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  1. 12 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


    all the '5 eyes' countries ie the ones under the most direct control of the freemasonic 'crown' are all in total lockstep with each other


    its australia today and it will be us tomorrow.....another lockdown will come


    UK: Online harms Bill

    Canada: Bill C-10

    US: First amendment has been practically torn to shreds

    Australia: They're just making it all up as they go along now!

    NZ: in progress


    Hate speech: Govt plans new law, tougher penalties


    Hate speech will become a criminal offence and anyone convicted could face harsher punishment, under proposed legislative changes.


    The government is considering creating a new, clearer hate speech offence in the Crimes Act, removing it from the Human Rights Act.

    That would mean anyone who "intentionally stirs up, maintains or normalises hatred against a protected group" by being "threatening, abusive or insulting, including by inciting violence" would break the law.


    The punishment for hate speech offences could also increase - from up to three months' imprisonment or a fine of up to $7000, to up to three years' imprisonment or a fine of up to $50,000.

    The groups protected from hate speech could also grow - the government is considering changing the language and widening the incitement provisions in the Human Rights Act.



  2. 16 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


    Out of reactions.


    It's an uphill battle for sure. You can show people that some of these talking heads are deceitful, yet they still keep following them. Look how many still follow Watson, yet he glorifies a nutcase that hates our guts, and calls people that notice patterns bigots like the progressives.


    He soon turns into a hypocrite and accuses people of being a J when he slides into peoples DMs and they refuse to send him nudes. Happened to a girl on Minds. lol


  3. Can you imagine the fun these eugenicsts would have if this goes the way they want..


    New technology allows control of gene therapy doses

    December 24, 2019
    Scripps Research Institute
    Scientists have developed a special molecular switch that could be embedded into gene therapies to allow doctors to control dosing. The feat offers gene therapy designers what may be the first viable technique for adjusting the activity levels of their therapeutic genes.
    Bed Goes Up, Bed Goes Down - The Simpsons GIF - TheSimpsons Bed  HomerSimpson - Discover & Share GIFs
  4. UAE rolls out Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccine to children aged 3-17


    DUBAI, Aug 2 (Reuters) - The United Arab Emirates will start providing China's Sinopharm (1099.HK) COVID-19 vaccine to children aged 3-17, the UAE government said on Twitter on Monday.

    It cited the health ministry as saying the decision comes after clinical trials and extensive evaluations, without providing any details. Authorities said in June the trial would monitor the immune response of 900 children. read more


  5. 9 minutes ago, skitzorat said:

    "If you haven't been vaccinated please don't go anywhere near your grandkids"




    She's sounding incredibly unhinged in this: desperately trying to hold it together whilst the narrative falls apart..



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    The French are still at it!


    During Robespierre's  "Reign of Terror"  Parisians got so sick of people being guillotined it was documented that there were woman standing in the street saying "oh please no, not another child" - I doubt very much the French will be saying that once they get a hold of the Macaroon and his ilk!



    Cartoon showing Robespierre guillotining the executioner after having guillotined everyone else in France.

  7. Some interesting articles here regarding the police brutality in Berlin. They're in German but the translator works


    Police violence: "I thought they were going to kill him!"Bloody brutal mission: two lacerations on the head that had to be sewn




    Berlin: Protester dies after being arrested by the policeDocumented police violence, indexed like a porno



    10min combo of scenes from on the ground journalist

    Brutal scenes: How the Berlin police attacked








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  8. May be an image of text


    SHUT IT DOWN - they're "not legitimate"


    Anti-vaccination group Voices for Freedom's billboards taken down after 'harassing people' trying to get vaccines


    Digital billboards from a prominent anti-vaccination group have been pulled because of members' "harassing" and "abusive" behaviour at the weekend's mass vaccination event in Auckland.  


    Voices for Freedom's campaign focused on free speech issues, with slogans like 'without free speech, you're not free' and 'your voice is the first thing they take / your freedom goes next'.


    One specifically referred to a line used by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in March 2020, when she told reporters the Government would be the "single source of truth" when it came to COVID-19, after conspiracy theories and false information started spreading on social media. 


    The adverts went live on Monday at sites around Auckland, including one on the front of RNZ's building in the central city. 


    'They're not a legitimate part of the discussion'

    Jacinta O'Reilly of Fight Against Conspiracy Theories (FACT) said Voices for Freedom's billboard campaign - which didn't mention COVID-19 or vaccines - was likely an attempt to appear legitimate. 


    "They have a page on their website dealing with the free speech issue… but really the point is to make themselves part of the political landscape, rather than people with a health agenda," the former teacher told Newshub.

    "But they do have a health agenda - they recommend that people don't wear masks, they provide a mask exemption form, they continue to spread misinformation about the vaccine and when they are corrected, they decline to update their communications to people. They're not a legitimate part of the discussion - they're people who distort the discussion for whatever their own ends are." 

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