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  1. there's some shit about vampires. you must invite them in. it correlates to the heart nobody can actually take it off you - you can be coerced, misled - but you have make the choice to give it up if you know - you know. i dislike the term because of all the connotations - but this whole game is a spiritual one. on a less subtle level - being sprayed by something / or even drinking it; doesnt have the same effect/impact of being injected with the shit directly - also as overt as shit is becoming; doing that would be abit too overt a pl
  2. who gives a fuck & ya'll celebrating just highlight how infantile some of you are. you have a cockraoch infestation in your home - one bug dies - & you muthafuckas boosted like its something noteworthy or you accomplished something. clown shit.
  3. it tells me alot about people... when this topic gets covered on the mainstream news - everyone wants to seem like they care. oh so deeply. yet who cares enough to actually investigate what is actually going on, & by whom? ive spoke about this shit in person with people - & the room gets silent. that's understandble in & of itself. but do these people then maybe inquire in their own time just how evil this shit gets? nah. man...i get heated on this shit. but underneath that, its fucking heartbreaking. same thin
  4. ayy...do not take peoples ignorance & defense of said ignorance as a determing factor for your worth. easier said than done i know - its something i have to remind myself of - & i can empathize with you, dearly. and less of the "obv im an idiot" shit - come to yourself with compassion. if a friend was expressing similiar trouble/frustations as youre expressing here...would you call him an idiot? i doubt it. offer yourself the same respect. and seeing as you mentioned watts, il say to to this... im going to assume you
  5. project alot dont you? i am wrong often. you seem to be the one having trouble admitting error. instead you've followed & replied to me in what? 3-4 different threads now? with passive aggressive effeminate replies tryna maintain this nice guy act. you have no clue what actual Care is. also...try being more coherant. dont be suprised to not get any more attention from me. lmaooo could you be any more transparent.
  6. irony. you making up a "story" - a complete fabrication - was the entire issue. & funny as i write this - youve replied to another different comment of mine - yet have still offered no substance to the initial one i made which you clearly took issue with. petty hoe shit.
  7. do you often feel attacked when you dont know what youre talking about & it gets highlighted? & instead of reply with any substance - you chime in on some passive aggro shit in an unrelated thread? you might want to meditate on why that is.
  8. there is a long long long answer to this question... here is a short version... people have been lead to believe they are a shell of what they actually are - that shell is a lie, fragile, weak, untrustworthy, insufficient & needs governing externally. the governing body become synonymous with their well-being. literally. & any threat to that - results in shellin up further. its like being in an abusive relationship - everyone on the outside can see its unhealthy - but lead to believe you are dependant on the abuser - you will defend them
  9. the fuck are you talking about? four people off the top of my head; david icke, mark passio, michael tsarion, jordan maxwell - have all done an insurmountable amount of work uncovering conspiracies grounded in facts. stating "conspiracys" are based of instinct or feelings is legit some of the most ignorant shit ive read on this site. & that's saying something. do not project your own mental lethargy on people who have real courage & put in real work, real fuckin effort, with veracity towards uncovering what actually goes on on this planet.
  10. just posting to say Mark Passio is an absolute fuckin G & not enough people have come across him - let alone actually studied his body of work.
  11. that wont do shit. they do work underground. & thats not a joke. this shit gets darker than most people are willing to look.
  12. so this boris dude is talking about more street lamps &, you guessed it, cctv cameras to help protect women. couldnt see that coming. ... on another note - ive already mentioned how this serves to cause more of a division - but lets for the fuck of say "men" are a problem here... how telling that nobody wants to touch on the topic of the increasingly violent pornograpy that is available at a few clicks for anybody legitimately fuckin up the psyche of alot of impressionable & misguided men. ... but nah...more camera
  13. when you say "kabal" here - what you refer to? humans i assume... i ask because at the helm of this shit - no matter which way you slice it, you can differ on the "whys, hows, & whats" but there is little denying for those that have looked - there's a non human entity present here. & so no, they will not be enslaved by it - one interpretation is this "A.I." is the non human entity simply coming to surface. but yeah... such a bollock thing anyway "surpasses human beings as the smartes & most capable..." - we reduce humans to what we th
  14. why the fuck has this turned into an issue of "men" & not police... i.e. putting the mindstate of men under the spotlight & not order following type two psychopathic glassy eyed hollow cockroach fucks. age of spin. everything gets spun to serve the agenda & people have no discernment to see the through the veil. the mascuiline & feminine compliment each other - inwardly & outwardly - balancing the masculine & feminine within you. the more we can be put at odds with one another, looking at each other with increasing skeptic
  15. on the note of the whole curfew shit; so it goes... you want to implement a curfew - maybe not just for men, but humans generally. that notion is ludicrous (though less so with the "lockdown" mindtstate) even to your average suggest a curfew, of an unrealistic time, & for only men - but the overwhelming majority are like "get fucked" basically - as they are supposed to meanwhile...the the new notion of a curfew has been slipped into the conversation - & thus the human psyche - when it wasnt even there to begin with
  16. yo...this is fucked up. i read the shit thinkin its just some click-bait title... this is an absolute joke. & the fact such changes are even able to be made - for me just speaks to how fucking drone like people have become. incredible. & the majority of people wont bat an eyelid? you allow someone to dictate the words you use - you allow someone to dicate what goes in your body...how much more till there no more of "you" left...just a fuckin husk. this shit got me tight.
  17. most parents dont even raise their kids anymore - the state does - just break down the amount of waking hours they are supposed to be in school opposed to at home. its tough to tell someone this face to face - i have done - but if you subject your child to this shit (same with the vax) without doing your due dilligence in regards to health implications (mental & physical) - the you do not truly care for them. and there's no fucking excuse. people can binge watch entire shows in a day - but claim to not have time to find out what theyre subjecting their children too?
  18. i mean, yeah, its known that stress / fear reduce the functionality of the immune system - & thats all the mainstream news seems to strive to induce. like lets say everything is true for the fuck of it - there is this highly contagious virus, people are getting severely ill, dying from etc - then where the fuck is the message of treat your body well, excercise, eat healthy...& shit, even treat each other kindly in these troubled ass time. but nawh, instead the message is panic panic panic panic, & fuck treating people kindly, be highly suspicious of them &am
  19. damnnn reading some of the replies in this thread got me in my feelings
  20. Again, i wholeheartedly disagree - it is an abandoning of an inside morality - we all know intrinsically right from wrong; that is knowing God. On the note of putting words in people's mouth - i didnt - i also did not saying anything about us being Gods, plural - that's an oxymoron is & of itself. You misunderstand what im saying entirely if thats what you've taken from it. Agreed. But again you say "a" God - you miss the nuance of what im reffering to here. A God; seperate, apart. hierarchical - what im reffering to is a wholeness, holistic, i
  21. not enough people have an understanding of this - let alone are willing to speak about it. & "onslaught" is absolutely not a fucking understatement.
  22. You posted that in response to this... overlooking the notions of spiritual "stages" & "doctrines" seeming counter intuitive to me - as if their some fixed rigid thing. 1. There's a fundemental difference in pointing out the ills of society - & saying you hate everyone on this planet. What the fuck type of nonsensical reasoning is that? 2. That is far from all those beings pointed out. i suggest you re-familiarize yourself if you genuinely think thats all they taught. either that or be more precise & dont speak i
  23. I disagree. We are allowing ourselves to be taken over by an A.I. because there is no understanding of an inner force anymore. Having an outside frame of reference is part of the issue, if not the entire issue - we externalize everything - & so we are constantly looking outside ourselves for guidance - & so we are outwardly led astray. Everytime we look outside ourselves for something to save us - we disempower ourselves. Would you help a man stand who lays on the floor - knowing he is fully capable of standing up on his own volition - &a
  24. its the quintessential victim mentality - blame everything else, take zero responsibility & assume you are utterly powerless.
  25. I forget who said it - & im paraphrasing maybe... "conspiracy" work is spiritual work" there's a lot of muthafuckas who just want to gloss over everything & feel better about themselves - but have little to no interest about humanity as a whole - never reelly looking at the larger picture. i understand it - & i have compassion for it; as it it born out of seeking to escape suffering - but such people have no real depth to their understanding; of themselves let alone anything else, & are ultimately ignorant. the mere mention of the
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