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  1. I believe this is the same woman. She posted an update on Nov 30th, 2020. https://svalispeaksagain.wordpress.com/author/svalispeaksagain/
  2. Sorry. Thanks to Mr Owl and Mr Metak88! I'm learning so much. I have to look and see if there are threads on the monoliths that appeared in Utah and Romania. So many things, so little time. Can you teach me how to search on the archive website. I have another link from "Children of the Matrix," I would like to look at: You can find more detail about the real Mormon Church in the Religious Archives at www.davidicke.com, and elsewhere on the Internet. (Page 335). Thanks you very much for your help.
  3. Thanks-- no problem on waiting... I'm not overly optimistic that the material is still available to the public. DI has been censored so badly. But anything is possible!
  4. another example small selection of the reports and personal accounts describing reptilian experiences. If you want to see more, go to the Reptilian Archive on my website, (Page 284).
  5. Here is another mention of a symbology archive The Illuminati communicate above ground in the language of symbolism, as revealed in The Biggest Secret and the Symbolism Archive on my website. (Page 275).
  6. Hi, I'm reading Children of the Matrix. Here is an example of archive information David says is on his website. Many badges within the US armed forces feature the dragon and reptile, as revealed in the Symbolism Archive on my website. (Page 269). Can anyone direct me to where this information is now? Thanks in advance. Much Love
  7. gm from the southern US, I'm reading through many of DI old books. Through my own research I've come to many of the same conclusions as DI, but was not familiar with him or his work until I joined Parler. Now I'm reading his work and I'm thrilled that I'm not "crazy" after all. I have a question. In many of his books David refers to additional information that can be found on his website- but I don't see that information. I know those books were written years ago, so I'm not surprised I can't find the articles he is referring to. Is there a place where all that inform
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