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  1. That's interesting. See the bull's eye red mark? Like Lyme disease.
  2. I agree on this point. If you look at the wealthy, they are not at all worried about Covid. So become one! lol But who needs to go to college or university? You don't. Most of the things I am interested now were never taught in school and they never will. Even a sound financial education. We were taught differently because the elites handed down their knowledge to their own family. Schools are there so that they can see what average joe does. Totally different perspective because we went to school to learn. lol That's a dangerous thought I would not entertain. They say, be careful of what you say.
  3. "Don't blame it on the variant" fits with the music. "We spent the night in Frisco A&E...." "That nasty boogie Covid bugs me" ok, I get me coat. lol
  4. Did you ask how he's going to get paid £500? Did the test centre take his bank detail?
  5. It's the same with vaccines. They don't realise far enough.
  6. mnn that doesn't make sense bro. They hate the 99.99%. If they can get away with it, they won't be keeping any of us.
  7. I asked a random person, a muslim guy. He said I don't watch tv and won't be having the vaccine. But if everyone is having it...... OK I know what kind of person you are. zip.
  8. I asked one restaurant if they knew anything about the Great re-opening and if they would be participating. They didn't know abou it but after I explained, they said "we are not opening". lol It's same ol same ol.
  9. Your employment contract may have a clause about workware/uniform etc but mask wearing isn't in it. If they sack you, talk to your lawyer about unfair dismissal. I think you need to have been working there at least 2 years though. Please check.
  10. There is something fishy about this. Why are they so keen for you to get tested? What are they looking for? Haven't they found the golden child who has the antichrist DNA? I can see more people will flock to the testing centres but not for me. They can stuff it. Too cheap for me.
  11. BG: yeah that's right. I just wish people simply stopped breathing. *hands up in the air*
  12. If muzzle wearing is not written in the law, can you challenge about the fine in the court of law on the basis of just "guideline, recommendation"?
  13. Perhaps it was another monkey who arsoned the vaccine factory. Who is to say, vaccinated human will be like this by 2050. 20210121_165848.mp4
  14. Well spotted! lol I go further with it and read Disease X is To YoU and Me, Virus is HOAX.
  15. Be easy on her. At 86. she's probably have been waiting for a good few years for an excitement. Some people don't lead much of a life that f-ing vaccine excites them.
  16. Do you think Tiffany Dover is now in the UK posing as a NHS worker? lol
  17. Some people are still deflated today but I'm elated. Some more good news coming our way.
  18. Funny when you point out the obvious and turn it around they panic. Done it so many times. LOL
  19. This could be a pure conspiracy but I'll through this in for good measure. If true...where is it?
  20. mnn yeah after ranting "Bu..but I'm a healthy minister!!" as if he was in a school yard arguing.
  21. I saw in the comment... There must be many footage of unprovoked attacks which wouldn't have been necessary. Educate yourself guys.
  22. I wondered about this as well. If you are Hitler, wouldn't you go and bomb the most iconic building such as......? Or may be that's not how you play war.
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