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  1. They say that this is the big unknown, how long it will last? And I think they want to make it a recurring thing, at least long enough to get rid of black sheep.
  2. They will, as they do now with the mandatory mask, look at what the CEO Australia's Qantas Airway said, no vaccine no way you will get on the plane, and he is just the start, so will do the food markets and etc. Most of the companies will request a vaccine to get to work, what will you do? What human rights? A lot of my friends are unemployed now, and they start to become more desperate...
  3. Hello guys! This is my first post here, I have my own theory regarding the vaccines and I am sorry if this has already been discussed on other posts. So here it is: What if the vaccines are meant to destroy us, the anti-vaxxers? So you roll out the "vaccines" that do....nothing, because there is nothing to treat you for... so they give you a jab with saline solution and that`s all, bang! Placebo! You`re good! Go Home! See you next year! So they will start slowly, small amounts administrated, as everyone is all eyes on them, especially the people who are willing to take the vaccine and will wait a little bit to see if there are any side effects (let the neighbors die first ). This will go for months till there will be massive vaccinations. Meantime the so called "vaccine" will do no harm, massive propaganda on that, happy people, re-united, hugs...etc Let`s say at some point next autumn we will have 70% -80% vaccinated or even more, which leaves outside the rest of us... "We won`t take it! We won`t take it!"... and I won`t! on principle and it`s enough for me to not take it. But here is where I see the trick part, we will die on our feet's, we will lose our jobs, we will go hungry, we will be put outside of society as everything will be banned for us. As far as I understand these vaccines will take place every fkn year, I guess they know how long we will last...some of us 1 year, others maybe 2, the lucky ones for the rest of their lives maybe, if they go completely off the grid (but eventually they will get to them as well). And after they will get rid of us they will roll out the real Kraken vaccine and do what they want to do, with opposition near to nule , AI...microchips, all their plan roll out. So what can we do? If we don`t fight now, all of us, we won`t have a future unfortunately the time is not working for us and there will be no real people left to fight! Do you think the vaccine is their only option? It`s not possible for them to do it by other means, like water or food,etc? Please let me know your thoughts. Good day to you people and sorry for my bad english!
  4. So I had to do the test for work, let's say it is true and I have been tagged, are there any others ways to get rid of it except EMP?
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