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  1. I am barely seeing what I type at the moment and also hard for me to think, also not a native English speaker here ! I think I just got overloaded with information and my brain feels like its being electricuted, one of my eyes is shut and the eyelids are vibrating and moving up and down ! What a nice feeeling to be part of EVERYTHING and be able to see in my minds eye how it ALL works. First time I met with The Source was about a year ago. It presented itself to me and my Significant Other at the same time, I felt she is the conductor of this energy. Once its here It completely takes over ones mental processes and started showing the connection between itself and LIFE. It showed how it controls life and that all life is being governed by it. I experienced what David talks about downloading a vast amount of knowledge in the state where One becomes part of everything, will take time to integrate. This is much bigger than all of us individually. Its ALIEN like intelligence. Smart and powerful and it has its own agenda and cannot be controlled. Cannot describe it better than PURE BRILLIANT ALIEN INTELLIGENCE molding our perception of reality and governing life and life events. The weak points of attention who are not in sync with it, with its vibrations are being "recycled" which is what we call "death", removing the "mold" from the tree. Death is simply merging with The Source and then new points of attentions appear. Better ones with better connectivity and more awareness of the TRUTH, knowings their place and role in this whole experience. Better prepared for the "next level" that is coming. The process of this COVID situation is a preparation or the next level that will occur after the DARKNESS. All information will be lost, all hard drives and servers will burned, all digital information erased. Not sure exactly when this will happen but I was shown it will happen. This is what I saw, I believe we are talking about EMP or a virus that gets through the 5G network that deletes the old information. Be prepared, if you are in sync with The Source you will pass to the next level. If you are not, you will be recycled. There is nothing to fear. The Source is in full control.
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