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  1. Frankly I'm surprised their are ANY buildings left after the 2014 flattening of that tiny strip of land
  2. Skim through the first 15mins or so... Christian Zios in Kentucky brainwashing the children "the Jews ARE better than all of us....THEY'RE better than YOU.." and then getting those children - the POOREST most IMPOVERISHED in America - to give their literal PENNIES from their piggy banks into buckets as donations to Israel! Absolutely no shame https://www.bitchute.com/video/sVp4joCRYzzo/ Jewish intelligence is running the evangelical movement and abusing impoverished children with potent mind control techniques and stripping them of their pennies - LITERALLY!
  3. Yup... "social engineers" and their assault on 'beauty' *especially Western ideals - think our antiquity, literature, architecture* [resting the eyes on beauty is a form of healing in of itself] - those who have no connection to their soul wish to destroy what they hate in others *European* through this orchestrated insidious assault on all our senses.
  4. FB instantaneously banned me for 24hrs as soon as I pressed post because... guidelines.... lol
  5. Found it! They always seem to have a sing-a-long! A right kumbaya! According to Joshua (((Leifer))) theyre chanting "this verse from Judges about taking revenge on the Philistines, which has become something of a right-wing hate anthem: https://biblehub.com/judges/16-28.htm Then Samson prayed to the LORD, "Sovereign LORD, remember me. Please, God, strengthen me just once more, and let me with one blow get revenge on the Philistines for my two eyes." Who do the Philistines represent to these nutters? I know who they were, but who would
  6. A Supremist Celebration From my very limited understanding - cause for all our concern?!! ISRAEL REBUILDING THE TEMPLE BY DR. E. MICHAEL JONES 3min https://www.bitchute.com/video/W9OA3GmZIJ9G/ As hideous and utterly terrifying for everyday folk of all creeds living in Is-Real-Hell right now - the Iron Dome is pretty freaking impressive to see in action! IMO I bet the IDF has set those rockets up to fire at themselves - practically speaking, how the hell can some 'extremists' create such rocket weaponary living
  7. @shadowmoon @whatthefoxhat @Nats and dogs @Mitochondrial Eve UKC News "trademarked" that term in jest as the govt started the 'variant' propaganda... Timestamped... about 30seconds of viewing and you'll 'get it' :-D
  8. I've seen heaps of these now and doesn't seem to be a one-off phenomenon ... perhaps these people have high iron levels and the jab has increased the amount of blood circulating (the clotting, the head aches, the strokes Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi mentioned something to do with the blood creating continuous spike proteins or something) so it could possibly be a reason people are more metallic thus small magnets stick to them....especially around the injection site... could be a possible explanation ...
  9. no way... they've all been proudly jabbed ASAP! they'll most likely be dead within 5 years.... The STRONG shall inherit the Earth...the STRONG willed...who stood against great odds and refused to jabbed! ... the meek shall go the way of the Dodo, Matthew 5:5 be darned! ... one *good* (I struggle to use that term) thing is that they wont be around to breed and raise another generation with that brainwashing..... I can't say it's their genes.... its pure acquiescence to the cultural subversion because parents weren't aware enough to or too lazy to install sound moral rectitude to counter the p
  10. Know More News - The Tribal Roots of ANTIFA 16mins https://www.bitchute.com/video/3Ap0Kr4ciwqx/
  11. It's just meant to seem that way... don't buy into it... its only so perversely hideous and obnoxious so we hate ourselves [westerners of European extraction] - that's the evil trick.. despite the vocal woketards and activists on TikTok and twatter and our media... we're NOT actually like that in real life... its part of the psy-op... the harder they push means underneath it all we [love/light/spirit] must be equally if not more Powerful than the Darkness that's truly sick and wishing to bring us down to that vibration xx
  12. It begins in NZ... took a while but they've been ramping up the jabs... Hawke's Bay set to ramp up Covid-19 vaccine rollout 28 Apr, 2021 01:27 PM https://www.nzherald.co.nz/hawkes-bay-today/news/hawkes-bay-set-to-ramp-up-covid-19-vaccine-rollout/65QAY3K5LXNEOQ2I5RVT7TNASY/
  13. Go to the link that I added to my reply to that document re; the address' and watch the 28min videoclip that paperwork comes from.....pedoempire.org.. scary stuff.... it 'feels' real to me... :-(
  14. All the vacuous, narcissistic leftist crazies are broadcasting their mental disorders to the world via TikTok..... a known ChiCom spy app.... The Commies must be in hysterics watching their years of cultural subversion come to fruition - a front seat recording the moral standing of the West go spiralling around the toilet bowl and then turn on the BBC or CNN and watch it implode in Realtime... it's pretty scary when you think about it... they'll know precisely when to strike... if they even have to...
  15. It's still there mate.... or search for Dear White People in Bitchute and it should come up :)
  16. Ahhhh thank you... THATS the company and UK address I was trying to remember the other day below...Adrenochrome documentation data dump video...a few months back someone on here noted that addy in Liverpool - of Medimmune UK Ltd - is right next door to AstraZeneca~! and I see now also a company called Seqirus Vaccines!! And also right next door to a DHL... how convenient! https://opengovuk.com/place/ChIJ5aekJS_gekgRangwfxCDOBI Nearby Place DHL Supply Chain4 Renaissance Way, Liverpool Seqirus website
  17. haaaaaaaaa hahahhhahahahhahaha guuurlll ..... Werk it! Own it!
  18. Fascinating! Love the Goths! Visigothic Spain is such a forgotten piece of European history - such a Proud, Noble People. I knew that the 1492 Alhambra decree was one of the very first matters of State Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand signed into law immediately following Reconquista, but didn't know the Jews were so complicit in the Umayyad take over of Iberia in the 700s! Literally inviting them onto the peninsula and opening the city gates! The memory of such betrayal lasted over 700 years! The show notes/sources make for a good read too. The Visigoths, Sephard
  19. Upcoming deployment of Microsoft Premonition providing: -“continuous biological situational awareness" -predicting the distribution and evolution of microbes, viruses and disease-carrying animals in the Earth’s biome, monitored like the weather -combines robotic sensing platforms, artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and cloud-scale metagenomics to autonomously monitor disease-carrying animals such as mosquitoes, robotically collect environmental samples, and then genomically scan them for biological threats Premonition’s pipelines have
  20. Too late!!! They were released into the Everglades a few weeks ago...one of the most unique and fragile ecosystems on the planet...what could go wrong?! https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/apr/28/florida-keys-genetically-modified-mosquito-larvae To save my tears, I just think how screwed the entire food chain is already - the phytoplankton is stuffed from all the pharmaceuticals and GE plants have been loose for decades now; generation by generation tinkering with the genetics of the creatures that eat them.... they've probably already done far worse... they're ju
  21. One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them
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