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  1. Thank you for responding. The things I have found out since his death show his colors as a bad guy. I didn't know a bad guy. Oh, he wasn't perfect by any means but he really loved me. He went against everyone to love me I have found out. Before he died, one of our businesses was weighing heavy on me and I began to pray fervently for wisdom and discernment. Maybe him dying and me seeing things for what they are was Jesus' way of giving me that discernment about him and the family. I want to know how to grow so I can spot them before I loose my heart to them. Yes. Di
  2. Thank you for responding. I do recall him saying they were here for sperm. I wish I could remember all the details but it was something about they would do anything to have it. I remember the topic because I remember making the comment that if they would make it enjoyable, they wouldn't have to take it in a painful way. They would have more than they could handle. His response was "you mean like the porn industry?". I said no more like think the kid movie Monsters Inc where laughter was more powerful than the screams. Love vs. Lust. He truly loved me. I have no doubt about that at a
  3. Thank you for responding. Yes. He was religious. His first degree was in theology from a Bible College and he spent years as a youth pastor. When we were together, I would say he went to church but I will not say he was in tune with the Holy Spirt. He did his own thing.
  4. Thank you for responding. His government connections were quite high. He wasn't the front person, however he explained it to me when we first met that he was the guy sitting behind the politicians telling them what to do. He said he was the guy that when they had a question on how to answer something, they would turn to him and he would whisper in their ear how to respond. Think capital floor forum. Think puppeteer. I actually would call him that at times and he never corrected me. So much I could say on this subject but I'm not that dumb to open my mouth on certain things publicly.
  5. My husband was a CPA, we owned 5 businesses, an industry leader in the assisted living world and he was very politically involved. Thus my reason for trusting him when he told me things. He did not spend time on frivolous things.
  6. My husband passed away in May 2018. The year leading up to him passing, he would show me videos almost every night about reptilians. I had no idea about any of this prior to him teaching me. I know he hypnotized me during these times. He would instruct me to squeeze his hand if I was still with him and would touch my leg to trigger things. The one thing he reiterated over and over was to never ever trust a reptilian. It was never a question as to if they existed. I told him one time that I felt like I was in training. He said yes. The day he died, I watched as his "heart attack " made h
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