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  1. 9 hours ago, Truthspoon said:



    Type 'Irish people' or 'Welsh people' into Google and for some reason a lot  of the image results seem to have blacks in them.


    They really are trying to pretend white people don't exist and have no right to a nation and cultural identity of their own...... and the way they are going....one day....we won't.


    Soft genocide..... but you're a racist if you notice.




    It's been doing that for a while, Duckduckgo images does it too.


    "european" people/culture/families  and it will be the same, and woman with black partners (although better than it used to be)


    Compare with Asian * African/black ** etc


  2. 11 minutes ago, Velma said:

    The Australian government is going to seize 24,000 children from it’s citizens and place them in a stadium quarantine camp to be forcibly vaccinated. Parents will not be allowed to attend.



    There's footage of two or three kids collapsing and the screen being pulled quickly and the guy taking the vid being told he wasnt allowed to film. Some are saying they died.

  3. 2 hours ago, skitzorat said:

    Bareback mountain! lol


    Here's a slightly longer version. He's at Coolangatta/Tweedheads the twin towns that lie across the border of NSW/QLD. Just like those towns in the Netherlands/Belgium.



    Currently, you need paperwork to literally cross the road to go to work, take kids to school, take care of elderly etc depending on where you live.

    Last year a 9month preg woman with twins was denied access to QLD border there (the closest hospital was on the Gold Coast 10min drive) and she had to be flown by helicopter to Sydney about 800km and lost one of the twins... things are probably even worse now.


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  4. 6 minutes ago, Golden Retriever said:

    Kill man's best friend. They did this to the Chagos Islanders to evict them when they

    wanted Diego Garcia as a military base.

    Rescue dogs shot dead by NSW council due to COVID-19 restrictions







    The reason:


    They shot them to stop volunteers at an animal shelter from travelling to pick them up

  5. Why Do Some People Support Tyranny While Others Defy It?

    There is a fundamental question that haunts the pages of history and it is one that has never been addressed in a satisfactory manner. There are many schools of thought on why and how tyranny rises in any given society and all of them miss the mark in terms of explanations, primarily because they all allow their biases to rule their conclusions and blind them to the deeper aspects of power and conspiracy. In other words, they are willing to go down the rabbit hole only so far, and then they deny that the rabbit hole even exists.


    The common assumption when it comes to autocracy or oligarchy is that people are “stupid” and easily manipulated into following compelling personalities that make promises they never intend to keep. This is a foolish oversimplification. In truth, the level of manipulation needed to lure a majority of people into dictatorship is so complex that it requires an advanced understanding of human psychology..........


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