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  1. Cheers Bombadili - I'm between Cardiff and Bridgend in South Wales. Crazy here and another full look down to look forward to after Christmas! Bloody awful how young children are being coerced through schools, peer pressure etc to accept masks as fashion items and being scared into thinking it's for they're own safety (myself and wife both in education and it's bonkers - people's fear spreading 'like a virus' !!). So sad seeing a bus full of school kids sitting down obediently wearing masks - what happened to the days of climbing over seats, being a pain in the arse and ................being kids!
  2. Success!! Went into a mobility shop this afternoon to buy something for my mother - obviously not wearing my mask and wasn't challenged about it. Said to the very helpful person who could see I didn't have a clue what I was looking for that he needn't wear a mask for my benefit (me and my wife were the only ones in the shop) - his response "Thank Christ for that - it does my head in having to wear this every time someone comes in!" Another poor bugger forced to wear one to keep they're job! Got to cling onto the little things............
  3. With you 100% Rozemi - been thinking the exact same thing.
  4. I've resisted so far apart from work when I wear a bandana only when necessary just to keep my job! Getting annoying now seemingly being the only person continually without one when shopping - a few stares, a few snide comments and a couple of challenges from store staff but getting ridiculous seeing how many people just comply. Seeing old people gasping for air and young children wearing them as fashion items surely is enough for people to at least question this nonsense!! Trying to support local coffee shops is also difficult when they don't let you enter without wearing a mask whilst walking to your table! Crazy! Went home for a hot chocolate instead!! Doing themselves out of business by complying to laws that are designed to ruin them! I'm trying to find out if this is the same across the country? ie are people everywhere just complying when out shopping or are some people not wearing them? Would love to find out - Please don't let it just be me!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Gotta love those tannoy announcements - it's the time when the whole of the shop starts staring at the only person not wearing a mask!! Ha Ha! My shopping is done in record time by not wearing a mask - aisles clear and queues disappear! Is it just my area or are people everywhere still going along with this wearing a mask nonsense?
  6. Hi guys, Always thought things 'weren't right' - saw David Icke in Cardiff a couple of years ago now everything's clear. Currently amazed how me and my family are still the only ones week after week not wearing a mask when shopping in Aldi, Asda and Home Bargains - what's wrong with people?? Been challenged a couple of times by Asda security and people dive out of the way as though we've got leperasy on occasions but don't understand why everyone around my area seems to believe this nonsense! Crazy! Looking forward to communicating with like minded people.
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