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  1. Metak88, I understand that now, but it still doesn't explain the fact that you cannot share it unless you accept the cookies...Or does it? Also, I don't understand why I cannot contact davidicke.com, anyone else having this issue? I think the admins should be made aware of this, if they are not already...Thank you!
  2. Hi there, I am posting this here, as I have been unable to contact the site admins, which I find very strange. Below is my original message that I didn't manage to send: "Hello there, First of all, thank you so much for the monumental work you are doing, for serving the Truth despite all the risks and inconveniences involved. I have a huge amount of admiration and reverence for David Icke and his team, all my respect and many blessings! I find your website very inspirational, and I check it out regularly for news and information. The last video I watched is the one
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