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  1. The Washington Compost has switched to admission, just to ratchet up the fvck you value; for the jews sh!ts'n'giggles. Usually the sequence of events goes as follows: >it's not real! >ok it's real but it's a good thing >yeah we're going to replace you but stop saying it. Trust the WaPo to not even get that right. Next the will be telling us Fentanyl Floyd died from a gun shot and releasing an official statement saying they absolutely did not publish links to Libs of Tick Toks private information including her address and place of employment.
  2. Mentally ill Hispanic tranny shoots up a school - White peoples fault. Especially all those White Americans who own all the guns, funny how that works.. What happened to American schools? Diversity via literal bayonet happened. White-white Americans and their guns have never been the problem. HOW JEWS PLAN TO TAKE OUR GUNS. JEWISH GUN CONTROL IN THE UNITED STATES: LEGISLATION https://tv.gab.com/channel/cro_magnon1488/view/how-jews-plan-to-take-our-628f1c7ce7169472f0c9fc66 15mins And they just can't pass up any opportunity at being hideously spiteful out loud to match their faces.
  3. I have no idea of the context to this, 30th B'day (from 1991) last year? but if its photoshopped they did a really good job because the reflections and everything look legit.
  4. Welcome to the forum btw. America is now mask-off in front of the scenes, in-your-face, run by jews; Their military and economic international power house which they're currently in the process of looting any remaining wealth - think jewish BlackRock - as they "South-Africanize" it before finalizing the transferring of said "power" base to the East. Ukraine is run by jews after the US State Dept jew Victoria Nuland organized a coup in 2014. jewish mafia boss and Oligarch, Igor Kolomoisky is top jew with jew Zelesnksy the current face. It appears (in my opinon) to be the US factions current money laundering, child sex trafficking, Israeli white sex slave market and god knows what ever else "base" on the doorstep of Mother Russia. Russia has been raped by satanic Bolshevik jews since the 1917 revolution ushered in Communism. Then in 1945 after the "glorious allies" utterly destroyed Germany who DARED to show the integrity and had the balls to kick the jews out while very publicly calling out their Marxist world domination plans - literally burnt it to the ground in a vengeful orgy of firebombs, death camps and the largest mass-rape of woman in history, slaughtered millions of her people and gave her a hiding she never recovered from, divided the country up, then - in full knowledge - handed the rest of Eastern and all of Central Europe and her People over to those very same satanic jewish bolshevik communist butchers who had been raping, torturing, starving, executing and working to death in camps 10s of millions of Slavs for the previous 28 years! In 1991 after the jews and their other other communists goy collaborators had milked the whole of Eastern Europe and its people dry, they turned into into "democrats" overnight and privatized all the Russian State Assets into "Russian" [jewish] Oligarch hands where it remains to this day. They literally stole Russia its natural resources, forests, minerals, oil, the mines, the factories from the Russian people after brutally exterminating over 66+million of them as the rest lived as destitute slaves the previous 74 years! Just like in the US/EU/West, but I guess the "format" is different? - they own the media, the banks, the cities: they would have been the ones to decide jew-Putin was The Man. Chabad Lubavitchers end times death cult faction over see the jewish "spiritual" side whole Rus/Ukr sh!t-show. Don't mean to overwhelm you with links! but here's some more really interesting stuff/sources/pics. https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/25697-conflict-in-ukraine-russian-invasion/&do=findComment&comment=407394 https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/25697-conflict-in-ukraine-russian-invasion/&do=findComment&comment=397142 https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/25697-conflict-in-ukraine-russian-invasion/&do=findComment&comment=391940 https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/10819-why-are-people-afraid-of-the-facts-about-jewish-leaders-and-oligarchs/&do=findComment&comment=388527 https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/25697-conflict-in-ukraine-russian-invasion/&do=findComment&comment=394914
  5. Wow!! Wicked stuff. My old man (RIP!) was really into history, especially war history (mainstream scholarly stuff) every battle in the 19th/20thC etc - books and books and books: I've got all my Grandads WWII medals. I was never a super-fan of the war-theme, but he would have just DIED over seeing stuff like that in America! (he'd only travelled to aussie) and nothing really compares here in NZ to America, the UK and Europe for history. side note: he was super smart - high IQ smart. Both my Grandparents were principles at schools and my grandad was an All Black who also played league for Wiggin (UK) for a time. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gordon_Innes anywho, needless to say I was raised "Traditionally" but like a modern 80s/90s non-religious traditional: with my own library of books and weekly magazines from the newsagents (remember those? in Little old NZ in the 80s/90s he used to have to order them in from overseas; I got Dinosaurs and The World and he got Rugby Leagues and Wars lol) and evry kind of of animal (he built me a huge walk-in bird aviary where I breed birds and we went on "bird-club" bush walks- and we designed a fish pond to go around it etc) and gardens; a non-geeky "kids dream-life" environment (God Bless you mum and dad!) he taught me (and my little sister who's 6yrs younger) everything and anything I wanted to learn - and I was a sponge - real world stuff like animals, dinosaurs, nature, space, sandpits, climbing trees, planting veges, building bird breeding boxes - healthy boy child stuff they probably don't learn anymore because they're perverting kids with rainbows and anal sex when mu dad was forever taking me to museums (probably every museum in NZ 10x over by the time I was 12) and old school garages people had decked out with train sets and all kinds of memorabilia instead - and there were NO history of butt-plugs and rainbow flags in them. I never knew about sex-stuff until I got home from school one day when I was about 10/11 and he'd bought a biology age-appropriate book with run of the mill human abcs and just left it on my bed and we never *discussed* it haha - like how it should be! I can still remember it now, being blasé about it (I guess I kinda already knew some-what) but I guess what Im trying to say is that it just was not "a thing." I've been to the States several times (I have American cousins I'm close to who live there) and your pics remind me (of my Dad!!) and of going on a tour around DC and going out to Arlington, seeing with my own eyes all the iconic America; walking around The Mall, seeing the Lilncon statue and the Dec of Independence, Bill of Rights in a Smithsonian - wish my dad had of been with me now, thinking back *sad face* lol - LOVE that American history stuff and it would have been awesome to experience seeing it with him as an adult instead of just by myself - he died suddenly when I was only 27 after I had just returned home to NZ from living my 20s in the UK (thinking back *sad face* again! lol.) He was very based, normie but not cuck-dumb-fk based, would have had NO TIME for the current state of the Western world and would have been speaking out about it! Even if his kids weren't in schools. He would NOT have been wearing an mask (he was the kind of man who, in 1992ish when they banned indoor smoking in shopping malls, would still light up because fuck them! lol.) -He (both my parents) would not tolerate the intolerable - haven't really thought about it before until now, but today would be unimaginable to him - and he was only 62 (born 46 an actual boomer!) and died in 2009? Which is not that long ago!! Cheers for the pics. Please excuse the off-topic rant all - those war pics reminded my of my Late dad and I hadn't thought about him in a while and I was reminiscing out loud about how fucking perverted life is now and how he wouldn't know what to make of it and also how fucking awesome my childhood (thanks to him) was!
  6. I spoke too soon without thinking. Happy to stand corrected
  7. If you think he's mad now... wait until someone tells him Wakanda isn't a real place. Employed (apparently) by Disney - 65K followers
  8. George Lincoln Rockwell, founder of the American "Nazi" Party - named so purely for the shock-value to gain media attention and notoriety - but at it's core it was just an anti-communist, pro-White movement, on the cuckservatives of his time. He was assassinated in 1967. Not ONE thing he says in this 4 and half minutes is a lie or hateful.
  9. The "doge" memes always crack me up "Hello my chocolate companion, I would like to acquire your most exquisite crack"
  10. ZOG my God! How dare these people. When will these hate™ crimes stop?! Officials: 'White Lives Matter' group is recruiting members in Idaho Two unidentified people hold a sign at the intersection of 21st and Main streets in Lewiston on May 11. An Idaho prosecutor’s office has made law enforcement agencies aware of a so-called White Lives Matter group that is recruiting members in north central Idaho. Nick Woods, an investigator with the Nez Perce County Prosecutor’s Office, compiled information about the group and sent it to the Lewiston Police Department, Nez Perce Sheriff’s Office and Idaho State Police last week. His efforts were prompted by two masked individuals displaying a banner with the message “It’s great to be white” at the corner of 21st and Main streets in Lewiston. Similar displays were made in Moscow, according to social media posts. (LOL!) “We are just passing information on to law enforcement,” he said. Both the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League consider the anonymous organization a white supremacist movement with neo-Nazi ties. The group promotes white pride and the “great replacement theory” — the idea that there is a conspiracy to bring people of color to the United States and European nations through immigration with the goal of replacing or suppressing majority white voters. The theory was cited by the 18-year-old white man who shot and killed 10 people and wounded three others in a Buffalo, New York, supermarket Saturday. The victims included 11 people of color. Lewiston Police Captain Rick Fuentes said officers from the department made contact with the masked individuals during their May 11 display but said they did not observe any illegal activity. “If they are in the roadway or something to that effect, we might be able to get involved, but unfortunately there is not much we can do about it,” Fuentes said. The department received one complaint about the display. Tai Simpson, a social justice activist from Boise who is Nez Perce and Black, said Nez Perce people and other people of color worry about their safety because of white supremacy movements. But she also said the idea that white people are oppressed is pitiful. “They are saying, ‘We don’t want to share equality and we don’t want to share power with folks who identify as Black, Brown and Indigenous,’ ” she said. “What they want is sympathy and what they get is derision and shame because it’s laughable.” Simpson said white supremacy is much more common than many white people believe and it is up to white people to confront it. She said when such displays happen, people should take the opportunity to talk to their children about racism, to educate their family, friends and neighbors about its dangers and to do what they can to disrupt it. “White supremacy is a white people problem and white people have to dismantle it,” she said. https://www.kpvi.com/news/regional_news/officials-white-lives-matter-group-is-recruiting-members-in-idaho/article_00172418-a9c0-557e-9457-c81efbf82fe4.html Obviously still "too White" North Central they say..... uh oh... they've had a major INCREASE (purple) in the dreaded Whiteness over the past decade! Quick someone call the White people exterminators. RED ALERT! very low jab rates!
  11. There is a stark difference between based, patriotic black people who want to make their communities better for themselves and their families, and ghetto thug n!ƃƃer$ **HIS TERM** who only destroy everything on their path to hell. judeo-Bolshevik DemonRat run inner cities will continue to remain decimated as long as n!ƃƃer$ **repeat HIS TERM** go unchecked by communist policies in "lack of law" enforcement: ..the demonization of law and order and police is straight out the judeo-bolshevik "Russian" revolution play-book.... and plays right into another agenda you mentioned. Goodbye down-to-earth county sheriff, hello roll out of even more militarized, privatized Fedpigs. Sure the US (and France/Germany) have some brutal "law enforcement" already, but the Australians, especially in Victoria, got a real taste of what's to come all over the so-called 'free' West: only American's 2A is the bulwark against complete and absolute tyranny in that Nation built on the concept of true human freedom and liberty. This guy understands very well. And so does Jesse Lee Peterson - he's a fvcking crack up! Shut.it.down, Schvartze goyim know As does this beautiful African-American chick... timestamped but worth the 10mins
  12. There's nothing quite like seeing them side by side to make you laugh (you have to) plus "that will wake the normies up! There's something very visually striking when seeing the same headers/logos being unabashedly hypercritical next to each other... I mean, it's not like jew-media has ever had a problem juggling multiple conflicting party-lines at the same time; speaking with forked tongues ...but at this stage (like covid) there's not even a smidgen of an attempt to appear impartial or feign faux-integrity, it's just full-throttled demoralization and genocide because fvck you we can - which makes it all the more hilarious, and hopefully, - I mean you really have to be under "the spell" - it will make normies starting seeing patterns! oh and they really, really hate the power of pictures!! Even if it's just screenshots next to each other or their quotes... it's not hate speech™ if its put together without violence but is relentlessly mocking the shyte out of them IMO - and they deserve it! and no, it's not just powerful Zionist jews, Israeli/jew NGOs with unlimited Rothchild banker funding and famous liberal leftist-media Bolshevik jews that are working tirelessly....... ..... its tens upon tens of thousands of normie joe and jill jews and envious global majority anti-Whites, all of them getting high on their own farts and getting their rocks off at the thought of the extermination of European people as they collectively eviscerate our civilization, too.
  13. Excuuuze moi, I think you'll find that it was a Gorllion x less than the $ Gentiles have given over to them over the past 70 years... but that would depend on the weather on the given day...but, you know, the pie-graph is correct in theory: You ever wonder why all the books are banned and the "NAZI" speeches on the History Channel are never sub-titled? This one is more poignant today than ever before. THIS is what the Germans were fighting against- THESE demons committed a real holocaust and the German people knew they had them in their sights next. Which one of these books advocated the extermination of an entire ethnic group of people - a complete genocide? But keep the shekels coming, goyim History never repeats but it often rhymes
  14. White supreme pizza violence strikes again! Notice the official media piece doesn't mention race (in America.) In the UK/Europe they don't mention names. All international media shy away from showing face pics. Unless the psycho is WHITE! Then his name, face and RACE is repeated in EVERY article for a week. It's never a "hate crime" It's never "domestic terrorism" It's always a "car" or a "gun" He is always "a good boy" who was "turnin' his life around" and Dindu nuffin. Every.Single.Time As much as they're DYING to get hold of White Americans guns and although this Hispanic slaughtered 14 school kids and is most probably not a CIA MKUltra'd mental case as they tend to 'radicalize' and entrap isolated White kids - there will be no loud calls for disarmament and more censorship; it will be dropped from the news cycle as soon as possible like the Waukesha massacre was. Speaking of Waukesha massacre where a "SUV" caused over 60 white people to trip over... did you know that another car randomly attacked and killed 6 people at a festival in Belgium two months ago? No, probably didn't.
  15. In my own personal experience I had only seen the odd jew when I was in London and a gaggle of them lived in my area in Melbourne - there are only like 3000 in NZ - until 18 months ago I; a) never had a "conspiratorial" thought about "The Jews" nor bothered to investigate. b) never gave jews any thought. c) never wanted to give jews any thought. d) was never fully indoctrinated into Hitler/Nazis=bad either. e) if I did give jews a passing, fleeting thought, I probably thought the "White Supremacists" were most likely just regurgitating well-worn tropes. f) had actually been so infected with the Holocaustianity white-guilt virus that I felt pangs if someone said something untoward about jews: literally, I had a friend in Melbourne (who'd been living around them his whole life) who would say, not maliciously but matter-of-factly, "I don't like jews!" and it would make me uncomfortable. THEN I managed to break that glamour (that is invisible and that I didn't even realize was there, it's so persuasive that even to my "normie" non-JQ-lay-person mind I discovered that this strange 'protective' coating must have permeated the deepest of my subconscious.) I began pulling back some layers (after loosing those guilt-pangs) and found a jew here... and another jew there... and other jew there.. and a whole lot of jews -"ZOG-My G-d he's a jew?!" "OMG those people are jews?!" and that was just the surface ones like holding power in government and the media and hollyweird....(thinking back, I probably kinda knew the hollyweird trope was real but never understood how deep (and dark) it went.) And then I delved deeper into history, both recent and medieval; the "woke" marxist agenda - jews; the alphabet degeneracy - more jews; the transgender agenda - even more jews. The Soviet Union - the Russian "Bolshevik" Revolution was a JEWISH revolution financed by jews in America! WWII was an international JEWISH conspiracy! Communism is JEWISH! The illuminati was jews! Freemasonary is subverted and is JEWISH kabbalah bum-fvckery for gentiles! And I suddenly discovered EVERY SINGLE ASPECT - as pointed out in those 'anti-semitic' flyers - that I'd been told all my life (by the jewish media) that those evil "White Supremacists," full of baseless, anti-semitic hate, had been on about are true! I read why the Germans disliked the jews, I started seeing who was hating on me (White people) and my culture and why, (the Talmud,) and discovered they were not just some ugly weird fossil people who believed in the Old Testament; they're a dangerous, powerful cabal! Every.Where.You.Look.Every.Single.Time is real. And well, then there's EVERY>SINGLE> covid injection and the BlackRock looting EVERYTHING. If that makes me a rabid anti-Semitic White supremacist - so be it! But jewish power and the jewish genocide of White people and their all-out war on my noble Western civilization; the highest of order- built by the blood, sweat, tears of my ancestors that am immensely proud of, is the single most pressing agenda right now and undeniable. But I respect Icke for not going there - after all, I'm just some rando on the internet in a country that doesn't have major jew-specfic laws, (yet.) And although I feel no need to say anything idiotic and childish, I also feel no need to sugar coat my distinct lack of philo-semitism by openly talking about the energy that hates me and is destroying my world....under every.single.rock. although it's very lame and tiresome to be muh nahzi every 5mins.
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