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  1. Hi. Dm me. I'm an artist as well. Can we work?
  2. Hey pm me. I would like to learn more about your experience. I think I've had these thought forms too
  3. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bkfBaO19f3Q#menu
  4. Yeah I've done this. Definitely a dark vibe from doing it. But the most terrifying experience to me was when I did this hemi-sync meditation. Shit was all fucked up
  5. Ok. And don't be afraid to PM me if you want. I did a hemi-sync mediation and saw a reptilian doing it.. it's eyes opened up from the darkness and my eyes opened quick, I felt like I was gonna die so believe me when I say I believe you. These things are definitely out here. That's all I can say. If they stalking you on here just let em know subtly they can fuck off lol
  6. The only tools in my bag I have to raise my vibration is by being my opinion of what pure is because everyone I feel has their own definition. But besides that, I just try to be a good person and do things that I would want done to me. But I saw the hero's journey video and I loved it and I took my time watching it. I would say I'm at the transformation stage after watching that video and really letting it sink in
  7. I read this two days ago and let it sink in and did some soul searching or shadow work as some may call it. I think I've gotten to a point where I used certain words to stop me from making bad decisions or thinking sad and angry all the time or to stop me from filling up with emotions completely so I don't suffer and get angry and sad at bad being done to me or to anyone in this world. I see evil for what it is as well as good. If I still kinda lean towards being good on some favoritism shit, can I still get into 6D or higher or do I have to be completely unbiased?
  8. I understand what you saying. Definitely made me feel better a little. I already cried and everything already. I just feel this big pain in my stomach and in my forehead now and I do kinda still feel like I'm about to cry and I've been feeling like a lot of enemies are around me.. I feel like things or people are watching me and not in a good way. But you hit the nail on the head as far as girls are concerned. I can tell they just like to be around guys I guess but like you said not just to talk. Just to be around. Whether it's just only in their head thinking about you but never wanting to me
  9. How would you know if you're in a loveless 2D hell? Like what are the signs? I don't know want to be in that and I don't know if me or others are in that. And how do I reach out to higher dimensions like 4d and 5d too?
  10. I like everything you're saying. I just want to know what energy do you sense from me? Like do you see my words only or do you see my flesh body, like can you tell and see my face a little just by reading these words or is it just words to you? I feel like you guys are special and I'm just not as special to be honest. I feel everyone in the world is supernatural and when people meet me they realize how normal I am and how abnormal they are. I kinda hate it because I just want everyone to be good and for us to not judge each other or ourselves. But also, can you give me some more pointers in ho
  11. So how do you magically look at yourself while looking at a tree without imagining it? Care to help me out? I'm kinda going through so much.. really a heartbreak, this girl hates me.. most girls hate me. My whole life has been hard and it's only getting worse I feel. I don't know.. I just need someone who can help with this stuff because in the real world no one cares about the stuff we talk about here. It's all superficial bullshit that I hate so.. and most girls only talk about superficial bullshit unless you're their family or have money or their superficial friend or something but it'll go
  12. I've been doing self discovery ever since I could remember so I understand everything you saying. Those last few questions you asked is what I like. And you can kinda imagine yourself seeing yourself looking at a tree so in a sense you can observe yourself but I feel like you're probably talking a little bit deeper which I'd like to know more about.. I honestly feel like what you're saying has something to do with manifestation and the holographic earth theory. You have to look within to make shit happen. Not out. So I know what you're saying. But in my gut I feel like I believe this shit migh
  13. What I'm really interested in is if Mariana's Web really exists. They say it's like a part of the dark web that's even darker.
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