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  1. Really enjoyed reading the first Neruda interview, got a bit bored with interviews 2 and 3 though but with investing so much time reading this massive text I had to carry on, then interviews 4 & 5 really drawed me in and opened my mind. Surprised how extensive the website is! The replies from James in the FAQ's were brilliant.
  2. Hi all, I've been fascinated by ET's and UFO's for as long as I can remember. Never really believed in deep government conspiracies though....Not until the plandemic started that is! I could sense something was off with it all, Since then I've been sucked down the rabbit hole. My mum and brother have been talking about it for a long time, I was worried about them with their tin foil hats on, but the more I read, see, and start to realise what's going on they don't seem so crazy! I hope all this ends well, I fear for my kids and family and all of humanity.
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