....


    Pfizer vaccine roll-out begins in Covid-free Tokelau

    22 July 2021


    Tokelau's Nukunonu atoll began its vaccination process today after receiving its delivery of the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine on Monday, courtesy of the New Zealand Navy Patrol Vessel HMNZS Wellington.


    The Tokelau atolls' population was 1499 in the 2016 Census. For Nukunonu, which is home to approximately 420 people, vaccinations started today for the first eligibility group: including people aged 16 and over, with an exemption for pregnant women. This group represents about 300 people out of the entire population.


    Perez passed on a special thank you to Ross Ardern, the Administrator of Tokelau. Ardern has been involved with the vaccination project from its inception.

    New Zealand and Tokelau share close political ties. The Tokelau atolls, which lie midway between Hawaii and New Zealand, have been a New Zealand territory since 1925.


    As the HMNZS Wellington arrived Deputy Director of Public Health, Alapati Tavite, and National General Manager, Aukusitino Vitale were the first at Nukunonu wharf:

    "We have received all the vials and consumables that were requested…this has been a dream for the people of Nukunonu and Tokelau as a whole," Tavite said.


    The HMNZS Wellington docked in Nukunonu around 12.30pm on Monday, 19 July. Due to poor weather conditions the vaccine and consumables for the vaccination were transported by dinghy rather than helicopter.


    Navy personnel transporting the vaccine were careful to maintain a safe distance from Tokelau officials and locals, who were on the wharf, and took measures to reduce any possibility of Covid-19 transmission.


    The vaccination programme, which is mandatory on all Tokelau atolls, will take three days (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) to vaccinate the eligible age group.


    170 people received their first shot today out of the target 192 people on Nukunonu to be vaccinated.

    The vaccination programme will continue at 8am tomorrow and end on Thursday, 22 July. Tokelau is planning to receive the second Pfizer dose on 10 August, of this year.









    Videocast with people who know the situation on the ground.


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  4. On 7/27/2021 at 5:12 AM, zArk said:

    Next up 


    Facial recognition camera to detect covid or wearable tech




    The state of this BS below....








    A security man uses the EDE scanner, a new screening system  ..



    Covid-19: How wearable band technology could help detect signs of coronavirus


    A new app, connected to wearable smart devices, could detect Covid-19 in border workers before they have any symptoms of the disease.

    The Ministry of Health announced on Thursday it would trial the ëlarm app, which uses artificial intelligence technology to inform wearers of early physiological changes in their body. Up to 500 border workers could take part in the trial, which would run until early May.

    Users of the app receive alerts if they are becoming unwell, several days before symptoms appear, a ministry spokesperson said.

    The app can be connected to wearable devices such as smartwatches and fitness trackers, including Fitbit and Apple Watch.



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  5. On 7/26/2021 at 1:41 AM, webtrekker said:

    We're a country of wimps. There'll be no change here.

    I think it's because Great Britain hasn't been "invaded" by a external hostile army for almost a thousand years, unlike the countries on the continent....there's no memory of having to literally fight tooth and claw for you and your family's survival (I realise there have been countless civil wars). Also the Magna Carta and the Westminster Parliamentary system has, by in large, afforded most citizens a peace of mind so again no memory of having to fight for rights and freedoms...if that make sense...


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  6. 11 minutes ago, oddsnsods said:


    police are clearly marching with them not like our pigs.

    Probably those that are aligned to the Military who wrote those letters to the Macaroon the other month..... they're probably the ones at the ready should a coup take place.. unlike these ones..


    I'm sure there will be no Swiss Guard should the peasants come for the Macaroon head however...


  7. Was wondering how long he'd last being so outspoken and critical....


    Tuckers next....


    YouTube has reportedly banned Sky News in Australia from posting to their 1.85M followers for allegedly breaching the platforms Covid misinformation policy.

    Sky News Australia, which usually publishes dozens of videos a day, hasn't posted a video for more than two days to the platform. The news channel continues to post as usual to their Facebook page.

    The suspension follows the Daily Telegraph cancelling Sky News presenter Alan Jones' column.

    Alan Jones has been an outspoken critic of the government's Covid mandates since the pandemic began.

  8. 13 minutes ago, Macnamara said:

    i haven't. what was the gist?

    Something along the lines of once they've collected up the divine sparks and fixed the shattered vessels (or however that goes) next up would be returning the Earth to its original divinity - Utopia.




    Beware the World to Come.

    Front Cover





  9. 2 minutes ago, Macnamara said:

    kabbalistic sabbatean elite


    they have thrown poor jews under the bus before for example in germany in the 1930's

    Exactly.. who would have thunk it! lol


    Funnily enough we were never taught about the Transfer Agreement at school.. or how no official Nazi documentation specifically stating their so-called diabolical scheme to exterminate the Jewish people from the face of the Earth was ever found.

    I had to discover this for myself: Expulsion absolutely. Extermination not so much.


    However the game has changed now and I believe the Lurianic Kabbalists want to exterminate all the Jewish people; they hate them and they've served their purpose now Israel exists and is a power centre, they're not needed once the Temple is built as only the Priestly Class is required to make sacrifices (although I've heard it said that all family records were lost in 70AD, but no doubt they'd just make something up).


    Offtopic but have you seen Adam Greens podcasts with Christopher Jon Bjerknes regarding the what they want the "future" to be? A return to when Adam was androgynous.  

  10. 32 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


    Completely intolerant


    They want total control over everyone and everything


    I don't think people have really grasped the level of control freakery that we are going to see being pushed by the cabal to create their new world order


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  11. Victoria's doing it's little Wuhan trick again, locking down an entire apartment of people.


    On Saturday night, 20 residents in a Richmond apartment block were ordered to begin 14 days of mandatory quarantine after being informed the building was a Tier 1 exposure site.


    Residents told 7NEWS health authorities had said a resident has tested positive for COVID-19 with the exposure period ranging from July 22 to 26.

    The building, which has been cordoned off with ‘no entry’ signs,.



    in other Icelandic news


    Iceland is dealing with its fourth wave of coronavirus infections and the picture continues to change rapidly. Here is a summary of the latest news:
    • Women more than 12 weeks pregnant started being vaccinated in Reykjavík this morning and will all have been invited before the end of the day. The decision to vaccinate pregnant women came in light of the latest wave of infection, and also following research indicating the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are safe for use. One woman was arrested this morning for a loud protest at the vaccination centre. The woman scuffled with health workers and resisted arrest, while shouting that the government is murdering unborn babies.


    Iceland. As of July 29, 2021, the Icelandic government has ordered the vaccination of pregnant women over 12 weeks pregnant. A protest was immediately organized. One of the women was arrested. She shouted, "They want to kill the baby!"



  13. 1 hour ago, Golden Retriever said:

    Extroverted, self-centred men less likely to comply with Covid restrictions, study suggests


    This is another attack on men.


    In general I'm disappointed with women. It's the mothers who are putting masks on small children in Spain.  Even now when it's not mandatory to wear them outside, most mothers and children are masked up in the heat😡


    It's mainly women who clapped for the NHS and made those stupid tik tok videos.


    It's mainly female nurses who are injecting everyone with this poison and sticking those tests up peoples' nostrils.


    There has been an obvious agenda in the media for at least a decade to discredit men on so many

    issues, whilst promoting women. And last week I read should it be made illegal to wolf whistle FFS



    Can't have strong men to protect the family/tribe/community.


    It's insufferable.



    2020 Has Been Miserable. Is Extreme Masculinity to Blame?

    Whether it’s the refusal to wear a mask during a pandemic or the win-at-all-costs approach to elections, 2020 has been a banner year for a particularly toxic masculinity, says Peter Glick.


    a de facto “masculinity contest,” Glick says, “it is supremely dysfunctional




    Google. "Glick Surname" 


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