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  1. I got my appointment letter in a few weeks ago with a specific appointment date and place given. Interestingly there was an option to opt-out of the vaccine and further correspondence but when I followed the links on the website it was not immediately obvious how to actually do this. I rescheduled on the day of my appointment to a time 3 weeks later, at a different vaccination centre. My intention is to keep 'kicking the can down the road' for as long as possible and see what happens. I'll be rescheduling my next appointment at the last minute as well. It will be interesting to see
  2. Interesting. Does this mean that some people getting the 'vaccines' are actually getting a placebo without even the person administering the jab knowing? Are they varying the dose in different batches which may lead to some batches/doses being toxic and causing extreme side-effects?
  3. So on today's UK Column news broadcast they covered an interview Bill Gates gave on Sky News. He gave his view on the response by international organisations to the pandemic. Interestingly he talked about the role of 'therapeutics' as well as vaccines and even mentioned oxygen as an example of a therapeutic. He was dismissive of how therapeutics had fared and bigged up vaccines (surprise, surprise). This got me thinking. Does Bill Gates, his foundation or any of the international organisations he's connected to, have any role in the worldwide allocation of medical supplies like oxygen?
  4. There is a world-wide shortage of medical oxygen, especially in developing nations. Even the mainstream news reports say this is a major reason for the current crisis in India. Oxygen is obviously vital in treating a wide variety of medical conditions not just respiratory infections, deaths from a range of conditions might be being blamed on 'Covid'. Lockdowns affecting global supply chains combined with richer nations buying up and hoarding medical supplies will have played a large part in this current crisis. This isn't new, I read a report back in December that people were dying in
  5. Get ready to lie your ass off to friends, colleagues and neighbours about your vaccine status. Do you think that anyone resisting tyrannical government has ever benefited from going public with their views and opinions? That's a recipe for disaster. There are other ways to keep your opposition going and give hope to people like yourself. Recently I saw vandalised government propaganda posters with the word 'fraud' defacing them. Made me smile. Things like this work far better than mouthing-off to people who might be hostile to your views and may in future be dangerous.
  6. I had something similar mid-November last year. It went on for almost 3 weeks and at one point I was passing blood. I honestly think food hygiene standards may have slipped during the lockdown, either that or our food is being deliberately contaminated and it's being passed off as 'Covid'. Meat processing plants have been targetted quite aggressively for Covid testing over the last year as has been pointed out by folks like Ice Age farmer. I wonder if there was something more nefarious going on than just cutting the supply chain. All ties in nicely to the push to force us away from
  7. I'm going to take a slightly different approach. I plan on treating them like any other scammer, so I'm going to be trolling them. I'll be making multiple appointments and cancelling them last minute, with various excuses, just to f*** with them. I'm going to lie my ass off and give them line after line of bullshit. No direct refusal but perhaps they'll give up and I'll be labled a time-waster after I screw around with them enough. At the very least it will be interesting to see how it plays out
  8. A recent scientific article raised the possiblity of the protiens coded for in the mRNA vaccines causing prion disease. Link to document For those that don't know prions, a type of infectious protien can cause neurodegenerative diseases like scrapie and mad cow diseases in animals as well as CJD in humans. Chronic Wasting Disease in deer has been nicknamed the 'zombie deer virus'. Prions are often used as a "scientific" explaination for zombies in fiction (e.g. Patient Zero). As higher brain functions are destroyed animalistic tendencies take over and, whil
  9. To be fair viral infections can cause heart failure and circulatory problems in a handful of people. Viral cardiomyopathy can even come from a othewise harmless common cold infection. So not just 'Covid'. That said I've had similar symptoms to this 'Covid Toe' recently and my self-diagnosis (cause not much chance of getting to see a GP right now).....Chilblains. Ohhhh scary!
  10. It's worse than that. Die within a few days of getting the vaccine and it seems likely you'll be counted as a Covid death. This seems to have happened in nursing homes after the vaccinations started to ramp up. So possible deaths from vaccine reactions (pathogenic priming, ADE?) feed into the virus hysteria prompting more to go get vaccinated. It's a vicious circle.
  11. Yep they can create the illusion of a pandemic by designating a proportion of deaths, especially those from respiratory failure, as Covid. I just watched Season 1 of Utopia (UK version, great show). This clip about SARS is pertinent (starts around 4mins mark).
  12. Always tomorrow. Things will get better tomorrow. First it two weeks to flaten the curve, then it was just one more lockdown, then we're told the vaccine is our 'way out'. Now we'll just have to live with it, probably by year end. They'll keep stringing us along indefinately at this rate until they can implement their 'Great Reset'. Puts me in mind of this quote from Macbeth. Especially as it's a tale told by an idiot (Hancock). Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, Creeps in this petty pace from day to day, To the last syllable of recorded time; And
  13. I've been interested in the theory of Cosmic Ancestry for years now. It's a competing theory to the neo-Darwinian paradigm of Evolution by Natural Selection. The basic premise is that evolutionary change occurs in a large part due to lateral gene transfer between species. Novel genetic changes occur as genes are swapped between sometimes vastly different living organisms (e.g. bacterial genes to humans). The mechanism for this gene transfer is theorised to be viruses. The genes in the mRNA vaccines (which are basically synthetic viruses) have a good chance of being inco
  14. That's a distinct possiblity, but then there's no guarantee that any vaccine they give you will work. There's also the possiblity that the 'vaccine' causes an over-reaction in the immune system when exposed to the pathogen which will cause serious illness and death and which can be used to justify ever more draconian restrictions. Most likely the elites are relying on retroviral drugs, all the while claiming that the vaccines are what give them immunity. It's honestly impossible to tell what their game plan is from the available evidence. Hell they could dump low levels of nerve ag
  15. That was my reading as well. Instead of using an artificial lipid envelope to enclose the mRNA as a vector to enter the cell the Oxford vaccine uses an andenovirus vector. Viral vectors are often used in gene therapy just like nanoparticle solutions. Technically I'd say there is little difference between the artificial vector and this viral delivery vaccine, the outcome will be exactly the same. That said viral vectors are immunogenic in their own right, the vector itself will trigger an enhanced immune response, that might be part of the thinking. Seems that they're th
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