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  1. On 8/2/2021 at 10:42 AM, skitzorat said:

    Oh the humanity!!!! CALL THE POLICE!! - or the media...



    Covid-19: Dangerous conspiracy theory with the tea bags



    Red Seal is investigating after an anti-vaccination message was found in a packet of its tea bags.




    Daphne and Ray Hodder thought they were just buying tea bags. They weren’t counting on a dangerous conspiracy theory with their orange and turmeric brew.

    The Hodders bought two boxes of Red Seal Orange and Turmeric tea bags at Countdown in Paraparaumu on the Kāpiti Coast on Thursday.

    They opened one box to find two slips of blue paper inside containing misinformation about Covid-19 vaccinations - claiming they did not work and were deadly.

    Countdown spokeswoman Kiri Hannifin said it was not the first time a note of that kind had been left around the store and the local manager believed it was likely put in the tea bags by a local customer. “We’ll be more vigilant,” Hannifin said.


    Auckland University microbiologist Siouxsie Wiles said the claims were either entirely false or had a kernel of truth designed to look frightening.

    Auckland University microbiologist Siouxsie Wiles said the claims were either entirely false or had a kernel of truth designed to look frightening.


    “Limiting the spread of health misinformation is a moral and civic imperative that will require a whole-of-society effort.”



    The rise overseas of the more-infectious Delta variant of Covid-19 meant the need for people to be vaccinated was now greater, Wiles said.


    “You can [only] cope with a small number who are not on the team.”



    Is that a threat bitch.


    uh-oh phantom supermarket conspiracy noter strikes again!!




    Covid-19: Red Seal doubles down on vaccine conspiracy in products



    Red Seal has doubled down on a message found in its Vita Fizz Immunity soluble tablets by arguing the anonymous Covid-19 conspiracy theory writer is posing a “good question”.


    Angelique Monaghan opened a pack of Red Seal Vita Fizz Immunity, bought at New World Paraparaumu about July 18, to find a note reading, "why is the Government refusing to publish the numerous Covid-19 vaccine deaths?".


    A vaccine conspiracy note was found inside a packet of Red Seal Vita Fizz Immunity. Red Seal said it was a good question being asked by the anonymous note writer.

    A vaccine conspiracy note was found inside a packet of Red Seal Vita Fizz Immunity. Red Seal said it was a good question being asked by the anonymous note writer.



  2. 7 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

    so would they just give up on converting me and just line me up against the wall?




    They laugh now......but the jokes on them...

    Roughly twice as many Democrats have taken Trump’s vaccines, compared to Republicans

    ......if these vaccines begin to produce a significant number of deaths in the months and years ahead, based on current CDC numbers, it looks like two Democrats will be killed for every one Republican. If post-vaccine death rates hit just 10% — a number that’s far lower than what many doctors are currently warning may happen — Democrats stand to lose around 12 million people, while Republicans would lose around 6 million. Most Democrat losses would take place in blue states with high vaccination rates — see the state-by-state analysis below, based on CDC figures.





    It's a common theme I've noticed that the "progressive" type are just so nasty and full of pure hatred for anyone they deem as "other" especially if the other's are religious/conservative/non-woke... while those they hate on couldn't give a fat rats ass about the "libs" (except for their children and the unborn)

  3. These people are so blinded by their sense of superiority that they honestly think the people who are refusing the jab - which is far higher than they officially make out otherwise they wouldn't be so rattled -  don't want it because its a "way to own the libs". 

    Because liberals honestly think conservative Americans are stupid and backwards and thus they're always right - and pious to boot, wanting to "save" conservative Americans from themselves  so they can then continue to think even more Hollier-than-thou of themselves - there is just no ability to conceive the thought that conservative America actually understands that the wu-flu is the old flu and these jabs are killing and maiming people!






    With the novel coronavirus surging in Trump-backing states that have low rates of vaccination, many public health experts have been trying to figure out how to get vaccine resisters to take the shots.


    Dartmouth sociologist Brooke Harrington tells journalist Charlie Warzel that she believes that many Trump supporters could be essentially fooled into taking the vaccine by playing on their negative partisanship.

    Harrington says that the problem right now is that many of these people may know deep down that the vaccines will keep them safe, but they don't want to back down from their previous anti-vax stances because they've made resistance to vaccines part of their identities.

    "The problem is that they have too much to lose from publicly backing off this stance now," she told Warzel.


    This is where Fox News could come in.

    If someone could convince Tucker Carlson or Laura Ingraham to make getting vaccinated part of an "own-the-libs" culture war campaign, says Harrington, it could really boost the ranks of the vaccinated.


    "That message would align vaccination with the overarching norm of their current politics: that conservatives exist to oppose and humiliate liberals," she says. "If I were designing the most effective message for somebody like Tucker Carlson, it would be something like, 'liberals are furious that conservatives are getting vaccinated now because they were hoping we'd all die.' I'd couch vaccine as act of opposition to liberals."


    And once again the comments section shows their ugly true nature for what it is....






  4. 1 minute ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


    Pretty much. The "you will own nothing and be happy" is just for us peasants. Most of us won't own anything, but the people that have a "prophecy" which states that they will own the world, they will own everything.


    I think they current hold about 82% of all wealth on Earth.... give them another 6 to 12 months until the US and the dominos fall and then they will be the 99.999%  

    Who is “The Oligarchy”?


    RFK has done the heavy lifting here:


    BlackRock and the Vanguard Group, the two largest asset management firms in the world, combined own The New York Times and other legacy media, along with Big Pharma.

    Wait.  Vanguard?  Blackrock?

    Interestingly, Vanguard is the largest shareholder of BlackRock, as of March 2021. Vanguard itself, on the other hand, has a “unique” corporate structure that makes its ownership more difficult to discern. It’s owned by its various funds, which in turn are owned by the shareholders. Aside from these shareholders, it has no outside investors and is not publicly traded…

    So – Vanguard?

    That assertion will become even clearer once you realize that this duo’s influence is not limited to Big Pharma and the media. Importantly, BlackRock also works closely with central banks around the world, including the U.S. Federal Reserve, which is a private entity, not a federal one. It lends money to the central bank, acts as an adviser to it, and develops the central bank’s software.

    While it would take time to sift through all of Vanguard’s funds to identify individual shareholders, and therefore owners of Vanguard, a quick look-see suggests Rothschild Investment Corp. and the Edmond De Rothschild Holding are two such stakeholders. Keep the name Rothschild in your mind as you read on, as it will feature again later.

    The video above also identifies the Italian Orsini family, the American Bush family, the British Royal family, the du Pont family, the Morgans, Vanderbilts and Rockefellers, as Vanguard owners


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  5. 6 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


    Not very long I would imagine. Look at BlackRock's main competitor, The Vanguard Group. They seem to espouse the same kind of anti-Western BS, especially with their positive discrimination hiring practices.


    Was just trying to find some info I saw recently re; who runs Blackrock - are also the same people who run Vanguard.










  6. 3 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


    'don't worry, we will bail you all out with universal basic income payments from the state. All you have to do is have a digital ID card, from the state, that has your up-to-date vaccine status on it and you can carry on paying your rent and buying your groceries'


    I wonder how much more time they need in order to implement the process of transferring the current monetary systems (debts etc) over to the digital world... I'm sure it will take a lot more than an "export file" click...


    I suppose 'they' are just waiting for the social tension to build to such a point that they pull the trigger on the total economic collapse of the USA, followed swiftly by the UK and EU before offering up the solution for the reset from on high....


    Question remains - how long......

  7. Since when did the CDC get these kinds of powers: assuming control of mortgage defaults & rental evictions. There must have been some clause written into the small print last year..


    It bothers me all the media hype is about those poor people who didn't pay their rent for a year, not a hoot about the home owners! Luckily Blackrock will be there to take ownership of all the properties when those private home owners are forced into foreclosure. tick-tock










  8. 5 minutes ago, Human10 said:

    What flu? I thought it disappeared... 

    Because NZ is hermetically sealed shut and the magic virus wasn't allowed to roam free across the shaky isles they can't play silly buggers with the stats... although they're still saying there's none... with the only 3 cases found at the quarantine facilities with people coming in from overseas... the country being closed to visitors and the 18month push in basic hygiene has played it's part... probably quite true... who really knows...


  9. 12 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


    all the '5 eyes' countries ie the ones under the most direct control of the freemasonic 'crown' are all in total lockstep with each other


    its australia today and it will be us tomorrow.....another lockdown will come


    UK: Online harms Bill

    Canada: Bill C-10

    US: First amendment has been practically torn to shreds

    Australia: They're just making it all up as they go along now!

    NZ: in progress


    Hate speech: Govt plans new law, tougher penalties


    Hate speech will become a criminal offence and anyone convicted could face harsher punishment, under proposed legislative changes.


    The government is considering creating a new, clearer hate speech offence in the Crimes Act, removing it from the Human Rights Act.

    That would mean anyone who "intentionally stirs up, maintains or normalises hatred against a protected group" by being "threatening, abusive or insulting, including by inciting violence" would break the law.


    The punishment for hate speech offences could also increase - from up to three months' imprisonment or a fine of up to $7000, to up to three years' imprisonment or a fine of up to $50,000.

    The groups protected from hate speech could also grow - the government is considering changing the language and widening the incitement provisions in the Human Rights Act.



  10. 16 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


    Out of reactions.


    It's an uphill battle for sure. You can show people that some of these talking heads are deceitful, yet they still keep following them. Look how many still follow Watson, yet he glorifies a nutcase that hates our guts, and calls people that notice patterns bigots like the progressives.


    He soon turns into a hypocrite and accuses people of being a J when he slides into peoples DMs and they refuse to send him nudes. Happened to a girl on Minds. lol


  11. Can you imagine the fun these eugenicsts would have if this goes the way they want..


    New technology allows control of gene therapy doses

    December 24, 2019
    Scripps Research Institute
    Scientists have developed a special molecular switch that could be embedded into gene therapies to allow doctors to control dosing. The feat offers gene therapy designers what may be the first viable technique for adjusting the activity levels of their therapeutic genes.
    Bed Goes Up, Bed Goes Down - The Simpsons GIF - TheSimpsons Bed  HomerSimpson - Discover & Share GIFs
  12. UAE rolls out Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccine to children aged 3-17


    DUBAI, Aug 2 (Reuters) - The United Arab Emirates will start providing China's Sinopharm (1099.HK) COVID-19 vaccine to children aged 3-17, the UAE government said on Twitter on Monday.

    It cited the health ministry as saying the decision comes after clinical trials and extensive evaluations, without providing any details. Authorities said in June the trial would monitor the immune response of 900 children. read more


  13. 9 minutes ago, skitzorat said:

    "If you haven't been vaccinated please don't go anywhere near your grandkids"




    She's sounding incredibly unhinged in this: desperately trying to hold it together whilst the narrative falls apart..



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    The French are still at it!


    During Robespierre's  "Reign of Terror"  Parisians got so sick of people being guillotined it was documented that there were woman standing in the street saying "oh please no, not another child" - I doubt very much the French will be saying that once they get a hold of the Macaroon and his ilk!



    Cartoon showing Robespierre guillotining the executioner after having guillotined everyone else in France.

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