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  1. i'd never actually heard these terms before. how fucking fitting
  2. man you really get to see how dumb a son of a bitch is when religion is brought to the table & in what world do you live in where you think jihad is a more acceptable term to use than crusade? fuckin incredible
  3. funny you mention dividing consciouness in regards to having children - yet your whole perspective is already divided; from the rest of humanity - you and your wife. as if youre seperate. self preservation is the one of the (if not the) highest law in satanism
  4. sellin slavery in the name of freedom. inversion at its finest. we are a fair bit down the path of transhumanism though. i'd suggest more than half way. people rely less on their actual intelligence & more on what a machine tells them. if the sky is visibly blue - but the internet is saying its purple today...people will doubt their eyes more than the search engine. the hierarchy, of machine > man, has been being established in the psyche for a while. muthafuckas puttin the masks on are just veneers to shit, literally & metaphorically.
  5. there's some shit about vampires. you must invite them in. it correlates to the heart nobody can actually take it off you - you can be coerced, misled - but you have make the choice to give it up if you know - you know. i dislike the term because of all the connotations - but this whole game is a spiritual one. on a less subtle level - being sprayed by something / or even drinking it; doesnt have the same effect/impact of being injected with the shit directly - also as overt as shit is becoming; doing that would be abit too overt a play of power.
  6. who gives a fuck & ya'll celebrating just highlight how infantile some of you are. you have a cockraoch infestation in your home - one bug dies - & you muthafuckas boosted like its something noteworthy or you accomplished something. clown shit.
  7. it tells me alot about people... when this topic gets covered on the mainstream news - everyone wants to seem like they care. oh so deeply. yet who cares enough to actually investigate what is actually going on, & by whom? ive spoke about this shit in person with people - & the room gets silent. that's understandble in & of itself. but do these people then maybe inquire in their own time just how evil this shit gets? nah. man...i get heated on this shit. but underneath that, its fucking heartbreaking. same thing with the covid shit - muthafuckas wanna take a jab they know nothing about? go the fuck ahead - atleast investigate, do some real fucking research, before you let your kids get that shit. i say this all the time. muthafuckas got time to binge watch entire shows in a day - but no time to educate themselves on shit that actually matters. my bad for the vent...but also fuck it.
  8. ayy...do not take peoples ignorance & defense of said ignorance as a determing factor for your worth. easier said than done i know - its something i have to remind myself of - & i can empathize with you, dearly. and less of the "obv im an idiot" shit - come to yourself with compassion. if a friend was expressing similiar trouble/frustations as youre expressing here...would you call him an idiot? i doubt it. offer yourself the same respect. and seeing as you mentioned watts, il say to to this... im going to assume you think alot. like alot alot. most people do, including myself. take some time to get out of your mind - & into your body. & dont overthink what that means. thought is often seeking to solve problems - & where one doesnt exist - it creates one. & have you ever noticed how moments of insight come when one stops thinking momentarily? and if all thats too lofty. rather than condeming yourself - ask yourself in every scenario you fee frustrated in "what can i learn from this" - & be open to the answer. & with all due disrespect - fuck anybody who mocks what is in your heart. love my G.
  9. project alot dont you? i am wrong often. you seem to be the one having trouble admitting error. instead you've followed & replied to me in what? 3-4 different threads now? with passive aggressive effeminate replies tryna maintain this nice guy act. you have no clue what actual Care is. also...try being more coherant. dont be suprised to not get any more attention from me. lmaooo could you be any more transparent.
  10. irony. you making up a "story" - a complete fabrication - was the entire issue. & funny as i write this - youve replied to another different comment of mine - yet have still offered no substance to the initial one i made which you clearly took issue with. petty hoe shit.
  11. do you often feel attacked when you dont know what youre talking about & it gets highlighted? & instead of reply with any substance - you chime in on some passive aggro shit in an unrelated thread? you might want to meditate on why that is.
  12. there is a long long long answer to this question... here is a short version... people have been lead to believe they are a shell of what they actually are - that shell is a lie, fragile, weak, untrustworthy, insufficient & needs governing externally. the governing body become synonymous with their well-being. literally. & any threat to that - results in shellin up further. its like being in an abusive relationship - everyone on the outside can see its unhealthy - but lead to believe you are dependant on the abuser - you will defend them at all costs & refuse to even look at the actuality for fear of what it may implicate. this all occurs in the psyche.
  13. the fuck are you talking about? four people off the top of my head; david icke, mark passio, michael tsarion, jordan maxwell - have all done an insurmountable amount of work uncovering conspiracies grounded in facts. stating "conspiracys" are based of instinct or feelings is legit some of the most ignorant shit ive read on this site. & that's saying something. do not project your own mental lethargy on people who have real courage & put in real work, real fuckin effort, with veracity towards uncovering what actually goes on on this planet. you sound like a brain washed new age fuck with no substance.
  14. just posting to say Mark Passio is an absolute fuckin G & not enough people have come across him - let alone actually studied his body of work.
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