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  1. Imagine still thinking CNN (and the like) are "news" and not CIA mind control to fuk with American's minds by keeping them in a constant state of incongruence 


    A little fiery, a little protesty.


    “They’re just chanting ‘Death to America,’ but they seem friendly at the same time.”




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  2. Don't worry everyone St. Jacinda has implored to the Taliban leaders....


    New Zealand's Ardern implores Taliban to uphold human rights

    WELLINGTON, Aug 16 (Reuters) - Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand on Monday implored Taliban leaders to uphold human rights in Afghanistan by allowing women to continue in work and education and to let foreigners and Afghans who want to leave the country go


  3. 13 hours ago, oddsnsods said:

    when you compare to how many have actually died from Covid in Oz its a no brainer, unless you are suicide squad.🤭


    in 18months Covid19 on the death cert of 26 people age 55+ within NZ borders.

    in 6 months since Feb 20th, Jab death according to 'unofficial' citizen register 78 and counting but there's no doubt 100s more that have been murdered..



    and they've pretty much only just rolled it out to 'frontline' workers and the elderly with one mass execution vaccination event that even with lollipops they couldn't fill, but that is all set to rapidly increase.

    May be an image of text that says "Vaccine bookings update Age group 50+ Date bookings open 40+ Friday 13 August 30+ Wednesday 18 August All ages Wednesday 25 August Wednesday 1 September TeKawanatanga Aotearoa New Zealand Government Unite against COVID-19"

    May be an image of text that says "95795 COV VAC MILLION VACCINE DOSES ADMINISTERED Rxonly 20mlSterie 20ml SECURING OURRECOVERY VACCINE ROLLOUT Labour Û" image.png.c65131d86ea1d14be69c06c238f28f50.png





    Sadly too many Kiwis think there's a super deadly virus out there and that this jab is a real vaccine and thus there's a magical herd immunity to be reached...like I mused ages ago, good natured Kiwi's wanting to do the right thing as part of this so-called "Team of 5million" will just get the shot when they get the call from the Drs... because Jacinda would never lie to us.


    I posted a picture of that woman who lost her arms and legs and someone commented on it saying "BS, if it was true it would be on the news."



    It gets the shot or it gets the "pesky" lockdowns.



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  4. 9 hours ago, skitzorat said:

    SERIOUS SHIT. - I have no feelings of doubt on this...


    It's begun!


    This bloke in Western Australia has been sectioned and imprisoned in a mental hospital because he has a dissenting view of convid..... dissenting view from his wifes!








    Just discovered an extended version of this - an extra 1min - where he gives more detail.



    Yeah this is no hoax.

  5. 9 minutes ago, DarianF said:


    Your insights are most appreciated mate. Great post.



    Actually upon further thought I don't think Jacinda could just change these freedom laws at the stroke of pen and a next morning "urgent meeting" -like they did to "update" the medsafe limitations on the jabbo rollout which the lawyer Sue Grey exposed.


    I'm no lawyer but I would imagine it would be a hell of a lot harder to start tinkering and restrict a Bill of Rights than it was to amend some unknown Medsafe provisional subclause that Sue was on to it enough to fish out. 

  6. 46 minutes ago, DarianF said:

    Hey @skitzorat you've probably seen this one...


    Vaccine passports look inevitable, so what rights do New Zealanders have?



    What's the word on the street over there mate. Are the sheep for or against it?


    Yeah I read that somewhere else - but it's just for entering the country moving forward which I knew was going to be enviable anyway.... there will still be the quarantine no doubt and the tests too! hahaha. (The quarantine is free for all Kiwis returning home, however if we left to go overseas for a holiday, we'd have to pay for it upon return which is fair enough on the tax payer IMO) - there's been absolutely NO talk of internal pps/shopping etc


    I haven't looked deeply because I knew it'd be happening so didn't bother and I came to terms I'm not leaving some time ago!


    Nothing is official as yet. What I'm not sure of moving forward is if they can make returning Kiwi's have to be jabbed/passported to enter the country when coming home? It's illegal for the NZ govt to stop Kiwis returning home - they could never have done what Aussie did to it's citizens for example on placing all those evil caps/barriers on re-entry - sadly Adren would just change those laws however if she's told to from above!




    This smug bitch here! Smiling away as she announces recently:


    If an Aussie who permanently lives overseas and wishes to return home for a holiday... well, now Aussie Govt will have to grant them permission to exit and return to their overseas residence!  - (your elderly mum dies of the jabbo? You can't fly back from wherever for her funeral because you will be trapped there!)


    They've had in place that ban on you guys leaving for quite sometime - except of course Queensland cow who swanned off to Toyko - but this is a whole new level of entrapment! 


    (She says Aussie doesn't have a Bill of Rights.. maybe that's why NZ can't do this, because we do 'so-called'. image.png.3774f9d52e8ff5f02ac2d9450aabda0e.png




    That fking smile though!👊



  7. SERIOUS SHIT. - I have no feelings of doubt on this...


    It's begun!


    This bloke in Western Australia has been sectioned and imprisoned in a mental hospital because he has a dissenting view of convid..... dissenting view from his wifes!







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  8. @Basket Case


    Mate - this weedo is pulling the EXACT same BS as he has done on the Euro thread in here too!


    See his reply to my recent Robert Tweet - Completely off topic, demonising and personally attacking me, self righteous and simply fking rude.


    Example: Only a total idiot will be proud of one's race. Your spiritual leaders such as Robert who preaches satanic "dragon" race supremacy, is just instilling sense of accomplishment into people like you, while looking down at other non reptilian races. 


    I didn't bother reading anymore and taking it in, but it's the same style and BS rant as in Euro thread -  didn't take the bait here, but as you see now he's winding up @EnigmaticWorld in the same manner he did me in Euro before I snapped and posted the precious Muhamaden face!


    This guy has contributed NOTHING but argumentative, insulting, subversive shit to these forums - anywhere IMO.

  9. 17 hours ago, Weedo said:










    Mods - Can we get rid of this off-topic anti- White stuff from this thread, please. And block this cant because he's doing the same thing with the same shit brained talking points AGAIN.


    I see the mods removed all his blatant WHITE PEOPLE ARE EVIL/RACIST/SLAVERS posts - that I specifically documented - memoryhole this bullshit too.. we don't come here to be lectured  to by some barbaric eye for an eye Bacha bāzī  mentality.


  10. A very succinct conclusion in this article which I think is rather on point.


    No Forgiveness for 1492



    The fundamental crime of the white race, for which there apparently will be no forgiveness, was pulling ahead of the rest of humanity from roughly 1400 onward.


    It seems like every movie trailer in recent years ends with the promise that the heroes will “change the world…forever,” but 15th-century Europeans really did. The accomplishments of Europeans in the 1400s were perhaps the greatest turning point in history.


    Brunelleschi launched the Italian Renaissance by building Western Europe’s first dome in a thousand years (to aid in which he likely invented perspective). Prince Henry the Navigator began Portugal’s eight-decade-long research and development effort to sail around Africa to the Indies. Gutenberg devised the movable-type printing press. And Columbus discovered America.


    These and countless other breakthroughs over the past six centuries allowed Europeans and their overseas descendants to socially construct the most valuable real estate in the world.


    This immense wealth increasingly attracts the covetous eyes of the rest of the human race, who are realizing that, crazy as it sounds, they might just be able to shame whites into allowing their wonderful property to be expropriated over the sins of their ancestors.


    But why are many whites going along with such a transparent scam? What’s in it for them?


    Peter Nimitz recently hypothesized:

    I think once you replace enough of your population, the old myths are forgotten & memorials are obliterated to demonize the old majority & justify the rise of the new rulers of a land. Wokism crystallizes during the population shift – allows the old majority to moralize their dispossession & allows them some sort of status in the new order as loyal collaborators.

  11. FRESH OFF THE 5AM PRESS....I've been holding my breath for this to happen here..


    of the back of yesterday afternoons..


    Covid-19: Expect 'swift and severe' level 4 lockdown if Delta emerges 

    Bridie Witton15:14, Aug 11 2021



    The LIES! The LIES!


    Covid-19: The three little letters that may lead to a level 4 lockdown - NSW

    Luke Malpass05:00, Aug 12 2021


    Health Minister Chris-[We Will Hunt You Down] Hipkins says any future discovery of the Covid-19 Delta variant will lead to "swift and severe" action, including lockdowns.

    ANALYSIS: The ominous warning of a quick level 4 lockdown in the event of the Delta strain of coronavirus arriving in New Zealand has clearly been prompted by three little letters: NSW.


    The long-awaited report by Sir David Skegg and colleagues on how to open up New Zealand was clearly heavily influenced by the Delta variant and the New South Wales experience. The newish strain of Covid-19 has, in the space of less than two months, brought the Australian state to its knees. The Government will respond to the Skegg report today.


    Covid-19 is now so out of control in NSW that Premier Gladys Berejiklian has admitted that the state won’t eliminate it now. But lockdowns will drag on because not enough of the population is vaccinated to stop hospitals being overrun.


    It is the thing that, above all, else the Ardern Government wishes to avoid. And its avoidance technique will be drastic action.


    * Covid-19: Vaccinations surge in Australia as virus spreads
    * Covid-19: NSW outbreak grows by 319 as Queensland welcomes 'very encouraging news'
    * Covid-19 in Australia: Snap seven-day lockdown for Victoria, as officials race to trace source of two mystery infections
    * Covid-19: Australian PM, NSW Premier at odds over how to end Sydney outbreak


    The Delta variant is far more transmissible, results in higher rates of hospitalisation and increasingly affects those under 40 years of age more. Once out in the community it has proven almost impossible to control unless it is picked up very early and a hard lockdown ensues.


    In the Skegg report, there was an ominous warning: that it is highly likely that even with all of the defences here, New Zealand is likely to have an outbreak “similar to that in NSW over the coming months”.


    Less than two months ago, NSW was considered the “gold standard” in its response to Covid-19. It hadn’t adopted an official elimination strategy, but the contact tracing and testing system had meant that it had stamped out Covid in the state.

    Where there were small flare-ups, or cases that had slipped the managed isolation net, its health machine whirred into action, got on top of the chains of transmission and instituted very localised lockdowns where required.

    Reading on the bus? Stop! Scanner time
    Scan a nearby Covid-19 QR code to stay safe

    Then, on June 16 a single limousine driver ferrying people from Sydney airport, tested positive for the Delta strain. The NSW system fired up as it had before – over the ensuing weeks test numbers went up and various low level restrictions came in such as limits on gatherings and mask wearing.

    Over the next week or so, the numbers simply increased. Ten days later – by June 26 – the state went into what New Zealanders would consider a light lockdown.


    Over the weeks since, the lockdown has progressively got tougher. Most people are stuck at home. At the same time numbers have continued to creep up inexorably – with more than 344 recorded yesterday, with 65 infectious in the community. There have now been more than 6000 cases, 62 people are now in intensive care. At the time of writing 34 have died in the latest outbreak.


    Unlike in New Zealand where outbreaks have been relatively small and the key figures are the numbers of cases and then the number of cases with unknown origin, NSW releases the numbers of case and the number of cases in the community while infectious.

    The reason for giving this number is that while there are so many people out and about, the transmission won't stop. Early on, it appeared that it was simply loose rules and poor compliance.

    It now appears that people are following the rules but Delta is so transmissible that even with the odd legitimate trip out of the house, the virus has spread. Even testing more than 130,000 people per day, the contact tracing system can't keep pace.






    In NSW this has now effectively ended up with the worst of all worlds. Continued extended lockdowns, cases, deaths and Berejiklian all but running up the white flag and admitting the state will just have to learn to live with Covid-19.


    NSW’s strategy is now to vaccinate as much of the population as quickly as possible and bring in compulsion where needed.

    Want to work on construction site in Sydney? You’ll need a jab. Employers will now have the right to find out who in their workforce is vaccinated.

    This is the worst-of-all-worlds situation that the Government here wants to avoid.

    Once the population is vaccinated – which if our current rate continues will be about mid-January (although it will probably get faster from here) – there will be other options.

    The brute politics of Covid-19 are simple: just as Berejiklian and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison have gone from heroes to culprits in two months, no-one will thank our Government, Jacinda Ardern or Chris Hipkins in the event we need a long lockdown while waiting for people to get vaccinated.




    The Govt gave NZ Media NZ$50M at the start of the scamdemic and now ANOTHER $55M and they have the cheek to write the above box with their hand out!


    $105M = £53,329,500



    Coronavirus: $50m government package to help media through crisis

    Apr 23 2020


    Government earmarks $55 million to support 'public interest journalism' with new media fund

    12 Feb, 2021

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  12. NSW State govt is requesting MORE military assistance from the Commonwealth.

    Over the next 48hrs NSW Police legal team will be redrafting the Health Orders "in order for it to work for the police rather than for the public"




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