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  1. I had something similar mid-November last year. It went on for almost 3 weeks and at one point I was passing blood. I honestly think food hygiene standards may have slipped during the lockdown, either that or our food is being deliberately contaminated and it's being passed off as 'Covid'. Meat processing plants have been targetted quite aggressively for Covid testing over the last year as has been pointed out by folks like Ice Age farmer. I wonder if there was something more nefarious going on than just cutting the supply chain. All ties in nicely to the push to force us away from
  2. I'm going to take a slightly different approach. I plan on treating them like any other scammer, so I'm going to be trolling them. I'll be making multiple appointments and cancelling them last minute, with various excuses, just to f*** with them. I'm going to lie my ass off and give them line after line of bullshit. No direct refusal but perhaps they'll give up and I'll be labled a time-waster after I screw around with them enough. At the very least it will be interesting to see how it plays out
  3. A recent scientific article raised the possiblity of the protiens coded for in the mRNA vaccines causing prion disease. Link to document For those that don't know prions, a type of infectious protien can cause neurodegenerative diseases like scrapie and mad cow diseases in animals as well as CJD in humans. Chronic Wasting Disease in deer has been nicknamed the 'zombie deer virus'. Prions are often used as a "scientific" explaination for zombies in fiction (e.g. Patient Zero). As higher brain functions are destroyed animalistic tendencies take over and, whil
  4. To be fair viral infections can cause heart failure and circulatory problems in a handful of people. Viral cardiomyopathy can even come from a othewise harmless common cold infection. So not just 'Covid'. That said I've had similar symptoms to this 'Covid Toe' recently and my self-diagnosis (cause not much chance of getting to see a GP right now).....Chilblains. Ohhhh scary!
  5. It's worse than that. Die within a few days of getting the vaccine and it seems likely you'll be counted as a Covid death. This seems to have happened in nursing homes after the vaccinations started to ramp up. So possible deaths from vaccine reactions (pathogenic priming, ADE?) feed into the virus hysteria prompting more to go get vaccinated. It's a vicious circle.
  6. Yep they can create the illusion of a pandemic by designating a proportion of deaths, especially those from respiratory failure, as Covid. I just watched Season 1 of Utopia (UK version, great show). This clip about SARS is pertinent (starts around 4mins mark).
  7. Always tomorrow. Things will get better tomorrow. First it two weeks to flaten the curve, then it was just one more lockdown, then we're told the vaccine is our 'way out'. Now we'll just have to live with it, probably by year end. They'll keep stringing us along indefinately at this rate until they can implement their 'Great Reset'. Puts me in mind of this quote from Macbeth. Especially as it's a tale told by an idiot (Hancock). Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, Creeps in this petty pace from day to day, To the last syllable of recorded time; And
  8. I've been interested in the theory of Cosmic Ancestry for years now. It's a competing theory to the neo-Darwinian paradigm of Evolution by Natural Selection. The basic premise is that evolutionary change occurs in a large part due to lateral gene transfer between species. Novel genetic changes occur as genes are swapped between sometimes vastly different living organisms (e.g. bacterial genes to humans). The mechanism for this gene transfer is theorised to be viruses. The genes in the mRNA vaccines (which are basically synthetic viruses) have a good chance of being inco
  9. That's a distinct possiblity, but then there's no guarantee that any vaccine they give you will work. There's also the possiblity that the 'vaccine' causes an over-reaction in the immune system when exposed to the pathogen which will cause serious illness and death and which can be used to justify ever more draconian restrictions. Most likely the elites are relying on retroviral drugs, all the while claiming that the vaccines are what give them immunity. It's honestly impossible to tell what their game plan is from the available evidence. Hell they could dump low levels of nerve ag
  10. That was my reading as well. Instead of using an artificial lipid envelope to enclose the mRNA as a vector to enter the cell the Oxford vaccine uses an andenovirus vector. Viral vectors are often used in gene therapy just like nanoparticle solutions. Technically I'd say there is little difference between the artificial vector and this viral delivery vaccine, the outcome will be exactly the same. That said viral vectors are immunogenic in their own right, the vector itself will trigger an enhanced immune response, that might be part of the thinking. Seems that they're th
  11. There must be those in the security services, or previously employed by them with connections, who have families and who are deeply concerned about the future prospects for their children. If there is some nefarious agenda, perhaps depopulation or sterilisation via vaccines, their loved ones may not be spared. Even if it's only about economic control why would they want such a bleak dystopian future for subsequent generations? One thing I'd really like to know is if any information about this virus has been designated as potentially 'damaging' by the UK government. If so the Offici
  12. The pseudo-left identity politics of the corporate ruling elite allows them to sanctimoniously posture as 'progressive' while doing little of substance. It's cleverly designed to misdirect the masses away from actual revolutionary politics (populist or socialist), which they fear could be dangerous to their rule, and is effective at dividing society up into smaller, weaker and therefore more manageable competing groups. If Harry and Meghan are doing anything it's purely enlightened self-interest, they are only perusing a path that many rich and powerful people do to maintain their
  13. I commute to work by bike, I tend to use back roads and side streets to avoid heavy traffic. When this all kicked-off I half joked that it was actually a zombie apocalypse due to the number of people I was having to dodge shuffling down the middle of the road, for no obvious reason. I mean they weren't moving out into the road to avoid others on the pavement, they would be walking right in the middle of the street with their backs to any oncoming traffic, bonkers A real zombie outbreak? More likely to be some AR induced hallucination. Anyone opposing the oncoming tyranny flagged
  14. I listened to the interview with Professor Francis Boyle on the Alex Jones show. His assertion that this is a man-made virus and especially that it contains genes from HIV may be vital in understanding what is going on here and the motivation of those behind this pandemic. Everyone seems hung-up on the idea that this virus isn't deadly, that the mortality rate of those who catch it is low. That might be the point if it's a slow kill virus. A massively deadly virus presents significant problems for those wanting to use it as a depopulation tool. Computer modelling has sh
  15. 13. Vaccine Enhanced diseases This is worth a read: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antibody-dependent_enhancement Got this link from Henry Makow's twitter yesterday. I found it interesting reading although it's highly technical at times. I studied undergraduate level biochemistry and molecular biology and most of it is still beyond me. Some quotes: "ADE can be induced when the strength of antibody-antigen interaction is below the certain threshold. This phenomenon might lead to both increased virus infectivity and virulence."
  16. The first that we knew my brother (39) was seriously ill was when he complained of being short of breath. He'd been a bit congested for a couple of days but nothing that seemed a cause for concern. Within a few hours his condition had deteriorated significantly, was admitted to A&E and at one point he actually had to be resuscitated. He was placed on a ventilator in intensive care and we were given a rather poor prognosis by the doctor. Thankfully his condition improved and he was taken off the ventilator after 48 hours. He was eventually moved to a high dependency ward on oxyg
  17. The vaccine could be a harmless placebo and it would still serve it’s function as a means of control when linked to health passports and digital ID. It would be particularly effective at drawing out and isolating those distrustful of government and the rebellious. Question is do those behind this simply want to control the masses or is there also a depopulation agenda? I guess it could be a bit of both. Kill a percentage of the population especially those deemed a 'surplus to requirements' and lock the rest into a tyrannical total control grid.
  18. I've always considered the vaccine to be the end game here. What it might contain and how it works is an important question. One possibility is the vaccine is actually an agent for the induction of antigen-specific immunological tolerance. In layman's terms an anti-vaccine. Instead of 'boosting' our immune system it does the opposite tricking our immune system into thinking a dangerous antigen or antigens are safe. This would let a specific substance they're brewing up, be it another virus or a drug/chemical, run riot in our bodies with no resistance from our immune system massively i
  19. It's an interesting point and one that I’ve personally considered but I think it's unlikely. Releasing a virus into the wild is a dangerous prospect. Vaccines aren't 100% effective. The virus could kill people it's not supposed to. It could mutate. You're banking on people you need submitting to the vaccine. For example, nuclear power station workers are vital. Without them you'll have lots of meltdowns all over the world making the world completely uninhabitable. Even if you're correct signing up for the vaccine doesn't mean you'll actually get
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