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  1. Have your read a book entitled The Magus of Java. It talks about a type of ancient meditation system of which in its level 4....you fuse both yin and yang chi in your lower dantien and once this happens....your individual once you die remains and when reincarnated is still the same person
  2. One day when it happens again.....embolden yourself and despite the enormous amount of fear that you are experiencing allow yourself to sink and try an out of body experience technique.
  3. You are 100% right.....I fear death so much I have made it my life's mission to amass as much resources as I can to fund a research to find its solution. This is based on the existence of creatures in the world today which are biologically immortal
  4. Every time that i have tried this method my body was the one to roll. I depend on sleep paralysis for the vibration( it just does all the work for me) but i only end up lucid dreaming as i have never seen my body. Do you have any good videos to watch on how to do it rightly or book you can recommend?
  5. Please do post the materials. I only learnt about Robert a couple of months ago. I will really appreciate.
  6. But my two experiences...I had no choice.....I was a puppet. At times I think that there is sth big going on in the background which explains why I have less than 15 memories of myself below 8 years.....it bothers me a lot. I have friends today i have grown up with who tell me we were friends when we were from age 8 and below but I can't remeber ever seeing them I plan on using hypnosis to see if i can regain some memories
  7. I'm definitely trying the hemi-sync meditation tonight. The experience might just give me another topic to discuss.
  8. My interpretation was that all this while I have been in a cage that I can walk out of, if I wanted to because nothing is truly holding me back. I hope I don't end up growing old without living that mental prison to a higher level of consciousness. When my mind began to struggle between my experience of breathing under water and my scientific logical knowledge of its impossibility.....I kind of took that as the problem. I should not try to interpret my experiences from a logical standpoint but take them as they are.
  9. Were you meditating? Or how did it happen? Were you meditating? Or how did it happen?
  10. For all who have experienced sleep paralysis, the one thing that we can agree on is that its one of the most terrifying experiences one can have. Waking up in a dark room unable to move any part of your body while simultaneously being forcefully dragged back to sleep is not an exciting experience. But what if instead of trying all you can to break the paralysis, you let yourself sink into the terror. That's what I did exactly. It happened to me at a time when I was studying the concepts of lucid dreaming and astral projection as well as the many ways in which to induce them such as visualizati
  11. I am very much excited about my experiences as well as the insight to reality they have given me. Like being able to see things in dreams in detail before they occur has made me believe that there might be a puppet master. I am trying to see where this all leads to because i have never really understood they "why" to everything that has happened. I also don't take any medication and i'm quite sane as well. One of the strangest things that has happened to me is in my entire childhood, I can only remember less than 15 memories from ages 10 and below with my very first memory being seeing a leo
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