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  1. And we will still probably be in lockdown! Fingers crossed by the time the under 18's are vaccinated in August we might go back into the tier system!
  2. UK Column covered the UK vaccinated older people mortality a couple of days ago. Quite interesting.
  3. BBC have been using 'coronavirus' on their graphs since October? What happened to Covid-19? The two got amalgamated, with the generic version being used more and more so they are technically not lying when talking about Coronavirus (I.e seasonal flu) deaths. Just like died 'with' rather than 'of'. A technicality that will get them off the hook later at the public enquiry. A public enquiry that will probably deliver the same justice as it did Tony Blair and with the WMD's. Exactly none.
  4. How come 'if Covid-19 is a novel corona virus with specialist tests adapted to find this specific virus only' the 'scientists' and government are aware of a 'South African' strain and 'Brazilian' strain and even a 'Kent' strain. Surely either the test comes back positive or negative for Covid-19? Unless of course they are somehow able to run every single Uk sample through every single possible test for all global strains. Wouldn't that take huge resources and vast amounts of time?
  5. In the UK this will go on as long as the Furlough scheme continues and as long as there is a public sector which gets paid all of their salary no matter what. Perhaps once the GDP to Debt ratio is updated in April - to the GDP figure showing the 2020 lockdown period (i.e. instead of 103% to more like 120%) then maybe the markets will declare the UK government bankrupt. As the public sector has depended on government borrowing to keep afloat since Blair was running the show, then perhaps when half the police, teachers and all other civil servants get laid off then people will be sho
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-55602007 This BBC propaganda about the Queen and Philip getting vaxxed is astonishing nonsense. What pharma company would take the risk of injecting the Queen with that crap, then her keeling over 2 minutes later. They would be finished if she snuffed it from their product. Either the piece is total BS or she was injected with saline. Tom Jones has been giving the thumbs up to the vax too. He ain't had it either for the same reason!
  7. If there is one thing for certain, this opportunity will not be missed to fill the vast majority of the planet with something nefarious. Perhaps the initial rollout for the vulnerable and elderly may be a standard seasonal flu vaccine or saline solution (as having them collapse into heaps within minutes of having it would put everyone else off) but down the line, the jabs for 'fighting age men' will be substantially different. Cytokine Storm, a strong possibility, this would ensure mass death during the next flu season in a year's time, being blamed on a new Covid-19 strain, resulting in more
  8. These pharma companies have all done a great job, all in the same record time. What is the chances of that happening. Also figure this - Covid-19 is a 'novel Corona virus', so surely if a Corona virus vaccine was possible, one of the pharma companies would have worked it out (and rolled it out) a long time ago - making billions. But no, all we have is a weak flu vaccine rolled out every year to the vulnerable and elderly. Now we are being told the Covid-19 vaccine needs rolled out annually in the same manner. Gimme a break - obvious or what!
  9. It's the Democrats that will be starting wars! Trump was the only president in decades that didn't start a war whilst in office!
  10. It would not surprise me that for new banking customers, accounts must all be opened inside a branch - as a way of verifying an account holder (to stop money laundering / identity theft / fraud etc..). Only vaccinated people will be allowed in a branch. Good way to get the young vaccinated! Hope no-one from the government / banking sector is reading these posts! Come to think of it, anyone who is unemployed needs to 'sign-on' inside a job centre every two weeks. They are not going to let the non-vaccinated into there! No vax - no money!
  11. Considering as of today 10% of the UK population has had some form of Covid-19 vaccination. That 10% is elderly in care homes along with nursing staff and other older people with underlying health conditions. Shouldn't the government have lifted all lockdown restrictions for younger people completely, and told older and 'at risk' people to continue with lockdown for a few more weeks until they get the jab? Or is the government going to stay firm with lockdown until EVERYONE has been vaccinated. This way they will have the already vaccinated people putting pressure on the non-vaccin
  12. If there is one thing for sure, there is no way the vaccine will be a placebo. This is the one big opportunity for the illuminati to get something in to everyone's body. If you think that you won't be taking the vaccine then think again. Only self-sufficient people with no need to work or travel could possibly have the luxury of foregoing the vaccine. Without the vaccine you won't be able to go to college or university, you won't be able to get a job, undertake training or do driving lessons or take a driving test. Travelling on trains and planes, forget about it. Open or keep a bank account,
  13. I'm figuring the vaccine is not a cure for this pandemic but for the next 'real' viral pandemic which the globalist will roll out during the next flu season. This will ensure the non-sheeple / non-vaccinated will be wiped out, leaving only the government brainwashed compliant zombies for future manipulations.
  14. The vaccine will be as mandatory as face masks - I.e. You can't go anywhere or do anything without it!
  15. Of course there is going to be more strains. They will need the mutant strain excuse when the fake vaccine doesn't work come the next flu season in December! They gotta keep the devastating lockdowns going somehow right?
  16. Perhaps someone in the insurance business can comment here. I need put straight. If there is a dangerous lethal virus circulating the country, how come the supermarkets (who I assume to have insurance policies covering thief staff and the public) can continue to be insured. The liability is surely just far too great. Can you imagine if there was an outbreak of Covid affecting and even killing a portion of staff in a supermarket? They would be sued into oblivion. What insurance company would take on that risk?
  17. I am a daily listener to this station. Talk radio is as close to non-controlled main stream radio as it gets. They question 'case numbers', 'hospial admissions' and 'deaths' but stop short in saying Covid is just seasonal flu. Dolan got disciplined over cutting up a face nappy on air a couple of months ago. The most alarming thing about some of their politician or civil servant guests is how these liars can just spout off alarmist quotes like 'cases doubling', 'unprescedented pressure on hospital's' and the rest of the BBC brainwash crap, when JHB just hands their asses to them using ONS and P
  18. Big-C

    ICU's FULL

    Believe me, I can guarantee you that the ICU's are full - full of TikTok stars!
  19. Just a little food for thought... Dozens, possibly even hundreds of pharmaceutical research companies the world over, have all been able to conjure up a Covid-19 vaccine in astonishing record time, all at the same time. Despite all apparently being in fierce competition with each other, having differing staffing levels, varying laboratory space, varying levels of financial backing, large companies, small companies, multinational companies, old companies, new companies all with differing levels of experience and access to various levels of technology and from so many different count
  20. The poison in the vaccines is too outlandish and difficult to orchestrate globally over multiple pharmaceutical companies. Differing symptoms / severities between companies would make it obvious the government's were killing people using the vaccines, especially as the time lag between getting the vaccine and suffering / dieing from it would be so short. The next more dangerous wuhan flu can be rolled out with ease later on in the year (with everyone expecting it in October like this well predicted '2nd wave' we are experiencing now). I'm sure it was Gates who suggested there would be an even
  21. If the next pandemic is in the vaccines, it would only kill off all of the compliant sheeple population, leaving the sceptics, non-believers & anti-government people remaining. That is something the governments would not want IMO.
  22. David has not seen the obvious, the forthcoming coronavirus / covid-19 vaccine which is about to be globally rolled out is not for this 'pandemic'. The vaccine is for what will be rolled out later-on next year on a global scale. The real pandemic will then occur, but only for those who do not comply with the worlds governments vaccine programs now (during this fake pandemic). This will kill off all of the global population who have a mind of their own and can see the current fakery for what it is, leaving only the compliant sheeple going forward. Global governments are spending mon
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