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  1. one does not simple "go insane like clockwork" as if its a place you visit & come back lol if youre seeking for a answer to a question - the question is needs to be correctly formulated. ... what is it that is aware of the "insanity" though? is that part also insane? - surely not as how else would it know. only sanity can recognize something as being insane, you feel? truly insane people do not realize their insanity - for they are it - they are not longer present/seperate enough to see the "insanity" of their being - they are it.
  2. The term Artifcial Intelligence is an oxymoron. people have reduced themselves to thinking they are the same thing
  3. Keep your energy right my Gs. Head & heart up. The clouds seem to be getting thicker - & the sun seems to becoming less & less visible - one would be forgiven for taking a disposition of their only being dark days ahead in this bitch. & I'll keep it real. It might be so. But there is a light within. Whats a dark setting when met with a sunny disposition? - & not one of being ignorantly blinded by the light - but allowing it to illuminate. Iunno why im writing this shit tbh - prolly some shit i need to h
  4. they're not victims - they're participants. catch bill gates in his "normal" setting - i.e. not being a cockroach on tv - bet he'd have a similar dark gaze. ... & in another sense, they're all victims - victims to their own greed, their own egos lust for power.
  5. im a grown ass man... & every time i see the pictures of the children in boxes/circles to keep distance - i get emotional as fuck its heartbreaking
  6. always seeking to treat the symptom of the illness - never looking for its cause. lets continue to treat the mental illness - but never stop to ask why the fuck humans are becoming more & more riddled with angst. like giving a muthafucka a band aid - for his stab wound. & the problem is...without knowledge of self...people will lap it up - why wouldnt they, theyre hurting out this bitch. but the same hand that offers you bread now - is the same one that's been starving you.
  7. As always, the "tool" in and of itself is niether evil nor good - but its use is the determining factor. Imbalance. We grow more and more in so called "knowledge" & less and less in wisdom. It takes great knowledge to build at atom bomb or a nuke - it'd be wise as fuck not to build one though. & On another note - this "technology" humans are becoming so wrapped up in - the whole digital medium - is alien. Literally. Nobody questions the rate in which we're increasing "technologically" year after year after year & how it is "we" are ca
  8. word. you could already see this shit happening from go. just walk around without a mask & you can see peoples energy towards you clear as fuck. the manipulation of people is so easy to see when you actually look - yet try to convey it to people & all you get met with is ego because they feel challenged - but its like fuck, its not about trying to challenge you, its tryna get you to atleast make an attempt to wake up to what the fuck is going on. ive said it before, & i'll say it again - the people in "control" have a great understanding of the human psyche - & keep
  9. I have no political affiliation, left or right. But as you attempt to reduce all acts of humanity to race - im not suprised. & Ah yes...look up the destruction of white culture he says - because lemme guess - you happen to be white. But lets overlook the destruction of all the other cultures - largely by individuals who just so happened to be...you guessed it, "white". You stop your identity at being "white". I stop my identity at being human. That is the fundemental difference. & You talk true diversity? - yet you attempt to reduce every
  10. Thats is not a solution. That is an avoiding the issue all together. I wonder do you people ever stop & think, who the fuck are you or anyone else to say where someone can & cannot go on this planet. You happen to be born in certain area on the earth - & you seem to think that gives you grounds to lay claim to it. Yet how certain isit, that if you were one of the children seeking refuge in another country - your tune would change. Yall stuck on the small picture & dont understand the human race is one.
  11. "Obv there's no validty in what youre saying - because i couldnt understand it" - is that really the level of logic you operate on? Good cop-out. Excuses any short comings on your behalf. The truth is not easy to convey to a convoluted mind. Things are not as black & white as you seem to only be able to understand things. Truth is simple. Lies are complex. You are wrapped up in the ignorance in thinking things are an issue of race - you have no chance at comprehending truth. No mental gymnastics - i just dont operate on the level
  12. I agree the technology in and of itself isnt the issue - but the use of it is. It is an imbalance - growth in "knowledge" without the corresponding growth in "wisdom" to yeild it. Even the very use of language has become evidence of this - "thought" is wrongly placed at the helm - whilst emotion/intuition, even more subtle than than those; insight, are undermined as being something lofty. We think we are "advancing" as a race due to technology making things "easier" - yet few stop to think about shit like morality / compassion dwindling on a day to day basis. Even the d
  13. you dont seem to grasp the depth of the psychology. saying "white lives do not matter" is not at all saying " you only matter if you deny your identity" - it is actually perpetuating the very thing im talking about. it is saying the very thing you identify with - means fucking nothing. it doesnt ever address the fact the identification of it in the the first place as the problem. to even make a statement like that is to herd an entire "group" of different personalities & characters - & just put them all under the lable white. let me try and make this
  14. just like to emphasize this phrasing & put it in bold for whatever reason. somewhat poetically as i imagine its something you'd whisper in person. carry on.
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