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    "I would like to tell you that this is worse, it is more insidious, it effects more people....there is a hypocrisy in the public narrative..to say that we are doing this to protect the old ..I would love to die in a State that gives me freedom"💔


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  2. 2 hours ago, shadowmoon said:

    It's their 'cases' trick being now played on the Indian population. 


    2 hours ago, cubby1962 said:

    Hope you haven't booked a holiday...now it's a triple mutant..that's pretty bad.

    'We're in trouble!' Doctor warns India mutation is 'very infectious and spreading quickly' (msn.com)



    They could actually be right - their graph is taking the same jab/covid death directory as other countries..





    More countries on here

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  3. 2 hours ago, Human10 said:

    Meanwhile let's back to horror stories... Of course comments are off.




    More lies lies lies.....  stock footage from 5 years ago - people dressed up playing with fire lol


    Remember those Wuhan ones hahahahaha - I know the death numbers were astronomical - killing whole families even some Drs said - overseas... anyone snap someone dropping in the street?

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  4. Perth going into another 3 day lockdown! - conveniently timed for ANZAC national long weekend!  Fucking cants ruining business' and peoples holiday plans!





    Trans-Tasman bubble: Travel paused between New Zealand and Western Australia due to Covid-19 outbreak



  5. BOOM!


    NZ Mainstream media has had to finally acknowledge the High Court challenge! (which I'm taking as a win for the people of my country, for now) And, surprisingly, the article was pretty based and clear cut with only a little jab back from some Dr Helen Petousis-Harris bitch.


    However some very small reporting giving some numbers about rollout "but some areas lagging" is code, like in Aussie, for people aren't rollin' up their sleeve - but as I'm refusing to believe any 'numbers' from any govt, they prob not right... but no doubt they're still jabbin' some up because I'm seeing people chattle about deaths..



    Proceedings filed in the High Court questioning the legality of the vaccine roll out

    23 Apr, 2021 08:21 AM3 minutes to read
    High Court coat of arms, Wellington, New Zealand. Photo / Ross Setford

    High Court coat of arms, Wellington


    The legality of Aotearoa's vaccine roll out has been called into question in proceedings filed in the High Court at Wellington.


    Documents put forward to court by Nga Kaitiaki Tuku Ihu Inc claim the Medicines Act was breached and seeks a declaration that the vaccination rollout is unlawful.

    They also state that there is a lack of coherent research on the effects or risks of the Pfizer vaccine for use on elderly, immunocompromised, pregnant women or people using medicines.


    But Auckland University vaccines expert Dr Helen Petousis-Harris said after 100 million doses, the vaccine was hardly experimental, and the idea that it could be was nonsense.


    Counsel for the applicant, Nelson-based lawyer Sue Grey, said she has done a lot of investigating on behalf of the group of "concerned citizens" and said she identified "serious legal failings" in the way the vaccine had been approved in New Zealand.

    The action has been brought against the Minister of Health and the director general of health, as well as Jacinda Ardern, among others.


    Proceedings were filed in the High Court at Wellington last Thursday and Grey said they had a teleconference with a judge on Monday and Wednesday this week.

    The High Court at Wellington has confirmed there is a substantive hearing on Wednesday, May 12.


    Grey said their opposition to the rollout includes how it was approved under provisional consent, which she said was intended for cases with a limited number of people. She claimed the Government had focused on a PR campaign and made "misleading and deceptive claims".


    "The idea that everyone must have it, and they must have it or they'll lose there job is a huge change from how other treatments have been approved in the past."

    Grey said the group was made up of people from around New Zealand, and said it had sort of become a hub of people to question the what some say is "propaganda" from the Government.


    The plaintiffs also seeks the Government to halt the vaccination rollout plan.

    As well as this, the document also states there was a breach of the Fair Trading Act, and is in breach of the Bill of Rights.


    Petousis-Harris told the Herald this action was extremely unhelpful and deeply disappointing when there is no data to prove what they're saying.


    "It's been through the same size clinical trials as is desirable for vaccines."


    She said more than a billion doses of Covid-19 vaccines had been administered globally to date.



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  6. Get this guy... fking disgusting


    Asking DELIBERATE inflamed questions - cutting, splicing and uploading it to twat; as a "gritty on the streets journalist" you can just picture him, sitting back to watch America burn; as white people share this and go nuts over black people and then as black people start murdering white people... rubbing his hands with glee  - so fucking nasty and sneaky...



  7. 2 hours ago, Pina Colada said:

    Takes narcissism to a whole new strata.

    (I mean the one saying she didn't want to talk publicly about breaking off her engagement, then yabbering on for hours about it. I'm assuming. I listened for about 1 minute )

    Is she the same person as the photo at the top?

    I don't think she's ugly at all, actually pretty,  but people who have dog shit for a soul, it sort of comes across even on a staged video. Ugghh.


    Yeah same person - the same person as that tiktok wetting herself over getting the jab


    narcissism to a whole new strata. - my thoughts exactly.

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  8. Grief over death of Young Liberal Wilson Gavin after drag queen protest

    President of University of Queensland’s Liberal National Club, who was a staunch conservative and gay, died a day after disrupting a library storytime event


    Wilson Gavin

    The president of the University of Queensland’s Liberal National Club, Wilson Gavin, is believed to have taken his own life on Monday after video of a protest he led in a Brisbane library went viral



  9. I searched but couldn't find a thread for "Drag Queen Storytime" so starting one in the child abuse section as that's what I believe it to be - not that I have anything against men wanting to dress up in a frock and prance around the stage to ABBA- but it bothers my core that children are being exposed to it - under the guise of "inclusivity" or whatever...


    Swedish Government Grants $175,000 To Fund Drag Queen Shows For Children

    AvatarAlexander LightNovember 11, 2019

    The Swedish government will hand out the equivalent of $175,000 dollars from the inheritance money of dead Swedes without heirs to fund drag queen shows for children.

    You just can’t stop progress!



  10. 2 hours ago, Morpheus said:

    As per the above video. Made out she'd specially rented a car for it because she's a fuckin moron. Model as well, wouldn't mind, but I didn't think she was that pretty. Must be a munter model. 


    Not attractive at all....Plain Jane at best... and total munter model.


    FullSizeRender copy.jpg


    This was just posted yesterday.... These people are so vacuous and shallow - they won't survive the coming human apocalypse, I take some weird relief in that.


    She's in NY - she'll need to be jabbed sooner or later as Cuomo is full steam ahead with the "Excelsior Pass" and the under 30 eligibility has just been opened up... hence the tiktok influencing.. its so fking evil


    5/04/2021 — New Yorkers 16 and Older Now Eligible for COVID-19 Vaccine ... On Tuesday, any New Yorker age 16 and older can sign up to get a COVID-19 ...


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