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  1. That's the system they are in. They cannot see They are the darkness. This system is a system that opposes itself. The Vatican is satanism also. Being a system that opposes itself, they attack themselves. Self cannibalism. The dimension of hypocrisy.
  2. You are points of attention in one consciousness. If you create conflict(war) you are opposing yourself. Hypocrisy is something that opposes itself. They are both an oxymoron. War is confusion and inversion. War is a lie. If you are conflicted you are a lie. To not be a lie you need to be reconciled (reborn rectified)
  3. And the Lord God called to Adam, and said to him, Is not all the world which I have made manifest before Me; the darkness as the light? and how hast thou thought in thine heart to hide from before Me? The place where thou art concealed, do I not see? Where are the commandments that I commanded thee?
  4. If you have two diametrically opposed forces. That each half desire(lust over covet) the other half's substance(property) That means they are at war as they will fight to protect what they possess. Two equally opposed forces Cancle each other out. An oxymoron. War is hypocrisy. Hypocrisy is a lie To have peace you must be equal and of the same polarity and direction. Not to have revolution (rotation) Peace and truth are the same thing. Once you have the two of the same opinions as in agreement they become
  5. Both of you have no idea. The ying yang is symbolism of a null set. The symbolism of conflict. Two diametrically opposed forces in one entity. It is also a hypocrite. It opposes itself. Something that opposes itself is self consuming cannibalistic. Look at the eyes they are of the others substance. The eye is the desire. For this to be corrected Both need to be reconciled (reborn) Turned up rectified. Once they are reconciled they become one. Thus making peace.
  6. The human body is a hybridization of two opposed races. A dead reptilian race and The life giving light being. The reptilian race feed off of you you are the intermediate between the light beings and them. You are also feeding a hive race of new beings for them to inhabit. Being in this system you are not alive you are actually dead. This construct you are in is pixelated it also has a inverse that you cannot perceive. So effectively you are a clay animation puppet transmuting energy for those that created your body to feed off.
  7. Q;What is a revolution? A: Rotation Q;What is a frequency? A; Rotation over time Q;How are they measured? A; cycles (revolutions per second) Unit; hz (hertz) Many frequency (vibration) take longer than a second to complete a cycle. Time itself is rotation over itself.
  8. All symbolism is satanism. Information is energy Energy is consciousness. Only way to get real energy to be healed is to be reborn(rectified) Stop being duplicitous (on and off) (Binary) Become permanently on Loose the frequency be at peace.
  9. It's symbolism is of the Saturn sun Satanism. Go back through David's vids and you will see it.
  10. Obviously you went off on your own tangent. I never said the reptilian race bred with humans You are the one that's Contracted to cover a matter. It's the right of gods to cover a matter It's the glory of kings to seek something out.
  11. The human race is a hybridization of two opposed races. The dead reptilian race of earth. And the light beings which are the source of all consciousness. The earth is your second estate. The earth is a farm. You are EXILES. https://youtu.be/7v554QtlGKs
  12. Recent video claims that Jeffrey Epstein is alive and well living in NZ on Great Barrier Island off the Auckland East Coast. The boat that was tied to Jeff's confidant Ghislaine Maxwell Named Ghislaine now named Dancing HARE has been in Auckland for at least 18months and is still there. https://www.bitchute.com/video/NbgbNZDQbJV3/
  13. Wrong you are changing the scripture. The human race is a hybridization of two opposed races. The dead reptilian race And the light beings. It is knowing good and evil. What does genesis 3.22 say.
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