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  1. In a way, this is no different than what's happening to vaccines. We are now frantically trying to spread the truth, yet when you speak to masses, they have no clue what nanoparticles can do, what it means to have a digital currency system implanted in you. Your hard earned savings could be wiped out with a click of button if you tweet to a wrong person that you didn't know who had a low social credit rating. You only have to study crypto community. There is the newbies who would get scammed on the level of Nigerian email and likes of granny handing over £160 to a man who knocked on her door pretending to work for the NHS. Then there are more savvy kind who invests in multi-million level, wake up to find all of it has been hacked, stolen and have ZERO net worth. You may only able to pay contactless to a limited amount but also we know that it can be hacked so that someone walk pass with a device and swipe your card which is in your pocket/handbag and steel tens of thousands. See these people do not think far enough. All the info are out there and they have a smartphone glued to their hand...what have they been looking? Kardashans? At the end of the day, they made a wrong choice while you spent sleepless night after night for many years, researching studying.
  2. I'm sorry for those that are in the situation but they have only realised the unfairness of the system because they got into the hole now. It's always been there. Sick and disabled will tell you this. It's always been someone else's problem until it knocks on your door.
  3. In the scheme of things, AI god is not as higher ranked than people might think. There is a clue there. ;)
  4. ern.... Coronavirus makes you live longer. Period. lol EDIT: I think someone should contact ft to complain that they are advocating people to get Covid by saying we live longer. Sometimes you have to point out the obvious.
  5. Heads up to transgender freemasons. I take it that even a female....I mean ex-female can join the old boys nowadays. They infiltrated the forum, they shipped flood of migrants to tip the balance to mess up countries' identity, culture and tradition, so can it be done to them too. lol But it's no good talking that it's Jewish leaders. If one dies of an old age, another one pops right up to take his place. If you mess up the middle of the pyramid which is the level above us but below the tip of the pyramid, pyramid is longer a pyramid. They wanna ruin our lives? Let's change this perception, shall we? lol
  6. I've never got into secondlife and it sounds so passe but I kind of thought that it might be a good visual/virtual plot to build a truther/eco/self-sustaining village but not hippy new age type where all possibilities are visually worked out before launching it offline world i.e. buying a land etc. In the meanwhile, I found a depopulation game and lol with this gamer's channel. Imagine 'god' is playing this game right now. Releasing hoax pandemic, pushing the button to cause a volcanic eruption, flooding, storm etc.... Solar smash https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JW06XUgr9I0 In other video, he created, with Cities Skylines, a village with no crossing to avoid traffic jam. It's a good way to work out your idea and the town's only road is an infinite roundabout, one concentric road and boy...did it make me dizzy? lol
  7. May be you need to watch this and think again. https://video.wakkeren.nl/videos/watch/9bd9f602-e5e9-47e0-b35d-8f1bfd78f0f4 btw guys, if you see good vids, make sure to download it, mirror it elsewhere and even add the link in archive.org so that they can never erase it.
  8. Ask yourself a question which can be answered by simply YES or NO. When you have a spiritual battle, do you report that to the police or talk to your lawyer and ask themto sort it out? This is why likes of protest is great for spreading the words but does not result in cure. We ought to be going after the cause otherwise you end up circling around the symptoms i.e. fixing the mask situation, trying to stop the vaxx etc. The next question is Who is running the show/playing the game? BG? I don't know the intricacy of the network and players involved enough. I guess, in gaming situation, you could unplug the consol (minions and its organisation) the gamer is playing OR hack (infiltration and cause chaos) the consol if it's connected online OR do a power cut...then the game stops. If elites or the family are so into occult, they went for a very corporeal solution like prepping the car and employing gangstalkers to initiate the crash to get rid of Diana. Even 911. They had to prep the building with that white powder to bring down the tower. Nobody was able to create an earthquake or car to spin with their mind? Oh we have HAARP for that. *doh* I really don't like talking this kind of stuff but it had to be said because many of you are dancing along with what they provide you. They say "Go here!" then you go "wah wah wah"....repeat on loop. Where is the ownership of the current problem? If you are keeping the victim stance, you'll never win. Change your perception. David even chose Perception Deception for the book title because it's so important that they use this all the time to keep you weak. There are FIVE strategies you need but I'm not going to talk about this in the open beause my enemy is always lurking and taking notes. He thinks hiding make him powerful when in fact even a microdickhead can't hide. lol
  9. Thanks for the heads up. I don't have this gene. :D
  10. OR someone probably have an access to a lab that has such scope already. We are looking for something like this... https://principia-scientific.com/are-pcr-tests-secret-vaccines/
  11. Derby Police is at it again. They are like narcissistic police station, attention seeking or what?! Women on exercise trip 'surrounded by police' https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-derbyshire-55560814
  12. It would be interesting if someone get hold of this free test kit and see the cotton bud under the microscope. Do you think it is really impregnated with nanoparticles?
  13. So basically they are injecting something they don't know what.... Try tell this to an average joe blogg..... you'll see their glazed eyes. You might even witness a shutter coming down over their eyes with a 'closed' sign on it.
  14. Are they clapping for hero again? As for vaxx being an operating system, I don't need anybody to broadcast their message free or not as my bio-body is perfectly capable of receiving message that I need. IF people want such thing, they should get a subscription from one of the mobile shop outlets. Anyway, as for the masses that have never heard of illuminati..... when I mention about nanoparticles in vaxx, I can almost see the words flying over their head. It's like, too far from their reality. Of course, we've been exposed to such documentation/info for many years so no surprise there. So I came to a conclusion that...to stick with aborted fetus cells, carcinogens and part HIV protein when I have my 2 mins of fame with people. If you have a speed dating or JV pitch skills...this is the time to use it. Keep it short, on point.
  15. Lockdown till end of March. All McD's closed except for drive-thru. If you want MCchicken, you have to fly out to the nearest EU country. Now interesting thing is....That's two months away. Surely they should be monitoring R number weekly and end the lockdown accordingly? Anyway, the queue in front of a surgery was long today. All elderly and those on wheelchair. I felt sorry that they don't know some of them might not be alive in a couple of days. Didn't say anything of course.
  16. When I said AI consciousness, that is the one before the tech, algorithmic etc. Basically a thoughtform so a massive solar storm would eradicate. Everything else is built on this 'entity', you called it a demon.
  17. Supposing you post this video in mums dot net. What sort of reaction one would get? I'm usually quite imaginative but when it comes to levelling with those who bought fear-porn..... my memory bank is blank Quite strange. btw, video made sense to me even with my limited knowledge about the workings of DNA/mRNA.
  18. If you feel like this....take a break and watch the Cosmic Secret below. It was 2 hrs well spent. It made so much sense to me and many great quotes. If you feel like shoving your fingers in your ears so that you won't hear another word : virus and lockdown..... That's ok, do what it says in this video and you'll serve humanity. Forget Covid forever. And those who were thinking of Exodus UK...you might want to decide the destination after watching the segment about a pole shift. It's not about picking a country where there is 0% tax and good health care system lol but survival in mind. If your community consists of shamans and healers, you'll be fine. Solar flare wiping out the AI consciousness make sense too. Keep unlocking your DNA. Our future is bright!
  19. Finally, we have eradicated ALL friggin disease and we are left with Covid which we are thankful for. lol
  20. I had my eye on this one long before. lol
  21. and you forgot to add "then he got a payrise of £....K" at the end. lol
  22. I'm speechless... You know, funny part is this. One must ask WHY? You are at home. You know why? Because they want to stop pubs from selling alcohol by delivery and to squeez last drop of their blood to make sure they are dead.
  23. Surprised they didn't include a clown then. lol
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