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  1. On 2/3/2021 at 9:09 PM, Macnamara said:

    The other one is that nurse who collapsed. Her family say she is fine but has anyone seen her face without a mask in public since then? I don't know what the latest on that case is.

    this one?





  2. 2 hours ago, - TZC - said:

    But how long and how much will they accept? "How about a 3" cotton bud up the ass, the new variant needs a big dry swab to catch enough material to test.. Surely they won't take that lying down" (heh)


  3. 2 hours ago, Grumpy Owl said:

    but as of yet there is no explanation as to where it came from.

    When this magic virus reappeared in Auckland after 102 days and they locked it down and sealed it off with the military, postponed the election, bought in mandated masks on public transport and started hauling the "infected" and their households out of their homes into the facilities, questions were asked and talks about the "cold storage" where the guy worked for a few days...then completely dropped from public conversation.


    (It was also very suspicious the week before the PM was on TV at a mask factory and the CHO was having a televised test lol)


    Months later when I started trying to convince my mum my it really was the biggest hoax in human history and NZ govt is a part of it too, I asked her how did she think a virus just magically reappeared in the community after 102 days?! to which she said "it came in on the cold storage plant where the guy worked" 


    Its amazing that even people who are not stupid can be hoodwinked when their not overly suspicious about everything happening aka a conspiracy theorist.


    2 hours ago, Grumpy Owl said:

    "Covid denier who thought pandemic was a hoax dies of virus",


    Are they still using that old trope?! For love of Gawd they've been using that since the beginning of this charade. As with the London bus and the NHS Father Christmas etc, you would think the behavioural psychologist in SAGE would know the saturation will loose all effect?

    That's where my heart really goes out to the rest of my global human family - the devious sustained psychological warfare has reached insane levels - it's truly evil what's happening with the side of the warfare.


    It's still ongoing in Australia, (its curious how the Melbourne-tyranny model is now being rolled out elsewhere now too,) but NZ seems to have this magical bubble of insulation against most of the total lunacy going on every else, even stuff like the whole transgenderism of the English language etc doesn't take root. It's like we're still some back-water, provincial place like it was in the 80s.

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  4. Just like the WHO updating their definition of herd immunity, webster dictionary updates the definition of vaccine!



    19 h  · 
    I confess one of my geeky interests in life is etymology, which is basically the study of words, their origins and how they have changed through history.
    I have found I learn a lot, especially history, by having this interest.
    On the 8th of December last year I made a post on my personal page about the definition of the word vaccine in the Merriam Webster dictionary.
    My post was not a literal suggestion, it was more to point out that the definition for vaccine no longer fits current covid 19 vaccine technology.
    I have included the screenshot of the post I made at the time.
    What is interesting is that on 26th of January 2021, Merriam Webster dictionary changed the definition of vaccine.
    I have included the current screenshot from their page, and the page captures of the previous definition from their page.
    All links are below.
    The wayback machine
    The definition when I made my post, the page was last updated before that date on 5th November 2020
    For the year of 2012, the website has additional information, such as the origin of the word vaccine, plus the medical dictionary definition
    Medical Definition of VACCINE
    : matter or a preparation containing the virus of cowpox used to vaccinate a person against smallpox
    : a preparation of killed microorganisms, living attenuated organisms, or living fully virulent organisms that is administered to produce or artificially increase immunity to a particular disease <chicken pox vaccine>; also : a mixture of several such vaccines <measles-mumps-rubella vaccine>
    "Merriam Webster is part of Britannica Encylopodeia and the CEO is Karthik Krishnan, who is CEO of Britannica, Merriam-Webster, Britannica Knowledge Systems and Melingo."
    "He is on the World Economic Forum Network as recognized expert in Education, Healthcare and Media. He is also a Top 100 global influencer in EdTech."
    "He was involved with the Clinton Foundation and was recognized by President Clinton for his leadership in launching the Urban Enterprise Initiative."
    World Economic contributor profile
    An interview with Karthik Krishnan
    30th October 2020
    "When the Britannica opportunity came up, it provided a platform for me to channel my passion for lifelong learning and digital transformation expertise into two key knowledge challenges of the 21st century: misinformation and educational relevance. The idea of taking timeless brands including the 250+-year-old Britannica and 180+-year-old Merriam-Webster and transforming them into their 21st-century avatars for the next generation seemed a challenging and worthy endeavour."
    The date the Merriam Webster dictionary online changed the definition was 26th January.
    The World Economic forum had their annual meeting which was held virtually on 25th-29th January.
    The theme of the meeting was the Great Reset
    145821408_119990980018182_4014719937444476919_n.jpg.e469118993dfae16269f97f3e7e2c7a5.jpg146490558_119990953351518_5729817885477040399_n.jpg.044cb2718ce10af3c75577f3c8df2ebe.jpgFrom this link
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  5. Legacy Salmon Creek, Vancouver Washington.
    Hospital REFUSES to discharge elderly mother to her daughter because they refuse convid test. Peoples Rights group is called for assistance to help get the mother discharged.
    Clark County Sheriff's department MACE protestors and grab daughter by the neck and throw her out of hospital doors.

    2 hours ago, Sexpistol50 said:

     Genocide .


    2 hours ago, Illmatic said:

    It looks like at this point this is being done blatantly and they are expecting everyone to just shut up and go along with it

    I know theres a separate thread on here for vaccine related stuff but I just found this guys blog and it kind of puts it into perspective




    Screenshot 2021-02-04 015214.png

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  7. This French woman is furious and heart broken about the murder of 50 in a Nice carehome and others, calling for people of the world not to close their eyes and stay silent to the targeted extermination of the vulnerable like we did to the Nazis in WW2




  8. Unelected EU Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen on the implementation of the vaccine certificate & the coming restrictions on the populace.
    • "It's a medical necessary"
    • "of course it has to be mutually recognised, it's a WHO requirement, so in that we are very clear"

    "..and this is a legal question - what you are allowed to do with the certificate?"


    I hope people (not people on here) realise she's not just speaking on behalf of the European Union.



  9. 2 hours ago, Frankieboy said:

    Is it me? Doesn‘t Billys little show with the dolls on the world map look like : He is playing God! And enjoying it.




    Theyre at the stage in their own hubris that they cannot contain the pure satisfaction deprived from believing they've finally bought about the total eugenics dream that's been pumping through their DNA for centuries. It's all coming to fruition and Bill, in particular, is reviling in the fact that out all the previous generations it was HE who got to play the final ace card. It will be HE that can bathe in the glory.


    Our only hope is that in their arrogance they under estimate the power of love and humanities divinely encoded will to survive thrive and evolve. 


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  10. Welcome to the future folks... they do tell us. You will be forced quarantined before you even know you have the sniffles.


    Upcoming deployment of Microsoft Premonition providing:

    • “continuous biological situational awareness"
    •  predicting the distribution and evolution of microbes, viruses and disease-carrying animals in the Earth’s biome, monitored like the weather
    • combines robotic sensing platforms, artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and cloud-scale metagenomics to autonomously monitor disease-carrying animals such as mosquitoes, robotically collect environmental samples, and then genomically scan them for biological threats

    Premonition’s pipelines have scanned more than 80 trillion base-pairs of genomic material from environmental samples for biological threats:

    •  next step is to be able to forecast “when and where the threat might emerge, not just 24 hours from now, but say, a month from now,”  “ we’ll be refactoring, redesigning epidemiological models"
    • “as deep biome data exponentially scales, the life sciences will become overwhelmed with genomic information. Convergence must lead to new methods to efficiently harness these data and autonomously derive insights.”


    ‘Could we use a mosquito to understand pathogens as they flow through the environment?’”    

    so THATS what the deal with the mosquitos is about. I did wonder what the whole genetically altered mosquitos was really about - they told us it was all about malaria? Remember.








  11. Because natural biology is now redundant you will all be excited to be know the following:


    When Bills Plandemic 2 is ready to be deployed across the mass media, our technocratic overlords are at the ready to locate us with their "Pandemic Fire Squad", rollout their "Mega-Testing Diagnostic Platforms" to test 20% of the entire population every week and to inject us with artificially manufactured "MONOCLONAL ANTIBODIES" to save us from extinction.


    And you foolishly thought synthetically altering our genome would be a preventative!

    HA! Silly serf. You obviously haven't been paying enough attention to the New-Normal Frankenscience of the Transhumanist UN Agenda 2030!


    I can totally understand why he's so "shocked" by those "crazy and evil conspiracy theories!"





  12. 3 hours ago, HAARPING_On said:


    Make no mistake, he's absolutely shitting himself there! 🤣


    That's what happens when you come into contact with The Serfs.

    He certainly was!! Fight, Flight or FREEZE!🤣


    Reminded me of this incident





  13. 2 hours ago, Morpheus said:

    My response:


    I don't need a piece of paper from an indoctrination station to prove I am smart enough to read, comprehend and digest information. 👍


    Another quote from my man Einstein:


    "The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination!"


    Such on them apples and you can wipe your arse with that PHD, it's fuckin worthless. 😎👍

    Couldn't have put it better 😆 outa likes

  14. 2 hours ago, BridgeBuilder said:


    Missed that, well spotted! And they are wearing blue... Tory supporters no doubt. Labour support would have worn red.

    I wonder who they are? Other than the obvious, any other connection etc? 🤔

    I missed it too when I posted it! lol


    Wrong country bro, blue is the Dems in the US of A 😉

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  15. 2 hours ago, DarianF said:

    It's interesting how Gates never allows comments on his videos. Geez. I wonder why. LOL.



    He was massively trolled at the beginning of last year so had to! lol


     the post was pelted with hundreds of thousands of comments painting Mr. Gates as partisan, accusing him of crimes against humanity and linking him to various conspiracy theories involving vaccines, the World Health Organization and implanted microchips.



  16. On 02/02/2021 at 1:08 PM, DarianF said:

    Why can't these arseholes just take their billions and retire to a private island? Leave the rest of us alone. Fuck off!

    I hear he's keen on Little St James in the US Virgin Islands.


    On 02/02/2021 at 1:11 PM, Sexpistol50 said:

    Because they are bored and they get a perverse pleasure out of seeing people suffer

    Yes. They do.


    And a pathological desire for ultimate global control of everything,  whilst simultaneously finally implementing their bloodlines century-old wet dream of population control eugenics. They think they're finally on that cusp and their glee is insatiable.

    On 02/02/2021 at 1:13 PM, DarianF said:

    My hatred for these people. Oh my god. I have no words.

    Me either - that smug face makes me seethe.


    Then I watch this to have a giggle 



  17. 1 hour ago, Sexpistol50 said:

    I love love to lick him in the balls with a pair of steel toecap boots .




    and his cant husband too....



    while we    "...prepare for the next one, that, er, I say, WILL GET ATTENTION NEXT TIME"


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