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  1. I went to post this to my cousins in the US and got this US military is not dishonorably discharging 350,000 Covid-19 vaccine holdouts An online article shared on social media in October 2021 claims that some 350,000 US military personnel are being dishonorably discharged for refusing to be vaccinated against Covid-19. This is false; the Pentagon says the figure is inaccurate, and that the requirements are not yet in effect. "An estimated 350,000 of our military service members are being dishonorably discharged for refusing to take a completely unnecessary and experimental mRNA nanotech injection," the October 8, 2021 article on Substack says. But no troops have been discharged for refusing the vaccine at this point, and the number who may face action is nowhere near the level suggested in the article, according to a Pentagon spokesman. "I can tell you that 350k members are not facing dishonorable discharge," Major Charlie Dietz told AFP. "I am not sure where that number came from but I can tell you that for the Active Duty service members, more than 96.79 percent have received at least one shot. As a total force, to include the National Guard and Reserves, we are over 80 percent with at least one dose," he said. the galling STATE of this BS!!!! desperate AF
  2. HA! I can't help it. I've made my peace with the camps already - joking/not joking But they gotta catch me first and I'm a sprinter... But by hook or by crook, no needle is going into my arms...
  3. absolutely - and not just here - put cyberspace in general... anyone who thinks otherwise today is a fool. That database in Utah would just be like a substation for the 5 eyes countries these days....
  4. I couldn't care less when someone joined or how many posts they've made, I just don't appreciate being 'instructed' and have BS assumptions implied against me in my first interaction with someone. Especially when the original post was so incredibly innocuous & completely inconsequential that if any reply occurred I assumed they would take the same energy- being jest - not some weird counterspin that I wasn't willing to give over to at the time
  5. whoa.. sheet Theres much more to this - a full on Statement of Facts (too long to paste here)- and accompanying 4 hour collections of patriot American military/vets.. National Security Alert: Act of War, Thousands of U.S. Special Forces and Combat Troops Discharged as Total Force ‘Vaccination’ Decimates Military Readiness Editor’s Note: This statement corresponds with our 4-hour crowdsourced documentary featuring personal accounts from many soldiers. For further information, watch it here. We are experiencing the most devastating attack on the U.S. military in history! An estimated 350,000 of our military service members are being dishonorably discharged for refusing to take a completely unnecessary and experimental mRNA nanotech injection, which is now proven to degrade immune systems and cause many serious side effects. Committing Total Force to these reckless injections, which do not protect troops from getting COVID, and, in fact, increase the threat of the spread and result in many provable side effects, is the greatest failure of military leadership in our history, at best. At worst, it is a deliberate treasonous attack against the U.S. military by the top of the Chain of Command. Crimes Against Humanity All of this is happening as more than 7,800 doctors and scientists have signed a “Physicians Declaration” condemning policymakers for “authoritarian” strategies that have resulted in “needless illness and death,” which amount to “Crimes Against Humanity.” Detain The Terrorists: Fauci, Gates, Schwab & Fink As we highlighted in our video, the two most publicly known terrorists responsible for these systemic Crimes Against Humanity and Acts of War against the American people, and humanity in general, are Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates. In addition, Klaus Schwab and Larry Fink have been key strategic driving forces behind overall systemic attacks against us Let it be known to all who perpetrate attacks against the American people that the overwhelming majority of our Special Operations Forces, combat troops and a standing decentralized militia of over 40 million U.S. veterans and well-armed combat-ready civilians are now prepared to defend this country. The unconventional warfare tactics deployed against us through COVID policies must come to an end now. Know Your Primary Enemies China and Russia are playing a role in this war against us. However, it must be known that the Global Private Military is trying to use China, Russia and other nation state adversaries as proxies for their interests. The World Economic Forum, Business Roundtable, Black Rock, Vanguard and the most powerful global corporations have used and abused China and its people as a vassal state for low-wage sweatshop labor for decades. What they have done to the people of China they now want to do to the people of the United States. We all have a duty and responsibility to protect the Constitution of the United States against all enemies. Let it be clearly understood: any government official who continues to be derelict in this duty is committing treason and is an accomplice in a war against the American people. As the U.S. Supreme Court has made clear, it is up to you, the individual, to disobey unlawful, unconstitutional orders. You cannot legally defend yourself by saying you were just following orders. It is now time for you to boldly stand up in defense of the American people. The line is drawn. What side of history will you be on? read more: based! https://degraw.substack.com/p/national-security-alert-act-of-war
  6. Oh you can too.... Here's a break down of how this went: I posted an innocuous picture of lockdown Fergusson to which he replied to me this. then his next comment to Anti-Facts right after "Better not do that" "Stop doing that" My reply to our first interaction: terse, but not rude. I was starting to get a bit annoyed now this fella was now telling us both WHAT to do and how we should feel/not feel (over a very innocuous post I made about Fergusson remember) so I got a little snarky - so FUkn what! It's not like this person I've never interacted before was all "bells and whistles" no, this new member decided in some righteousness to TELL ME (and Anti-facts) what I should/shouldn't be saying/posting here and HOW I should/shouldnt be feeling about said posts - quite matter of fact - from "on high", even, one might say "just trying to point out" = just TELLING ME blah blah again.. just taking upon himself, again, to "let me know"....while assuming obvious Bullocks (I wasn't/am not fucking supporting Fergusson! and me taking the piss out of him isnt "giving him power") More than a little annoyed now! (reasonably so IMO) More "assumptions" about how much power Feg holds over me - FFS - and orders ..only with a 'please' ****** This is not the way you start interacting with people! I didn't start this, but I'm wasn't going to let some random kunt suddenly deciding his infinite wisdoms in his replies to me... but I dropped it and just ended it with a simple emoji.
  7. I felt like a rewatch - 7mins [email protected] 0.45 "..she smelled embarrassingly bad"
  8. Ellina just did not believe what was happening, did she? right up till the very end! the very end! Never forget their faces when they got dragged off so randomly....Nicolae knew, but she just didn't. So consumed with power - I imagine thats what all the Gates/Schwabs even Arderns/Dan Andrews think of themselves, thats why they can just keep doing what they are charged with doing..
  9. They've got to ratchet up the demoralization up on the Patriots- who are currently organizing with all the fired Military/Drs/Nurses for the war they all know is coming.- non-jabbed and armed to the teeth - they are the last Bulwark for freedom and TPTB know this. They really are the best hope "the Free World" has, I feel. U.S. Veterans Preparing For War https://rumble.com/vnper7-u.s.-veterans-preparing-for-war.html Here’s a crowdsourced documentary featuring many U.S. veterans and newly discharged soldiers who are now reporting for duty to defend our country. This video was released on September 22. Here's the statement that we posted with it: U.S. Veterans Preparing For War The Biden administration is denying VA healthcare to all non-vaxxed veterans. The tactical fascist vaxx purge of the U.S. military has now happening. Make no mistake, it is the most devastating blow to military readiness in the history of the United States, and it is a blatant act of war against the American people. Hundreds of thousands of newly discharged U.S. military service members, police, doctors and nurses are now joining forces with veterans to defend our country against this global fascist takeover attempt. They are presently forming a decentralized asymmetric defense of our homeland. Here’s a brief statement to give you a little taste of what is featured in this courageous and awe-inspiring video: “This is the land of the free. We will not allow forced injections, segregation or an authoritarian surveillance and control grid passport system. We have sworn an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies. We will do everything in our power to keep the peace. We, the combat veterans and Special Forces veterans of America, know the horrors of war all too well. We will be strategic, disciplined and surgical. We know who the leading perpetrators are, and if they do not stand down, cease and desist, if they keep trying to oppress our people and enslave our nation, if they keep striping away our freedom and rights, those fascist enemy combatants will be held personally accountable. Do you think we do not know what is going on? You released a bio-weapon. Then you systemically shutdown life-saving treatments leading to millions of unnecessary deaths. You strategically censored doctors, nurses, medical experts, scientists, journalists, Intel Community members and soldiers. Now you are injecting millions of people with a weaponized spike protein in an immune system degrading, gene-altering nanotech vax. You have committed Crimes Against Humanity on a global scale. Your power-addicted pathological shortsighted greed has destroyed our economy and severally inhibited people’s abilities to provide for their families. You have rigged our political and economic system, burying people in inescapable debt. You have captured and corrupted both of our political parties and the government agencies that are supposed to protect the civilian population from predatory global interests. You have captured and corrupted our information and communication systems. You are trying to cut off our ability to get healthcare and move freely throughout our communities. You are contaminating our water supply and now you are systematically destroying our food supply, which you have been systemically poisoning for years as standard operating procedure. Your long list of systemic abuses and usurpations amount to absolute Despotism. Your wickedly evil corruption is now infecting all aspects of our lives. We Have Had Enough! The Line Has Been Drawn. We represent every race, creed and ethnicity. Your divide and conquer PSYOPS don’t fly here. We know how you tactically deploy PSYOPS and stoke identity politics to silo off regional civilian populations into the smallest possible demographics to incite tribalism and make us fight amongst each other, while distracting us from being laser-focused on you, the head of the snake. We have found common ground against you, our common enemy. We all want to live in a free and healthy community that gives our children the opportunity to fulfill their potential. We will defend our country, our communities and our families. We will defend our homes from this fascist invasion. DE OPPRESSO LIBER Semper Fi” Join our social network here, let us know what you are doing to defend your family: https://pogsof.com/
  10. I see this right now and I honestly cannot tell if this is satire and you're pullin' my leg or if it's real!
  11. I don't need you to point this out, these entities don't hold any power over me or any else here... .....but for 3419 pages now we have been running a real-time expose of this shitshow and just now that creature popped up again and I felt like randomly throwing him in only for him to be spat out and forgotten by page 3420.
  12. whilst laughing in your face, plebeian.
  13. How about you just stop telling us what we should and shouldn't be doing/saying here as you first rock on up. That's a good start.
  14. yeah, no I didn't - we're having a laff at his/this whole shit-shows expense around these parts mate and I will continue to do that, thanks.
  15. I know right! I couldn't believe it just now... but here HE is.. being rolled out again..still.. bold as brass
  16. there's no need to make it up...This shit just writes itself now.....
  17. oh look at that - right on queue - the Australian version of TV Dr talking-head 'recommends' 3x shots as a 'normal' routine - not including boosters!!!! haahaha how many are going to go running to get their 'top up' asap! Trust the scienth people on the tele - anyone speaking any other narrative is an anti-vax, white supremist, paranoid conspiracy theorist nazi flat earther and should be ridiculed and reported for dangerous misinformation immediately In an exclusive interview with The Atlantic, Joe Biden's chief medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci revealed that COVID-19 booster shots don't keep people alive but can allegedly prevent severe effects from the virus. According to Dr. Fauci, booster shots add crucial temporary protection against the virus and will become a standard regimen in the future. "It is likely, for a real complete regimen, that you would need at least a third dose," https://thepostmillennial.com/dr-fauci-says-booster-shots...
  18. The most popular action, cited by 54 per cent of respondents, was for employers to introduce a requirement of all leadership to be active participants in company inclusion and diversity initiatives. Other measures supported by employees included investment in management and leadership training and career development programmes for minority employees (53 per cent); expansion of recruitment pools beyond schools, universities and other traditional sources (52 per cent); and an improvement in recruitment processes including the introduction of blind CVs and diverse recruitment panels (51 per cent). More than half (52 per cent) also said they want extensive bias training for HR employees and all levels of management, and half of respondents said they want an inclusion and diversity audit for company policies and culture (50 per cent) and to have a committee made up of black and other ethnic minority employees to help shape policy and monitor progress (50 per cent). You know, I think these think-tank employee servicing groups just make the data up completely now to push the narrative- get results from the actual workforce from their surveys (I remember doing them) and they dont fit the agenda - MAKE IT UP! But then again - affirmative action has been in full swing in the US since Obama so the workforce is probably 50% 'minority' 'oppressed' group now so the results could be factual! ha - I just don't believe ANYTHING to do with numbers from ANY 'authority' or group etc who has an agenda ...Im 110% sceptical about ALL information (and I consume A LOT)
  19. opened the link and to my surprise - not ONE blonde haired, obviously European stock 'employee' in the pic... *scanned to count ..1,2,3 7* - I think I spotted the only white guy -the one whos face is 98% hidden!!!!!!!!!! you couldnt make it up
  20. reminds me of some tweet he made the other week in regards to the many Vic Pol crimes - think it may have been when the tradies were smashing something - and his comments were all "anti-vaxer bad man/poor police" or something - and I lost the admiration I had for him... I mean, don't fuckn bother commenting on something on the other side of the world if you have no actual idea WTF is going down there - keep to Portland! - if you knew how the Victorians have been treated for 18 months by these creatures you would never make such an off-cuff remark. Vic Pol deserve nothing but contempt...even if you're conservative and a fan of the pigs (admittedly I like living in a civilization that has/had a good one - a service to call when youve been robbed - and I wouldnt want to be one witnessing the dregs of society and the American system is waaay different and Im CERTAINLY not the kind to dream of any defund the USA police BS! I mean fark that!) - but I've never liked them or held them in high regard. Maybe some mid-western American county sheriff is still based, kind of what I'd imagine many UK 'bobbies' were like back in the day.. but nah, not since I've been an adult.. power hungry cants the pack of them... and yes.. they're all political no matter what they may say individually- they're an arm of The State full stop and willingly signed up and thus trained to follow the orders from on high... they are NOT our friends "community policing" my ass "community snooping" and reporting back to command mores like...
  21. ITS A PANDEMIC OF THE VACCINATED CHILDREN! - who would have thunk this would happen? /s buckle up ladies & gents, this ride has only just begun....some have obviously survived their little hearts being popped - depending on their physical/mental/emotional/spiritual constitution and how the injection was administered/dosage etc etc... - wait until winter fully kicks in... and their immature immune systems, now internally waging a confused war on itself, not understanding and continually trying to find the best way to react/learn to the foreign spike proteins constantly being created from whatever part of the system the payload of synthetic codes ended up in before entering those cells to be 'read' - and it fails completely over what was once the sniffles...
  22. I always check out the stuff you link (just sayin') Thats what I really enjoy about this particular space - its 'safe' [from the childish normie mockery] (for want of a better term) for us to throw things out there and share etc... provided its not totally naff.. I mean, most of us have been around the bush long enough to not throw out lameo shyte and waste the brainpower typing... but in saying that its always great to call each other out - 'constructive critisms' meh... I fucking despise how precious SO many people are these days about online *feelings* FFS - if you get 'hurt' through the net, perhaps the internet isnt the place for you (and I obviously dont mean cyber bullying)... Im happy to be called out! In saying that, I detest malicious intent as I've always been able to smell and sense snide undertones from a mile off and I'm happy to tell someone (online or in the flesh!) to get fucked!! when I think an attitude is unnecessarily cunty towards others - cant help it - was the way I was brought up... brought up strong enough to defend myself and others I deemed appropriate to use my viril for...but again... I can take what I can give - but it does always pay to be nice.. my father once said to me when I was a youngster - (sister and I were raised with manners since forever) but I remember dad saying "son, always be polite to others, it costs you nothing and the rewards can be priceless - and during my professional 14 year career working in cooperate superannuation/financial planning/investment arms of banks and insurance companies working with high end cliental and fellow colleagues - it DID PAY $$ off!!! *fake it till ya make it* /end rant Im keeping mental notes of humanities arseholeness - the latent autharatarism came out in many before the jabs even rolled out... it was like something switched in many and they felt righteous telling others to be 'law abiding.... cos granny..' Its def switched gears since theyve been injected and part of me can be higher and forgive as I understand their soul has been disconnected from God-Higher Self-Allthatis-PrimeCreator even if they were never consciously aware of "it" normally.... but still ..we will never forget Forgive her For she knows not what she does A cross upon her bedroom wall From grace she will fall An image burning in her mind And between her thighs A dying God-man full of pain When will you come again? Before him beg to serve or please On your back or knees There's no forgiveness for her sins Prefers punishment Would you suffer eternally Or internally? Ah For her lust She'll burn in hell Her soul done medium well All through mass manual stimulation Salvation
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