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  1. FRESH OFF THE 5AM PRESS....I've been holding my breath for this to happen here..


    of the back of yesterday afternoons..


    Covid-19: Expect 'swift and severe' level 4 lockdown if Delta emerges 

    Bridie Witton15:14, Aug 11 2021



    The LIES! The LIES!


    Covid-19: The three little letters that may lead to a level 4 lockdown - NSW

    Luke Malpass05:00, Aug 12 2021


    Health Minister Chris-[We Will Hunt You Down] Hipkins says any future discovery of the Covid-19 Delta variant will lead to "swift and severe" action, including lockdowns.

    ANALYSIS: The ominous warning of a quick level 4 lockdown in the event of the Delta strain of coronavirus arriving in New Zealand has clearly been prompted by three little letters: NSW.


    The long-awaited report by Sir David Skegg and colleagues on how to open up New Zealand was clearly heavily influenced by the Delta variant and the New South Wales experience. The newish strain of Covid-19 has, in the space of less than two months, brought the Australian state to its knees. The Government will respond to the Skegg report today.


    Covid-19 is now so out of control in NSW that Premier Gladys Berejiklian has admitted that the state won’t eliminate it now. But lockdowns will drag on because not enough of the population is vaccinated to stop hospitals being overrun.


    It is the thing that, above all, else the Ardern Government wishes to avoid. And its avoidance technique will be drastic action.


    * Covid-19: Vaccinations surge in Australia as virus spreads
    * Covid-19: NSW outbreak grows by 319 as Queensland welcomes 'very encouraging news'
    * Covid-19 in Australia: Snap seven-day lockdown for Victoria, as officials race to trace source of two mystery infections
    * Covid-19: Australian PM, NSW Premier at odds over how to end Sydney outbreak


    The Delta variant is far more transmissible, results in higher rates of hospitalisation and increasingly affects those under 40 years of age more. Once out in the community it has proven almost impossible to control unless it is picked up very early and a hard lockdown ensues.


    In the Skegg report, there was an ominous warning: that it is highly likely that even with all of the defences here, New Zealand is likely to have an outbreak “similar to that in NSW over the coming months”.


    Less than two months ago, NSW was considered the “gold standard” in its response to Covid-19. It hadn’t adopted an official elimination strategy, but the contact tracing and testing system had meant that it had stamped out Covid in the state.

    Where there were small flare-ups, or cases that had slipped the managed isolation net, its health machine whirred into action, got on top of the chains of transmission and instituted very localised lockdowns where required.

    Reading on the bus? Stop! Scanner time
    Scan a nearby Covid-19 QR code to stay safe

    Then, on June 16 a single limousine driver ferrying people from Sydney airport, tested positive for the Delta strain. The NSW system fired up as it had before – over the ensuing weeks test numbers went up and various low level restrictions came in such as limits on gatherings and mask wearing.

    Over the next week or so, the numbers simply increased. Ten days later – by June 26 – the state went into what New Zealanders would consider a light lockdown.


    Over the weeks since, the lockdown has progressively got tougher. Most people are stuck at home. At the same time numbers have continued to creep up inexorably – with more than 344 recorded yesterday, with 65 infectious in the community. There have now been more than 6000 cases, 62 people are now in intensive care. At the time of writing 34 have died in the latest outbreak.


    Unlike in New Zealand where outbreaks have been relatively small and the key figures are the numbers of cases and then the number of cases with unknown origin, NSW releases the numbers of case and the number of cases in the community while infectious.

    The reason for giving this number is that while there are so many people out and about, the transmission won't stop. Early on, it appeared that it was simply loose rules and poor compliance.

    It now appears that people are following the rules but Delta is so transmissible that even with the odd legitimate trip out of the house, the virus has spread. Even testing more than 130,000 people per day, the contact tracing system can't keep pace.






    In NSW this has now effectively ended up with the worst of all worlds. Continued extended lockdowns, cases, deaths and Berejiklian all but running up the white flag and admitting the state will just have to learn to live with Covid-19.


    NSW’s strategy is now to vaccinate as much of the population as quickly as possible and bring in compulsion where needed.

    Want to work on construction site in Sydney? You’ll need a jab. Employers will now have the right to find out who in their workforce is vaccinated.

    This is the worst-of-all-worlds situation that the Government here wants to avoid.

    Once the population is vaccinated – which if our current rate continues will be about mid-January (although it will probably get faster from here) – there will be other options.

    The brute politics of Covid-19 are simple: just as Berejiklian and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison have gone from heroes to culprits in two months, no-one will thank our Government, Jacinda Ardern or Chris Hipkins in the event we need a long lockdown while waiting for people to get vaccinated.




    The Govt gave NZ Media NZ$50M at the start of the scamdemic and now ANOTHER $55M and they have the cheek to write the above box with their hand out!


    $105M = £53,329,500



    Coronavirus: $50m government package to help media through crisis

    Apr 23 2020


    Government earmarks $55 million to support 'public interest journalism' with new media fund

    12 Feb, 2021

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  2. NSW State govt is requesting MORE military assistance from the Commonwealth.

    Over the next 48hrs NSW Police legal team will be redrafting the Health Orders "in order for it to work for the police rather than for the public"




  3. 22 minutes ago, Anders said:

    "German authorities have appealed for thousands of people to get another dose of their Covid vaccine, after a police investigation found that a Red Cross nurse may have injected them with saline solution instead.

    Around 8,600 may have been affected by the nurse's actions at a vaccination centre in Friesland, northern Germany.

    Officials said dud jabs were administered in spring this year and would have had no adverse health impact on anyone affected.

    “I am totally shocked by this episode,” said Sven Ambrosy, a local councillor, in a post on Facebook. "The most important thing for us is to inform these people, answer their questions and offer further vaccination."

    It is not clear if the suspect has been arrested or charged over the incident. Local broadcaster NDR said the case had been handed to a special police unit that investigates politically-motivated crimes."


    How odd. I thought the saline jabs were just for the celebrities, politicians, the rich and other members of the 'elite'

    The Major Internationalist got the fake jab (Demon BiBis had his third!) if they had anything injected at all! but many significant players on country levels have dropped like a flies - like some Indian police guy, South American guy and that Dutch? woman collapsing like a stone at some pressor..



    It's been reported far and wide - people have surmised its so We don't all drop at once - messy -  and would scare away the mice from the cheese before enough got caught in the snap..


    2mins - retired nurse says 30% are placebos, some UK guy has an 'out loud' moment in the Commons saying those that those that had the placebo will still count for international health pp's



    Part of me thinks that the enormous amount of death and harms and the immediate emergence of ADE (Delta)which has occurred already might have shocked even TPTB! Perhaps it's thrown their plans off due to significant amounts of people across the world waking up to it so fast and refusing completely and/or not returning for their prescribed second dose - it's why they've gone SO hysterical/tyrannical in the past 3 weeks to a month to get it in everyone.. so insane is the international narrative now it's hard to really believe it. For ones whom structure and plans/narrative (for the most part) is run like a well oiled machine, its out of character and I would have thought they would have a decent script to be reading for this phase, instead there's a panic and chooks running around without heads.. not sure if the celestial timings not right yet, there's a distinct lack of confidence that once was in beginning... 


    I don't they're able to pull off pressing the nuclear/internet/grid down RED button, yet...


    F Knows where this is going to go in the next couple of months because all those that really wanted the shots and even those who could have been easily/significantly swayed have submitted by now.. and obviously not nearly enough for the next phase to be rolled out with ease! Perhaps our initial collective push back last year was under whelming for what they'd anticipated and have fallen into a hubris of thinking they had it in the bag - but not now! Now is different, the ground swell troubles them without a doubt.. what they going to do if France triggers a global domino - arrest and militarise Us all? Is the entire population of Australia going to stay under military marshal law for another 3 months?

    America is a disunited mess with States taking their own distinct pathways and I don't think there's Fall the Feds can do about that! Even my non-jabbed, non masked cousin and her partner and family are seriously looking at fleeing Washington State, horses in tow to a Red State soon.


     F K's.. but

    Buckle Up Buckaroo Caitlyn Jenner GIF - Buckle Up Buckaroo Caitlyn Jenner  South Park - Discover & Share GIFs

  4. 31 minutes ago, Nemuri Kyoshiro said:

    Look into the history of American medicine and how that nice old Mr. Rockefeller founded what we know today as 'big pharma' as an offshoot of his petroleum holdings. How natural medicine was booted out of the schools, how chiropractors were demonized as quacks, and how the drug companies fund medical training and research. Watch daytime television in the USA and you'll be bombarded with drug ads. It is insidious.



    His father William Avery "Devil Bill" was a con-artist and the literal "snake oil" salesman who went from town to town ripping people off of the time!


    In James Corbett's "Who is Bill Gates" he notes:



    The process by which this reinvention of Gates’ public image took place is not mysterious. It’s the same process by which every billionaire has revived their public image since John D. Rockefeller hired Ivy Ledbetter Lee to transform him from the head of the Standard Oil hydra into the kind old man handing out dimes to strangers.

    MAN OFF CAMERA: Don’t you give dimes, Mr. Rockefeller? Please, go ahead.

    WOMAN: Thank you, sir.

    MAN: Thank you very much.

    ROCKEFELLER: Thank you for the ride!

    MAN: I consider myself more than amply paid.

    ROCKEFELLER: Bless you! Bless you! Bless you!

    SOURCE: John D. Rockefeller – Standard Oil




    Widely considered the Wealthiest American of ALL TIME and here he is giving out fkn dimes.

    John D. Rockefeller, the wealthiest man in the world, handing a dime to a  toddler in 1920. (Giving a dime when meeting someone was his trademark.):  OldSchoolCool


    I believe their initial idea for pharmaceuticals was to find a way to make even more money out of the oil by-products; the actual petrochemical waste.


    They had a significant role in centralising State-run schools and dumbing down of America too not to mention their wealth 'gifted' humanity the real estate for the United Nations in NYC


    When David talks about Reptilian and demonic forces which run through Bloodlines..

    Elderly John D. Rockefeller by Bettmann



    His spawn is actually Satan's

    Legendary banker David Rockefeller dies at 101 | News | DW | 20.03.2017


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  5. Oh.My.Goodness.


    my favourites the break away to the anchor.. fucking hell hahahahaha


    Do they actually think they're still fooling the Americans who haven't got the shot and/or aren't worried sick over the Delta scaryent..



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  6. 5 hours ago, skitzorat said:



    Speaking of which... this just in...



    No matter how this all ends in the long term, one thing is for sure Andrews will NEVER be able to walk the streets safely again. Ever.


    The best part was seeing Sutton shit his pants! hahaha.. paranoid, edgy much? they know they're on borrowed time.

    Psychopath Andrews just keeps talking the script as if nothing happened...


    I've seen online comments saying the guy yelling is/was suicidal. God knows how many Brave Victorians are going to be pushed into the abyss due to #fakepoos lockdown 6.0


    A tweet I saw earlier when it was announced:


    Portrait of a 12 yr old who has just been told about the lockdown extension #MelbourneLockdown6

    May be an image of indoor




    In just 5 months....


    And this fucking callous gaslighting BS here makes me so mad... who knows how many ended it in 2020!





    3mins July 2021




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  7. From a closed/private NZ FB group I joined to follow the real toll this poison was enviably going to cause having been unleashed upon my Nation months AFTER the carnage became abundantly clear from overseas..


    Recently posted - she's never posted such emotive language before 🙏


    May be an image of one or more people and text that says "Taforaed The Health Forum NZ Lynda Wharton 24 m Its been a horrible day of deaths and injuries... please post songs, words, anything to uplift and soothe our spirit...."





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  8. 5 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


    As much as the left are annoying with this crap, it's probably just mind games to encourage people to be defensive over Zio Churchillian fake patriotism. If Winston was here today, he would probably be supporting the covid nonsense, and taking back handers like Piers Corbyn because he was a broke drunkard.

    I get what you're saying, but the Greens here have no minds to think of games to play, I truly doubt the Greens would know what Zio is... the rub is purely about the principle - it would be anyone of Our Culture - European Heritage - and replacing an replacing it with a  'native' artist...I know I said not that long ago NZ isn't totally Woke ....on the outside - but it would seem our politics has really gone full throttle this year!

  9. 57 minutes ago, DarianF said:

    David trying to warn people to the very end. It's admirable.

    Thank you. David doesn't get enough due-credit on these boards IMO - I see a lot of ill-will and negativity in comments tossed casually about, but rarely any praise.

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  10. @DarianF


    Speaking of which... this just in...



    No matter how this all ends in the long term, one thing is for sure Andrews will NEVER be able to walk the streets safely again. Ever.


    The best part was seeing Sutton shit his pants! hahaha.. paranoid, edgy much? they know they're on borrowed time.

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  11. Meanwhile on the other side of the ditch


    National leader Judith Collins is lashing out at the Greens over the shifting of a painting of former British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill in Parliament. 


    "Sir Winston Churchill, the greatest anti-fascist leader of the 20th century is removed from the walls of Parliament because the Greens don't like him," Collins tweeted on Wednesday, with an image of the painting being removed. 

    "Fortunately, he is finding a home with ⁦@NZNationalParty⁩ offices in Parliament."

    A spokesperson for Green MP Dr Elizabeth Kerekere, chair of the cross-party Parliamentary Art Committee, confirmed to Newshub that she sought to have the painting relocated.

    "As Chair of the Committee, Dr Kerekere raised moving the painting of Winston Churchill."

    But it was to accommodate a new piece of art by a tangata whenua artist.

  12. 4 minutes ago, DarianF said:


    I don't know mate. Plenty of bogans scanning their codes and masking up. But maybe there is some fight left in boganism. Who knows. I don't see anything yet.

    Planned decades of "the Lucky Country" affluence mixed with a couple of generations of subliminal Marxist education to smoother the Eureka spirit from the DNA memorybanks.



    CFMEU Canberra member Dusty Miller who once poured concrete when Parliament House was being built waves the Eureka flag on the front lawns of Parliament House, Canberra, 7 February 2018.

    In a new directive, the ABCC has launched a crackdown on the display in the construction industry of union logos and mottos, including “images generally attributed to, or associated with an organisation, such as the iconic symbol of the five white stars and white cross on the Eureka Stockade flag”.

    For decades, culture warriors championed the Aussie battler against the politically correct left, which was, we were told, determined to muzzle the knockabout spirit of the blue collar larrikin.

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