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  1. Family Guy shrills for the jab and manages to drop an anti-white 'gag' in there too..
  2. that's pretty much all I use it for - if something doesn't play right here... that's all I use the net for anyway lol I don't have any secure to do online...and when it comes time for my internet history to be linked with my social credit score - well no amount of vpn can hide that living in a 5 eyes nations since the start of the internet age...I'll be in a camp anyways, not participating in the new normal society... But cheers though
  3. Free 10G a month then if it runs out use another random Hotmail to get a fresh 10G. https://windscribe.com/download
  4. I saw this particular incident from several angles at the time. One was up close and purposely filming the interaction and the other was filming from across the road and unintentionally captured it. Those pigs violently slammed that old man to the ground and I heard his head crack as it bounced off the ground.....then as one had a sudden flash of humanity and thought they best see if the elderly gentleman was ok, his terrorist mates kept him moving along and they left him lying there bleeding out of his ear.... it was all caught on film before they surrounded the person filming the up-close angle of it and tried to take their phone out the hands..... He suffered a brain bleed and would appear to be now suing the pants off them. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/man-75-shoved-ground-buffalo-police-during-protest-released-hospital-n1232630
  5. Now I'm no fan of this wrench Peta Credlin (who was Tony Abbots henchwoman during his tenure at the top and is married to the once President of the Liberal Party of AU currently in Fed power and in NSW) - but she hates Andrews guts and always make very valid points. Comments section is OVERWHELMING in favour of the Aussie Pure Bloods protesting for the rights their ancestors fought and died for!)
  6. oh would you look at that timing! The hard working class Victorians who built the once fantastic city which I love are considered the armed offenders. Remember this Fentanyl Floyd Riot scene...
  7. Look who's crawled out from under a rock...this bit didn't go so well LOLZ That farking grin, that look he always has on his smug little face... don't you just want to smack it off Salty's take https://www.bitchute.com/video/LWgKKh0sG9f7/ Full clip
  8. Police Minister Poto Williams insists a new Tactical Response Model is not the controversial Armed Response Teams (ARTs) trialled and discontinued last year. The Government announced a $45 million investment in police on Wednesday, including $15.496 million for a new Tactical Response Model, an additional 78 constabulary staff and 28 intelligence analysts, and frontline training. The Tactical Response Model will include Tactical Dog Teams and Tactical Prevention Teams with advanced training to undertake warrants and other work involving moderate risk. They will be "generally unarmed" unless specific deployment requires it. https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/politics/2021/09/police-minister-poto-williams-insists-new-tactical-response-model-is-not-armed-response-teams.html For context New Zealand has no armed police, unlike Australia where even the public transport "police" - sorry Public Safety Officers - carry... they travel in gangs and particularly like to stalk the youth at train stations and harass and beat them with fists while their guns in the holsters. NZ only has the "armed defenders squad unit" a specialist task force called out when the cray-cray goes off - they have guns. There has been calls to arm the bobby due to a spat of them being gunned down by actual gangsters in the line of duty at intersections and the like a few years/early last year.. but it was shouted down......so they said.... I guess its a matter of time to see how much of the population has blindly aqueous or been petrified by the latest lockdown into the death shot.. which if their numbers are anything to go by has worked perfectly. Ill be off to the camps before Christmas.
  9. not sure of the context/date of this...
  10. 15min interview. https://www.bitchute.com/video/nXlEhKU1is21/
  11. not sure soz.. just posted it cos it popped up and looked weird as.... didnt go through the comments...
  12. "Police believe that the protesters are using the footage from media helicopter's to track the police locations so they can change direction" Is what the talking heads on TV are saying about their ban on broadcasting from the sky! hahahahahahahah unfuckingbelievable! All those 1000-2000 right wing, labour union infiltrating anti-vaxxer nazis with their smart phone gps tracking the news footage to sus out the protection officers! .. said with a straight face.
  13. off topic soz- but crazy, scary and cool at the same time
  14. I have to admit it did cross my mind this morning.......
  15. Love it...but they'll be delisted as a propriety company in no time.
  16. How it started... ZOG'd. There is but one sacred temple and it's not on St Kilda Road, Melbourne.
  17. I'm really heartbroken watching this... longer feed.. theyve occupied the Shrine.
  18. So they did it.... after hours of peaceful gathering - they opened FIRE on them! at The Shrine of Remembrance! The most sacred memorial in Australia dedicated to the fallen soldiers.. so sacred building restrictions apply to skyscrapers in the adjacent CBD area so that no shadow is cast on it. They chased them out of the gridded CBD earlier where they were being chased down with the guns, so Freedom Fighting Purebloods marched down to it... along the way police had left heaps of their cars parked and abandoned - just crying out to be vandalised! lol fucking hilarious.. we could all see in the livestream that game haha
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