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  1. 2 hours ago, Prometheus said:

    It can't be destroyed like Polio, a vaccine was never the answer and I think drug companies took advantage of the fear and desire for a magic cure. Just like the flu they surely know its never leaving and will serve their control measures during this the great reset.


    Corona viruses make up 30% of common colds.




    This Dr doing this talk says its because respiratory viruses circulate all year because they have animal reservoirs - they can never be made to go away, unlike smallpox (not cowpox) which didn't have an animal reservoirs.




    Meanwhile NZ's creepy 'expert' duo is saying it's entirely feasible!


    Professors Michael Baker (L) and Nick Wilson, of the University of Otago, Wellington, analysed the feasibility of eradicating Covid-19, alongside polio and smallpox.
    Professors Michael Baker (L) and Nick Wilson, of the University of Otago, Wellington, analysed the feasibility of eradicating Covid-19, alongside polio and smallpox.
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  2. 1 hour ago, oddsnsods said:

    Teenage boys are 14 TIMES more likely to suffer rare heart complication from Pfizer's Covid jab, study warns amid growing calls for No10 to rethink plan to inoculate 16 and 17 year olds




    Had to look it up myself just then...


    People often use these terms interchangeably, but they are not synonyms. A heart attack is when blood flow to the heart is blocked, and sudden cardiac arrest is when the heart malfunctions and suddenly stops beating unexpectedly

    Cardiac Arrest vs Heart Attack Infographic | American Heart Association CPR  & First Aid

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  3. 8 minutes ago, DarianF said:


    "Look at that."




    "Back there."




    The pace at which western society is collapsing (regardless of military marshal law) Kath wouldn't be allowed to express her inner Koori-self anymore because it would be offensive to Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders! Infact, given it was filmed in Victoria, the State as world leader in 'progressive' values and legalese- there's probably some bi-law hidden away somewhere that would make such programmes/films with any content that some rainbow/activist will get their feelings hurt over, illegal



    And this episode will be removed from the box set.


    Episode GAY.


    [trying to talk to Kim about her sexuality, believing her to be a lesbian]

    You're a Dutch sea wall Kim!



    A dyke! on a bike... if you like...

    Mum, I'm not gay.


    Has the world gone mad?
    Or have I?

    I have to get out,  go inside myself and search my chasms for meaning





  4. 10 minutes ago, DarianF said:


    Note to self:


    If I'm about to hook up with a Kiwi girl, I'll be sure to do the proper Aussie test before going any further:



    Thanks for the warning, @skitzorat


    Back when Aussie films were gooooood


    One of my favourite lines ever:


    Deirdre Chambers, What a coincidence! 



    Followed closely by this scene


    Which set up the punchline in future scenes.......





    I think Toni Collette went Wokie, but I don't think Rachel Griffith has - loved her as Brenda in Six Feet Under


    Such classics, Dundie, Muriel's Wedding, 6 Feet Under won't ever happen again because, even if humanity survives the coming calamity, there's no talent to be had within the confines of Woke.


    Best 'death' intro to 6FU ever! Dorothy Sheedy



  5. 2 minutes ago, Nemuri Kyoshiro said:

    That might just happen. People are really pissed off at that fraud.


    He deserves the painful death the The Incorruptible suffered too:


    blown side of the face off, bandaged up and left to die on a table.

    Haul the breathing, conscious psychopath off to the National Razor and finally..


    When clearing Robespierre's neck, executioner Charles-Henri Sanson tore off the bandage that was holding his shattered jaw in place, causing him to produce an agonising scream until the fall of the blade silenced him.



  6. 7 minutes ago, Nemuri Kyoshiro said:

    During the Terror in France, the tumbrils rolled through the streets at regular intervals. I believe the official number of people executed was 16,000 or more. Many died in prison before they could be executed. Set up a guillotine in, say, a hundred towns, and you'd be able to kill a lot of people. It would be a blood sacrifice of enormous proportions.


    Do you think we will see a Thermidorian Reaction anytime soon?

  7. Time is running out to stop the ‘vaccine’ control project

    WE HAVE a limited time to act. The essence of the situation now is clear: what is still perceived by many as a medical emergency is in reality a highly organised global corporate and political agenda. This agenda is directed towards imposing unimaginable control over the global human population though mandatory vaccination, connected to a digital passport, which will be linked to digital currency and a social credit score. 

    These technologies enable power to be centralised to a level of intensity never seen before in history.


    At the controls of the machine will be the network which has orchestrated everything that has unfolded over the past eighteen months.


    Here is what has happened in Great Britain since March last year......




    I choked on my cigarette reading this line in the article:

    Meanwhile Carrie Antoinette Ceaușescu is pregnant once again, with Johnson having done to her what he has been doing to the country.🤣

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  8. 4 minutes ago, whatthefoxhat said:

    Theres a very good video somewhere with a clip of the most frightening automatic hydraulic guillotine i have ever seen (may have been from a movie,i dont know,but the speed it operated at was breathtaking),the i nitial reports of guilotines came from the US around 2013-16 i believe and it was in connection with our old frinds FEMA,the canadian stuff is much later

    And as i said earlier every excution method 'spoils' bodily parts ,lopping off someones noggin leaves them pristine and available to the highest bidder

    Yeah I remember something US-FEMA based ones too!

    All I could find off hand was the recent law changes extending the means of implementing the death penalty, but I specifically remember something about "The National Razor" being used -  years ago when all the FEMA camps, Walmart tunnels, DUMBS and underground North American continental  highways was starting to gain light.... 

  9. MEDICAL POLICE STATE: Elderly Australian couple forced to drive 300 miles to quarantine hotel after filling out form incorrectly

    An elderly couple in Australia is claiming they are being treated like criminals after they were fined thousands of dollars and forced to drive nearly 300 miles to get checked in at a city quarantine hotel.


    Robyn Anderson, 67, and her husband Robert Legg, 60, wanted to start their lives anew in Roma, a rural town in the northeastern Australian state of Queensland. They moved there from Melton, a suburb of Melbourne in the southeastern state of Victoria.


    The couple claims they were given the green light to relocate. They filled out every required form, including the entry forms to enter the state of Queensland. They arrived in the state just one day before Queensland declared that Victoria was a COVID-19 hotspot. If they arrived in the state after this announcement, they would have been turned away. But because they made it to their new home in time, they were allowed to stay, provided they do a 14-day quarantine in their new home. (Related: Australian man escapes forced quarantine in hotel using rope made from bedsheets.)


    Four days into their quarantine, the Queensland Police Service (QPS) informed Anderson and Legg that they had breached a health order. The couple supposedly filled out one of their entry forms incorrectly. The QPS officers ordered the couple to get tested for COVID-19 at Roma Hospital and then drive 470 kilometers (292 miles) east to a quarantine hotel in Chermside, a suburb of the state capital of Brisbane.

    They were to turn themselves in to authorities at this hotel and spend two weeks quarantining.


    The couple was fined A$4,003 ($2,959) each for allegedly breaching state entry requirements by filling out the entry forms incorrectly.

    “If I filled the card out incorrectly, show me where I’ve made the mistake, don’t treat me like a criminal,” said Anderson to the police officers. “I’ve got nothing to hide.”


    After their COVID-19 test, the couple was escorted from town despite pleading with QPS officers that their car would not make it all the way to Brisbane. Their car broke down near the city of Toowoomba, 351 kilometers (218 miles) from Roma. QPS officers denied them motor support and ordered them to take a taxi to Chermside.


    Anderson and Legg were stuck on the side of the road for more than three hours after the couple initially called for help. They were only provided with a tow truck for their car and a taxi to pick them up after the intervention of an Australian news outlet. After arriving at the quarantine hotel in Chermside, the couple was told by Queensland Health that they had tested negative for COVID-19 and the order to quarantine them has been revoked.

    But when the couple tried to leave the hotel, they were stopped by QPS officers and ordered back into the hotel, where they currently remain as of press time.


    “We believe we did everything right but we got slapped with $4,000 fines for breaching border orders,” said Anderson. “We’re now stuck in hotel quarantine and our car is in a holding yard somewhere.”

    Anderson said the ordeal has greatly affected their mental health. Now, their thoughts are about how this entire experience will affect them financially. “All our savings are gone and we’ve got rent due on both the Roma and Victorian houses,” she said.

    With the two fines, hotel quarantine costs, car towing and holding costs, Anderson and Legg are expected to spend over A$14,000 ($10,354) out of pocket.

    “It’s like you’re a criminal and you’re locked up somewhere, and you can’t get out,” said Anderson. “I just don’t know why they want to treat people the way they are at the moment.”

    Queensland authorities defend draconian protocol

    QPS Deputy Commissioner Steve Gollschewski said he was satisfied that the police acted appropriately in Anderson and Legg’s case.

    “The investigations of the police disclosed that they had initially denied coming out of a hotspot but had, in fact, come out of the hotspot, which was a breach,” he said.

    “They have been issued with a penalty infringement notice for that and the evidence exists that that’s what was required.”

    Queensland Chief Health Officer Dr. Jeannette Young said she was “very comfortable” with the process Anderson and Legg went through.

    “We don’t need test results,” said Young, admitting that COVID-19 tests are unreliable. “Test results are too late – please, no one out there relies on test results.”

    “It’s our job to get test results. Until anyone gets a test result, they need to isolate themselves,” she added. “They can do that in a car, on a drive, of course they can, if that’s what they’ve been directed to do.”


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  10. 1 hour ago, Pop Goes The Weasel said:

    There are rumours of guillotines????? I know the Grey State trailer featured one. Not a very efficient way to kill lots of people?

    9.5/10 Factcheck=fishy lol


    An official Canadian government notice of intent to procure hydraulic guillotines was shared across social media, with some questioning if it would be used for executions. But the guillotines in question are machines used to cut paper, according to the website of the company that won the bidding process to sell them to Canada



  11. 5 minutes ago, SimonTV said:


    Communist take over, I wonder when they will do this in the UK.

    From  the article 


    On January 13, 1991, thousands of unarmed Lithuanians stood against Soviet tanks after the country’s declaration of independence, protecting their Parliament and TV tower, which did not stop transmitting the news to the world.  Fourteen died and hundreds were wounded because Lithuanians refused to retreat under the attacks and sporadic gunfire continued for at least 90 minutes. Just before the radio station shut down, an announcer said: ‘We address all those who hear us. It is possible that [the army] can break us with force or close our mouths, but no one will make us renounce freedom and independence.’ The Soviets backed down. 

    Now our brave nation which once broke the USSR is subject to a home-made dictatorship. It is not about the vaccination, but about freedom to make the choice and have it respected without losing dignity and rights.

  12. Lithuania’s brutal clampdown on the jab refuseniks

    August 10, the Lithuanian government is due to review and accept the following amendments of state legislations denying non-vaccinated people, including school age children, access to:


    – public transport; 

    – primary and secondary care medical institutions;

    – any trade and service where the human contact is longer than 15 minutes;

    – libraries, museums, concerts, theatres;

    – schools and universities; 

    – shops with an area larger than 1,500 sq m.


    The state’s statutory sick leave will be waived for those who do not take the vaccine.


    The principal officers and staff at the Lithuanian Parliament who are non-vaccinated or oppose the aforementioned changes had their Parliament entry ID cards deactivated on Friday (August 6) so will not be allowed to attend. Will the opposing MPs be next?


    Oh, and....Military forces of Lithuania are due to receive enhanced powers, including takeover the property of the businesses and individuals.


  13. 2 minutes ago, Dazzer said:


    I just googled her, never heard of her before, first thing came up was one of her songs: 'Traitor'. Seems about right. 

    I'd never heard of her before, but I believe she's from the latest MKUltra Disney production line.


    Jen Suckie rolled her out in a Presser recently - to appeal to the Latinx kiddies to get the jab.


  14. 5 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:



    St.J is rolling out Agenda 2030 at lightening speed, tightening the regulatory screws on the agriculture sector - (minus the decimated Tourism industry - is one of our Primary industries.) - China will still get our bottled spring water though, the Maori Elites who own/sold it (rivers etc) will see to that...and Obama and Johnston will still have our lamb chops on their plates too. 


    Kiwis will starve.


    New Zealand farmers stage huge protest over environmental rules

    Thousands of farmers have descended on dozens of towns and cities across New Zealand in their tractors in a nationwide protest against a swathe of new environmental regulations.

    The Howl of a Protest event was tipped to be the largest of its kind for the rural sector, with motorcades expected in 51 towns and cities.


    Farmers drove tractors, bearing placards, from the outskirts of Auckland into the city centre on Friday morning, causing gridlock on the motorways. In Whangarei, protesters took over a sports field, while in Dunedin, a five-kilometre long convoy snaked its way through the city, bringing it to a standstill.


    Groundswell NZ wants to see regulations on freshwater and indigenous biodiversity scrapped, preferring that efforts are controlled by local catchment groups, or councils.

    “This policy punishes the landowners who have already been proactive in conservation, turns biodiversity into a liability, and wastes millions of dollars on tick-box significance assessments,” it said. “It is essential to protect landowners’ private property rights.”


    The group is also pushing for overseas seasonal workers to be prioritised for managed isolation during the coronavirus pandemic, and wants the government to stop categorising these workers as unskilled labour.


    It also wants the Clean Car Package – also known as the “ute tax”– scrapped, saying it places further financial burdens on farmers who rely on heavy vehicles for their work. The policy will make lower-carbon-emitting cars more affordable and place a fee on higher-emission vehicles, including utes, from January 2022.




    Pity there's no rage against the jab... because the plan here has been to do by quiet stealth instead of full bombardment.


    They've only just opening it up to the over 50s come Friday!


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