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  1. 1 hour ago, Bullion said:

    people are not complying and certainly not taking the vax😀


    despite their 'figures' and [made up] stats it's so obvious Joe Normie isn't lining up to be injected with the Koolaid... despite all the fake news of queues of people... otherwise they wouldn't have bothered with the "measures". Of course even if Joe and Jan had dutifully rolled their sleeve up on day 1 NWO is here to stay and was beta tested last year in Melbs, but the panic-induced diktats scream desperation; just the the low hanging fruit that were there on day 1 and the pushovers on day 3 and begrudgingly a fair few more now, by in large, have been dealt to. Now the vast majority of all stripes who distrust the govt innately will be digging their heels in even deeper, quietly from the prison of the home, still going along to get along, and there's no amount of threats to persuade them, especially because they keep loosing the plot and saying restrictions will continue even if 80+% are jabbo'd - amateurs! you don't say that out loud at this stage in the game! lol


    Its really a stalemate now; how long are can the pretend PTB in Aussie take the worlds eyes on them as the populace refuses to comply.. will they make it harder? Like how hard? At this stage after what the poor people of Australia have been through so far the past 18 months they're probably used to it so not going concede now!


    Door to door jabbos?


    How long will the current fragile state hold?

    Inter-state truckies being mandated is dangerous territory for the Cabal to go down so soon, another rookie error, they could collectively just shut the country down and there will be no hiding it by saying "100 anti-vaxers are spreading the delta" that won't wash hahaha people will starve and start to get violent... and it wont be directed at the truckies....maybe they're the Nations hope.. there's a few politictians with a spine too, unlike here in NZ.


    Can not talk to your neighbours for eternity!




  2. Of course he is....of course he has....😴


    Part of me is secretly hoping they go full police state like in Aussie to wake the NZ sheeple up out of their 'comfortable' we-are-all-right stupor.... 









    Read; we can't delete the posts fast enough and we can't have kiwis waking up and finding what  theyve been secretly thinking actually puts them in the majority!



  3. 42 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


    Red carpets and 33 word oaths under the all-seeing eye at the Kremlin. It's all so tiresome.


    All different sides of the same dice - throwing a snake eyes on Humanity.


    Same age - similar indoctrinations, can both speak each others language fluently, both in arguably significant positions within the DDR in the 80s.

    She came from affluence self-reported 'comfort' which means 'connected' in Eastern Block terms...  they could have known of each other and being primed for potential future roles together... who.actually.knows.   but Wikipedia probably knows more truth about Merkels early life than it does of Putins, that's for sure.!


















    None of them are on Humanity and Freedoms side, they're both using 'active measures' to enslave us. No ones on Our Side, anyone with potential was sidelined decades ago in preparation for this Now. No one's gonna save us. We need to save ourselves. (easier said than done, I know)


  4. 25 minutes ago, Bombadil said:

    Putin brought the dog out as he knows Merkal is terrified. Nasty fucker😂

     Yip.. I wanted to shoe-horn it in cos funny ;p




    The Russian leader brought his pet Labrador Konnie to one of his first ever meetings with the German Chancellor in 2007.

    The only problem — Ms Merkel is famously terrified of all things canine.

    But in an exclusive interview with German newspaper BildPutin said he never meant to scare the German leader

    When asked about the incident this week, and whether he knew about Ms Merkel’s phobia, Putin insisted he knew nothing about it.

    “I wanted to please her,” he told Bild.

    “When I learned that they do not like dogs, I naturally apologised.”




  5. 35 minutes ago, DarianF said:


    Hey guys. I'm back.


    I was 5 years into the future. I tried to give Boris Johnson his first haircut.


    But they wouldn't let me into the building because I missed my 445th Covid booster and supplies were running low.


    How To: Terminate a Terminator (Updated) | WIRED

    Silence Terrestrian. Get back in the pod.

  6. 4 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

    regardless of Chabadnik Vlad.

    I was just being a smartass [trying/failing] and wanted to shoe-in the pic of her frightened of the dog hahaha😅☺️


    I know her Deutsche Demokratische Republik background and Vlad bowing to the powers (little p) - although in his defence, taking control of such a vast and multi-everything country such as Russia when it was in a state of both societal and economic collapse you have to be friendly with (((them))) otherwise he never would have 'made it' to where he is now...can you imagine if he rejected them outright.


    Anyways, who really knows anything for certain about any the fractious puppets here on Earth in this particular slither of space/time dimensional reality we all currently find ourselves experiencing....


    At the end of the day they're all just distracting us in the 3D reality with their pithy antics,  whilst secretly fighting amongst themselves as to who may be appointed as the main human go-between underlord when A.I. rules us on behalf of extra-dimensional Darkness; which is tightening its deathly grip by the day and increasing the probability-matrix of Earth and human civilisation becoming walled off in some multi-versal hell-hole for ever....




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  7. 6 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


    Dorothea, the nutty Queen of diamonds is from a commie background. I'm not sure if the elites would be so brazen if she was like the Führers of the past.


    Maybe I take calling these people what they are too seriously, and whether Führer, Chairman or Commissar, she has blood on her hands, and can go to hell.


    Führer is the only title that fits because, like, German and shyte nothing else would work lol


    Commissar is out - Vlad the Chad wouldn't want her associated with the Rus.



    As you know these 'leaders' know no allegiance to their ancestors or DNA, even if the rumours of her being of the same blood as the Painter from Vienna were true..... they pledge their entirety to Darkness.


    What is Merkel trying to tell May as she uses 'Merkel diamond ILLUMINATI HAND  SIGN' | Weird | News | Express.co.uk

    Are UK PM Theresa May and German Chancellor Angela Merkel part of the  Illuminati? | protothemanews.com






  8. 4 minutes ago, oddsnsods said:

    I have never bought into that video personally..if its a he, then its post op, as it has no Adams apple.

    yeah nah neither - here she is when she first entered parliament in 2008.


    Not a tyrannical tranny, just a tyrant cut from the same cloth as the Scottish crankie,  Fuher Merkle, Ursula and Lagarde.   Woman often go full pyscho when they get a taste, I'm not being sexist, but I've observed it from years working at the bank - middle/upper management, woman were always the worst.


    Only the Power has gone to her head - fuckng useful idiot thinks she'll be a shoe-in with the New Order - she knows too much, she'll be lined up against the wall and shot.




  9. School is closed even for 'essential' workers... but guess what's not.


    There have already been reports of 'vaxxidents' - what with the main Aux hospital lockdown and ambulance service already running with reported 10 hour delays in places.... what better way to softly kills us all..



  10. 5 minutes ago, oddsnsods said:

    Ross Kemp Gre

    Goodluck with that shit now Skitz, maybe you can hide in the attic or something, when she sends her goons to save you from yourself.💉


    I'm fucked. Fucked all round. 


    Although Jacinda and Labour are true-red-commies.... the other side of the coin is no different when the Global instructs...



    The "opposition" Party - who's ex-Merrill-lynch banister, ex-Leader, PM "Sir" (((John Key))) who lowered taxes on the mega rich whilst raising the gst/vat (so low/med earners pay more) and  got the ball rolling on the fire sale of the country's remaining assets (and Real-estate) to the Chinese.







    The so-called libertarian party, ACT (right of centre, but not bigoted/classist Tory way, more I want to own a gun so I should be able to)



    And the Greens, who leader is an ex-corporate stooge; a consultant for PriceWaterhouse Coopers and HSBC gone-woke AF is the Minister for Climate Change, of course. And the rest of the party want us bowing to the Maoris and Greta.





    And the Maori Party who want their entire own government apparatus.


    So we're fucked. Fucked all round. Not ONE political person with any backbone to stand against Covid and depopulation tyranny. In fairness some/a lot of them truly are simple minded and are just useful idiots


    (thanks to the List MP system; for example the Greens won 1 electoral/constituent seat but got enough % of the Party vote to get 8 or 9 others in there...complete no bodies.. like the above!)

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